OLTL Update Tuesday 7/26/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/26/05


By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Nash comes home. He immediately turns on his answering machine to listen to his messages. One message is from Tess, informing him not to make any plans because she is dropping by with a surprise. The other message is from a business associate, telling him that a company is going under and he can forget about the dividends. The buzzer sounds and it is Tess, telling him to let her in. He looks at a picture of a grape vineyard and tears it up just as there is a knock on the door. He opens the door to see that it is Tess, and he throws the wadded-up picture out into the hall.

Adriana comes to visit Antonio. She apologizes for coming by so late. He tells her to come by any time. She asks him if they could go out for dinner because she is starving. He declines the invitation, saying that he has to meet Rex at Rodi’s. Adriana is surprised that he is meeting Rex. Adriana asks him if she can tag along, and she will just hang out until his meeting is over. Antonio agrees and tells her to let them go. She hands him a sucker and tells him to wait a minute, and she heads off for the bathroom. He asks her if there is anything that she would like to tell him. She comes out of the bathroom carrying some woman’s bra and asks him if there is anything that he wants to tell her.

Layla asks Evangeline if she is still in love with John. Evangeline confides in her that she is reminded of John all the time, and she admits that she is still in love with him. Layla tells her that their mother had let her believe that it was all just a one-way street, but after seeing John’s actions she now believes that he cares very deeply for her. Evangeline doesn’t quite believe her. Evangeline informs her that all these feelings don’t matter to her as long as he is in love with someone else.

John comes back into Marcie’s apartment. He asks Bo if he has found anything. Bo informs him that no, he hasn’t found anything, but he has police officers everywhere he thinks Marcie might be. Bo can’t figure out why, after all these months this guy has been with her, he had chosen tonight to take her--unless he thinks they are on to him.

Hayes and Marcie arrive at their destination. Marcie asks him where they are. Hayes remarks that she will find out soon enough. Marcie offers to get him some help but he refuses, telling her that it is too late for that now. He greets all the other people (mannequins) and tells them that the Killing Club is back together again. Marcie thinks that she sees Natalie, but when she turns around she finds out that it is not Natalie at all, just a dummy that looks like Natalie. The arm of the dummy falls off and hits the floor.

Adriana tells Antonio that if he doesn’t want anyone to know that Jessica is back, then she can keep a secret. Antonio informs her that Jessica is not back. Adriana apologizes. Antonio tells her that it is not what she thinks and that it belongs to a waitress at Capricorn. Adriana remarks that this is getting interesting. Antonio explains to her that the woman needed a place to stay, so he let her stay there last night. Adriana asks him if the bra is a souvenir. Antonio tries to change the subject, but Adriana insists that a woman just doesn’t leave her bra behind, it is a necessary ornament. Antonio tells her that they didn’t, so just let it go.. Adriana asks him if Jessica knows that he is opening his home to strays. Antonio tells her that he has nothing to hide, and then he changes the subject to her and if she has anything to hide with Rex. Adriana exclaims that they are just friends. They get into a little dispute, and Adriana apologizes. Adriana tells him that she is in love with Duke. Antonio declares that it is good that he is in her heart and away from the rest of her. They change the subject. Adriana notices a picture on the wall and asks if Christian had painted it. Antonio tells her yes. They discuss how many people miss Christian.

Tess comes into the apartment and asks Nash if this is bad timing. He tells her that the windfall he had yesterday had blown away. Tess is surprised. Nash explains to her that you lose some and win some. Tess just laughs. She goes over to the sofa and gets the package. She hands it to him. He opens it and finds that it is a vase. She explains that it isn’t just like the one she broke, but... He tells her that he likes it. She asks him if he is cold. He tells her no, but he will go and get dressed. He heads for the bathroom. She opens the door and picks up the wadded paper. She starts to unfold it, but Nash comes back and takes it away from her. She is surprised that he is hiding something from her.

Bo is on the phone, and he tells the listener to check the airports and every road out of Llanview. He hangs up and tells John that Hayes wasn’t the only one with Marcie at Rodi’s. Bo tells John that Marcie was having a conversation with Hugh Hughes. John asks, "From the district attorney’s office?" John tells Bo that Hughes had taken Marcie home the night before. Bo tells John that he will leave a message at the D.A.’s office saying they want to see Hugh as soon as possible. John vows to find and stop Hayes before he can kill someone else.

Hayes and Marcie argue, as usual. Marcie tries to remind him of all he has accomplished. Hayes informs her that none of this matters, he is still an outsider. He then goes on to explain to her how he had gotten checked into Llanview Hospital and had made it a point to meet Michael McBain. He reminds her of all he had done for her, and that she hadn’t appreciated it. Marcie tries to tell him that she did appreciate it. Hayes doesn’t believe a word that she is telling him. Hayes also tells her that her friends, Nick and Rex, hadn’t had time for him, but all that has changed. Marcie wants to know what he has done to Rex. Hayes goes over and takes the sack off Rex’s head and tells Marcie that Rex is not a dummy at all, but he couldn’t say that about her.

Antonio tells Adriana that sometimes he goes to Christian’s grave just to talk to him about everyday stuff. He tells her that he talks about her, about their mother, about Jessica, and about Jaime. He also tells her that he is sorry that the only Christian she got to know was the imposter. They continue to talk about Christian and how much Antonio misses him, but he is glad that he has got a nagging little sister to worry about him. He tells her that they should go to Rodi’s. They leave the apartment.

John gives the other officers instructions on where to look for Marcie and Hayes. Bo informs them that they are to consider Barber armed and dangerous. The officers leave. Hugh knocks on the door. When he enters, Bo questions him about how he knows Marcie. Hugh tells them that he had met her at Ultraviolet, and she was really hammered. They discuss Hayes Barber and whether he had known that he was a suspect in the Killing Club murders. Hugh tells them if he had known that he wouldn’t have let her go with him. John asks Hugh if he knows anything about the Killing Club murders.

Antonio and Adriana arrive at Rodi’s. He can’t understand where Rex could be, since he had told him that he would meet him there at 7:30. They look around, and Antonio spies Evangeline and Layla. They go over to talk to them. Antonio asks Evangeline what is going on. Evangeline fills them in that the police had identified the Killing Club murderer, and it is Hayes Barber. Evangeline is upset that she let Marcie walk out of there with him. Evangeline mentions her sister. Adriana echoes the word "sister." Antonio tells her that she works at the club. Layla comes up about this time and tells them that her ears had been burning. Layla introduces herself to Adriana. Adriana remarks, "So you are the girl who spent the night with my brother."

Marcie asks Hayes if Rex is dead. Hayes informs her that he isn't. Hayes spins him around and tells him that he is the type of person that they hated in high school. Marcie spies the mannequin’s arm lying on the floor; she picks it up and hits Hayes with it. She unties Rex and asks him if he is all right. She tries to get him to leave with her, but he refuses, saying he won’t leave until he finds Natalie, even if he has to tear the whole place apart. Hayes hits him from behind, and he lands in the chair. Hayes feels his head and sees blood. He tells Marcie that she is going to pay, and he goes after her.

Tess wants to know what the big deal is about the picture. Nash apologizes and tells her that he shouldn’t have grabbed it out of her hand. He explains to her about the picture. He also tells her about Wine Country being in California and that he was going to use the money from the business deal to buy the land, but it had fallen through. She asks him about his family helping him. He refuses to ask them for help. She offers him assurance that he will get the land. He tells her to leave, saying she had brought him a surprise and now he wanted to give her one. She wants to know what the surprise is, but he refuses to tell her.

Layla tells a lie about her night with Antonio. She sees the looks on their faces and then tells them that she was only joking. Antonio goes to talk to the bartender about Rex. Evangeline excuses herself also. This leaves Adriana and Layla. They discuss Antonio and his girlfriend, and she wants no part of it. After some small talk, they re-introduce themselves.

Antonio offers some encouragement to Evangeline about the killer, saying that John is closing in on him. Evangeline tells him that Hayes may have had an accomplice and that no one is safe until they are both locked up. The bartender informs them that the police had been there asking questions about Hugh and Marcie. Evangeline questions why Hugh would have left with Marcie and Hayes.

Bo questions Hugh as to why he was at Rodi’s with Marcie, Rex, and Hayes. John asks Hugh if he saw Marcie leave with Barber. Hugh informs them that he did. Hugh relays to them the exact words that Hayes had said to Marcie about signing some papers for an award that she was up for. Hugh encouraged her to go for it. Hugh tells them that the forms were at Marcie’s place. Hugh asks them why they are questioning him if Hayes is the one that they are looking for. Hugh tells them that he doesn’t know who Hayes is working with, but it isn’t him. John and Bo just look at each other.

Marcie runs for the door, but Hayes catches her. Hayes informs her that he had done all of this for her and they were going to get their revenge. Marcie starts crying. Hayes tells her to hush. Marcie questions him as to what he is going to do. Hayes informs her that it isn’t what he is going to do, but what she is going to do. He drags her across the room. They show Rex lying unconscious on the floor. They hear someone coming. Hayes pushes Marcie into Nick. Nick is introduced as the Killing Club killer.

Evangeline and Antonio discuss Hugh working with the killer. She tells him that she should let John fill her in on the details. She motions for the officer. She tells him that she is going to the police station. She is worried about her sister, but Antonio assures her that she can stay with him.

Layla explains to Adriana about what had happened to her the night she had moved in: the alarm had gone off and awakened her roomate, along with everyone in the building. Evangeline approaches them and tells Layla that she is headed over to the police station, but Antonio is going to keep an eye on her. Evangeline warns her to go easy on Antonio and not give him too much trouble. Layla tells her to be careful. Evangeline leaves.

A man comes out of Rodi’s and throws something on the ground. The officer picks up a cloth on the ground, and Evangeline asks him if she can see it. She looks at it and then tries to remember where she had seen it last.

Bo and John question Hugh some more. Bo tells him to excuse them for a moment. Bo and John leave the room. Once outside, they decide that Hugh isn’t their guy. Ron comes in and questions them as to why the police are all over his place tonight.

Marcie tells Nick that this can’t be happening. Nick apologizes. Hayes gives Nick instructions to tie Rex up. Hayes holds the gun on Marcie. Marcie wants to know how Nick could do this. Nick tells her that he had no other choice. Hayes tells them the story of how Nick had gotten involved in all of this and Julie’s death. Marcie tries to help Nick and asks him to trust her.

Nash invites Tess into his apartment for her very first wine tasting. She sits down on the floor and, taking up a glass of wine, she gulps it all down at once. He mentions wine is meant to be drunk slowly. She gets up and tells him that she is not into wine, and she starts to leave, but he encourages her to stay. He gives her pointers on how to savor the flavor of the wine before swallowing. He remarks that she is learning. She agrees.

Hayes and Nick continue to explain to Marcie about their plans. Hayes informs her that they are entering into the last chapter of the book, and it is going to be a real page-turner.

Bo and John explain to Ron about the killer having Marcie. Ron is upset. Ron blames John for pulling the police off of Marcie. Ron goes to tell his father that the killer has his only daughter. Ron leaves, but not before he bangs his fist against the wall. Bo tells John that Hayes will get cocky and start making mistakes, and they will catch him.

Evangeline continues to try to remember where she has seen the cloth before, and then she remembers that the killer had used it on her when he had kidnapped her. Evangeline tells the police officer that they should show that to John.

Antonio talks to the bartender about Rex. Antonio tries to call Rex again, but with no luck.

Adriana shows Layla a picture of Duke. Layla calls him a “hotty.” Antonio comes up and tells them that the last time that Rex was seen he had been with Marcie--and the killer.

They show Rex’s watch lying under the bench.

Evangeline asks the police officer who they could have used this on. Adriana comes up and tells her it must have been Rex. The police officer finds Rex’s watch lying under the bench. Evangeline tells the officer that they should talk to John now.

John and Bo come into the office, and the officer tells them that they don’t know anything. He tells them to do whatever they have to do to find them. Bo offers him encouragement.

Hayes tells Nick that he knows what to do. Hayes tells Marcie that it is time for her initiation into the new Killing Club.

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