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One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/11/05


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Antonio asks Jessica what she's doing in New York, and she tells him she's sorry. She then says that there's no easy way to say this, but they both know it's over between them. He seems surprised, and she says they should just say goodbye now to make it easier.

Behind bars, Hayes is talking to the guard. He asks what the point is of having a book to read if he can't read it in this hole. He also says he asked for a dehumidifier. The guard tells him to shut up, and Marcie shows up. The guard walks away and Marcie asks Hayes if it's too dark for him. Hayes asks her what she wants. She brings up the time when he was locked in his grandfather's cellar, which he is surprised she knows about. She asks him if he remembers living with his grandfather after his mom died and his dad ran off. She says that the days he wasn't in school, she didn't know it was because he was locked in a cellar. He says she doesn't know anything. She says he would be surprised to know how much his neighbors were willing to tell a complete stranger, including stories about his grandfather and all the terrible things he would do to his pathetic grandson Ivan. He tells her to shut up. She goes on about him being locked up yet again, and when she keeps saying, "It's going to be this way tomorrow and tomorrow and so on," he yells for her to shut up. She says that to make it stop, he has to tell her where Natalie is.

Upstairs, Bo is talking to an officer and telling him to take a couple of canines to Echo Lake, the area where Hayes used to live. Evangeline walks in and Rex looks up from the paper he's pretending to read. He stands up and walks up to the Task Force door as it's being closed so he can hopefully hear some of their conversation. Bo asks Evangeline what's up, and she says she has an idea about Natalie. He says he'll call John, but she says she wants to run the idea by him first. She doubts John will go for it.

Outside of the room, John comes in and sees Rex. He asks Rex what he's doing there, and he says news about his sister would be really nice about now. John says he wishes he could give him something and that he's sorry. Rex tells him Evangeline went in to see Bo. He tells him she seemed serious about something and asks if he knew what it was. John says if he knew anything about what Evangeline wanted, he would be the first to know, telling him to stay out of it. Rex says he's in full cooperation mode. They tell each other that all they care about is finding Natalie.

Natalie is calling for help, asking if anyone can hear her. She puts a hand on the wall and looks around. She thinks maybe they caught him and maybe he won't tell them where she's at. She's afraid of dying there.

John enters the Task Force room, and Bo tells Evangeline that John is going to be in on whatever she pitches to him. She says she knows, she just wanted him on her side first. John asks about what, and she tells him she wants to see if she can remember anything from when she had been kidnapped, telling him she thinks she might have left something out.

Nash is in a restaurant and is on his cell phone, leaving a message for Tess that she seemed upset, and if she needs him she should call him. He says his meeting and the vineyard can wait. He hangs up.

Antonio asks Jessica why she is breaking up with him, and she says she thinks it's the right thing to do for the both of them. He says there's nothing right about this at all; she leaves and is gone for weeks, and now she wants to end it? He says something is wrong and he deserves to know what it is. She says that the only thing that's wrong is them, and the fact that he's not listening to her. He asks if she expects him to accept that and just walk away, saying he's not going anywhere. When she starts to walk away, he grabs her arm and says he can't and won't let her go, and he doesn't know why she's doing this. He thinks she may be in trouble or that she's trying to protect him. She says it's not that, and he says whatever it is, he's not leaving until he finds out what it is. He tells her to look at him and turns her to face him, asking if she thinks she can make him forget about the way she used to look at him. She turns away from him and puts her hands to her head like she has a headache. He tells her he loves her, and as they sit on a bench she hugs him happily. They go into a restaurant and she asks how she got there and how he found her. He says it's not important and points to a table. They sit down and she says she doesn't know where she's been or what she's done. She asks what day it is, and he tells her. She's scared that she blacked out for nearly a month, and he says he's going to take her home and they'll handle this. She asks about her mom, and he says she's okay. She says she's sorry that she didn't tell him, but she was afraid he would try to convince her not to go. He tells her he needed to find her to make sure she was all right. She says she's not, and he says he knew that as soon as she told him she wanted to break up. She says that it wasn't her, and he seems confused.

Nash introduces himself to Dennis. He holds up two folders and says they are his business plans and perspectives. He knows Dennis is more interested in the potential of a great product. He says he took the liberty of ordering wine samples and pours Dennis a glass of wine.

Hayes asks the guard to get Marcie out of there. Marcie asks the guard if she can stay a little bit longer, and he says if she can stand the company. Marcie says she made a lot of friends when she worked at the police station. He asks her if she wants to go back to the old days, to the humiliation she suffered. She says that was a long time ago. He asks her what the popular girls used to call her and then remembers it was Marcie Walrus. She says it hurt her and then says it nearly killed her when she lost the love of her life, but she had managed to pick up the peices and move on. Hayes says that it wasn't respect she had from everyone, it was morbid fascination over her book coming to life. Rex shows up and says no one died because of her book, calling him a creep and saying it was all him. Hayes says he can't take all the credit for it and tells Marcie she made him what he is. Rex calls him a pathetic jerk and tells him that no one put a gun to his head and made him commit murder, he always had a choice. Hayes then tells them they make a great team. Rex says it was a hell of a bonding experiece when Marcie wouldn't shoot him, and she agrees. Hayes says it could be months or years before they find Natalie, and when they do there won't be anything left but bones. Upset at Hayes, Marcie and Rex look at each other.

John tells Evangeline he thought she told him everything, and she says she did, but she was drugged, and there are pockets of time she couldn't remember at all. Bo asks her if she does now and she says no, but she can't help feeling that there's something buried in her subconscious. She says she's had flashes of memory, just nothing concrete, and she can't help wondering if she woke up in the car on the way from the Palace. She says she wants to be hypnotized.

Antonio asks what she means by saying it wasn't her. She says if it was her, she was in a blackout and she didn't even know what she was saying. She says she was safe at St. Ann's and he asks why she didn't tell him. She says she was scared for him, and it wasn't just him but everyone she loves who was in danger. He asks what they were in danger from.

Rex calls Hayes a sick piece of filth and throws the chair that is in the cell. Marcie tells Rex that Hayes won't get away with anything, and Rex says, "What, a quick shot in the arm and he gets to say goodnight to the world?" Marcie says it's going to be anything but easy and asks Hayes what he thinks. Hayes tells her she doesn't know anything about him. She asks if his grandfather really locked him up every time he got an answer wrong on his homework. Hayes says soon he'll be spending his days painting pottery and talking about his feelings with a shrink and that later he'll walk away from all this. Marcie says maybe, but up until then this is where he's staying. Rex tells him the people upstairs are steamed that he won't tell them where Natalie is. Rex asks if he used to yell for his grandfather to let him out. He tells him to shut up and gets out of the top bunk, yelling for them to get out. She says they'll go, but he might want to rethink keeping quiet about Natalie.

Natalie is lying on the ground, having flashbacks of playing pool with John. She also has a flashback to when she told John she lost her husband and that she'd hate him for as long as she lived, and to other times they fought. She wants to get back to John.

John tells Evangeline that hypnosis rarely works, and she says that sometimes it does. He asks her if she realizes that it would mean reliving it all again, and she tells him she's aware of that. She says if it could help to find Natalie, then they have to do it. Bo says he agrees with her, and John says they should go back to Barber. Bo says they've tried everything with this guy. John says that odds are with hypnosis they could still come up empty. She says she knows what he's doing and that she appreciates it, but she doesn't just want to do it for him, Bo, and Natalie; she wants to do it for herself.

Hugh is on his cell when Marcie comes up to him, and he tells the person on the other line that he'll talk to him later. He hangs up and says that after the arraignment that morning, he was worried about her. She says that's sweet and thanks him for the coffee. He says they're friends, or at least he'd like them to be friends, telling her she looks better. She says seeing Hayes pulling that crazy act in the courtroom helped her. She tells him that she made some phone calls this afternoon and spoke to some of the people that Hayes grew up around, and she found out he had a bad childhood. Hugh says it's no excuse for what he did, but now she knows she's not responsible for what happened. She tells him she wondered if she should have left that out, and he asks why. She tells him that she and Rex went to see Hayes.

Rex tells Bo about him and Marcie visiting Hayes and Bo smashes the paper cup in his hand, asking what good he thought would come of that. Rex says he knew it was a bad idea, but he can't stop hoping Hayes will tell them where Natalie is. Rex tells them about Marcie using the stuff she found out on Hayes to get a rise out of him, and he may have helped a bit.. Bo tells him John was going to give it one last shot at talking to Hayes and is on his way down there right now. Rex asks what John doesn't want to do, and Bo tells him it's none of his business. He then tells Rex to leave while he still can, before John sees him, and he leaves.

Hayes is all upset. He's crying and saying he can't be here and to please just let him out. He starts talking like his grandpa is right there, and John shows up. Hayes just continues on, talking to John like John is his grandfather. John asks the security guard what is going on, and he tells him Marcie and Rex were there visiting Hayes.

Nash is still in his meeting with Dennis, and they're talking about wine. The one they're trying now is Dennis's sister's favorite, and he tells Nash that his sister is in town. He wants to introduce the two to each other, but Nash tells him he's taken.

Jessica tells Antonio she can't go back to Llanview, and he asks her why. She says she's afraid and he tells her she's safe. She tells him that he may not be, and he asks why she keeps saying that. She says it's because "she" threatened to kill him. He asks her who she's talking about, and she tells him Tess. He asks who Tess is and she says it's her alter, saying she has multiple personality disorder.

Marcie asks Hugh if he's with someone and he says yes, but she's been on her phone half the time. When she leaves, Marcie asks if he's even going to call her, and he says there's not much point in it. He tells her that his date never touched the drink he got her, and Marcie says she doesn't think they want a repeat of the last time they were together. Then she tells him more about what she and Rex did, and Rex shows up, saying they did mess up.

Evangeline is getting hypnotized and she's remembering bits of what happened after she was kidnapped. She remembers waking up and feeling like it was all a dream. She says she couldn't stop thinking about John and how much she wished he would have been at the ceremony with her. She remembers a map that she saw in the car when she was awake and that something was wrong with it. The hypnotist asks her what was wrong, and she starts freaking out.

Natalie has flashbacks to times when she and John were happy with each other, and times that they made out. She then says maybe it's enough and she can just let go.

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