OLTL Update Tuesday 8/16/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/16/05


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Layla comes barging into Antonio’s apartment. She reprimands him for leaving her in New York, but she forgives him. Antonio looks past her at Jessica. Layla turns around, slowly, and sees Jessica. Layla tries to make the excuse that this just isn’t what it looks like. Jessica tells Layla that it looks like she had left her bra in her boyfriend's apartment. Antonio assures Jessica that Layla had helped him search New York for her. Jessica remarks that he had seen women, too, while she was gone.

Nash is on the phone, and he wonders to himself where Tess had run off to and whether this was just part of the game. Nash asks the man the name of the arresting officer in the case of the man who had attempted to steal the woman’s purse. The officer gives him the name of Officer Carlson.. Nash writes the name down on a piece of paper. After he gets off the phone, he remarks to himself that maybe Todd will help lead him to Tess.

Blair and Spencer are in the room with Todd. Blair asks Todd if Asa had been the one who had done this to him. Spencer remembers his conversation with Todd when Todd had told him that it was Margaret.

Rex comes up to the nurses’ station and requests information on what room Nick Messina is in. Rex also notices that there is a guard posted outside of Messina’s door. The nurse informs him that she cannot give out any information. Rex, acting like he is choking, asks the nurse for a glass of water. The nurse goes to get him a glass. Rex goes behind the desk and begins to look at the computer. He thanks the nurse.

Bo, John, and some other officers are on Llantano Mountain searching for Natalie. Bo wants to know how close this map is to the one that Evangeline had seen in the back of Hayes’s car. Bo informs John that they are running out of time. John tells him that they are not leaving until they find Natalie.

Natalie is still held captive. She lifts up her hand toward the writing on the wall, where she had written “Good-bye John.” Then she collapses.

Viki is on the phone with Kevin and tells him that Bo is following up on a lead, and he would let her know when he found out anything. She also tells him that she is on the computer and is seeing some activity up on Llantano Mountain, but from all she knows it could be a fire. She informs Kevin that if he finds out anything he should let her know. He tries to resist, but she orders him to let her know if he finds out anything. She hangs up just as Evangeline comes into the living room. Evangeline apologizes for stopping by and tells her that the maid let her in. Viki informs her that she is glad for the company. She offers Evangeline some tea, which she accepts. Evangeline asks her if she knew that Bo had gotten a lead. Viki tells her yes. Evangeline also tells her that she had been hypnotized so that she could remember some things that she had been blocking out. Viki thanks her for her help. Viki admits that she knows that this must be hard on her. Evangeline finishes the statement for her and says she means since she and Natalie are in love with the same man.

John gives the officers instructions to put the dogs on the trail. Bo informs John that they have cleared two caves. John mentions about the smaller caves. John also tells him that Hayes’s grandfather would keep him confined in a place so small that there was no escape, and John thinks that Hayes could be holding Natalie in such a place. John mentions to Bo that Hayes wants Natalie to suffer through his worst nightmare.

Natalie has a dream of John being at Llanfair and Viki coming in and straightening his tie. He thanks her for letting them have the service there. Viki informs him that he is part of the family. Evangeline comes downstairs in her wedding gown, and Viki tells her that she looks beautiful.

Rex slips by the guard and into Nick’s room. Nick wants him out of there, and he begins to yell. The officer comes in, but Rex demands to know where he has stashed Natalie.

Blair questions Todd as to who had done this to him. Blair tells him that if it was Asa then she would make him pay. Todd tells her no, it was not Asa.

Layla explains to Jessica that when she was gone all Antonio thought about was her and where she was. Layla admits that there was nothing going on between them. Layla apologizes to Jessica for pretending to be her at the job interview in New York. Layla starts to leave. Antonio walks her to the door. Layla reminds him of a meeting later. Layla offers to take care of it for him. Antonio tells her that if she needs him to call. Layla leaves.

Antonio talks to Jessica. He apologizes to her for Layla bursting in. Jessica tells him that that was all right, he could have slept with every waitress at Capricorn after what she had done. Jessica informs him that it was her body, and it had affected them. Jessica tells him that it made her sick, all the men that Tess had been with. She informs Antonio that she never wanted to see any of those men again.

Nash is on the phone, and he tells Officer Carlson that he was representing the woman whose purse was snatched. Nash lies and tells the officer that the woman wanted him to sue the man who had caused the disturbance. The officer tells him the man’s name is Todd Manning. Nash promises to do his best.

Blair asks Todd who had stabbed him if it wasn’t Asa. Todd calls himself an idiot. Todd informs her that he had stabbed himself, and he goes on to tell her how he had stabbed himself. Spencer just laughs at the story that he is telling her. Blair then decides to go and call the kids. When he leaves, Spencer gets up and reprimands Todd for lying to Blair.

Rex is still in the room with Nick and Davis. Davis tells him that the Commish and John wanted the first crack at Nick. Rex admits that he just wanted to ask Nick where he was holding Natalie. Rex asks Davis for five minutes with Nick. Nick objects to being left alone with Rex.

Natalie still dreams of John and Evangeline’s wedding day and how Viki had offered John encouragement and strength. John feels guilty that Natalie hadn’t fought harder to stay alive and wonders why she had just given up.

Jessica informs Antonio that she just can’t live like this anymore. Antonio assures her that she can’t be responsible for Tess’s actions. Jessica reminds him of what Tess had done to Viki. Jessica admits that she doesn’t know what to do. Jessica tells him matter-of-factly that she wants to get rid of Tess, so she won’t ever come back. Antonio suggests that she discuss it with Viki, since Viki had gone through this herself. Jessica decides that she needs to tell Viki. Jessica panics when Antonio tells her that right now is the wrong time to tell Viki. Jessica immediately wants to know what is wrong with Viki. Antonio assures her that Viki is fine, but she isn’t the only daughter who has been missing, and he goes on to tell her that Natalie is missing too.

Viki and Evangeline discuss Natalie leaning on John, and John being there for her. Viki mentions that Natalie was the cause of their problems. Evangeline confides in Viki that she and John had bigger problems than Natalie. They both admit that Natalie can be headstrong. Evangeline admits that Natalie is headstrong and adds that she has John on her side.

John instructs the officers to look inside wells, etc. An officer brings him evidence in a plastic bag, and he and Bo both agree that the item is Natalie’s.

Natalie still dreams of John and Evangeline. John tells Evangeline that she is beautiful, and then he kisses her. She tells him that she has to go and finish getting ready. She comes back downstairs, and they are ready for the wedding. He tells Evangeline that he will meet her at the altar. John looks at the picture of Natalie, and he tells her good-bye. Natalie wakes up and tries to get up. She begins to scratch the writing off the wall. She vows to get out of there.

Rex demands to know what Hayes had said about Natalie and where he had taken her. Rex reminds him that Hayes had forced him to kill Julie.

Spencer tells Todd that they are now blood brothers. Spencer tells him that he could have at least thanked him. Todd swallows his pride and thanks him. Spencer wants to know why he had lied to Blair about who had done this to him. Todd tells Spencer that Margaret is dead. After some more talking, Todd tells him that he will take care of Margaret. Todd then wants to know what else he had said. Spencer remembers what Todd had told him about Margaret.

Nash is on the laptop, and he finds different kinds of information on Todd. Nash then wonders if someone had drugged Tess and taken her back to Llanview.

Jessica comes in to visit Viki. Viki is glad to see her. Evangeline leaves. Viki asks her if she knows about Natalie. Jessica tells her that she does. Jessica tries to assure her that Natalie will find her way home. They hug as Jessica looks at Antonio.

Natalie continues to try to dig herself out. She tells herself that she wants to go home, that she doesn’t want to die in that well.

Todd asks Spencer what else he had said. Todd asks him to do him a favor and not tell Blair what had gone on. Todd begs him to go along with his story about the car. Blair comes back in. Todd wants to know about the children. Blair remarks that that is just like Todd, to be lying in a hospital bed and still joke. Todd assures her that everything will be all right.

Bo and the officers leave to search some more. John gets a phone call from Rex. Rex informs him that he had talked to Nick and had found out some information. John is annoyed, but Rex tells him the information anyway. After they hang up, John calls to Jack and gives him the information that Rex had just told him.

Natalie climbs up the wall. She catches onto the top bars and starts banging on the chain.

Spencer starts to leave, but Blair thanks him again for saving Todd’s life. Todd also thanks him.

Nash vows revenge on whoever has taken Tess.

Viki wants to know where had she been. Jessica assures her that she just needed to get away and clear her head. Viki asks her if she is feeling better. Jessica assures her that she is feeling better. They hug again as Jessica looks at Antonio.

Natalie still bangs on the chain, but then she loses her balance and falls back into the hole.  Rocks fall and it looks like her the entrance to her prison is unstable.  John comes up and sees the chain and lock. He kneels down and yells to see if Natalie is down there. He sees her lying there in the puddle, dazed.  Natalie yells, as she looks up at him, "John".  Then there is a cave-in as he reaches his hand down vainly through the grating.

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