OLTL Update Monday 8/1/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/1/05


By Mary
Pictures by Amanda

Nash questions Tess as to who Todd is and whether he is her husband. Tess denies him being her husband. Nash explains to her that he had covered for her back there, and now she needs to tell him what Todd wants from her. Tess explains to him that Todd wants to take away from her the only life that she has ever known.

Viki visits Rex in the hospital. Viki smiles and says, "Rex." Rex opens his eyes and says, "Mrs. Davidson."

John tells Marshall to give them a minute. The officer leaves. John confronts Hayes about him, saying that he wants to make a deal. Hayes tells him to cut him some slack, and he will tell him where Natalie is. Hayes asks him what it is going to be--his good cop reputation or his woman?

The phone rings but Blair is wary about whether or not she should answer it. When she does answer it, it is Todd. She says, "Hello, sweetheart." She also wants to know how the Big Apple is. Todd sarcastically tells her it bites. Blair asks him if he has found Jessica. He informs her that it is a long story, and he needs her there right away. Blair tells him that it is late and she has just put the children to bed. Todd tells her to get Kelly, Dorian or Ginger to watch them. Blair wants to know what is going on. Todd tells her to just hurry and get there, and bring $2,000.00 in cash. Blair questions him as to what he is talking about, and why.

Asa tells Margaret that it took her long enough to get there. Margaret tells him that he had told her never to enter through the main entrance. She comments on the cottage that Asa has set them up in, and she tells him that she and Todd, Jr. needed the exercise. Asa tells her that if she and Todd, Jr. want to reunite with Daddy then she has to do as he says. Margaret asks him if he has forgotten whom he is dealing with. Asa then informs her that he has gotten a good idea. Margaret reminds him that no one owns her, not even the powerful Asa Buchanan. Asa reminds her that he owns the cottage that she is staying in, and she plays by his rules. Margaret says, "Yes, sir." Asa demands that she not run around town anymore. Margaret denies doing that. Asa tells her that Blair had seen her. Margaret wants to know if Asa had told her. Asa tells her that he hadn’t told Blair about her, but he had had to do some fancy footwork to make Blair think that she was imagining things. Margaret thinks that it is not a big deal that Blair had seen her. Asa informs her that there is no deal if she keeps running around town.

Margaret tells him that she couldn’t help it, Todd, Jr. wanted to see his daddy. Asa reminds her that the baby isn’t born yet. Margaret refers to the baby as a love child. Margaret assures him that when Todd sees the baby he will fall in love with it, just as she has. Asa reminds her that he didn’t rescue her from the border patrol for her to blow his plan. Margaret wants to know what his plan is. Asa informs her that it is none of her business. Asa does tell her that his plan depends on Blair and Todd not knowing that she is in town. He also tells her that if she and Todd, Jr. want to get to Manning then they have to be on the same page.. He asks her if she's got it.

The officer comments on Blair being a fine lady to drive there in the middle of the night to bail him out of jail. Todd asks him if they don’t have someone else they can hassle. The officer suggests that that attitude must make him a lot of friends. Todd asks him if this is how he wants to waste his time, with a criminal nuisance charge. Todd asks him if it is going to be dropped. The officer then tells him that it has been upgraded to disorderly conduct, and if the lady whose purse he tried to steal presses charges then it will be battery. The officer tells him to give them some more trouble, and then he will be meeting the gangsters down in lock-up. Todd says, "You owe me for this one, Jessica."

Nash wants to know if Todd had threatened her. Tess tells him no. Nash wants to know what it is, then. Tess wants to know if they have to talk about this. Nash tells her no, she can get her things and leave, and they will never have to talk about anything ever again. Tess asks him if he is throwing her out. Nash informs her that he is setting her free, if that is what she wants. Tess asks him what he'll want if she stays. Nash tells her that she has been crashing there, and he doesn’t know anything about her. Tess tells him to ask her anything, and she will bare all. Nash asks her why she does that. Tess asks, "Do what?" Nash says use sex to get what she wants. Tess says, "Oh, thanks." Nash denies meaning that. Tess informs him that she had heard what he said. Nash informs her that she is better than that. Tess informs him that there are things that she can’t tell him. Nash says, "Okay." Nash opens the door. Tess asks him what he is doing. Nash tells her, "It's not what I am doing, it’s what you decided to do." Tess closes the door and tells him that it smells out there.

Viki asks Rex if he is all right. Rex tells her that he is all right and asks if she shouldn’t be home in bed. Viki assures him that nobody knows that she is there, and she doesn’t want him to tell. Rex states that Natalie will kill him when she finds out. Viki tells him to shush and says she just wanted to make sure that he was all right. Rex tells her that he won’t be all right until they find Natalie. Viki says he knows that they are out there looking for her. Rex tells her that he wanted to find her and bring her home. Viki tells him that she knows.

Evangeline comes into Marcie’s room. Evangeline apologizes and tells Marcie that she will come back. Marcie tells her to come in. Evangeline tells her that she had just heard what had happened, and she wanted to come by and see how she and Rex were doing. Marcie tells her they're fine, thanks to John and a certain doctor. Evangeline wants to know where John is.

John tells Hayes to let him hear it. Hayes says, "So you decided to play after all." John tells him that he has a game for him: either he tells him where Natalie is, or he will kill him.

Tess tells Nash to close the door. Nash says he will, after she leaves. Tess informs him that she is not going anywhere. Nash tells her to start talking. Tess says that she is not going to do that, either. Nash tells her that he had to deck the guy. Tess exclaims, "You hit Todd?" Nash tells her yes, he hit the guy because she had asked him to help. Tess exclaims that that is really sweet. Nash says, "Yes, or really stupid." Nash explains to her that he is the sweet little guy who helped her. Tess wants to know if she had thanked him enough. Nash tells her that he worries about her. He asks her who is she and tells her to give him some reason why he shouldn’t put her out. Tess says, "Wow." Nash says, "What?" Tess tells him that they actually have a relationship. Nash again asks, "What?" Tess explains to him that they are having their first fight.

Michael explains to Evangeline that John is with Hayes. Evangeline asks if he is all right. Michael tells her that one way or the other he is going to get Hayes to talk. He tells her the whole thing is over. Marcie reminds him for them it is, but not for Natalie.

Viki asks Rex if he is really all right. Rex tells her that she doesn’t need to be worrying about him. Viki informs him that she knows he is strong, but she also knows that he is scared for Natalie. Rex tells her that she has got enough on her plate and she is sick. Viki asks him if she looks sick. Rex tells her that she must be barely holding it together. Viki says that she supposes so. Viki wants to know if Hayes had said anything. Rex informs her he'd said nothing that he could use to find Natalie. Viki starts to ask if he thinks that...but her words trail off. Rex finishes the statement for her and says, "If she’s alive." Rex wants to think that Natalie is still alive, because he believes Hayes wouldn’t want to give up his bargaining chip. They continue to discuss Natalie, and Hayes using her as some sort of a pawn. Rex tells her that Hayes had wanted to kill him. Viki wants to know what Hayes wants with Natalie.

John continues to argue with Hayes and says that Hayes doesn’t think that he would kill him. Hayes tells him that he knows that John wants to kill him, but if he does, then he loses. John tells him that he will take his chances. Hayes tells John that for all he knows Natalie is already dead. Hayes also tells him that if he kills him, then he kills part of himself. John hits him in the stomach. Hayes asks him if he thinks that beating him up will make him talk. He asks him if he thinks that it is going to make Natalie come back. John tells him that he doesn’t make deals with scum. Hayes says, "You don’t think that Natalie wants to live?" John says, "So you know that Natalie is still alive." John tells him that he doesn’t have a problem killing him. Hayes says, "Hmmm." John makes the suggestion that maybe he is just like him.

Nash tells Tess that she is unbelievable. Tess asks him if this is where they kiss and make up. Nash declares that they are not fighting. Tess tells him that he could’ve fooled her. Nash tells her that she doesn’t owe him anything. Nash tells her that he didn’t want that man in the restaurant to hurt her. Nash tells her that it is none of his business, and he won't ask again. They once again discuss Todd and his involvement in Tess’s life.

Blair comes into the police station. Todd exclaims that that is the reason why he had fallen in love with her. Blair wants to know what kind of trouble he is in. Todd tells her that it is a long story. Blair says to him, "So you came to find Jessica; how did you get arrested?" An officer comes up and comments on Todd’s rap sheet.

Margaret and Asa continue their conversation about needing each other. Asa gets on the phone and tells the listener to bring the car around. Margaret wants to know what he is doing. Asa tells her he's getting her a ride to the airport. Margaret insists that she is not leaving. Asa informs her that she is much too high-maintenance for him. Margaret wants to know where he is sending her. Asa informs her she's going to Mexico. He orders her out of his house.

Hayes tells John that he can’t kill him. John says, "Can’t what?" Hayes remarks again that he can’t kill him. John asks if anybody would miss him. Hayes tells him that he is just like all the rest. John calls him a sick freak. Hayes tells him that he doesn’t know. John informs him that he wanted a piece of him. John then wants to know why he went after Natalie and after Evangeline. Hayes tells him that he asked for it. John informs him that no one asked for this. Hayes argues that he practically begged for it.

John begins to choke Hayes. Hayes falls to the floor. An officer comes in and asks John what is going on. John tells him that he killed him.

Todd tells the officer that his record didn’t have anything to do with tonight. Todd denies doing anything. Blair asks the officer if she could have a word with Todd. The officer doesn’t know why she would want a word with him. Todd explains to her what had happened. Blair then explains to him that she had been shopping with Starr, and she thought she had seen Margaret. Todd asks, "Margaret is in Llanview?"

Margaret refuses to leave Asa’s house. Margaret begs him to help her. He orders her to stop growling and get out of his house. Margaret threatens him about what she might do to him if he doesn’t help her.

Evangeline and Marcie discuss what all of them had been through, and what Natalie is still going through.

Viki gets up to leave, telling Rex that she is going to let him get some rest. Rex assures her that he will find Nattie. Viki tells him to call her. Rex assures her that he has her on his speed dial. She thanks him. Before she can leave, Michael comes in. He reprimands Viki for being at the hospital. He tells her to get home before Dr. Miller sees her. Viki assures him that she is fine. Viki assures Rex that Natalie loves him, and Rex says that he loves her. Viki tells him that she feels that Natalie is not dead. Viki leaves. Michael asks Rex how he is doing.

The officer asks John if Hayes is dead. John tells him no and instructs him to take him downtown and book him. Hayes remarks that this could have gotten him into Marcie’s Killing Club.

Nash and Tess once again discuss being honest with one another. Tess tells him that she can’t believe that he punched Todd out. He tells her that he had framed Todd for trying to take a woman’s purse. Tess hugs him and calls him a genius.

Todd and Blair discuss her seeing Margaret. They discuss what Asa had told her about Margaret being in Mexico. They discuss the deal that Blair had made with Asa to find Margaret. She tells him about seeing some pictures of Margaret. Todd asks her if she believes him.

Asa and Margaret discuss Todd and Blair. Asa declares that she is more trouble than she is worth. Margaret promises to be good and to play by the rules. Asa tells her to behave herself. Asa threatens her baby. Margaret states that he wouldn’t dare.

Viki arrives home and picks up the teapot. There is a knock on the door. John says thank you. Viki wants to know if he had found Natalie. John tells her he hadn't. Viki tells him, "And you don’t think that you will."

Tess and Nash discuss their sleeping arrangements, and Tess decides to sleep on the floor. She tells him that she is going to brush her teeth and get ready for bed. She notices that he has put out clean towels for her. He remarks that he had done that before she came home. Tess tells him that she hopes his knuckles are okay. Nash says that he didn’t know she cared.

Margaret thanks Asa for letting her stay. She hugs him, but he pushes her off. She feels the baby kick. She tells him that the baby thanks him, too.. Asa tells her not to forget their deal. She agrees to abide by the rules. She tells him that he just needs him mommy and daddy. Margaret leaves. Asa looks up and asks for a sign that this isn’t the dumbest thing that he has ever done. Outside, Margaret remarks that he is out of his league; there is a new sheriff in town.

Blair and Todd discuss Asa and Blair believing him. They discuss the pictures. Todd tells her that they will look into it when they get home. The officer comes in and tells Todd that the maitre d’ isn’t going to press charges, and there is no proof that he had tried to steal the woman’s purse. The officer tells him that he is free to go. The officer makes a remark about Blair being led around by a rapist. Blair retaliates with a remark of her own.

Michael and Evangeline discuss John and his whereabouts. They also discuss Hayes Barber being behind bars and that he won’t be able to hurt anyone else.

John and Viki have a talk about Hayes and his wanting to make a deal. John tells her that he had wanted to save Natalie. John apologizes. Viki tells him not to blame himself. John tells her that he should have done more.

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