OLTL Update Thursday 8/4/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/4/05


By Mary
Pictures by Amanda

Proofread by Angie

Tess and Nash arrive home from a day of rollerblading. Nash tells her that rollerblading is the only way to get around New York City. He hands her one of their shopping bags while he unlocks the door. Once inside, she comments on the view being magnificent. He tells her that he will get dinner started. He suggests that after dinner they take in a movie, and maybe go for a walk in Washington Square Park. She hesitates, telling him that this is his place, and she should be going. She starts to move but loses her balance and falls him into him, and they both fall onto the bed. They kiss.

Layla comes up to the bar where Antonio is. She offers him a penny for his thoughts. She asks him if he is thinking about Jessica. He asks her what she needs. She gives him her drink orders. They share some small talk, and then she suggests that he change the name of the bar to “Antonio's.”

Lindsay and R.J. listen to their conversation.

Adriana thinks of the kiss that she and Rex had shared.

Ginger arrives at La Boulee. Duke comments on how she looks. Duke asks her where Adriana is. Adriana comes in and says, "Right here." Ginger asks her what she is all dressed up for, and Adriana remarks, "What do you think?"

Rex slips into Bo’s office and starts rummaging through Bo’s desk looking for the file on Hayes Barber. He finds the file, and he feels a hand on his shoulder. John pushes him down into a chair. John tells him that it is his job to bring Natalie home. Rex reminds him of the way that John had treated Natalie and says now she is paying the price. John grabs him by the jacket and throws him against the wall. Bo and Matthew come in, and Bo wants to know what is going on.

R.J. remarks that this is his club, and no one is going to throw him out, no matter how many times the name is changed. Lindsay tells him to leave Antonio alone. She also tells him that no good will come of it. R.J.. talks to a waitress and asks her who the new waitress is. The woman tells him that her name is Layla Williamson. R.J. asks her if she is any relation to Evangeline Williamson. The woman tells him that it is her sister, and she keeps reminding them. R. J. goes over and introduces himself as Randall James. Layla introduces herself, and they talk a little but are soon interrupted by Evangeline, who asks him what he is doing with her sister.

The phone rings, and Antonio answers it. It is a woman from New York City. He can hardly understand what the woman is saying.

Tess gets up off of Nash. He asks her what is wrong. Tess informs him that she will have to take a rain check on tonight. Nash informs her that they don’t kiss like that and then just stop. Tess comments on them playing this domestic scene. Nash asks her who is playing. Tess informs him that this can’t go on forever. Tess tells him that it is time for her to go. Nash wants to know where she will go. Tess tells him home.

Adriana asks Duke what could be more special than a night out with her guy. Duke comments that she could be a model. Adriana tells him that models have to be taller. Duke comments on Ginger going out with Rex. Adriana shushes him and tells him that her mother can’t find out that they are going out with Rex.

Ginger comes back and tells them that she is ready. Ginger also remarks, "Look out Rex Balsam, here I come."

Bo tells Matthew to go find Detective Brooks and let him show him that new computer game. Matthew leaves. Bo asks John what is going on. Bo and Rex argue over the evidence that Rex was snooping through, and he tells Rex that the file was off limits to him. Rex reminds him that he was the one who had found the evidence on Daniel Colson. Rex storms out of the office. Bo tells John that that is classic Rex Balsam. Bo also tells him that the person he is having trouble identifying right now is him.

Layla reminds him of all the things that he had done, and about Evangeline dumping him. R.J. remarks that oh, yes, he can see the family resemblance. Evangeline threatens him that if he ever bothers her sister, she will level him. Layla goes back to work. Antonio tells Layla about the phone call. R.J. throws it up in Evangeline’s face about her losing John. Evangeline walks off. She joins Antonio at the bar. Evangeline thanks him for taking care of her sister, but now she will take her off his hands and back to her place. Layla comes up, all excited, and gives Antonio a kiss.

Nash asks Tess where home is. Tess tells him that she will have to find a place. Nash suggests that they find her a place together. Tess tells him that she has been taking care of herself up until now, and she doesn’t need a man now to take care of her. Nash skates over to the closet and takes all of his clothes out. He tells her that this is her closet now.

Ginger complains as she wonders where Rex is. Adriana tells her that he will be there. Adriana points out all of Rex’s good qualities. Ginger leaves. Duke asks her when she became Rex’s public relations agent. Adriana tells him that the only man she wants to be with is him. They kiss. Rex comes up and tells her not to ask how he is, but she asks anyway. Rex remarks that she doesn’t listen. He goes on to tell her what has been happening all day. He remarks that he has to get a drink. Ginger comes up behind him. Rex turns around, and when he sees her he asks what she is doing there.

Bo and John discuss how long it has been since John had been off his feet. They discuss Natalie still being missing. They also discuss the things that they had been through with Christian and Daniel Colson. Bo suggests that he and Matthew go online and play video games just to relax, and then he can put his demons to bed for the night. Bo orders him to leave for a while and forget about being a cop. Bo tells him that he doesn’t want to find out that he is Barber’s latest victim. Bo opens the door for him, and John leaves.

Rex and Ginger discuss the things that she had said about Natalie. Ginger apologizes for the remarks that she had made about his late girlfriend. Rex tells her that he needs a drink. Adriana gives him her drink. She offers him some encouragement and tells him that she is there for him. Duke looks on, not liking Adriana talking to Rex like that.

Nash hangs up Tess’s things in the closet. Tess tells him that he is out of his mind. He suggests that they bunk together. He opens up a box and hands her a key.

Layla tells Evangeline and Antonio her news about a big Broadway producer wanting to meet with her tonight. Antonio tells her that she had better go and get ready. He gets the bartender to fill in for her. Layla suggests that Evangeline help her get ready for her meeting.

R.J. tells Lindsay that he has something he has to take care of. She reminds him of all the things that he had done tonight. They kiss. Lindsay tells him that she will be waiting. R.J. leaves.

John comes into the bar and orders a shot. John tells him about Bo ordering him to take the night off. Evangeline comes up behind him and mentions Natalie. John just looks at her.

Bo and Matthew discuss John and his being tired. They also discuss Natalie being missing. They discuss Jen, and how she is Matthew’s guardian angel. Matthew tells Bo that he has asked Jen to be Natalie’s guardian angel. Bo challenges Matthew to a video game.

John and Evangeline discuss Natalie and her still being missing. Evangeline comments on John drinking to drown his sorrows. Evangeline asks him what he needs. John orders another drink. Evangeline walks off. Layla comes up and asks where Evangeline is. John tells her that she had left.

Mr. Murray comes in and asks a waitress where Layla Williamson is. Layla introduces herself, and they talk a little. Mr. Murray suggests that they find somewhere private where she can audition for him. Antonio hears them talking, and he comes up and makes Mr. Murray think that he is Layla’s agent. Mr. Murray gets angry and tells her that she will be working in this bar a long time. Layla gets back to work.

Tess agress to be Nash's roommate. She looks at the key while he goes to fix supper.

R.J. takes Rex away from Adriana to have a talk with him. R.J. makes a remark about where Rex has been the last few days. Rex angrily tells him where he has been. R.J. accuses him of working with Antonio.

Adriana and Ginger discuss Rex and how he only wants to talk to Adriana. Duke comes in with a package and listens to their conversation.

Rex fills R.J. in on where he has been the last few days. They also discuss Adriana. R.J. asks him if he is crossing him and working with Antonio. R.J.. threatens him if he is working with Antonio.

Duke tells Adriana that he is back. Adriana mentions how Rex is talking to R.J. Duke tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about Rex.

R.J. grabs Rex by the arm and again threatens him about working with Antonio. They discuss Jaime.

Lindsay asks a waitress about the lights and wonders where R.J. had gotten them. The waitress tells her that they don’t make them anymore. Lindsay gets on the phone and pretends to be finding out if she can get them for the art gallery.

John gets up from the bar and almost passes out. Antonio helps him up and tells him that he has had enough. John pours himself another drink.

Nash and Tess eat dinner out on the fire escape. They comment on the night and how good the food is. Nash asks her her last name, but she refuses to tell him.

John visits Evangeline at her apartment. Evangeline is surprised to see him. She tells him to go home, but he walks in.

Duke brings Adriana a present of a bra, since she had lost one in Argentina when they used it to escape from Carlo’s men. They make plans to spend the night in a hotel.

R.J. promises Rex that he will find out what he is up to.

Tess and Nash go to bed together, each on their own side of the bed, separated only by a sheet. He begins to tickle her.

John and Evangeline continue to talk. He tells her that she saved him. They kiss.

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