OLTL Update Monday 8/15/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/15/05


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Kevin is on the phone, and he has just found out that the merger had fallen through, and he feels that there must have been a link through the man to whom he is talking. Kelly walks up behind him, and when he sees her he stalks off, making her wonder what is happening between them.

Nash comes into the apartment that he shared with Tess. He yells, “Honey, I’m home.” He walks around the room and finally sits down on the side of the bed. He picks up a bra off the bed and throws it into the garbage can. He looks over and sees her cell phone on the table. He yells again, “Tess, you forgot your cell phone.” He dials a number and asks, “Tess, where are you?” He goes on a rampage and starts throwing things around the room and knocking things off the shelves.

Antonio and Jessica discuss Tess and how when she gains control, then Jessica can’t get control back. Jessica also confides to him that Tess has had sex with a lot of different men. Antonio finds it hard to comprehend all that Jessica is telling him. Antonio confronts her about the fact that when strange men are touching Tess, then they are really touching her. Jessica sits down in a chair and begins to cry. She tells Antonio that she is so sorry. Jessica then questions him as to what they do now. Antonio tells her that he honestly doesn’t know, but then he asks her how many. Jessica is taken aback and asks him what he means.

Dorian tries hard to get Blair’s attention, and she asks Blair how many Buchanans she can invite to the wedding before the guests would need oxygen resuscitation. Blair questions her as to why she can’t just get married to the man she loves without turning this into one long migraine. Blair points out to them that this feuding with the Buchanans is getting boring. Dorian urges David to tell them about the feuding with the Buchanans. David then tells her that he would just like it for them to elope, and then spend all the money on themselves. Dorian then wants to know what has gotten into David and why Blair is so distracted. Blair reminds her of the crazed accountant that is on the loose. Dorian then tells them that there is enough talk about Margaret Cochoran and Todd. Blair tells her that she is worried about Todd. Dorian tries to assure her that things don’t happen to Todd, Todd happens to things.

Spencer comes out of the emergency room. He says that this is Spencer Truman checking in. He hears a moan and, turning around, he sees Todd. He squats down to help him and begins to unfasten his shirt.

Jessica tells Antonio that she doesn’t know how many men Tess had slept with, but she had met a few of them. She explains to him that the men would approach her, talk to her, and tell her about the times that they had spent with Tess. Jessica can’t make love to him because she might have been exposed to AIDS. She gets up, walks over to the counter, and begins to cry again. He tries to assure her that it is not her fault if she has a disease. He tells her that he loves her, and he is not going to walk away from this.

Nash gets a beer out of the refrigerator and throws the cap into the refrigerator. He starts to talk to the bottles about what kind of day he has had. He continues to talk to himself, about his meeting. He asks himself what that woman has done to him.

Kelly wants to know what she has done to Kevin. He tells her that his business deal fell through and that there must have been a leak, and since she was the only one who knew besides him... Kevin doesn’t believe her and begins to bring up the past. Kelly doesn’t believe that he is bringing this up. Kevin goes on the defensive and confronts her about her blaming him now. Kelly tries to make him believe that she hadn’t leaked the information and asks why he doesn’t believe her.

Dorian still discusses Todd, and she begins to get nervous. Blair looks at the seating arrangement, and she sees that Dorian has seated Cassie with Andrew. Dorian tells her how nervous she is, and then she reminds David that he is supposed to be with Spencer for the fitting of their tuxedos. They continue to argue over Spencer and how his being best man is part of his master plan.

Spencer wants to know what had happened to Todd and who had done this to him. Todd mumbles, "Margaret." Spencer repeats her name. Todd mumbles again that he could kill her. Todd tells Spencer that Margaret is pregnant with his baby.

Kelly is annoyed at Kevin. He orders her to sit down. She remarks, "All right."

Dorian wonders what they are arguing about. She also remarks that as long as they are fighting, they won’t get back together. David then remembers what he had looked at in Kelly’s briefcase. David gets up and goes to make a call.

Dorian asks Blair what could possibly make David hate his brother so much. Dorian then remarks that David has to come clean with her. Blair mentions to her about getting the secret out of Spencer. Blair reminds her that she wants to know the secret so badly that she was willing to ask Viki to be her matron of honor.

Spencer brings Todd into the hospital on a gurney. He has a confrontation with the attending physician on call, who wants to take care of the patient. Spencer overrules her and tells her that this is his private patient, and he will take care of him.

Antonio wants to find out who this Tess person is. Jessica admits that she had even tried to lock her up, but she got out anyway. Antonio wants to know why she hadn’t told her mother that she had been through this, because maybe she could help. Jessica tells him that it would break her heart. They discuss multiple personalities and what causes people to have them. They discuss Todd knowing about the multiple personalities. Jessica tells him that she cannot control Tess. Antonio informs her that there may be a way that she could gain control over Tess. He goes on to explain that if Tess wants to kill him, then part of Jessica must want to kill him too.

Kevin tells her not to overreact. Kelly asks him if he believes her now. Kevin informs her that he doesn’t know what to believe. Kelly remarks that she thought they were out of the woods.

Dorian brings up what Blair had told her about Todd and Margaret in the cabin. Dorian brings up the idea that they had heard Todd’s version, so now they should hear Margaret’s version. Blair reminds her of all that Margaret had done to her.

David calls Spencer, and Spencer informs him that he is not going to be able to meet him for the tuxedo fitting. Spencer asks him if he has any idea of where Blair is. David informs him that she is with him and Dorian. Spencer tells him to tell Blair to get to the hospital fast and that it is about Todd.

David comes back and informs Blair that she needs to get to the hospital right away because something has happened to Todd. Blair, picking up her purse, rushes out.

Spencer is in the exam room with Todd, and he begins to examine him. The nurse assisting tells him that they are out of type O- blood. The other nurse assisting tells him that it is too late for them to get any from the blood bank. Spencer tells them both that he is O-, and he will donate the blood. The one nurse tries to persist, but Spencer gives her a stern look, and she agrees to get started at once. Spencer comments on how Todd will feel knowing that he has his blood flowing through his veins. He also congratulates Todd on telling him the news that he is going to be a father again.

Nash goes around the apartment picking up Tess’s things and putting them in a box. Once he has them all gathered up, he opens the door and throws them out into the hall. He turns on the answering machine, and he hears the message from his friend congratulating him on the business deal to get the funding for the winery. He also comments on Tess and that he would like to meet her at dinner tonight. This makes Nash wonder all the more where Tess is, and what has happened to her.

Jessica tries to assure Antonio that she has no buried resentment toward him. He then questions her about things in her past, like her childhood, when she lost the baby, and the things that she had done to Dorian during this time. Jessica tells him that all Tess wants to do is cause trouble. Antonio comes up close to her and tries to kiss her again, but she pulls away as usual. He assures her that she should trust him, and she knew love once, and he tries to get her to let herself know love again. They kiss, and this time Jessica responds to the kiss.

Antonio and Jessica have just made love, and they are lying in bed. She remarks to him that at this moment she feels as though things will be all right. Antonio mentions how the trauma that Jessica has faced is the reason why Tess comes out. Antonio asks her about the address in New York. Jessica admits that that is Tess’s territory, and she doesn’t want to go. Jessica urges Antonio to go on his own, but he refuses, saying that leaving her alone might make Tess come out again.

Kelly tells Kevin not to be nice to her.

Dorian and David are standing a little ways from them, and Dorian mentions that Kelly should stick a knife in him so he will feel a little pain.. She walks off. David remarks to himself that they are both suffering pain..

Kelly and Kevin discuss the merger and that she hadn’t had anything to do with letting it leak out. He also reminds her of the mistakes that she had made while they were living in Texas, and the affair that she had had. She reminds him of the affair that he had had with Blair.

Blair comes rushing into the hospital, and the first person she runs into is Spencer. She immediately wants to know about Todd. She notices that he is rolling down his sleeves. She asks him if he was hurt too. He assures her that he had just donated blood for Todd. Blair thanks him as she hugs him. Blair asks him if Todd had mentioned Margaret. Spencer repeats her words. Blair then demands to see Todd.

Kelly tells Kevin that he will have her resignation on his desk in the morning. Kevin asks her not to leave. Kelly makes the remark, "To think I was going to give up Spencer for you." She walks out.

Dorian and David discuss Todd and how he is, and whether they should go to the hospital. David tells her no.

Blair, hysterical, wants to know if Todd is dead and if that is why Spencer is stalling her about going to see him. Spencer assures her that he is fine. A nurse walks up and tells Spencer that Todd is back from his cat scan. Spencer leaves.

Nash calls the police and gives them a description of Tess and informs them that she has disappeared. After he hangs up, he sits down on the couch and wonders if Tess could be lying in a hospital somewhere, unconscious..

Jessica yells and tells Antonio that she is going to fix herself a sandwich, and she asks if he would like one. She yells and asks him if peanut butter is all right. She sees a newspaper, and when she picks it up she sees the picture of Antonio and Layla. He comes in and sees her with the paper. He starts to explain, but Jessica doesn’t seem to want to hear it. Layla comes barging through the door and starts to reprimand Antonio for leaving her in New York without a word. Antonio looks past her to Jessica, and then Layla turns around and sees her too.

Nash, sitting in the window ledge, has flashbacks about the night they were in the nightclub, and about Todd. Nash, getting up, calls the nightclub and asks to talk to the manager. He makes up some lame excuse to get information on Todd and where he could be found.

David excuses himself and goes over to talk to Kevin. Kevin is in no mood to talk and walks away. David mumbles under his breath, wondering what he had done. He asks himself what Spencer is up to.

Blair goes in to see Todd. She demands to know what had happened and who had done this to him.

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