OLTL Update Friday 7/29/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/29/05


By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

John asks Marcie where is Natalie and where is Barber.

Blair barges into Asa’s and tells him that she thought that they had had a deal. Asa offers her a drink. Blair tells him that she doesn’t want a drink that she wants to know what he is doing to make Margaret Cochran disappear. Asa lies and tells her everything that he can. Blair doesn’t believe him. Asa asks him if she is calling him a liar. Blair tells him yes, and a few other things. She reminds him that the only reason that he isn’t rotting in jail is because he had promised to get rid of Margaret. Asa tells her that he is going to. Blair tells him that he must not be doing too much because she had just seen her driving through town.

Rich tells Todd that he likes to take his client’s personal interests into account. Todd says sarcastically, right. Todd tells him to let them take care of first things first. He tells Rick to let them think about Jessica now.

Nash asks Tess was she going somewhere. Tess tells him that she was going to go to see Holly, and she asks him if he remembers her from the other night. Nash says, sure the home invasion. Tess tells him that she has a pair of her favorite earrings, and since she lives in the neighborhood she thought that they would hook up. Nash questions her that he thought she was going to let go of her other life. Tess says, yes, but my favorite earrings. She tells him that she will see him later. Nash informs her that he might not be there when she comes back. Tess tells him that he will come back sometime. Nash says, oh.

Michael comes out of Nick’s room. Bo asks how he is doing. Michael tells him that he is unconscious, and no telling when he will wake up if he ever does. Bo tells him to keep him informed. Michael asks him what does he think that Nick meant when he said that she was dead. Michael asks him if he thinks that he meant Marcie. Bo tells him that he doesn’t know. He tells Michael to excuse him. Bo tells an officer to stand guard outside of Nick’s room, and not to let anyone in unless he knows them and that includes the doctors. Bo cell phone rings. It is John telling Bo that he has found Rex, and Marcie .John tells him that they are alive but in bad shape. Bo tells him alright, and they are going to make it. John tells Bo that he thinks that they got there in time but they are in no condition to talk. Bo asks about Natalie. John tells him that there was no sign of her. Bo then asks about Hayes. John tells him the same. Bo informs him that he hadn’t had time enough to get that far, or he would have finished off Rex and Marcie. John agrees. Bo tells him to keep looking, under whatever rock he’s hiding under and drag him down to the police station.

Michael asks about Natalie. Bo tells him that Rex and Marcie are on their way in, and that they were going to be o.k. Michael asks again about Natalie.

The officer tells John that they have searched every inch of the place, and cannot find either Natalie or Hayes. John tells them to pack it in, as he secretly motions for an officer to go upstairs in the attic. John flips the switch to turn off the lights. He goes outside. Hayes opens the lid to where he was hiding .

Layla watches television, and performs the words. Antonio comes in. Layla asks him how long had he been standing there. Antonio tells her that he had just walked in. Layla asks him about his friend, Rex. Antonio tells her that they had found Marcie and Rex, and they were going to be alright. Layla tells him that that is good news. Antonio tells her that he is exhausted and that he was going to turn in. He tells her good night, sweet lady. Layla tells him, ha-ha, and she tells him that she would have made a better ophelia. Antonio says, hmm. Layla asks him don’t he believe her. Antonio tells her that he is just an ex- cop, and what does he know. Layla tells him that she happens to be a very good actor, and she thanks him. Antonio says, ok. Layla talks about that every acting coach that she had had had told her that she had presence. Antonio asks her if he could ask her something. Layla says, what. Antonio says at what point did actresses start calling themselves actors. Layla then tells him about Julia Roberts carrying $100 million movies and that the big studio execs had finally wised up. Antonio surrenders and says, all right. Antonio tells her that this is not his area of expertise. Layla takes it the wrong way, and says, so don’t give up your day job. Antonio tells her that she is his best waitress or waiter.

Todd asks Rich if Jessica said she would be right over. Rich tells him that she was on her way. Rich tells him that he can’t wait to see the look on her face when she finds out what he has planned for her. Todd says, oh, she will be surprised.

Tess comes into the bar, and says, hi to the maitre d’. She tells him that she is meeting Rich Sepulveda. The maitre d’ tells her to let him check, and see if he has arrived. Nash comes in, and says, hey. Tess wants to know what he is doing there. Nash tells her that he had heard that they had a great band here. Tess accuses him of following her. She asks him what does he want from her or does she have to apologize for something else. Nash tells her that he thought she might be in some kind of trouble. Tess tells him that she isn’t. He asks her why had she lied to him. She tells him that she doesn’t need this. Nash asks her what does she need. Tess tells him that she needs him to go home, and let her take care of some business. She tells him again that she is not in any trouble.

Michael talks to Marcie, and tells her that he is going to take care of her. He tells her that she is going to be alright, and she is going to be ok. Another doctor offers to take care of her telling Michael that he is too close to the situation. Michael tells him that he has got it. Michael insists that he is going to take care of Marcie. Michael tells him to go and check on the other patient. He orders them to get Marcie into a cubicle now. Bo says, hmm. Michael tells Bo that since Marcie is alive that that could mean that Natalie is, but his words trails off. Bo tells him that they are working under the assumption that Natalie is still alive. Bo tells him to take care of Marcie. Michael says, yes, sir.

Bo asks Rex how is he feeling. Rex tells him that he had stepped in it again boss. Bo tells him not to call him boss. Rex tells him that Hayes and Nick are the ones. Bo tells him that he knows. Rex coughs. Bo tells him that Nick is in custody and that they were looking for Hayes. Rex says, Marcie. Bo tells him that Marcie is fine and Michael is with her right now. Bo tells him that he is going to be ok., too. Bo tells him that he wants to ask him something about Natalie. Rex tells him that he hadn’t seen Natalie. Bo questions him she wasn’t at the warehouse. Rex tells him that he doesn’t know, and for him to find Hayes.

Hayes says, well, it looks like we failed for the moment. John flips the switch for the lights. John says, well, looky, looky. He tells Hayes to drop the knife, and his hands in the air. Hayes remarks, way to go Johnny. He starts to asks John if he is going to cuff him but his words trail off. John demands to know where Natalie is.

Tess asks Nash if he is still here. He asks her what is she drinking. He tells her that here is a nice little cab. Tess remarks to him that the only cab she wants to see is the one that takes him home . Nash asks her if she is trying to get rid of him. After some more discussion Tess informs him that it is time that they set up some boundaries. Tess tells him that she doesn’t need a chaperone following her every time that she leaves his place. She asks him does she follow him around. Nash tells her that she just shows up at his apartment when she feels like it, and stays as long as she likes. Tess questions him that she thought that he liked having her there. She also assures him that he sure liked it when he was kissing her. Nash states matter of factly that he hadn’t said that he didn’t like the kissing. Tess says sarcastically so it’s the rest of me that you don’t like. They discuss how he is and investor, but she is a high risk commodity. Tess confronts him about the fact that she thought he liked to take chances. Nash tells her that some chances just don’t pay off. She assures him if he is cutting his losses then this will be good bye. They argue some more. He tells her that when she leaves his apartment that he doesn’t know if he will ever see again. Then when he does she brings a three ring circus. She tells him if he is looking for a safe bet then she isn’t it. Tess tells him that she doesn’t want to fight. Nash says, me neither. Nash tells her that he will see her back at his place. Tess says, I’ll be there. Tess starts to leave to find Rich but she sees Todd, and says, oh, no. Nash wonders what has happened.

Blair tells Asa that she saw Margaret in the back of a taxicab with an evil grin on her face. Asa tells her that that is impossible. Blair tells him that she did see her because it was a face that she wasn’t likely to forget. Asa asks her if she has seen her before or so he has heard. Blair wants to know who told him that. Blair tells him that when she first came back to town that she had thought she had seen her but this time it was a little different. This time it was so real. Asa asks her if her, and Margaret had stopped to chew and exchange recipes. Blair tells him not to patronize her. Asa tells her that she had thought that she had seen her before but she hadn’t. Blair informs him that she is tired of living like this, and she was tired of Asa stalling her. Blair also tells him that he had told her that he would get her results, but she hadn’t seen one thing. Asa tries to tell her that these things take time, and he had told her that. Blair demands to know when was the last time that he had seen Margaret, and she demands to have more information than when she walked in the door. Asa tells her that if she wants Margaret’s head on a silver platter then she was just going to have to wait. Blair demands that either he give her more information on Margaret’s demise of she will call Bo and have him arrested. She asks him what is it going to be.as she picks up the phone to call Bo.

The phone rings. Bo tells the officer on duty that John had caught Hayes. Bo says, good, vey good.

Michael tries to talk to Marcie. Marcie says, Michael. Marcie asks him is she dreaming. He tells her no, that she is not dreaming. Marcie says, but you’re dead. Marcie also tells him that Hayes had told her that he was dead. Marcie says, then that must mean that I’m dead. Michael tries to assure her that they are both very much alive. Michael informs her that John was the one who had found her, and Rex. Marcie thanks God. Bo comes into Marcie’s room. Bo tells her that Rex is badly bruised, but he is going to make it. Bo also assures that John has just called, and he had gotten Hayes. Marcie thanks God again. Michael asks about Natalie. Bo tells Marcie that he wants to ask her a few questions. Marcie says, ok. Michael leaves the room.

Bo tells her that they know that Ivan Potter had changed his identity, and that she had gone to school with him but what they don’t know is why he would do these things. Marcie tells him for revenge against everyone who had hurt him. Bo questions her some more about Ivan, and why he was doing these things.

John asks Hayes so you want to have some fun. Hayes tells him that he thought that he loved a good mystery. He informs John that he had found the clue to the killing club right away. He also tells him that he had followed the clues to find Natalie, and Evangeline. He also tells him that he had found the grave at the foot ball field. John tells him that he is through playing games. Hayes informs him that he will keep playing games as long as he wants him to. He tells John that he was warmer but now he’s cold.

Antonio tells Layla not to get too comfortable that when the killer is locked up, she was going back to her sisters. Layla asks him if she can keep this as a souvenir. Antonio asks her what this is, a souvenir. Layla tells him that she must have forgotten it. Antonio tells her that it is not normally something that a woman would leave behind. Layla asks him if he is accusing her of leaving it on purpose. Antonio denies accusing her. He tells her to let them get some sleep. Layla says well maybe you should. Antonio asks her what is she talking about. Layla confesses that she did leave it on purpose. Antonio asks her why. Layla asks him wasn’t it obvious.

Nash asks Tess what is wrong. Tess tells him that she has to get out of there now. She tells him to excuse her. Nash tells her to hold on a minute. Tess says, great. Nash says, Tess. Tess tells him not to say her name too loud. Nash wants to know what is wrong. Tess tells him that there is someone there that she doesn’t want to see.

Todd asks Rich has he had any messages from Jessica in the last few minutes. Rich says, no. Todd check Rich’s cell phone to check. Rich tells Todd that he has to get back to the office for a meeting. He leaves.

Nash tells Tess that the man has left. Tess informs him that that wasn’t the one that it was the other one. Tess tells him that she has to get out of there before he sees her. Nash tells her, all right. Tess runs into some women who stop her for a conversation. Todd spots her in the crowd.

Michael visits Rex and asks him how is he doing. Rex says, compared to what. Michael tells him that he is lucky. Rex tells him to tell that to his throat. Michael tells him that he owes him for what he did for Marcie. Michael thanks him. Rex tells him that he just did what anyone else would have done. Michael informs him that the old Rex Balsam wouldn’t have anything to help her. Rex tells him not to pin any medals on him that Natalie is still missing.

Bo questions Marcie as to what that Hayes might have told her. Marcie assures him that Hayes had told her a lot of things but only because he didn’t think that I would survive. Bo assures her that she had survived, and what Hayes had told her might come in handy. Marcie tells him that it might not mean anything but Hayes kept looking toward the stage where some crates were. Bo tells her to go on.

Hayes remarks isn’t this a blast. He asks John is he having fun yet. John tells the other officers to kill the spotlight. He asks Hayes so you said that there was a clue. Hayes remarks you were colder but now you are warmer. John asks him if Natalie is in the warehouse. Hayes says, could be. He also says that John wants to hit him right now but once he would start he couldn’t stop. John tells the other officers to toss the place. To look in every trunk, and to check under every seat. John orders them to look again. The officer informs him that there is nothing there. John orders him to look again. The phone rings. John answers it. Bo asks him if there is anything new. John replies, not yet. Bo tells him to check on the stage, and in the crates, and scenery. Marcie thinks that there may be something there. Hayes tells him that he is getting colder. Hayes laughs, and says, gotcha. John finds some kind of cloth in the crates. He orders the officers to have it analyzed to know whose blood it is . The officer tells him that he got it. Hayes remarks to John that he had tricked him, now he had tricked him. John says that he is very proud of what he is doing . Hayes tells him that he is sick .John orders him to tell him where Natalie is .Hayes tells him that he will never tell.

Asa tells Blair to put the phone down. He comes over to the desk, and gets out a folder that he hands to Blair. She looks through it and finds some pictures of Margaret. Blair remarks that if they had been that close to get her picture then why hadn’t his men nabbed her. Asa informs her that Margaret was in Mexico up in the mountains. Blair wants Asa to get his men to go up through and kill her. Asa informs her that it is rainy season and no one can come up or down. He also tells her that when she does come down then his men will nab her.

Layla tells Antonio that from the first time that they had met that she knew he was the man for her. Antonio tells her that he is in love with Jessica, that he wants to marry her, and have children with her.

Tess tells Nash to keep that man away from her. Nash says, if you will tell me why. Tess tells him that he was afraid that he would never see her again, well, if that man gets close to me then you will lose me forever. Tess leaves the bar.

Todd starts to go after her but Nash steps in the way. Nash hits Todd with his fist, and Todd falls to the floor. A woman screams.

Asa tells Blair that he has more if she wants to see them .Blair tells him that she has seen enough. Blair tells him that she wants her life back, and she wants peace. Asa remarks that that is what they all want. Blair thanks him and tells him to do his job. Blair leaves. Asa gets on the phone, and tells the person to get theirself over there.

A maitre d’ comes up, and wants to know what is going on. Todd tells him that this clown had hit him. The maitre d’ asks Nash if this is true. Nash says, yeah. Todd tells him that he has to go, but Nash tells him that he is not going anywhere. Nash tells the maitre d’ that he had slugged him because he had tried to steal this lady’s purse. The woman holds her purse close. Todd denies trying to steal the woman’s purse. Todd tells them that he is not a thief. The maitre d’ asks him, then why did you run out on your check. Todd tries to explain. Nash tells the maitre d’ that he will let him take things from here. Todd tells him to wait a minute. The woman thanks him. Todd tells him to listen that he needs to talk to him. The maitre d’ asks about the check.

Bo instructs the officer to put a rush on the analysis of Messina’s clothes.

Bo goes in to visit Rex, and he tells him that john is questioning Hayes. Rex wants to know if there is any word on Natalie. They continue to talk about Hayes. Bo asks him what made him drop his watch at Rodi’s. Rex tells him that he had just thought what would Bo do in this situation.

Michael tells Marcie that he is sorry. Marcie tells him that it is not his fault. Michael tells her that he thanks God that it is over. Marcie tells him not until they find Natalie .

Hayes complains about the cuffs being too tight .John asks him does he still want to play games. John tells him that he thought that killing people might make him somebody. John tells the other officers to take him down to the station. Hayes asks John how bad does he want to know where Natalie is.

Nash tells Tess that that guy won’t be bothering her for awhile. Tess tells him that she knew she could count on him. Nash asks her who was that guy, and why was she running from him.

Todd tells the maitre d’ that he had seen his niece and was going after her that he hadn’t run out on the check . The maitre d’ tells him that there were over $1,000 woth of damages not to mention all of the customers that he had run off. Todd ask him does he know who he is. The officer arrests Todd for criminal nuisance.

Margaret rings Asa’s doorbell. When he opens the door. She says, you rang.

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