OLTL Update Friday 8/12/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/12/05


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Nora comes into the squad room and heads straight for Bo’s office, passing him in the process. Nora tells Bo that Hayes’s lawyer is downstairs with Hayes, and he's threatened to press charges against Marcie and Rex. Bo admits that Marcie and Rex had crossed the line. Nora informs him that after Marcie's taunting, Hayes is now clinically insane. Bo asks her if he could be faking out like he had that morning. Hayes’s lawyer comes into Bo’s office and tells them that Hayes is clinically insane. The lawyer reminds Nora that she had married a homicidal gay man. Nora threatens him that he had better be careful what he says to her, or he might find himself with a new girlfriend.

Rex tries to talk to Nora as she comes out of the office, asking her if Hayes had said where Natalie is, but Nora breezes by him in a huff.

Hayes’s lawyer tells him that Hayes doesn’t know where he is, much less where Ms. Vega is. Rex is thoroughly upset that Hayes cannot tell them where Natalie is.

Under hypnosis, Evangeline cries and tells her captor not to hurt her again. The psychiatrist draws her away from her memory for just a minute, then he asks her what she remembers about the map. Evangeline remembers that both she and Natalie had been threatened. She tells John and the psychiatrist that she had been so frightened for their lives.

Natalie is still in the cave. She begins to cry. She gets up and yells that she needs help.

Antonio and Jessica discuss the H.I.D. and that her mother had it. Jessica apologizes for not being able to tell him sooner about what was going on.. Antonio asks her why she hadn’t told him sooner what was troubling her. Jessica tells him that Tess wants to kill him. Jessica confides to him that she can’t stop Tess.

Nash walks up to the door and looks in.

Todd is still unconscious on the floor. There's a close-up on the pair of scissors.

Nash looks over at a jewelry store and remarks to himself that Tess would love the piece in the window.

Antonio and Jessica discuss Tess. Jessica confides to Antonio that she thought that she could do this alone. Antonio suggests that they try to find out some information on Tess and what she had been doing.

Nash looks at the bracelet. The cashier asks him what the lady's name is.. Nash tells her that her name is Tess. The cashier wants to know if he wants it engraved. Nash says no and informs her that he can’t keep the lady waiting.

Evangeline remembers more about when she was kidnapped. She remembers looking at the map, but the driver kept looking back at her. She remembers looking at the map to see if she could make out where she was being taken. John questions her again about the map. Evangeline then remembers there being writing on the map. John questions her as to what the writing said. Evangeline remembers that the writing read, “This is where whomever McBain picks dies.”

Todd still lies on the floor. He comes to and tries to get up, but fails.

Antonio asks Jessica what is the matter. Jessica tells him that she couldn’t keep Tess from taking over. Antonio tells her that he loves her. Nash comes up to the door and starts to go in, but he is interrupted by a friend who wants to know how the meeting with Dennis Hunt went. Nash is very confident that he and Dennis have a deal. Both Nash and his friend are very enthusiastic.

Rex and the lawyer discuss Barber and his being insane. Rex mentions that if Natalie isn’t found then she could die. Bo interrupts. The lawyer tells Bo to do something with Rex. Bo tells him that this is Natalie’s brother, and he is her uncle, and they want to find Natalie. Bo tells the lawyer that he was going to put Rex in the cell with Hayes and make him tell what he had done with Natalie. The lawyer makes a sarcastic remark. Bo tells him to take it up with the district attorney, Hannon. The lawyer leaves to see Hayes.

Rex thanks Bo for helping him. Bo asks him how many times he has to bail him out of trouble.

John and Evangeline discuss where Natalie is. John asks her what kind of map she's looking at. Evangeline tells him that it is a topographic map. Evangeline starts to cry because the man tries to chloroform her again, but she fights it. Evangeline explains that she tries to fight the chloroform so she can read the map. She tells them how scared she was when the man was trying to chloroform her. She tells them that she remembers something else about the map.

Nash and his friend go into the restaurant. Nash mentions that he could have met The One. The man begins to ask Nash questions about where Tess works, and some other things about her. Nash agrees to let him meet her soon.

Antonio and Jessica discuss Dr. Jamison, and her being locked up in St. James again. Jessica asks Antonio what she should do about Tess. Jessica makes the remark that she doesn’t know what makes Tess come out. She tells him that she missed him and loves him. They kiss. She pulls away.

Todd once again tries to get up, but then he remembers his conversation with Margaret, in which she had told him that she would have to eliminate Blair and Starr.

Natalie talks to herself and tells John that he had come through for her, and she was going to come through for him.

Evangeline remembers that the captor was taking her and Natalie to Llantano Mountain to die.

Todd manages to get up and sits on the top of a table. He manages to get into his pocket and find his cell phone. He tries to walk across the room, but he stumbles from the pain in his stomach. He starts to fall, throwing his cell phone while he falls onto the couch. He picks up the cushion that Margaret had made for Todd, Jr.

Bo is on the phone and thinks that he has a lead. Rex comes in without knocking, as usual. Bo asks him if he doesn’t know how to knock. Rex questions him about Evangeline and what is going on with her, John, and a therapist. Bo tells Rex that Evangeline remembers more than she thought she did. Nora comes in to talk to him. Bo tells Rex to leave, but stay where he can see him, and not to go near the room where John and Evangeline are.

Nora discusses Holland and what he had said about Hayes. Nora mentions what damage Marcie and Rex had done to Hayes by visiting him. They discuss Hayes again and him being clinically insane. Nora starts to leave but pauses in the doorway, as if she doesn’t know what to do next. Bo asks her if she is all right. Nora nods her head yes.

Evangeline remembers more about what had happened the night that she was kidnapped. John asks her where the X is. Evangeline struggles with her memory for a moment but then remembers that it is on the eastern part of Llantano Mountain. Evangeline hopes that Natalie is still alive. The psychiatrist brings her out of hypnosis very carefully. Once out of hypnosis, Evangeline wants to know how she had done. John tells her that she did well.

Natalie finds some sort of a stake in the water. She gets up and walks over to the wall. She begins to mark something in the wall.

Todd gets up again and tries to walk, but he again falls to the floor. He begins to crawl toward the door.

Antonio and Jessica are back home in Llanview. Jessica tells Antonio how much she had missed him and that she loves him. They kiss. Jessica suddenly pulls away. Jessica confides in him that she is afraid of Tess and what she might do trying to destroy everyone that she loves. They discuss her engagement ring and the bracelet. Jessica tries to tell him that she had lost them. Antonio tells her that Tess had thrown them away, but he had found them .

Nash looks out the door at the rain. He looks at the box with the bracelet inside. Nash calls Tess on his cell phone, and when he doesn’t get an answer he tells her to call him.

Antonio and Jessica discuss Tess. Jessica tells him that she has no control over Tess or what she does. She tells him that she can’t make love to him. Antonio asks her if she is afraid that it will make Tess come out. Jessica explains to him about things that Tess had already done. Jessica explains to him that Tess is a “party girl.” Jessica also tells him that she doesn’t want to put him at risk.

Nash stands in the rain and remembers things that he and Tess had said to each other the last time that he had seen her. He yells, "Where are you, Tess?" He walks off, but lays the box with the bracelet inside down on a ledge.

Antonio and Jessica discuss the things that Tess has done. Jessica explains that Tess had slept around with quite a few different guys.

Asa comes looking for Todd and Margaret. He finds Todd unconscious. Asa remarks to himself that things are working out the way that he had planned.

Rex corners Evangeline. He questions her as to what she had remembered about Natalie. Bo comes out and tells her not to say a word. He summons her into his office.

The police officer at the desk talks on the phone, and he finds out that Nick has come out of his coma. The officer tells him that he will see to it that Bo gets the message. Rex questions him about Nick coming out of his coma.

John gives the task force instructions as to where to look for Natalie. He tells them that they are not going to come back without Natalie.

Natalie prays. She talks to Roxie, and then John.

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