OLTL Update Wednesday 8/10/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/10/05


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Tess comes home and tells Nash that she didn't get the job that she wanted. By the time she showed up, the job had gone to someone else. She is extremely disappointed. He tells her not to worry about that because there will be other opportunities. If they didn't see what a great catch she would be, then they don?t deserve her and she will find some other opportunity somewhere else. She asks him what his news is. He is holding two shirts in his hands. "Which one do you like?" He tells her that he got the job and might have to move far away. He isn't leaning towards it, though. She wants him to go, and she will come with him. They will relax wherever they end up and then find a beach to lie on. Life will be sweet. He sees that she is sounding a little desperate for some reason. He asks her what the problem is. She tells him that she feels like she is losing it. "I feel like I am losing everything."

Kevin and Kelly are in bed together, naked under the sheets, just like they like it. They have just made love and can?t get enough of each other. They stare into each other?s eyes, not believing what they are feeling for each other again. They know that their relationship is new and that they should take things slow, but they are making the most of whatever this thing is that is happening between them and enjoying every moment of it.

Dorian and Blair discuss Margaret and Todd and what is going on right now with Todd. Blair and Dorian have two different views on the woman and whether Todd is a victim in whatever happened with him and Margaret. Dorian feels that there is no way that Todd was the victim that he has painted himself to be--no way! Dorian thinks that Margaret coddled Todd the whole time, waiting on him hand and foot, and if that is torture then she wants to be tortured too. Blair disagrees strongly. She knows more about this situation than Dorian. It is then that Blair reveals that Margaret actually raped Todd. She didn't mean to tell the secret that she has been keeping, but it slips out when Dorian makes her angry. Dorian?s mouth falls to the floor. "Raped! Imagine that!"

Margaret is living out her delusions as she looks at a picture of Todd and Blair while she sits at a table. She hates seeing Blair with Todd under any circumstances. She should be the one with Todd, not Blair. She mimics the way that she is sure that Blair would sound, using a whiney, irritating voice as she pretends to be Blair talking to Todd. "Oh, Todd. Oh, Todd." Margaret laughs and makes her scary faces as she cuts out Blair?s face from the picture. First she pokes out Blair?s eyes, and then she uses the scissors to make a great big circle around Blair?s head so that she can easily remove it.

The door slowly opens behind Margaret. She isn't aware yet that she isn't alone and that she can be heard bad-mouthing Blair and laughing like a hyena. Todd is standing there. Todd is coming into the house slowly, and he enters the doorway, quietly approaching Margaret with his hands down before him in front of his body. He comes closer and closer behind Margaret?s back, hoping to get as close as he can without alerting her to the fact that he is there until that precise moment. He hears her taunting Blair in the picture and making fun of her. He is quiet, but inside that angers him. Margaret is a sick, twisted woman who will never stop until she gets what she wants. Todd is learning this. There is only one way to get rid of someone like that. Todd has to do something about her, and today is the day. She threatens everything that he has built with Blair. He has to put a stop to this hellish nightmare, and getting rid of Margaret is the key to it all.

Suddenly, Margaret jumps. Without turning around, she has sensed that someone might be behind her, and she is right. She is still seated in her chair, but she turns quickly with the speed of a snake. When she sees that it is Todd before her, she is so surprised that she drops the scissors from her hand and they fall to the floor at the foot of her chair. She pays no notice to them. The love of her life is here and that is all that really matters. She stares at Todd. He has something in his hands. It is a gun.

Todd raises the gun and levels it at Margaret. She is surprised at him doing that at first. "What do you think you are doing, Todd?" she asks him. He tells her that he is going to kill her. She laughs at him. He is so silly. "No you are not going to kill me, Todd." Todd nods at her. "Oh yes I am, Margaret. You were still bent on torturing me. You were still obsessed with me, and you wouldn't go away. So finally you made your move on me, and, in self-defense, I killed you. That is the way that the story is going to be told after you are dead and gone." She smiles at him, totally unafraid. "You can?t shoot me, Todd, because if you do you will be killing your own son, and I know that you wouldn't? ever do that. Now put that thing away." Todd is a little confused by what she is saying, but then he sees where she is going with all this. Margaret stands up slowly, revealing her stomach. Todd lowers his gun. He is stunned. This can?t be. She sees that she has his full attention now, and she smiles at that. She knew that he couldn't hurt her or Todd, Jr.

Antonio shows up at the office where Jessica had applied for a job. Layla is waiting for him by the elevator. He has to find out what is going on with her and where she is. She has been away too long now; something isn't right. The man at the desk isn't happy to see Antonio again in the office. He looks up at Antonio, waiting to see what he could possibly want. Antonio asks the man if he would like to make $100, real easy. The man offers nothing as a response. He isn't sure where Antonio is going with this. Antonio gives the man five one-hundred-dollar bills, throwing them on the desk, and then Antonio asks for Jessica Buchanan?s résumé. He knows that they must have it in the files if she applied for a job there. The man stalls for a minute, and then he takes the money off the desk without saying a word. Next he fishes the résumé out of a filing cabinet after a quick search, handing it to Antonio. Antonio takes it and leaves without uttering another word.

Layla is waiting for Antonio when he gets to the elevator in the office building. She sees that he has been successful getting the résumé, but she has to wonder what it is that he wants to find out, exactly.

They get on the elevator together. Antonio now has the address where Jessica is staying, thanks to the résumé, and he will go there to see what is going on with Jessica. Layla would like to come with him, but he tells her that this is something that he has to do on his own. She understands. Antonio will go there and Layla will make her way back to town, meeting him later. She wishes him luck when they get off the elevator, and then she is gone.

Tess tells Nash that everything is going to fall apart for them. She has this feeling of doom and gloom that she is sure is coming to ruin everything. Nash sees things differently. To him, they are getting everything worked out and making a life. That is what is bothering Tess, though. "Things are too good, and I am afraid that something is going to come and take that all away." Nash assures her that nothing is going to go wrong. They kiss.

Dorian had no idea that Todd was raped. She is finding this hard to swallow. "He told you this himself, Blair? You should have told me this long before now. I am here to listen and help you when you need it. How ironic, though, Todd being raped. I am having trouble seeing this happening." Blair says that all this happened when she was locked in the trunk. "She wanted his baby." Dorian is horrified at that. "Margaret isn't pregnant, is she?"

Margaret rubs her stomach as Todd watches, horrified at the sight of her. It can?t be, it can?t be. He stares at that stomach. He will not believe this. Even if it is true, it can?t be his. "This is a sick trick of yours, Margaret. It isn't real." She tells him that this is not a trick. "Here, feel." She grabs Todd?s hand and puts it to her stomach. ?With a kick?, the baby has responded to their touch. Margaret giggles like a schoolchild. "Did you feel that, Todd? Your son, Todd, Jr., kicked just now! How about that?" Todd snatches his hand from her stomach when he feels the kick. To him it is like an electrical shock to his system. He moves away from her to the other side of the room, dropping his gun in the process. Margaret turns to him with her sick grin. "It is your son, Todd. Todd, Jr. is his name." Margaret chuckles.

Nash and Tess are kissing, but he pushes her off before things get too out of hand. He has to get going to meet these people and get some business going. She helps him choose a shirt and he puts it on quickly. He looks hot and professional to her. She can?t keep her hands off him. He likes the attention, but he really needs to go now. She tells him that when he gets back they will celebrate and have some wine and dessert. She will have everything ready. He forces himself to move away from her and he heads to the door. Before going out, he turns and says that although they aren't what he thought they would be all about in the beginning, he finds that he is falling in love with her anyway. Then he is out the door.

Antonio is still looking for the place where Jessica is staying. He has the address from the résumé but isn't familiar with the neighborhood. He keeps searching.

Dorian tells Blair that she has to be careful. She has a whole different perspective on what is going on here with Todd and this story that he has been raped. Margaret, it seems, is pregnant. Blair doesn't believe that woman is having a baby for Todd. "They only did it once, for heaven?'s sake. Have you any idea what it must have been like for him to go through that kind of torture?" Dorian admits that Todd must have been in a difficult position, if this is in fact the case. Blair tells her that Dorian had better not tell anyone about this, not even David. Dorian swears that she will keep quiet about this. "Are you happy now Blair?" Blair is not happy, but she has to make the best of things. She worries over Todd now and how things have been going. Blair has to call Todd now and get an update. Dorian leaves, asking Blair to give Todd her best.

Blair goes to the phone and dials, now that Dorian is gone and she has some privacy. She gets the voice mail.

"Where are you, Todd? I am getting worried. Call me and let me know what has been going on. Are you at Asa's? Call me, okay? I need to hear from you soon."

Todd remembers the pregnancy test being negative when Margaret took it while he was captive. Margaret says that she did it wrong, and when she took the second test it proved that she was in fact pregnant. She tells of how she has already gone to Reverend Reed and arranged a christening for their baby. "I am hoping that Viki will stand up as godmother for Todd, Jr. Soon we will be a family, Todd." Todd stands silent, looking as if he is going to throw up. Todd tells her that he already has a family--with Blair. Margaret says that, yes, he does have two families, but one of them will have to be eliminated. "Todd, Jr. needs to have a stable home, Todd. Two families will not do. Blair and Starr will have to go bye-bye. They don?t fit into our plans. They will be eliminated." Todd calls Margaret a crazy bitch. Margaret isn't kidding here. "Blair and Starr will have to be killed." Todd has listened to enough of this. He pounces on Margaret, grabbing her neck. Pregnant or not, she will be stopped. Margaret falls hard to the floor on her back as Todd tightens his grip on the woman?s neck. She gasps for air, but there isn't much leeway for her to get any. Todd stoops over Margaret, continuing to choke her.

Todd holds his hands on Margaret?s neck. This isn't how he planned to kill her, but it will have to do. Margaret gasps and gasps for air, but there isn't any. She feels around for something to help her get Todd off of her. If she doesn't hurry, she will lose consciousness. She feels something; it is the scissors that she had dropped on the floor when Todd first came into the room. She stabs!

Todd loosens his grip on Margaret?s neck and he falls backwards from the injury that he has sustained. Margaret inhales deeply, now that she is able to. He has been stabbed in the abdomen and the scissors still protrude from the injury in his stomach. He looks down at himself and sees the blood coming out everywhere. Margaret sees that she has hurt him, and she has hurt him badly. That doesn't phase her. Margaret collects herself and sits up looking at him. She is fine now, and back to her old self.

Nash is on his way to meet the business associates and make something really great happen. This meeting is important to him for a lot of reasons. He will ace it and then celebrate later with Tess, who is quickly becoming the girl of his dreams. He is on the street now and out of the apartment building. As he is about to turn the next corner, he slows down some.

Tess runs after Nash, calling out to him, making him stop to turn and see who is there. His face relaxes when he sees that it is Tess. "Remember what you said to me just now in the apartment? About how you feel about me? Well, the truth is that I love you too, Nash. Still, there are some things that you need to know about me. When you return from your meeting, we will talk about those things and I will tell you everything." He likes the sound of that, but at the same time he feels that what happened in the past should really be left there. He tells her that he has to go to this meeting, but he will talk with her more when he is finished. She will wait for him. There is a park bench there where they are talking, and she tells him that she will be sitting there when he returns. Nash rushes off.

Tess smiles after Nash leaves. She is feeling warm and happy inside and it is all because of him. He is being so understanding. Tess is really happy.

Antonio turns a corner while looking for Jessica?s address, and he sees a familiar head of hair from the back. Is it her? "Jessica!" Tess turns sharply and finds Antonio behind her, staring up into her face. The smile leaves her face quickly.

Blair has come to see Asa. She can?t find Todd and she is getting really concerned. She demands to know where Todd is. She is sure that Asa has to know something about this. She is panicking now and getting a little hysterical. Asa tells Blair that she has nothing to worry about here. He talks to her, assuring her that he has everything under control. "Blair, don?t worry. You will never see the likes of Margaret again."

Margaret climbs over to Todd?s injured body as he tries to breathe comfortably. He can?t say anything. He is lying on his back with blood coming out of his stomach where the scissors were inserted. Todd can?t move, and he chokes on his own blood when he tries to breathe. Margaret seems oblivious to the danger that Todd is in, she is just glad to be near him. She rants like a loon about their lives and how it will be when they are finally together. "We have had great times and squabbles, but I still hope that our son is just like you." Margaret picks up the gun that is on the carpet. She starts walking to the door. "Au revoir, my love!" Margaret walks out, leaving Todd bleeding to death on the beige carpet.

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