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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/17/05


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Nora is on the phone in her office, and she is frustrated that after all the tests that she has had they can not find out what is wrong with her. Hugh comes in to join her and fills her in on the latest news, which is that they had found a piece of Natalie’ clothing, and they are following up on the lead. Nora wonders what Hayes and Nick hadn’t thought of when they were planning all of this. Nora looks around and sees Evangeline standing in the doorway.

Marcie goes in to visit Nick, and she says, "Hi, Nick."

Viki, standing in the patio doorway, prays and thanks God for letting Jessica come home safe. She also prays for Natalie that she will come home safe, too. She turns around and sees Dorian.

Bo is on the phone, and he tries to listen to what the person is saying, but he keeps getting interrupted by Rex wanting to know what they have found out. Bo finally tells him, harshly, to shut up.

John is still looking in the hole where Natalie is and asking her if she can hear him. Some other officers come up, and John tells them that there has been a cave-in and they have to get her out now. He orders the officers to get some gear to get her out.

Evangeline fills Nora and Hugh in on how she had been hypnotized to help her to remember some additional information about where she and Natalie had been taken. Hugh gets a call on his cell phone, and he leaves to take the call. Nora is surprised as to how selfless Evangeline had been in what she had done by being hypnotized to help find the cops to find Natalie. Nora reminds her of all she had gone through with John and is impressed she was still willing to be hypnotized. Evangeline informs her that she wanted to do everything that she could do to help to find Natalie, but she was doing this for herself, not for John.

Marcie asks Nick if he is afraid that she had woken up this morning a homicidal maniac. Marcie points out to him that to her, murder was fiction, but they had turned it into something horrible. He is sarcastic and he tells her that she doesn’t know what it was like to be mixed up with Hayes. Marcie calls him a coward. She asks him to tell her why he had done all this.

Dorian stops by to visit Viki. At first, she thinks that there is no one there for Viki, but when she finds out that Kevin and Jessica are both there, she offers to leave. Viki encourages her to stay. Dorian is at a loss for words and doesn’t know what Viki could possibly be going through. Kelly comes in and is surprised to see Dorian there. Dorian explains to her that this is the time for compassion. Kelly then wants to know if there had been any word. Viki fills her in that Bo was going to call when he found out anything. Antonio and Jessica join them. Kelly is surprised to see Jessica, and she hugs her and welcomes her home. Jessica thanks her. Kevin and Duke join them. Kevin joins Viki on the sofa, but he turns and sees Kelly. They exchange glances that could freeze hot water.

John frantically yells for Natalie. The officer orders him away from the area, saying that it is unstable. John shines the light down in the hole to see if he can see Natalie. An officer joins Bo and Rex, who have just walked up. The officer tells Bo that they are ready to get started, but John is in the way. Bo orders Rex to stay there. Bo approaches the hole. He kneels down very carefully, and John tells him that Natalie is down there. Bo tries to explain to John that these officers knows what they are doing, and they need to get out of their way. Bo persuades him to leave with him. They go off to the side. John explains to him how he could see her, and then the walls had just caved in. Rex, worried, looks back at the hole. John, upset, tells Bo that he had seen Natalie.

Evangeline explains to Nora that once Natalie is found, she is going to get on with her life. Nora asks her if that means without John. Evangeline tries to assure her that once Natalie is home and safe, then she is out of it. Nora brings up what will happen if they find Natalie, but she is dead. Evangeline tells her that she doesn’t want to even go there. Hugh comes rushing in and tells them that they have found Natalie. Nora and Evangeline both want to know if Natalie is alive. Hugh fills them in that there has been a cave-in. Evangeline goes rushing out. Nora turns around, but she has another dizzy spell and she has to hold on to the desk. Hugh wants to know if she is all right, but she tells him that she is. Nora mentions all the bloodwork, tests, scans, etc. that she had had and that they had ruled out a lot of things, but they still don’t know what is wrong with her. Nora goes on to tell him that she had had an interesting call about Nick Messina. She shows him a deposition that Nick had signed.

Marcie demands to know from Nick why he had done what he had done. She points out to him all the things that he had had to look forward to in his future. Nick calls himself stupid for getting into this so far that he couldn’t get out of it.

The officers use a drill to cut the lid off the hole and remove it. Rex hurries up to John and wants to make sure that John had seen Natalie and had talked to her. Rex wants to make sure that Natalie is breathing, with all the rocks on her. The other officers yell that they have Natalie. Bo, Rex and John rush to the hole.

Layla approaches Adriana and asks her if she needs more coffee. Adriana refuses. Layla then asks if it is a good book. Adriana asks Layla about her brother, Antonio. Layla tells her that he isn’t coming in tonight and she is covering for him. Layla brags that she can take care of a whole club by herself. Adriana then wants to know where Antonio is. Layla tells her sarcastically that he is home with Jessica.

Kevin is on the phone, and he tells the person that he will check back later. Duke asks him if everything is okay with him. Duke comments on the way that he and Kelly were looking at each other. Kevin lies and tells him that he doesn’t know what is up with Kelly. Duke points out that he and Kelly belong together, and everyone knows that, except Dorian. Kevin remarks that for once he agrees. Duke sits down beside Kevin and wants to know what is going on. Kevin tells him that he had made the mistake of trusting Kelly again.

Kelly and Dorian come out of the kitchen with a pot of coffee and a plate of croissants. Kelly thanks her for being there for Viki. Dorian reminds her that it is the least that she could do; after all, Viki is her matron of honor. Dorian tells her enough of this, she wants to know what is going on between her and Kevin. Dorian has noticed that they are upset with each other. Kelly informs her that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Dorian begs her to tell her what is going on. Kelly tells Dorian to forget it. Kelly walks off and goes into the living room, where Kevin and Duke are.

Jessica hugs Viki and tells her that she is so sorry that she had to go through this alone. Antonio suggests calling someone, but Viki tells him that Bo had said that he would call, and she is going to believe him. Viki is going to count her blessings for all that she has.

Marcie and Nick discuss the decisions that he had made. Marcie points out to him that it didn’t have to be that way. They are interrupted by Nora and Hugh. Nora wants to know what she is doing in there. Marcie tells them that she had asked Officer Thompson for a few minutes. Nick tells them that it is okay. Hugh tells him that he shouldn’t be talking to anyone if what his lawyer had said was true. Marcie wonders what they are talking about. Nora informs Marcie that Nick had decided to turn state's evidence. Marcie wants to know if he had done it to get a lighter sentence. Nick tells them that Rex had been in there a little while ago, and had given him some information that they could use to find Natalie. Marcie smiles. Nick says, "That may be; if he could help them find Natalie, then maybe he could live with himself."

Evangeline comes driving up to the sight but she is blocked by a police officer, who stops her. She gets out, introduces herself, and wants to get by, but the officer refuses to let her by. Evangeline acts as though she is going to do as he asks, but when she returns to her car she revs up the motor and crashes through the roadblock.

An officer has a laptop computer, and he explains to Bo, Rex and John that it shows any underground heat. Rex comes to the conclusion that if there is heat then Natalie must be breathing. John is frantic that they are not down there trying to get her out. John tells them that they are wasting time being up there and not trying to get Natalie out.

Layla and Adriana discuss Jessica being back. Layla asks her about her being with her boyfriend. Adriana is annoyed by the question and tells her that it is none of her business. Adriana tells her that his name is Duke. They talk about Jessica leaving Antonio and not telling him where she was going. Layla tells her if she ever gets desperate enough to follow a man from state to state she should shoot her between the eyes. Adriana points out to her that Antonio and Jessica have a very complicated relationship.

The officer gets on the radio and tells anyone who is listening that some crazy woman just drove her car through what was the roadblock. Evangeline comes up to the scene and wants to know where everyone is. She meets up with a man whom she recognizes as a reporter. He recognizes her as Evangeline Williamson. They argue, and she wants to know where the dig site is. They have a confrontation, and she uses kung fu on him and knocks him to the ground, unconscious. She rushes off, but not before she looks to see how the reporter is.

They have decided to extract slowly so that the walls won’t collapse further. John wants to go down to see about Natalie, but they hold him back, telling him that an experienced man has to go down there who knows what he is doing. Bo orders him to follow orders. Evangeline comes up behind Bo and tells him to let John go.

Adriana points out to Layla that she is too busy analyzing her brother’s relationship to have one of her own. Layla wants to know what kind of magical power Jessica holds over Antonio that he can forgive her anything. Adriana explains to Layla about Antonio and Jessica’s complicated past, and about Jessica’s marriage to her other brother, Tico. Layla asks about Tico, and Adriana tells her that he is dead. Adriana tells her that she is going to go home and call her boyfriend before it gets too late. Adriana leaves.

Dorian and Kelly offer Viki something to eat.

Kevin and Duke discuss Kelly, and Duke says that when he had seen Kelly before, she had seemed happy about what was happening between them. Kevin tells him that this is neither the time nor the place to discuss this. Kevin informs him that this just does not affect him and Kelly. Duke wants him to explain. Kevin goes on to explain how Kelly had just gotten close to him so she could steal important Buchanan Enterprises documents and take them outside of the business. Duke tells him that he doesn’t believe him and asks why she would hurt him like that.

Dorian and Kelly talk, and Dorian apologizes to her and says she wants to see her happy. Dorian gives her useful advice about love. Kelly tells her that Kevin had accused her of being a corporate spy. Dorian can’t believe that Kevin would do that, but she is so relieved that Kelly isn’t with Kevin anymore. Kelly gets up and leaves. Dorian gets up and sees Kevin. Kevin wants to know what's up. Dorian then informs him that she knows what is going on, and she is so sorry. Kevin walks off.

Duke joins Kelly. Kelly says, "Please don’t." Duke tells her that he knows what is going on, and he thinks that his father is crazy for thinking that about her. Kelly wants to know how they would ever come back from something like that. Kelly walks off.

Jessica feels guilty that she had been off somewhere doing who knows what when all this was going on. Antonio offers her encouragement and tells her that he will stand by her. They hug.

Dorian talks to Viki and asks her if she needs anything. Viki is glad that she is there. Dorian tells her that it was the least that she could do after Vikki had consented to be her matron of honor. Viki begins to believe that Dorian had asked her to be the matron of honor for all the right reasons.

Nick signs the papers that waive his rights for an attorney. Nora points out that he will still be in prison for a long, long time. Nick tells them that he is doing the right thing, if a little too late.

Nick asks Marcie if she is all right. Marcie wants to know why he is being so nice to her after all she had done to him.

The men still argue about who is going to go down in the hole after Natalie.

Bo calls Kevin and tells him that Natalie has been found.

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