OLTL Update Wednesday 8/3/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/3/05


By Sarah
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At the station, Nora walks in and Hugh asks what happened in court. She says there was a postponement and asks him to please tell her he heard something about Natalie. He says he hasn't. He tells Nora about Viki talking to Hayes and making a deal with him.

Viki is in Bo's office. When he comes in, he says he is surprised to see her because he thought she was at home in bed. He reminds her of what the doctors said, but she says she doesn't care what they said, she wants her daughter back. She tells him she made a deal with Hayes, saying that if the charges against him are dropped, Hayes will tell them where Natalie is. He says that they can't do that.

At home, Dorian is in the kitchen on the phone, talking about her wedding reception. She throws her apron down and walks over to the table, sitting down. She tells the person on the phone whom her matron of honor is just as David walks in and grabs a peach. He starts to leave, and she asks the person on the phone if she can call them back and then asks David where he's sneaking off too. He makes a face and walks back in, saying he was headed to the solarium. She says they don't have one, and he says not yet they don't. She brings up Spencer being his best man and says that's why he was slithering out of there: he hasn't called Spencer about being his best man. He says he does not slither. She hands him the phone and tells him to call Spencer.

At the park, Spencer is with a nurse from the hospital. She tells him he is amazing and he says he got into medicine to help people. She congratulates him on saving a patient's life. She asks if he came up with that transplant technique by himself, and he says yes. He sees Blair and tells the nurse it was nice talking to her, but he has something he has to do. She leaves.

Blair's phone rings. It's Asa, who asks her if Todd is at home screening calls. She says no and tells him that Todd is at St. James's church. Asa seems surprised. She asks what's going on and if there's been something on Margaret. He pretends that there is something wrong with their connection and hangs up.

Margaret is still at the church, wandering around, feeling her tummy and talking to Todd, Jr., saying that she, Todd and Todd, Jr. sound like a perfect family. She also says there's something that needs to be done. Todd is there looking around for Jack's stuffed toy frog, and Reed comes up to him and asks him if there was something more he needed to talk about. Reed says he'll help look for the toy. Margaret peeks around the corner to see them walk away.

Spencer says he sees she's soaking it all up, and Blair says she loves the sun. He says he does, too, asking her how she feels otherwise. She asks what he means, and he says it seems to him like something is wrong lately. She says she's okay. He tells her she can talk to him, and she tells him it's stupid. He tells her she could never say anything stupid. She says she thought she saw someone who wasn't really there. He asks her if it was a dream, and she says her eyes were open. She doesn't know why she's telling him this, and he says it's because she knows he'll listen and not judge her. She starts to talk about Dorian, saying Dorian has told her he looks at her, but she can't find the right words to ask him what she wants to. Spencer says Dorian is right on the money.

Todd is looking around the church still, and Margaret is still talking to Todd, Jr., asking if he's excited. She says the power of their love doesn't keep them apart. Todd finds the frog and Reed comes up to him, saying he's glad Todd chose to be married in a house of God. Reed says God will bless their marriage, and Todd says he's going to keep him to his word. Reed walks away, and Todd sees Asa. Asa starts talking about how hot it is, and Todd asks him what he's doing there. Asa asks Todd to please get him water, but Todd says no and asks him what's going on. Asa says it's about Margaret, who peeks around the corner at them.

Viki says she understands this isn't a standard procedure, but she wants her daughter back. Bo says he wants Natalie back too, but he can't just cut Barber loose. She says he promised to tell them where Natalie was if they let him go. He says Hayes is a liar, and John has tried to get it out of him where Natalie is, but Hayes won't budge and he's lying to her. She asks if they can trick him, and Bo says the guy is slippery. She begs him to try and starts crying. He says he'll talk to Nora and maybe there's something they can do. He hugs her.

Nora asks Hugh what kind of a deal Viki could possibly make, and Bo comes out of his office, saying he thinks he can answer that. He says Viki wants them to let Hayes go if he tells them where Natalie is. Hugh says he'll talk to them later. Bo wants Nora to hear him out, for Viki.

David asks Dorian if she wants him to time her to see how long she can hold the phone out like that. She says they had an agreement, and he says he's not calling his brother. She tells him that he's proving her point. She says she has daughters, sisters and nieces, and he has one brother. He asks if she's insinuating that he has no one to sit on his side of the aisle. She thinks if he doesn't deal with what is going on with him and Spencer that it will poison their life together. He asks why she can't just let it go, and he goes outside.

Spencer tells Blair that Dorian is a very perceptive woman. He also says it is true that he was looking at her with more than a mild interest and that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen in his life. She says that's very sweet, but he should see her when she gets up in the morning. He says that it's a nice thought, telling her she's a true beauty, and she's with Todd. He says that's where she should be, with Todd. She says she's sorry and that she's made a complete fool of herself. He says it's all right. They agree that Dorian is persistant.

Coughing, Asa begs Todd to get him some water. He puts the frog on Asa's shoulder and goes to get him water. Asa throws the frog and stands up, walking over to where Margaret is. They come face to face, and he tells her to get the hell out of there, or she and her baby will not make it through the day.

Bo says he's not suggesting they actually give him what he wants. He tells her maybe if Hayes pleads insanity, Viki can get him into a mental hospital and can use her influence to name the hospital he goes to, bad or good. He says it's worth a try, and she says they can't legally make a deal like that and then withdraw it. He asks, if they were talking about Matthew, if she would take a chance on finding him alive.

Doran goes outside to try and talk to David again. He says he thought he was kidding when he said what he did about Viki being her matron of honor. She says she wasn't kidding, and Viki graciously accepted. She says she felt honored. He tells her Spencer is dangerous and he doesn't trust him. She asks what happened to keeping his friends close and enemies closer. He says she doesn't want his enemies within firing distance of him. She admits to wanting to know what his family's deep, dark secrets are. He says Spencer is like a hyena, and not like the funny ones in that lion cartoon.

Margaret says she's been given a sign from God. He tells her he's got a better sign that says stop. He then tells her to get the hell out of there, and she tells him he doesn't want her unhappy. She leaves and he sits back down, and Todd comes back with water. Todd splashes him and tells Asa he doesn't buy it that Asa is doing anything when it comes to finding Margaret. Todd's phone rings. It is Blair, who tells him she was worried about him. He says he's fine, but Asa is there, not looking so hot. They hang up and Asa starts to leave. Todd asks him where he's going, and he says the hospital. Todd says he's not going anywhere until he's been given the real story on Margaret. He says Margaret is around the corner, and Todd takes that literally. Todd tells him he's got forty-eight hours to find Margaret or he's going to the cops. Blair shows up and asks what's going on. Asa tells her to ask Todd, who lies to her about Margaret being dead. He does admit, about a minute later, that she's not really dead, and she's scared.

Back at Asa's, Margaret comes in and sees sandwiches sitting on the table. She starts to eat one, and Nigel comes in and tells her he's going to call the authorities. When he sees who it is he asks what she's doing there, and she says she is Asa's houseguest. As soon as Asa gets home, Nigel tells him he's calling 911, but Asa tells him to put the phone down because Margaret is his houseguest. Nigel goes to get Asa new sandwiches.

Hayes gets brought upstairs to talk to Bo, Nora and Viki. He asks for his lawyer and Nora says he doesn't need one, this is simply a little deal they are offering him. He says it seems to him to be a game, and Viki says she doesn't play games. Nora asks if he has decided to plead insanity, and he says, "Is that--is that you I hear talking or, or are those the little voices in my head?" She says that answers her question. They give him the deal: if he tells them where Natalie is, he can go to a hospital instead of prison, and maybe in a few years he can be out of there with a new life. Hayes tells them that the world is in his head and that he loves seeing them run around like chickens on fire. Viki gets upset, and Bo escorts him out of the room back to his cell.

Before Blair goes to the church, Spencer is still talking to her when his phone rings. It is David, asking him to come over. Spencer asks if it's really important and David starts to say it's not, but then says it is kind of important. He hangs up and tells Blair who it was, and Blair tells him that David sold her son. She tells him that when he has a free week, she'll tell him all about it, because it is a long story. When he gets to Dorian's, David and he get into an argument about the past. David wants to know what Spencer's secret is. Spencer says if he told him, it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

Dorian comes into the kitchen and says, "I just found out that David Goustie cannot do the catering on the 19th and that my custom-made bustier from Paris won't arrive until the end of the month!" He suggests they postpone the wedding, because they can't do the wedding without all of that. She asks if he would really be okay with that, and he says yes. She leaves the room, wondering what the real reason is for him wanting to postpone.

At the park, Starr is sitting on a bench and talking to Ginger, saying there is a cute boy not far from them but telling her not to look. She does anyway, saying he's cute. She tells Starr she should go over there and talk to him, because she has nothing to lose. Starr says it would be awkward. Ginger does talk her into it, saying she looks hot. She gets up and starts to go up to him, but he is right there. She says hi, and he asks if she's in the same school as him. She says yes. They talk for a while, and then she sits down afterwards near her mom and Ginger. She asks, if he asks her out, whether Blair will talk to her dad and get him to say okay about it. Blair says if she gets asked out, it's going to be in the daytime, with a parent driving. She then says she thinks she can get Todd to go along with it.

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