OLTL Update Friday 8/5/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/5/05


By Mary
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Todd is on the phone, and he tells the listener that he is serious about suing the city of New York for false arrest, police brutality, etc. He answers another call and tells that person that he needs a better headline than that. He tells the man who is waiting to talk to him. Todd asks him if he got the job done that he had asked him to do.

Lindsay keeps looking at the picture of Antonio and Layla. R.J. joins her and asks if she has missed him. She tells him always. He questions her as to what she is looking at.

Layla tells Antonio that she can’t believe that he told that pervert he was her agent. Antonio tells her something that Jessica had told him about using your wits instead of your fists. Layla makes a mental note in her hand. Antonio passes by Todd and hears the man telling Todd that Jessica is in New York City. Antonio says, "Jessica is in New York City?" Todd just looks at him.

Tess and Nash are lying in bed. Nash moves his hand over onto her side of the bed. Tess picks up his hand and moves it back over onto his side of the bed. Tess tells him if he can’t keep his hands to himself then they will have to re-negotiate living together. Nash is all for the idea of re-negotiating. Nash suddenly gets up and looks over the top of the bedspread that separates their parts of the bed. Tess wants to know what he is doing. Nash tells her that he doesn’t want any barriers between them. Tess tells him, "Don’t."

Rex meets a man outside of Capricorn in the alley. The man gives him something in a brown paper bag. The man leaves, as does Rex. A man comes out of the shadows and calls Bo. He tells Bo that Rex had met with a very shady character. He also asks Bo if he wants him to bring Balsam in. Bo informs him that he wants him to just keep an eye on him, and keep him posted. After he gets off the phone, Bo says to himself, "What are you up to, Balsam?"

John and Evangeline are kissing, and they lie down on the sofa. Evangeline suddenly puts on the brakes and tells John that they can’t do this. John informs her that they aren’t going to do things like they did before. Evangeline asks him what he came there for and what he wants.

R.J. asks Lindsay if she is all right after he sees her looking at the picture on her telephone again. She asks him if he is all right. He tells her he will be when he can get her out of there, because he is tired of Vega and company. They leave.

Antonio asks Todd if Jessica is in New York City. Todd tells him that he didn’t say that. Antonio asks him if anything has happened to Jessica.. Todd informs him that everything has happened to Jessica since she hooked up with him. Antonio tells him that he doesn’t need this right now. The man tells them that if they want to play, then go ahead, but he has a phone call to make. Antonio wants to know why Jessica went to New York. Todd informs him that no matter where she went, she went to get away from him.

Nash wants to know what is going on. Tess informs him that she doesn’t have on much clothing. She gets up and puts on a robe. She also tells him that since he has gotten her up out of bed, she should get some things done. She opens the lid on the laptop and tells him that she is going to look for a job. She finds one at a design house. She then tells him that she has to get her résumé together. He gets up, comes over, and puts the lid down on the laptop. She tells him that he has got her attention. He reminds her of when they first met and she had taken off her clothes for a lot of men. He asks her what she is afraid of. She tries to deny it, but he accuses her of being afraid of what is happening between them.

John tells Evangeline that he doesn’t like how he made her feel when she and Natalie were together. John tells her that she had made him feel like he was worth something. Evangeline tells him that he is. He apologizes for not being able to be the man she deserves. She tells him that she is going to put on a pot of coffee. While she is in the kitchen, he picks up the rabbit and tells it that it has the right to remain silent, and also to shut up. He gets up and walks over to the window. He continues to talk to the rabbit, telling it that he would like to tell the people he arrests that they have no right to keep inside what they have done to people. Evangeline comes back into the room and listens to what he is saying. John turns around and sees her.

Layla looks at a newspaper article about a casting call in New York. Layla realizes that tonight might not have been a total bust.

Antonio tells Todd that no matter what he thinks of him, he loves Jessica. Todd informs him that he is Jessica’s uncle, and any trouble she is in, he could handle it. Antonio remarks, "So she is in trouble." They argue over Jessica, as usual. Antonio pushes him. Layla hears them arguing, and she comes up between them. Todd leaves. Antonio starts to go after him. Layla informs him that if he goes after him, she will call the cops. Antonio wants to know what she is doing. Layla informs him that she is saving him from himself.

Nash tells Tess that there is a connection between them that she doesn’t want to admit to, and she's trying to deny it. He tells her that she is scared of what they are feeling for each other. Nash also tells her that she likes to use sex to get what she wants so she can feel that she is in control. He reminds her of how she had come on to him when they had first met. He asks her to trust him.

John tells Evangeline that she is beautiful. He asks her if he had ever told her that. She remarks that he did. He discusses the closeness that she and her mother share. He mentions Natalie, and how she needed his help.. He tells her that he should have made Barber talk and tell him where Natalie is. He tells her that his job is to save people. He brings up Caitlin. He tells her that he can’t talk about it. He also tells her that he wants to right all the wrongs that he has committed against people. Evangeline mentions that he needs help.

Bo comes out of his office. He talks to an officer and starts to asks him if he has seen Balsam, but then he says, "Never mind." He catches up with Balsam and asks him where he is headed. Rex tries to make up an excuse. Bo questions him as to what is in the brown paper bag. Bo takes it from him and finds that it contains a gun.

Layla and Antonio discuss the audition. They also discuss what had just gone on between him and Todd. Antonio tells her that that was Jessica’s uncle, and he is close to finding out where Jessica is. Antonio reprimands her for butting into his business. Layla says, "Well, excuse me."

The private investigator demands more money from Todd. Todd refuses to give him any more money until he delivers on what he has promised. Todd leaves. Antonio comes up, and they begin talking. The man tells him that whatever went on was between him and Todd. Antonio offers him double the money if he tells him everything that he knows about Jessica.

Nash and Tess discuss what is going on between them. She tells him that women change their minds. He asks her if she is worried that he wouldn’t be there for her in the morning if they had sex tonight. Tess tells him that she is worried that she won’t be there in the morning.

Bo pushes Rex into his office. He wants to know how Rex had gotten the gun past security. Rex admits that he had made a date with Andrea. Rex asks him how he knew what he had in the brown bag. Bo asks him if he knows what the charges are for smuggling a gun into a police department. Rex tells him that he didn’t want to kill Barber, he just wanted to make him talk. He tells Bo that Natalie is the only family he's got. Bo suggests that he should put him in a cell right next to Barber, but then changes his mind and tells him that he has a better idea.

Evangeline asks John about his past with the F.B.I. and about when he was a child. John refuses to talk about it. She tells him that she loves him, and she is trying to help him. She tells him that this is all wrong. She apologizes to him for pushing. She tells him that she had tried to get him to open up. She also tells him that she wants him to confront what is bothering him, but not if it is going to destroy him. John tells her that he wants to tell her everything, but he just can’t. Evangeline tells him that maybe she isn’t the one he should be telling. They discuss Natalie needing to be protected, and how that is the one thing that he could do.

R.J. and Jaime come out of the bedroom and tell Lindsay that Jaime has painted a picture on her bedroom wall. R.J. gives Jaime to Lindsay and tells her that he is going to go and clean the paint off the bedroom wall. Lindsay gets Jaime in her lap and begins to clean the paint off her hands and face. She tells Jaime that one day she will display one of her paintings on her art gallery wall. Lindsay also tells her that she thought she would never hold another little girl on her lap after her Jen. R.J. comes back in and tells them that he didn’t think he would like anything better than spending a Friday night at home, cleaning the paint off a wall. He sits down on the arm of the sofa beside Lindsay. She picks up the cell phone and tells him that she has something he should see.

Antonio and the P.I. discuss Jessica and what had happened in New York. Antonio tells him that he will pay him double what Todd paid for all the information that he can get him on where Jessica is.

Antonio looks at the newspaper article, and he decides that he will take Layla to New York. Layla walks up, and he tells her that he will take her to New York. Layla remarks that she thought he was mad at her, and she is surprised he still wants to take her to New York. Antonio admits that he has found out that Jessica is in New York.

Nash tries to make Jessica realize that he won’t bail out on her. His cell phone rings, and he goes to answer it. Jessica walks over to the window and looks out. When he gets off the phone, she walks back over to the bed and tells him that he had her from the start. They kiss and lie down on the bed.

Bo takes Rex to the police shooting range. Bo tries to talk some sense into Rex about how the way he is acting isn’t helping to get Natalie back. They also discuss Rex losing Jen. Bo tells him that if he wants to help get Natalie back, he is going to have to shape up and get his head back on straight. They pick up their earphones and guns.

John and Evangeline discuss Natalie, and John tells her that it is easy to be what Natalie wants him to be. John tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her. Evangeline says, "Then don’t." Evangeline goes over and opens the door, telling him to go home and sleep it off. She reminds him that the next day is Barber’s arraignment, and it is going to be a busy day for all. John leaves. Once outside, he stands up against the wall and slides down until he is sitting on the floor.

R.J. asks Lindsay why she hadn’t shown him this picture. Lindsay tells him that she didn’t want to get involved in this custody battle. R..J. tells her that he will use this picture against Antonio. Lindsay agrees that they should use the picture to keep from losing their little angel. R..J. tells her that he likes it when she says "us." R.J. tells her to excuse him for just a minute. Lindsay asks who wants to paint, and Jaime yells, "Me!"

R.J. calls Todd and tells him that he understands that he and Antonio had had a run-in. R.J. tells him that he is going to e-mail him something that he thinks he can use.

Tess and Nash have just finished making love. They are snuggled together.. Nash wants to know what is wrong. Tess tells him that this feels like the first time. Nash tells her that it is. They kiss again.

Todd looks at the e-mail that R.J. has sent him. He begins to write an article for “The Sun.” He is pleased that he finally has something he can use on Antonio.

Antonio looks at something that is lying on the bar. He also looks at some pictures of Jessica. Layla comes up behind him and watches him looking at the pictures of Jessica.

Tess starts to get up, but decides against it. Instead, she lies up close to Nash. He turns over and hugs her.

Bo and Rex continue shooting at the police shooting range. Rex looks at the target.

Evangeline lies on the sofa. She gets up and begins to look at magazines, throwing them aside as she goes. She picks up the book of “The Killing Club" and looks at it.

John is in the park, sitting on a park bench, deep in thought.

Natalie is in some sort of a cave, fastened up. She yells, "Is anyone there?" She also yells, "Help!"

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