OLTL Update Tuesday 9/2/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/2/05


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At home, Rex is looking at the front page of "The Sun," which is hanging on the wall. He hears a knock at his door and opens it to see Adriana, who has flowers with her. She asks if he's okay and he says he was told he'd live. She says she had heard he had been released from the hospital and so she brought him flowers, even though she knows it's lame to bring a guy flowers. He says thanks and she puts them in water for him. She asks him how he feels, and he says like he's been run over by a truck.

Behind bars, Hayes gets told he has a visitor. He asks if it's one of his club members, and the officer says this one doesn't look like a fag. It's Viki, and he asks her if she wants an exclusive. She says she wants her daughter back.

At a church, Blair tells Todd it's hard to plan a wedding when he's worried about Viki. She then says she thinks he should tell Viki about finding Jessica in New York. He tells her that until he gets some good news, he's not going to tell Viki anything. She asks about the private investigator. Todd says he just started this morning. They get into a conversation about Asa, and he asks her how he can trust Asa.

At home, Asa is looking at the paper and saying if he had five minutes with the lunatic who kidnapped Natalie, he would get out of him where Natalie is. Kevin is sitting on the couch, and Nigel is serving tea or coffee. He sits next to Kevin afterwards, and Asa says all Bo is worried about is locking up his old man. Kevin tells him Bo would maybe back off if he would quit committing felonies. Nigel says he's been meaning to call the police himself, but he would hate to distract them. Kevin asks Nigel why he would want to call the police, and he says he thinks there's an intruder on the property. Margaret walks up to the closed door and puts an ear to it.

Kelly and Duke are running around the park, racing. He asks her if she let him beat her. She says she would never injure his fragile Buchanan ego. He teases her, calling her Dorian. Duke asks how things are going with Spencer. He tells her wants to make sure she's happy. She asks if his dad put him up to grilling her about Spencer. He says no and that he's been hearing Spencer's name around work a lot lately from his dad. He asks her if she's using Spencer to stick it to his dad, and she says she's not using anyone. She has a flashback to when she and Kevin made love in the shower and says they have gotten closer lately.

Kevin asks Nigel if he actually saw someone, and he says no, but it looks to him like someone has been living in the guest house. Asa has a flashback to the night before when Margaret showed up and says there's no intruder, explaining that Hank is staying in the guest house because his wife threw him out of their house for hanging out at a bunch of strip clubs. He adds that Hank will be staying there until his wife comes to her senses. Kevin says he has to go and starts to open the door. Margaret hides.

At the station, Hugh tells Marcie he thought she would still be in the hospital. She says they just released her that morning, and she came down to talk to Bo and give him a statement about what happened with Hayes. He says he's sorry about talking her into leaving with Hayes, and she tells him he had no idea what would happen. She says she knew Hayes was a creep, but she had no idea he was capable of this. He asks how she's feeling and she says she's a little shaky. Hugh says that for what it's worth, they're going to nail this guy for everything he's done. She says she'll do whatever she can to help, even testify. He tells her that if she ever needs to talk, he's around. Michael shows up, saying she's got him.

Viki asks the officer to give her a few minutes with Hayes, and he walks away. Hayes tells her he was not expecting her to come see him. She says she needed to see him, and he asks why. She says to see if he really is insane or if he's just plain evil. He asks her what the verdict is, and she says he's really disturbed. She tells him he should be aware of the fact that she has influence. He asks her if she's there to cut a deal with him, and she says she can make his stay in prison tolerable or hellish. She says that one way or another, he will give her back her daughter.

Duke asks what's going on with Kelly and his dad, asking if it's less than wedding bells but more than a booty call. She's surprised that he would use that term. She says it's the same as always--they get closer, and then they fight. She asks him why it keeps going back to sex, and he asks why she's avoiding it. She says it doesn't mean that they're getting back together. He asks why not, and she says they have too much stuff to work through. He tells her to work through it, saying his dad is at home eating breakfast and she should go surprise him. She says she is kind of hungry and asks if he needs a ride. He says he should stay and run a few more laps if he's going to beat her next time. She asks him if there's been any hitting of the sheets with Adriana, and he tells her he's got to run.

Adriana tells Rex the police will find Natalie. He says Hayes had him for ten minutes, and look what he did to him; he's had Natalie for weeks. She asks what Hayes did to him, rubbing her hand on his back. He groans in pain and makes a face. She says she knows Hayes kidnapped him outside of Rodi's, and he asks how she knew that. She says she found his watch and gave it to Bo. He asks how she knew the watch was his, and she says maybe they have a psychic connection. She grabs his hands and brings them to her head, telling him to read her mind. He tells her he's not getting a signal, after lightly running his fingers down her face. He asks her if she wants something to drink, heading over to the fridge and bending down.. He groans again from the pain and tells her his neck is messed up. She asks if Hayes tried to hang him and he says yes, and he tried to hang Marcie too. She starts to rub his neck. After about a minute, he says that's good and that she has a magic touch.

Blair and Todd start to get into an argument about Asa, but Reverend Reede comes in then. Blair asks how he is and introduces herself and Todd. Reede says he got the papers that were sent over, saying to Todd that he has quite a history. Reede asks if they've been married before, and Blair says five times. Todd asks if he means to each other or in general. Reede doesn't know how to answer that. Blair says they've obviously made some mistakes, but this time they're going to do it right. She says having someone new in town to do the ceremony would be great, and he says he'll do it. They sit down and he says he'd like to ask them a few questions before they pick the date. He asks them if they plan on having any children, and they tell him about Starr and Jack. Todd says they're not planning on any more surprises.

Margaret runs up the stairs and Kevin looks for his keys on the table, but they're not there. He goes back inside and Margaret comes back down with his keys. She rubs her tummy, telling Todd, Jr. that he needs some fresh air. She leaves.

Rex leans in towards Adriana like he's going to kiss her. She doesn't back away, but she says she thinks she'd better go. She tells him if he needs anything she'll be happy to get it for him. He says he's good. She starts to leave, but as she opens the door he tells her to wait. He says thanks for the flowers, and she tells him not to forget to water them. She leaves and he sits on his bed, grabbing the picture of Jen and looking at it.

Hugh tells Michael that he was telling Marcie she has friends to help her through everything. Michael says you can never have too many friends. He also says Marcie has been going through a hard time, and Hugh agrees. Michael says it's a good thing she has friends to take her to bed. She tells him not to say it like that, because Hugh is a gentleman. Hugh says he's not trying to get in between the two of them, and Marcie tells Hugh they're not dating anymore. Michael looks at her and doesn't seem very happy when she says it a second time. An officer asks Hugh if he's seen the commissioner, and Hugh tells him he is out looking for Natalie. The officer then says that Viki is down with Barber.

Hayes asks Viki if she's trying to frighten him, and she says she doubts anything could frighten him. He asks her if he she wants to ask him if there's anything left to find of Natalie. She says she doesn't think he would answer her truthfully. He asks her if she would like him to tell her how Natalie rocked herself to sleep every night in the cold, dark room he left her in, telling her about Natalie's cry. He says Natalie never did beg for her mom. She asks if he's finished, and he calls her a cold fish because she's not crying over Natalie. She tells him she's had experience with the workings of the mind. She asks if his father abused him, and when he says no she asks about his grandfather. He gets mad. Hayes tells her she'll never find Natalie without his help, and if she's not dead already, she will be by the time McBain finds her. She asks again where Natalie is, and he asks what he'll get in return if he tells her.

Reede says they can look at the calendar now, and Blair says they have two children at the park with a babysitter whom they need to get to. Reede says he needs to check to see if the date they want is still available. Margaret shows up and hides so that Blair and Todd don't see her. When they leave, the reverend scares her accidentally, and she says she'd like to talk to him about her baby. While talking to him, she thinks about what she'd like to have happen at the christening, with Viki and Kevin as the godmother and godfather.

Kevin asks Nigel if he's seen his keys, and he says maybe Asa gave them to his buddy in the guest house. Asa says he has a call to make and leaves. Nigel asks Kevin if he looked in the library, since he had been working late, and then he leaves the room. Kevin is looking for his keys in the couch when Kelly shows up. He says she's the last person he expected to see, and she says at least she's not interrupting him in the shower. She apologizes to him, saying she was kind of harsh and hadn't realized that until she had talked to Blair. He says that since Spencer seemed interested in her, it did motivate him to show up while she was in the shower.. He tells her that he's crazy about her. She says Duke had told her to come over. They kiss and go upstairs just as Asa comes back in, mad at Margaret for stealing Kevin's car.

Roxy shows up at Rex's and hugs him. In pain, he tells her she's killing him. She touches his back, asking if it hurts. He says only when she does that. She says she's glad he's alive, and he says that makes two of them. Roxy wants two minutes with Hayes after everything he did to Rex. Roxy says that Bo and Johnny are going to bring Natalie home, and Rex says that sounds awfully reasonable. She says she's been talking to Viki. She then asks about the flowers and he tells her Adriana brought them over. She thinks that he and Adriana are more than just friends, but he says they're not.

While he's running, Duke almost runs into Adriana who's out getting some fresh air. He invites her to go running with him and Kelly, but she counters with the offer of a picnic lunch, riding Asa's horses to the lake, and maybe a swim.  Since he has business to attend to at the office with his dad, he asks for a rain check. Adriana gives Duke a kiss, saying she misses him. Duke misses her, too, and asks her to dinner, which she gladly accepts.  He promises to call her and leaves. Later, Ginger catches Adriana daydreaming and assumes the subject of her thoughts is Duke, but she says she's actually thinking about her friend Rex who just got out of the hospital.  Ginger thinks Rex hates her, because she talked to him about Colson killing Jen, but Adrianna believes they'd be great together. With her interest piqued, Ginger wants to hear more about the hot hunk, but she becomes suspicious of Adriana's motives and wonders if she's trying to keep her away from Duke.

Viki strikes a deal with Hayes, saying she'll get the charges against him dropped if he tells her where Natalie is. But Hugh keeps telling her that she shouldn't believe what Hayes says, because he can't be trusted.

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