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One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/28/05


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Todd is in New York City. He is on the phone. He is joined by a financial advisor. The financial advisor tells him that he is well aware of his financial assets. Todd tells him that if he wants his business then he wants something from him. Todd tells him that he is looking for Jessica Buchanan.

Tess and Nash enjoy a glass of wine, commenting on the different flavors.. They admit that they like it. Tess gets up and tells Nash that the wine is going to her head. Nash tells her that wine will not give you a hangover. Tess assures him that it is doing something. He says something in French to her. She asks him what it means. He tells her that there is truth in wine.. She just looks at him.

Blair and Starr come down the street carrying shopping bags. They come to a bench, and Blair sets down the shopping bags. Blair admits to her that she has had a great time today. Starr tells her sarcastically that she is tired and hot. Blair then asks her who "honey bear" is. Starr is upset with her and asks her if she has been reading her IMs, and if she doesn't think she's ruined her life enough already.

John and the other police officers rush into the alley. John pulls his gun on Nick just as Nick aims his gun at Michael, who is sitting on the ground.

Marcie and Hayes fight over the cell phone. Hayes orders Nick to kill Michael. Shots are fired. Marcie begins to cry and collapses to the floor. Marcie accuses him of killing Michael. Hayes explains to her that she was the one who had killed Michael, because she hadn’t obeyed him when he had told her to kill Rex. They argue over the idea of killing someone for the pure joy of it. He also tells Marcie that she is going to have to pay for not killing Rex.

Nick lies on the ground, unconscious. Michael tries to revive him by doing CPR on him.

David is in the kitchen clearing the dishes. Dorian comes in and informs him that Kelly and Blair are gone. She tells him that she couldn’t have picked her wedding shoes if it hadn’t been for them, because he was no help at all. Dorian also mentions that they seemed pleased that she had picked Viki to be her matron of honor. She reminds him that he had told her that Spencer would be his best man when Viki was her matron of honor. She tells him that she has called his bluff.

Tess and Nash talk. She tells him that she hopes all his dreams come true. Nash asks her what she dreams of. Tess assures him that she doesn’t dream, she lives in the moment. Nash tries to tell her that if it weren’t for dreams there would be no use in waking up in the morning. Nash then asks her what she wants. Tess tells him that she wants to stay here forever. He looks at her, surprised.

John grabs Nick up off the ground and demands to know where the others are. Michael assures him that if Nick dies then the others will die, also.

Marcie and Hayes continue to argue. She calls him an evil person. He reminds her that he is only playing the game she had invented. Rex tries to get his hands untied. Marcie calls him a freak and says he had always been one. Hayes assures her that he has his own Killing Club, and she had failed the test. Marcie insults him by telling him that he had failed the test as a human being. Hayes tells her that, since she hadn’t killed Rex, she would have to be eliminated. He gets a chair and pushes her down into it. He tells her that she had written about things that she knew about, but one thing that she couldn’t write about was death, because she hadn’t experienced it.

Dorian and David discuss Spencer, and David tells her that Spencer doesn’t stand up for anyone but himself. David asks Dorian why she has to involve Spencer in everything they do. David points out that Viki turns heads at everything she goes to. Dorian insists that she has turned a few heads in her time, too. David assures her that she had sure turned his head. David points out that their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. They once again discuss Viki's and Spencer’s involvement in the festivities.

Starr accuses Blair of spying. Blair denies doing it on purpose, and she reminds Starr of what had happened last summer with Travis. Starr points out to her that she has no life, and she relies on Honey Bear and Cutie Pie to tell her about the parties she isn’t invited to. Starr also tells her that the other kids will not hang out with her because their parents are afraid that they will be kidnapped. Starr mentions that she wants to go to another school. She also says that she wants different parents.

Todd asks the financial advisor about Jessica and whether she had notified him. Todd tells him that he wants to start a portfolio for her, and he needs her signature. The advisor wants to know why he won’t call Viki. Todd tells him that he doesn’t want to involve Viki. The advisor admits that he has talked to Jessica.

Nash is speechless at what Tess has just said. She informs him that she wants to be free of her old life. Nash questions her as to what she is running from, and what is holding her back.

Hayes ties Marcie up. Rex acts as though he is unconscious, but he is really just waiting for his chance. Hayes pulls down a noose and puts it around Marcie’s neck. Hayes turns around in front of Rex. Rex lunges at him and knocks him up against a stack of crates. Hayes falls to the floor.

David and Dorian once again argue over Spencer and Viki. Dorian mentions all the things that she and Viki have gone through together. Dorian mentions that she has put aside their differences and asks why he can't do that with Spencer. David states that he is sorry that Spencer has come back into his life.

Nash accuses Tess of living someone else’s life. He accuses her of running away from something. Tess states that she has to get stronger if she is going to get what she wants. She goes over to the window and lets up the blind.

John tries to attack Nick again to get him to tell him where Hayes is holding Natalie. Michael holds John off of him. The paramedics arrive and begin to treat Nick. Michael gives them instructions, but the paramedics don’t want to obey him. Nick begins to cough. John demands to know again where Hayes is holding Natalie.

Rex tries to untie Marcie. Marcie instructs him to go and search for Natalie. Marcie looks up and sees Hayes. She yells at Rex, but Hayes knocks him unconscious again. Hayes asks Marcie if she is trying to leave their little meeting.

Bo asks Nick where Natalie and Hayes are. Bo also tells him that they need his help, and then they will get him to the hospital. Nick tells them where Rex, Marcie, and Hayes are. Michael threatens him that if anything happens to them he will kill him himself. Bo overhears the conversation.

The advisor and Todd discuss Jessica and her contacting the advisor that morning. Todd mentions that they need to get her down there.

Nash and Tess throw her things out the window. Nash tells her that she is caught between two worlds. Tess asks what he has left behind. Nash suggests that she needs a new wardrobe. Tess says to herself that she needs Jessica’s help one more time before they say goodbye.

Dorian tries to call Spencer, but he is in surgery. She tells David that he has a reprieve for the time being. Dorian accuses him of not keeping his bargain. She kisses him and leaves the room.

David is in the kitchen, and he makes himself a root beer float. He takes a sip, and it goes straight to his head. Adriana comes in, sits down at the bar, take the ice cream, and takes a bite. David asks her if she has had a bad day. She doesn’t answer. Adriana tells him that the killer has Rex. David asks who Rex is, and Adriana goes on to tell him who Rex is. David makes a joke and says that he hopes Rex looks good in a cheerleading uniform. Adriana reprimands him and tells him that that is not funny. Adriana tells him that he could die. David apologizes. He discusses the things that had been done to people in the Killing Club book. David mentions his brother. Adriana gets up to leave but David stops her. He pours some root beer into her ice cream. Adriana tells him that she is not hungry. She sits back down. They discuss Rex and how great he is. She tells him that he was in love with Jen. They discuss Natalie, Julie, and Hudson. David puts an arm around her shoulders and tries to comfort her. Dorian comes in and witnesses the scene.

Blair tells Starr that kids can be cruel. Blair admits that she freaks out when she thinks that she has seen Margaret. Starr asks her if she has seen Margaret. Blair tells her that she hasn’t seen her in a while. They discuss Starr being an outcast at school. Blair wishes that she could hold her and kiss her and make it all better. They discuss Margaret and all the awful things that she had done to them. Blair tells her that they are a family now, and nothing is going to tear them apart. Starr decides to stay at home with her until she goes off to college. Blair is thrilled. Blair encourages her to stand tall and show the other kids who she is. Blair points out Starr's good qualities. Starr asks her for money to get an ice cream cone. She gives Starr money. Starr goes to get the ice cream. After she leaves, Blair is alone. A black car drives up and Blair thinks that she sees Margaret inside. Blair looks away, and when she looks back the car is gone.

Hayes attaches Rex and Marcie to a device; as the sandbags fall, Rex and Marcie will rise and the ropes around their necks will get tighter. Hayes adjourns his meeting of the Killing Club.

The ropes are getting tighter around Rex's and Marcie’s necks. Rex asks her if she is all right. Marcie tells him that she can’t hold on too much longer.

John is outside in the alley. He makes sure his gun is loaded. He opens the door and goes inside. He looks around and sees Marcie and Rex.

Dorian questions Adriana as to what is wrong. Adriana tells her that it is nothing (?!?). Adriana tells her that the Killing Club killer kidnapped Rex. Dorian exclaims over the killer kidnapping someone else. Adriana tells her about the watch and the bandana. They discuss Rex and that he is a great guy. Adriana points out that she has them and Duke. David shakes his head for her not to mention Duke. Adriana decides to go to bed. She thanks David for his help and leaves. Dorian asks David when Adriana became such good friends with Rex Balsam.

Starr brings back the ice cream. She wants to know what is wrong. Blair lies and tells her that she is just feeling sentimental. They decide to leave.

The advisor gets a call from Jessica. He sets up a meeting for that very night.

Nick is brought into the emergency room and is hurriedly taken into a room. Nick tells them that she is dead. He goes into cardiac arrest.

John tries to get Marcie and Rex loose, but with no luck. He instructs the other officers to hold Rex and Marcie. John shoots the rope, which releases them. John asks where Natalie and Barber are.

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