OLTL Update Monday 8/8/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/8/05


By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
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Tess has a dream in which she talks to Jessica, and Jessica tells her that she has ruined everything. Nash comes up and begins to nuzzle on Tess’ neck. Antonio comes up behind Jessica and asks her what is going on.. Jessica tells him that she is killing them both. Tess wakes up and sits up in bed. Nash wants to know if she was having a bad dream. Tess tells him that she was, but it is over now. They begin to kiss.

Layla complains to Antonio that the director had told her she was wrong for the part. Antonio talks to the maitre d’ and asks him about the manager. The maitre d’ tells him that he will go and look for her. Antonio tells Layla that he is trying to make a good impression, and he is trying to locate Jessica. He asks her if she has a problem with that. Layla informs him that she does.

Michael bangs some kettles together to wake John up. John draws his gun on him. John threatens to kill him. Michael remarks he can try, if his breath doesn’t kill him first. Michael hands him a bottle of water. John gets up and rushes to the bathroom, from which you can hear him vomiting. Michael looks at the picture of Natalie and remarks that John sure picked a good time to check out.

Natalie is still being held captive in some sort of a cave with bars across the top and locked with a lock. She yells for help.

Tess asks Nash what he is looking at. He tells her that he is looking at her. Tess tells him that she is used to being the aggressor as she rolls over on top of him. He asks her what her dream was about. She lies and tells him that she was dreaming about giant pandas, and they were really freaking her out.

Antonio and Layla discuss Jessica being the love of his life. Layla informs him that acting is the love of her life. Layla points out that Jessica is always talked about, but she hasn’t ever shown up. Antonio tells her that he had made a mistake by bringing her with him. He hands her the car keys. She informs him that she is not waiting in the car. He tells her that she is going back to Llanview.

John comes out of the bathroom. He asks Michael if he is still there. He also wants to know who had let him in. Michael informs him that Roxie had. Michael also tells him that both he and Roxie had wondered why he had gotten drunk the night before. Michael informs him that he not only could mess up his own life, but that Natalie could wind up dead.

Evangeline sits in the back of the courtroom. Bo comes in and remarks to her that it sure does look different from back there. Evangeline tells him that she can understand why people don’t like defense attorneys too much. Bo wonders if Hayes had told his lawyer where he was holding Natalie. Evangeline tells him that the lawyer would be compelled to tell. Bo asks her if she will be all right when they bring Hayes in. Evangeline informs him that it is the least that she can do for Natalie. Evangeline then asks about Viki. Bo informs her that her doctors had forbidden her to come near the courtroom, but he halfway expects her to show up. Rex and Marcie come in. Bo remarks that he is glad to see her up. Rex whistles and reminds him that Hayes just about punched his lights out, too. Bo tells him that he is just afraid that he will try to do that to Hayes. Hugh comes up, and Marcie asks him if he is ready. Bo asks him where Nora is. Hugh informs him that she is stuck with another case. Hugh also tells them that Hayes will probably plead not guilty because of insanity. Roxie rushes into the courtroom and tells Hugh that she is going to make Hayes tell her where he is holding her daughter.

Natalie looks up through the bars and starts to try to climb up, but she falls back down against the wall. She begins to cry.

Layla informs Antonio that there is no way she is going home. Antonio informs her that Jessica may be in trouble. Layla asks him how long he is going to wait for his lady fair. Antonio informs her that she doesn’t know anything about him or his relationship with Jessica. He also tells her that she has her head up in the air, and she wants to view life the way it is in the movies. She straightens him out on how things really are between a woman and a man.

Nash is on the computer and also the phone. He hangs up just as Tess joins him. She looks at the computer screen and asks him what the little arrows are for. He informs her that they show his investments going downhill. Tess then tells him that one of them has to find a job, pronto. She begins telling him about sending in a résumé for a job, and she knows that they like her. He offers her encouragement about her job. He tells her that he wants her to keep him in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed. They kiss.

John tells Michael that, since he brought coffee, now he can go home. They discuss Bo forcing him to take the day off, and that he had to get plastered. They discuss what had been going on between him and Natalie, and that everyone had noticed it. They discuss Evangeline and their father. Michael reminds him that he has been beating himself up. Michael tells him that when Evangeline dumped him it was the best thing that had ever happened. Michael tells him that he is damaged goods, and he likes it like that. John forces him out and tells him not to come back until Christmas.

Rex pulls Roxie away from Hugh. Roxie fights with him. Roxie reminds him of how freaked out Natalie gets when it gets dark. Rex holds her as she cries. Bo tells her that they are doing everything that they can do to find Natalie. They discuss Hayes liking an audience and being able to show them how smart he is.

They bring Hayes in, and Roxie goes after him to make him tell her where Natalie is. Rex has to hold her back by telling her that he won’t tell them anything. They sit Hayes down. Hayes’s lawyer tells Hugh that he had better be glad that the judge hadn’t seen that. Hugh pats him on the back and informs him that he has got his client cold, and he will be wearing orange for a long time. Bo tries to calm Roxie down by telling her that if she keeps this up, she will be helping Hayes’s case.. Rex tells them that he would take this guy out himself if he could. Bo informs him that Hayes knows that. Rex tells Bo and Roxie that this is the best way to handle it. Rex informs Roxie that the commissioner has been keeping him on a short leash, and he was right.

Marcie tells Evangeline to just look at him sitting there, looking smug. Evangeline tells her that he is trying to figure out his insanity plea.. Marcie cannot believe that she had gone to high school with him, and now he had killed all those people. Evangeline reminds her of all he had done to cover his tracks, including plastic surgery. Evangeline looks out the door. Marcie asks her if she is looking for John. Evangeline tells her that she will be right back.

John wanders around his apartment. Michael eats cereal out of a box. He tells John that he is out of milk. John tells him that that cereal was there when he moved in. Michael asks him how come he isn’t at the arraignment. John informs him that they don’t need him there. They discuss Hayes and his having Natalie. John tells him that Hayes’s lawyer is looking for any excuse he can find to declare a mistrial. John informs him that he is going into the station to re-assign the task force to stop looking for Barber and start searching for Natalie. Michael tells him that he wishes he would talk to him. John wants to know what he wants him to say. Michael questions him as to why he can’t face Barber. John tells him that he is afraid that he is going to kill Barber.

Antonio tells Layla that she hasn’t met Jessica. Antonio asks her who she thinks she is. Layla declares that she must have hit a sore spot. Antonio declares that she should have slept with that producer, and then apologizes for his remark. Layla asks him if she acts like a diva. Layla declares that she should go easy on Jessica; after all, she hasn’t met her. Layla calls for a truce. The maitre d’ comes up and tells Antonio that the manager is unavailable. Antonio shows him a picture of Jessica.

Tess is on the phone, and she tells the person that she had faxed over a résumé for the executive position. She declares that when they meet her they are going to stop looking. The person on the other end tells her that she sounds like fun. Tess remarks that they sound like fun, too. The person asks her her name. Tess remarks that her name is Tess. Tess tells her that her name is actually Jessica Buchanan, but she goes by Tess. She sets up the interview. Nash overhears her giving the person her name. Tess declares, "Oh my God, there is a hunk dripping in my living room!" Nash calls her by her real name, Jessica. Tess threatens to spank him for listening in on her conversation. Tess asks him what he wants from her. Nash informs her that, after last night, he wants everything. They discuss her twin sister and her dying. Nash vows not to be possessive, and not to ask her any more questions about her past. She accuses him of messing with her head.. Tess asks him why he can’t be content to just love her.

Antonio shows the maitre d’ a picture of Jessica, but the maitre d’ doesn’t seem to remember her. Antonio also shows him a picture of Todd. The maitre d’ remembers Todd. Antonio again shows him the picture of Jessica, and only then does he remember, but he tells Antonio that she had left during the commotion. Antonio gets a phone call from the P.I. telling him that there had been a check on Jessica’s social security number. Layla and Antonio go in search of Jessica. Layla tells him that she is riding shotgun.

John tells Michael that he choked Hayes. They also discuss where Natalie is right now. John tells Michael that he had decided to talk to Evangeline.. Michael asks him if he called her. John informs him that he had gone over to visit Evangeline. Michael questions him as to how it had worked out. Michael states that John doesn’t remember anything that had gone on. John tells Michael that he had realized that Evangeline deserves better than him. Michael asks him if he begged. Michael tells him to tell him that he didn’t beg. Michael tries to reassure him that Hayes is not going to take him out. Michael also tries to get him to go to court with him. Michael assures him that he will be there to watch his back .

The bailiff calls the court to session. The judge enters and calls the court to session. Hugh makes his opening statement. Hugh points out that Hayes had taken another hostage, and she hasn’t been found, and her life depends on it.

Natalie tries to climb out of the hole, but slides back down. She begins to cry.

Tess denies meaning love. Nash assures her that he knows what she meant, and he knows that she is new to relationships. He tells her that she is beautiful. They hug. She asks him about his secrets. He informs her that he is an open book. They kiss.

John and Michael enter the courtroom. They listen to what is going on. Hugh tells them that Hayes is still holding another victim. The judge asks if Hayes is ready to make his plea. Hayes pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. This surprises everyone in the courtroom. Hugh tells them that he has a list of other charges that he is going to file later in the day. The judge asks the defense attorney if his client can answer any questions. The defense attorney tells the court that his client cannot answer any questions..

Roxie asks the court if she can speak. The judge agrees to her request. Roxie tells the court about Natalie and says she is going to die if she isn’t found.

Antonio and Layla arrive at the place where Tess is supposed to come for her interview. They discuss how she should be there soon.

Tess and Nash continue to kiss, and she remarks that she is never going to make it to her interview. She makes his towel drop. She remarks that she is a naughty girl.

Roxie continues to discuss Natalie and her rights in this matter.

Bo and Rex discuss Hayes and where Natalie is, and whether she is still alive.

The judge orders an adjournment for ten days so that Hayes can be properly evaluated.

Marcie questions Hugh about the outcome of the psych test that was ordered for Hayes.

Roxie, Rex and Bo discuss Natalie, and Bo promises Roxie that Natalie will be found.

Michael confronts Marcie as to why she hadn’t waited for him to come to court with her. Marcie informs him that this was something she had to do on her own. Hugh comes up and invites her out for a cup of coffee. She agrees. Marcie tells Michael that she will see him later. They leave.

John joins Michael, and they discuss Hayes.

Bo and John discuss Evangeline and her looking for him. They discuss what he and Evangeline had done the night before.

Roxie and Rex join Bo, and they tell him that they are going to tell Viki what is going on. They leave.

Evangeline comes up beside John. She tells him to do whatever it takes to bring Natalie home, and then nail Hayes.

Natalie cries and says to herself that she will never get out of there.

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