OLTL Update Tuesday 8/9/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/9/05


By Mary
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Blair is in the living room when Todd comes downstairs. He tells her that this is a big day. Blair smiles and says, "Yes, it is exciting." Todd reminds her that this is the day that Asa will have taken care of Margaret. Blair tells him that she was talking about their wedding day. She also tells him that this is the day that they are going to finalize the plans with Father Reed. Todd informs her that she didn’t need bodyguards to be her bridal attendants or for them to be living in the shadow of Margaret.. Todd also tells her that he had given Asa forty-eight hours to hand him Margaret’s head on a silver platter. He looks at Blair’s watch and tells her that Asa has got fifty-two minutes and twenty-two seconds.

Asa remarks that he has got fifty-one minutes. He goes into his study and finds Margaret sitting at the desk, knitting. He reprimands her for coming in his house anytime that she wants to. She looks around and wonders whom he is talking to. Asa informs her that he is talking to her. She tells him that her name is Margaret. Asa assures her that if Renee finds her she will be just a number at Statesville Prison. Margaret tells him that Renee will not say anything if he tells her not to. Margaret threatens to tell Bo that Asa had invited her to stay in his house. Asa tells her that he doesn’t like her. She gets up and wants to know what he wants. She also asks him what made him rescue her from the border patrol.

Tess and Nash are kissing on the couch. He reminds her that he has to get her to her appointment. She hesitates and doesn’t want to get up. He tells her that he has some stuff to do, but he will get her to her appointment. Tess insists that she will tell them that she was mugged. They discuss her position as a secretary. He asks her if she is nervous. She informs him that she is psyched. He gets up and heads to the bathroom, but as he is going he asks her if this is the first job that she has had. She tells him yes, but she is good at first times. He comes back and kisses her, and tells her that she is really good at a few things. He tells her that she had better call, because she is going to be really late.

Antonio tells Layla to leave. She insists that she wants to stay and help. He informs her that he can handle it. She still insists that she wants to stay to see how it pans out. She pushes the button on the elevator while Antonio goes into the office. He tells the receptionist that he is there to wait on his friend, Jessica Buchanan. The receptionist tells him that his friend was a half-hour late. Antonio asks him if he has a number for her. The receptionist tells him that if she is his friend, then he should have her number. Antonio tells him that he has her number, but not her cell phone number. Antonio asks him for her number again. The receptionist tells him that it is company policy not to give out numbers. Layla listens at the door. She comes hurrying in and apologizes, and then she tells them that she is Jessica Buchanan.

Todd comes back with a timer. Blair asks him what it is. Todd informs her that it is a timer, and if they haven’t heard from Asa by the time it goes off...but before he can say anything else, the doorbell rings. Blair answers the door, and it is Dorian. Dorian wishes her good morning and says she is glad that she had time to see her. Dorian asks Todd if he has anything else to occupy his time while she visits with her niece. Todd smiles and tells her that he wants to hang out with them. Todd goes upstairs. Dorian smiles and tells Blair, "As if he had any feelings." They sit down on the sofa, and Dorian tells Blair that she and David have had to postpone their wedding. Blair wants to know why. Dorian remarks on something about the caterer, but says not to ask. Dorian shows her a picture of a wedding dress in a magazine and wants to know her opinion. Blair tells her that it is beautiful and a pretty color. Dorian tells her in a moment of weakness that she had decided to let Viki pick out her own dress. Dorian informs her that everything is falling into place: Viki as her matron of honor, and Spencer as David’s best man. Dorian wants to know what is wrong that Blair’s whole expression changed when she mentioned Spencer. Blair tells her that she had confronted Spencer about her suspicions. Blair tells her that it doesn’t matter whether she believes her or not because it is all irrelevant--she is in love with Todd Manning. She asks her if she has got that. Dorian mentions that Kelly is still interested in Spencer.

Kelly is in her office. Kevin comes in. They kiss. Kelly asks him if her boss approves of this romance. Kevin assures her that he is sure that he approves. Kelly mentions that, since they have taken this step, maybe she should resign. Kevin tells her that she is the best PR person in the field, and he would be lost without her. They discuss their personal and business relationships. He asks her how she feels about their relationship. She assures him that she feels good. He then tells her to end it with Spencer and tell him that she can’t see him anymore.

Spencer looks at the newspaper piece about Buchanan Enterprises. He reads in the article that B.E. is facing a loss. David comes in. Spencer approaches him and confronts him about finally standing up and inviting him to be his best man. David insists that he was under duress when he invited him. David reminds him of all the scams that he had been involved in. Spencer tells him that no matter what scams he was involved in, he always won. Spencer leaves. David mumbles under his breath that if he didn’t win, things would get ugly.

Layla asks Antonio what he is doing there. Antonio tells her that he is there for her job interview. The receptionist tells her that she is late. Layla apologizes for being late and says she should have taken the subway. She tells the receptionist that she hopes she hasn’t blown it. He tells her to wait. He leaves the desk and goes into the back .

Layla and Antonio discuss Jessica and decide she must have filled out an application, which would have her address and her telephone number on it. Layla mentions to him that he needs her there to buy him some time so he can find the information on Jessica. Antonio tells her that she is an actress.. The receptionist comes back with the employer. The proper introductions are made. The employer takes Layla into her office. The receptionist leaves. Antonio sits down at the desk and starts rummaging through the files on the desk.

Nash tells Tess that she looks beautiful. She asks him what he has going on today. He opens the door for her. They just look at each other. He tells her that she takes his breath away. She kisses him and wishes him luck. She leaves. He watches her leave. The cell phone rings, and it is Bruce. They discuss business. Nash tells him that he can handle things. Bruce wants to discuss the problem. Bruce mentions making the problem disappear.

Kevin and Kelly discuss work and the proposal that he is working on. He tells her that she is the only person besides himself who knows about it. She takes the proposal and tells him that she will look over it and let him know tomorrow. Her cell phone rings. It is Spencer. He invites her to lunch.. She accepts and tells him that she will be there in a few minutes. She hangs up the phone. She tells Kevin that that was Spencer, and she is going to meet him for lunch and tell him that it is over. Kevin smiles.

Dorian and Blair discuss Spencer and him being David’s best man. Dorian mentions that David has been acting odd since his brother came to town.. Blair tries to change the subject by commenting on some things in the bridal magazine. Dorian is upset that Blair has changed the subject. Dorian gets up to leave. Blair reminds her to take her purse. Dorian picks up the egg timer and tells her that whatever she is cooking, it is about cooked. Blair looks at the timer. Dorian leaves. Todd comes back downstairs. He asks Blair if she is gone. Blair tells him she is. He asks her what she wanted. Blair tells him that she wanted to discuss her wedding. Todd looks at the timer and comments on how time is dragging. Blair asks him what he will do if time runs out and Asa still hasn’t taken care of Margaret.

Margaret wants to know what Asa’s plan is. Asa refuses to tell her. Margaret tells him that he just wants to use her to get back at Blair. Asa admits that he does want to destroy Blair. Margaret remarks to Asa that Todd won’t let anything happen to her, or his namesake. Margaret then suggests that he kill Blair to get rid of her.

Dorian visits Kevin at Buchanan Enterprises. She asks him about Kelly. He informs her that Kelly had gone to eat lunch with Spencer. Dorian then tells him that Spencer had been asked to be David’s best man, and he will be escorting Kelly to the wedding. Kevin just shakes his head. Dorian then tries to make him believe that he's suffering from a delusion if he thinks that he and Kelly will ever get back together. Kevin then tells her that he and Kelly are back together, in every way possible.

Spencer talks to the receptionist at the desk. Kelly walks up and joins them. They discuss how business is at Buchanan Enterprises. Kelly informs him that they are working on something secretive, but if she told him what it was she would have to kill him. She gives her attaché to the receptionist for safe keeping.

Nash and Bruce discuss business. They also discuss Tess. Nash remembers when he picked Tess up, and thus knocked Bruce in the pool. Nash lies and tells Bruce that he never did see Tess again. Nash tells him to let them stick to business.

Tess arrives at her appointment. She delves into her handbag and looks at a necklace that Antonio had given her. Tess tells Jessica good-bye and says this is the first day of the rest of her life. She goes into the building and leaves the necklace lying on the sidewalk.

Antonio searches the desk until he finds Jessica’s application, but there is no address on the application.

Layla is interviewed by the employer. She brings up Evangeline Williamson’s name. The employer tells her that she has never heard of her. Layla tells her that they are really close. The employer tells her that she will have to look her up.

Antonio is searching the application for information on Jessica when the receptionist walks in and wants to know what he is doing.

David watches Kelly and Spencer. Kelly gets a phone call for the third time in a row, and it is the same person. Spencer tells her that she had better take it because it might be important. The call is from Dorian. Dorian begs her to tell her that it isn’t true that she is going back to Kevin. Dorian begs her to tell her that Kevin is lying. Kelly apologizes to Spencer for the inconvenience. Kelly leaves so that she can talk to Dorian in private.

Spencer joins David at the table. He tells David that he needs him to do something for him. Spencer tells him to go behind the bar and get Kelly’s briefcase, and then look inside and tell him what is in it. David tells him that he has to be out of his mind. He also tells him to do it himself. Spencer reminds him that he has the hands of a surgeon, and he does not get them dirty. Spencer also reminds him that he has some interesting information on him, and if he doesn’t do as he asks then he will let it out at his wedding. David asks him how he is supposed to get back there with that sentinel. He tells Spencer that she never leaves her post. Spencer tells him to leave her to him.

Spencer goes over to the desk and tells Briana that he had noticed that she was turning her wrist a little while ago. He also asks her if she does a lot of work on the computer. Briana tells him that she is a bartender/student, and she spends hours typing. Spencer tells her that it could be the beginning of carpal tunnel syndrome. Briana says, "Oh." Spencer tells her that there are exercises that he can show her how to do. He leads her to a table, away from the desk.

David says to himself, "Carpal tunnel--how pathetic." Spencer tells David that the kind of manipulation that he had just performed for him was very necessary, "and I think that you will find it very helpful, as well." David comes back to the table. Spencer asks him what he found out. David informs him that he had found some files about Buchanan Enterprises. Spencer tells him to go on. David tells him that there was a confidential merger between B.E. and Cano, or Canno, International. Spencer says, "And...?" David tells him that that was all that was there. David says there was nothing in the briefcase about him. David tells him that it was nice doing blackmail for him, but if he will excuse him....

Kelly talks to Dorian. Kelly tells her that she can’t talk to her anymore. Kelly also tells her that she and Kevin are going to give this another shot. Kelly tells her good-bye. Dorian tells her that if she thinks that she is going to stand by....

Dorian tells Kevin that he is so smug and he is really pleased with himself. Kevin informs her that he and Kelly love each other. He informs her that that is all that is important. Dorian tells him to mark her words, he and Kelly will never be able to regain the naîve trust that they had once, because trust once broken can never be regained. Kevin informs her that just because she says that in a imperious way does not make it true. Dorian tells him that it is true no matter who says it. Dorian also informs him that she doesn’t know why she is so worried that he would do something to mess it up between himself and Kelly.

Tess talks to herself. She tells herself that she can pull this off even if her résumé is bogus; who cares? She tells herself that if she doesn’t get the job, it is no big deal. She also tells herself that she needs the money if she wants to stay in New York, and now she has a reason to stay.

Layla asks Antonio what they do next. Antonio informs her that they don’t do anything. He tells her that he is going to stay in New York and look for Jessica. Layla tells him that that is what she gets for going out on a limb for him. She informs him that she had committed fraud. She also tells him that she could be arrested. Antonio tells her to save the victim act for her next audition. He tells her that it is time for her to go back to Llanview. He offers to buy her a train ticket. Layla says no thanks, she will buy her own. Antonio tells her that she had done him a favor, and he appreciated it. Antonio tells her that he is sorry that she hadn’t gotten the part that she was up for. He tells her that she is good. Layla thanks him for the compliment. Layla then remembers that she had forgotten her bag upstairs with her pictures and résumés, so she has to go back and get it. She tells him to wait there for her. Antonio tells her he will.

Tess comes into the office. She tells the receptionist that she is there for the interview for the executive assistant position. Andrew tells her that the position has been filled, and Ms. Saito isn’t seeing anyone else. Tess asks how the job could have been filled. She also tells him that she was supposed to get the job. She asks who came in and stole it from her.

Spencer remarks that he will be right there. He tells them that they don’t have the market cornered on “hectic.” He tells her that that was the hospital. Kelly exclaims, "So you have to go back?" Spencer tells her that it is an emergency consult. Kelly tells him that they will have to do this some other time. Spencer says, "Definitely." Kelly thanks Briana for watching her briefcase for her.

Dorian comes in and tells Kelly that she is setting herself up for a fall if she thinks that this thing with Kevin is going to work out. David comes up and exclaims, "Wait a minute, what’s this thing? Is something going on between you and..." But his words trail off. Kelly informs them that she is not discussing this with either of them. Dorian asks her how she expects them to have a joyous wedding if she and... But her words trail off also. Kelly tells them that Kevin loves her and she loves him. She also tells them that she is not going to let anyone ruin her happiness.

Nash talks to Bruce, and he tells him that he could use his help.

Antonio talks on the phone, and he tells the person that Jessica had not shown up for her interview, and he needs him to work overtime to try to find her.

Andrew tells Jessica that Ms. Saito has met with all of the applicants, and she has made her decision. Tess tells him that she has not met with all of the applicants, because she has an appointment. She tells him that her name is Jessica Buchanan. Andrew tells her that she is not Jessica Buchanan, and he points to Layla and says that she is Jessica Buchanan.

Margaret calls Blair and says that she would like nothing better than to shoot her. She also tells her that she should have had her life. Blair screams. Blair exclaims to Asa and begs him to please take care of Margaret, so Todd won’t have to.

Todd comes to visit Asa. Asa tells him that he is right on time. Todd agrees and tells him that his time is up. Todd asks if Margaret is out of the picture. Asa starts to say that his men in Mexico... But his words trail off. Todd tells him that he doesn’t want to hear anymore about his men in Mexico. Todd informs him that he has had his chance, and now he is going to Bo.

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