OLTL Update Thursday 8/18/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/18/05


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At the hospital, Spencer is getting himself coffee when Todd comes up to him, surprising him. Spencer says he didn't expect to see him, and Todd says they need to have a little chat. Spencer tells Todd there's no need to thank him. Todd doesn't know why Spencer backed him up on that story he gave Blair on how he hurt himself, and he tells Spencer he has to swear he won't tell her. Todd tells Spencer he doesn't care how mighty he thinks he is and that he doesn't ever want to mess with him. He says Blair can't find out about Margaret because she is finally getting back to normal, and she can't ever find out the truth. She comes in and asks what the truth is.

Nash is at the Palace. He orders a drink and tells the bartender he's looking for a friend, Todd Manning. The bartender says he's new in town and doesn't know a soul. Nash then asks if he's seen Tess, describing her to him. He says he doesn't know.

Outside of Llanfair, Antonio asks Jessica how she is. She says she's okay, and she doesn't think Tess will make an appearance. He asks why, and she says a family crisis is not her thing. Inside, Kelly and Kevin look at each other. Then she walks away, going outside. Viki asks no one in particular why Bo hasn't called.

John says he can see Natalie and starts to go down to her. Bo runs up to him, telling him he can't go down. John says he's going down, and again Bo tries to stop him. John tells the guys to reel him down there. Rex looks down, calling to her. John gets down there and checks her for a pulse.

Blair asks Todd what this truth is he's talking about, asking if it has to do with how he got hurt. He says it's nothing like that, with Spencer standing behind Blair, looking at him. She asks what it is, then, and he says he should have told her; they wanted him to stay another night, and he told them no. He doesn't want her to freak out about it, but she does. She tells him if it weren't for Spencer he could have died, and he says he didn't. She asks what they'll do if they go home and his incision opens. Blair asks Spencer to please tell Todd he has to stay, and he says he can't. Spencer says that it wasn't his idea that Todd stay another night, and he thinks Todd can go home. Todd thanks Spencer for what he did, but he walks out of the room then. Blair thinks Todd still isn't telling the truth. Todd tells her she is suspicious by nature, and she admits she is suspicious, saying he would be, too, if the same thing happened to her and she used the same story he did. Todd says he has to go to the office. She says he doesn't have to, and he says he does have to, and the doctor said he would be fine. Blair says the doctor didn't say he was fine enough to go to the office. He says he won't be long and tells her to make reservations at the Palace because he is starving. She says they will stop for a quick dinner and then they are going home. She leaves, and he calls a private investigator to yell about letting Margaret slip past him. He tells him to find her.

Viki says it's time for her medicine and Kelly says she'll get it. Viki thanks her. Kevin walks by Viki with the phone, saying the station only knows what they know. Viki says she should probably try and call Clint again, walking away. Dorian tells Kelly she thinks it's wonderful, everything she's doing for Viki. When she brings up how uncomfortable it must be to be in the same room as Kevin, Kelly walks away. Viki says she can't get through to London and Kevin says something about a bad storm. Viki says she's grateful that they're all there, and Jessica says she is, too. Viki asks Jessica to promise never to leave again without telling her, and Jessica says she never wants to leave again.

The bartender asks Nash if Tess dumped him, and he has a flashback to when Tess told him she thought she was falling in love with him. He says he wasn't dumped, something happend to her, and he's going to find out what.

John is telling Natalie to talk to him, saying they're going to get her out of there. Rex says she's not moving and starts calling down to her. Bo says to move away, and Evangeline grabs his arm and says John is taking care of Natalie. An officer tells Bo they can't send someone else down, and John will have to bring Natalie up himself because the wall will cave any second. John calls up, saying she's alive, and Bo looks over at Rex before saying to unhook the seat. John tells Bo to hurry with their side of rescuing Natalie. John kisses her hand, saying they're taking her home. He and everyone else get her out of there, and Rex tells them to be careful with his sister. Bo tells John they're lowering the seat back to him. John tells them to go ahead. Someone asks if Natalie is okay, and an officer says barely. Rex asks if she's okay and is told to keep away. John comes up and says he'll go with her in the ambulance.

At his office, Todd has a flashback to Margaret saying he can't have two families. He gets on his cell phone about getting guards back on his family. He wants to double the manpower.

At the Palace, Blair sits at the bar, telling the bartender she's waiting for someone. Nash sees her and asks if she could help him find a friend. She says she'll try, and he describes whom he's looking for. She says that for a second she thought he was describing her, except for that she has green eyes. She asks if he has a picture and he says no. Her cell phone rings then. It's Starr. Blair walks away to talk to her.

Jessica tells Antonio that if Todd knows something about Tess, they need to find out what it is tonight. He says okay, but if she starts to feel like she's getting a headache or anything to think of him, and she says she will. He starts to leave, opening the door to see Roxy out there. Roxy asks Jessica how she is, and Jessica says they are still waiting for news. Jessica promises to call Antonio if she hears anything about Natalie. Viki walks into the room as he leaves and Roxy comes in, saying she heard the police found a lead. Viki says they found Natalie, but they haven't heard anything else. Roxy asks if she can join her, and she says yes. They go into the living room and the phone rings a few seconds later. Viki answers it and gets news about Natalie. She hangs up, telling everyone that Natalie is alive and that they are bringing her to the hospital. Roxy, Jessica and Viki leave.

At the hospital, Michael asks what they have, and they tell him as they bring Natalie into a room. Bo tells Rex to take a walk with him. Rex says he's not leaving her, but Bo says they'll just go get a cup of coffee. John stands outside of the doorway of Natalie's hospital room, with Evangeline a few feet away.

When Viki, Jessica and Roxy get there, Michael tells them that Natalie is dehydrated and that her blood pressure is low. He says if she doesn't respond, there is a possibility of a seizure or brain damage. After Viki and Roxy go in to see Natalie and are told they have to leave so the nurse can check on her vitals, they go into the chapel.

Rex and Bo go and get coffee. They talk about Natalie, and Bo says to Rex that he knows what he's going through. Rex says he's seen a picture of Bo's brother and Bo talks about him, saying he wasn't always a hero and that he had loved motorcycles. When they finish their discussion, they go and find out what is going on with Natalie.

Antonio goes to Todd's office to speak with him about Jessica/Tess. He tells Todd that he is taking over on taking care of Jessica, and Todd is reluctant about that. He says that if you think about it, Tess only comes out to play around him. He also says he'll do anything for his family and, before he leaves the office, gives Antonio a folder on everything he knows about Tess.

Dorian shows up at the Palace, and she and Blair get into a conversation about Todd. Blair tells her what happend with Todd, Nash listening to every word they say until he's heard enough, like where Todd is at the moment. Dorian says a lot of bad things about Todd, as usual, and Blair defends him.

Kelly tries to talk to Kevin, apologizing for the fight they had and for what she had said about Spencer. She says she knows they didn't mean every single word they said, and that she brought up Spencer to hurt him. He says it did hurt. When she doesn't get through to him, she calls Spencer, who is in his office doing research on Margaret. She asks him if he would like to go out for a drink with her, and he says yes and that he was thinking about taking a break. They meet at the Palace, running into Blair and Dorian. Spencer says it's a sight to see the three of them in the same room. Dorian is happy that Kelly is there with Spencer, but Kelly tells her not to start.

Nash shows up at The Banner, where Antonio is in Todd's office alone. Nash tells Antonio that maybe he can help him to find someone.

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