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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/27/05


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Dorian models shoes for David to get his impression on what shoes she should pick to wear for their wedding. David is engrossed in something else and is not paying any attention to her. She kicks his foot to get his attention. David complains about how delicate his feet are. Dorian is annoyed at him not giving her his opinion. He comes up behind her and hugs her, and gives her a suggestion that they get married at sunset in the garden, barefoot. Dorian pushes him, and he falls over the stack of shoes. She remarks that this is hopeless, and she picks up the phone to make a call to some shoe experts.

Viki sits up in bed and talks to the picture of Natalie. Roxie comes into her bedroom. She apologizes for not bringing any flowers or candy. Viki assures her that that is fine. Roxie remarks that she does have some gum. She spits the gum out into a Kleenex. Viki holds up the wastebasket for her to put the Kleenex in. Roxie is upset over Natalie and tells Viki that she had closed the shop early but she didn’t want to go home, so she just decided to come over there. Roxie also tells her that she can’t think of anything else. Viki agrees that she can’t think of anything but Natalie, either.

Michael gets off the elevator with a nurse. He is telling her how remarkable Spencer was in the operating room. He gets a call on his cell phone from John. John tells him that Marcie left Rodi’s with Hayes, and she hasn’t been heard from since. John also tells him that they think that Hayes is the Killing Club killer. Michael lets his hand drop with the phone in it. John is still talking. Michael says, "Rodi’s." He rushes to the elevator.

John is in his office when he is joined by Bo, Evangeline, and Adriana. Bo informs him that the girls had found something outside of Rodi’s, and he hands John the two plastic bags. Evangeline explains that the handkerchief is just like the one the killer used to drug her. Adriana also tells him that the killer has got Rex.

Hayes finishes tying up Rex. He asks Marcie if she is ready for her initiation into the new Killing Club. Marcie wants to know what he is talking about. Hayes asks her what people had to do to join the old Killing Club. Marcie explains that the people had to plan a murder. Hayes tells her that to get into his Killing Club, they have to commit a murder.

Blair and Kelly arrive simultaneously at Dorian’s door. Blair wants to know what Kelly is doing there. Kelly tells her that Dorian had called her to come by to help decide on shoes. Blair then demands to know why Kelly is giving her the cold shoulder. Kelly is hesitant to tell her, but she does tell her that this is Dorian’s night, and she is not going to ruin it for her. Blair still demands to know what she is mad at her about. Kelly finally agrees to tell her, just as Dorian opens the door and ushers them into the house.

Viki and Roxie talk about how tough Natalie has always been. Roxie also tells her how Natalie could spot when someone was lying to her. Viki assures her of how much Natalie loves her. Roxie admits that Natalie always took better care of her than she did of Natalie. Roxie vows that if she could get hold of the killer right now she would rip him to shreds. Viki tells her that she would help. Roxie tells her that she needs her rest, informing her that she is the braun in this job, and Roxie is the brains. Roxie adds that she got her brains from her. Viki assures her that she had gotten her street smarts from her. Viki offers Roxie encourgment. Roxie thanks her for listening to her. Roxie’s cell phone rings. She gets up to answer it and finds out that it is Bo, and he wants her to bring Rex’s toothbrush down to the police station. Roxie then asks Viki what he would be wanting with Rex’s toothbrush.

Nick is outside the hospital. He holds in his hand the gun that Hayes had given him. He says to himself that he has no other choice. He rushes toward the hospital. He asks a nurse about Michael McBain. He informs her that it is a matter of life and death.

Adriana tells John that that is Rex’s watch. She also tells him that he was supposed to meet Antonio at Rodi’s but hadn’t shown up. Adriana assures them that she knows what Rex’s watch looks like. Bo tells Adriana that Roxie is on her way over there with Rex’s toothbrush. Bo tells them that he will put out an APB on Balsam, and he will check everywhere. He asks Adriana to go downstairs and wait for Roxie to get there, and to show her where they are. Adriana leaves. Bo leaves through a side door. John tells Evangeline that it just doesn’t make any sense. Evangeline tells him that when she saw the bandanna...but her words trail off. John says they'll have to wait until they get the results back from the lab. Evangeline starts to pick up the plastic bag, but John catches her arm. They just look at one another.

Marcie tells Hayes, "So you want me to kill someone." Marcie exclaims that she is not a murderer, he is. Hayes goes about moving the chairs of some of the mannequins. Marcie calls him sick. Hayes orders her not to call him that. He tells her that he hated it in school, and he hates it even more now. He also tells her that he doesn’t need her Killing Club because he has his own. Marcie exclaims that she does not want to join his Killing Club, and she is not going to kill anyone. Hayes tells her that she has no say in what happens, and whether she likes it or not, it is time to kill Rex Balsam.

Dorian models the shoes but cannot get approval on any of them. The shoe boxes go flying everywhere. David hides behind the couch. Dorian says, "Well, what about these shoes?" David exclaims that they are just shoes. Dorian tells them that they are a $1200.00 pair of shoes. Blair tells her that they are gorgeous. Blair looks around and says, "David?" David lies and tells her that they are the most beautiful pair of shoes that he has seen in his entire life. David then says, "Now, let’s discuss what I am going to wear." Dorian asks Kelly what she thinks of the shoes, and Kelly says that she hates them. Dorian is frustrated and wants to start all over again. David then comes up with the suggestion to bring out the cake and champagne. Dorian remarks that that is a fantastic idea. After they leave to get the cake and champagne, Blair shuts the doors. She asks Kelly what she is mad at her about. Kelly tells her that she is meddling in her life. Blair wants to know what she means. Kelly tells her that she already has Dorian meddling in her life, and now she is doing it. Blair wants to know what she is talking about. Kelly tells her she's talking about Kevin and asks how she could do that to her.

The nurse remarks that it's a matter of life and death. The nurse also tells him that Michael had gotten a call about Marcie, and that she was last seen at Rodi’s. Nick hurries out of the hospital.

Evangeline gives the bag to John, apologizes, and tells him that she didn’t know what she was thinking. John tells Evangeline that this man needs to fry. He gets on the phone and tells the lab to test the bandanna for a number of different things. Evangeline starts to leave. John stops her and thanks her. She nods her head and goes outside the door. Bo comes into the office and tells John that this murder investigation brings out all the creeps.

Roxie comes in and meets Adriana. She tells Adriana that she had brought Rex’s toothpaste, and now she wants to know who to talk to find out what they wanted with his toothpaste. Adriana tells her that John and Bo are waiting for her.

Marcie says, "You want me to kill Rex?" Hayes remarks that he had tried to make this easy on her. Hayes tells her that he has done his research, and she hates Rex. Marcie tells him that she doesn’t hate Rex, and she doesn’t want to hurt him. Hayes tells her that he wants her to kill Rex. Hayes also tells her that when she kills someone she will die inside, and he will have managed to kill her. He also tells her that there will be no more sweet little innocent Marcie. Marcie, through tears, tells him that he has always tried to change her, and she doesn’t want to play his game anymore. She hurls insults at him. She starts to leave to get help for Rex. Hayes sits down in a chair, and then he tells her that unless she kills Rex, Nick will kill Michael.

Michael hurries into Rodi’s. He asks a waitress about Marcie. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything about Marcie, since she had just begun her shift. Michael thanks her. He is frustrated. Nick comes in and asks him if he knows anything. Michael tells him that he only knows that she had left with Hayes Barber. Nick asks him if he had checked out in the alley. Michael tells him no and leaves to go and check. Nick follows him. Once outside, Nick takes the gun out and says to himself that he has no other choice.

Blair tells Kelly that she was only trying to help. Blair reminds her that Spencer was flirting with her. She also tells her that Kevin loves her. Kelly tells her that she doesn’t love Kevin. Blair tries to convince her that sometimes you may think that you don’t love someone, but then you remember some things about him, and you realize that you do love him. Kelly tells her that that is her, but itt isn’t the case with her feelings towards Kevin. Dorian and David come back with the cake and champagne. They all eye the different kinds of cake. David tries to open the champagne. Dorian makes the suggestion that he get himself a morning suit for the wedding. David thinks that she means “mourning” and he exclaims that he is not in mourning. Dorian spells the word "morning." Dorian then decides that she can’t make a decision about anything, but there's one thing that she is sure of, and that's that Spencer is going to be David’s best man. David tells her matter-of-factly that Spencer will be his best man when Viki is her maid of honor.

Roxie comes into John’s office. She wants to know if Rex is dead. Bo tells her that he has been abducted by the killer. Bo shows her the watch in the bag, and Roxie tells him that she had given it to Rex for his birthday. She begins to cry and pound the desk. Bo tries to comfort her, telling her that they will find the killer. Adriana takes her by the shoulder and leads her out of the room. Evangeline comes in and asks John if anything has happened. John just looks at her. Evangeline asks him how he expects to know what the killer is thinking. John tells her that it is his job. Evangeline tries to offer him some encouraging words, but he will not listen to her. She leaves to check on Roxie. Bo comes in and tells John that they had found saliva on the bandana. John asks him if it was Rex’s. Bo tells him that they don’t know yet. They both study the chart on the wall and talk about all the places that Hayes had been within the last few weeks.

Marcie and Hayes discuss her killing Rex to save Michael. Marcie will not agree to kill Rex. Hayes makes the remark that Michael is someone she loves. Marcie denies that and tells Hayes that they are broken up. Hayes doesn’t agree with her and tells her that her face shows how she feels about Michael. Rex comes to and sees Hayes give Marcie a knife.

Michael and Nick are in the alley. Nick aims the gun at Michael. Michael is upset that he can’t find Marcie. Michael accuses Nick of working with Hayes. Michael also asks Nick if he had helped Hayes kidnap Marcie. Michael questions him as to what Hayes is doing to Marcie, and where he had taken her. Nick tells him that he is coming with him, and he won’t take no for an answer.

Dorian tries to talk to David about his feelings about Spencer being his best man. Kelly tries to change the subject by suggesting that she and he go through his shoes to find him a pair to wear for the wedding. They leave the room. Dorian and Blair discuss Todd. Dorian admits that, as much as she hates seeing Blair with Todd, she wants her to be happy. Dorian tells her that she has something to do and will be back. Dorian leaves. Blair mumbles to herself that she is not cleaning up all the shoes that are all over the floor. Blair gets up and stomps through all the shoes, again declaring that she is not going to clean up all of them. Kelly and David come back with his shoes. They want to know where Dorian has gone. Blair has no idea where she has gone.

Rex tries to untie the ropes around his hands. Hayes tries to make Marcie kill Rex, but Marcie will not agree to kill him unless she knows for sure that Michael is safe. She demands to know where Michael is.

Nick and Michael discuss Hayes, and why he is doing all this. They also discuss Marcie and why Hayes had taken her. Nick brings up Julie Tanaka and how she had died. Michael tells him that John is going to catch up with Hayes and make him pay for what he has done. Michael offers Nick help if he will let him go.

Roxie is still in John’s office, and she is hysterical about Hayes having both her children and what he might do to them. She begins to cry. Bo suggests that Evangeline and Adriana take her home. She makes Bo promise that he will find her children before it is too late. Evangeline and Adriana take Roxie out of the office.

Bo and John discuss what Hayes wants. John’s phone rings, and when he answers it he can hear Nick and Michael talking. He plays the phone call on the intercom so that Bo and the other officers can hear the conversation. They all hurry out of the office when they hear where they are.

Nick realizes what Michael is doing. He grabs the cell phone out of his hand and gives him a push. He throws it up to Michael that he was offering him his help. He makes the assumption that Hayes is his only friend.

Blair, Kelly, and David want to know where Dorian went and what she is up to. Blair declares again that she is not going to clean up all those shoes.

Dorian comes to visit Viki. Dorian asks her if she will be her matron of honor. Viki can’t believe that Dorian is asking her this after all the trouble that they have been through. Viki asks her why she wants her to be her matron of honor. Dorian tells her that she doesn’t want to have to make a choice between all her girls, and also because Viki had been in favor of her and David being together all along. After much conversation, Viki agrees to be her matron of honor.

Nick and Michael still discuss Hayes and what he is going to do to Marcie. Nick calls Hayes and tells him that Michael has called the police. Hayes orders him to kill Michael. Michael still offers Nick help. Nick orders Michael to sit down. Hayes again orders Nick to kill Michael.

David, Kelly, and Blair all wonder where Dorian has gone and if they should call the police. Dorian comes in, and they all want to know where she has been. Dorian tells them she has an announcement to make. She tells them that Viki has agreed to be her matron of honor.

Evangeline and Adriana arrive at the Angel Square Hotel with Roxie. Evangeline tells her if she needs anything she should call. Roxie asks her what to do when you love someone and can’t help that person. Evangeline tells her to pray.

John and the police rush through Rodi’s and out the back door into the alley. John holds his gun and points it at Nick. Nick points his gun at Michael.

Hayes and Marcie fight over the phone. Hayes orders Nick to kill Michael.. A shot is fired. Marcie begins to cry and sinks to the floor.

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