OLTL Update Monday 7/25/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/25/05


By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin and Kelly share some small talk, and laughs after their lovemaking. Kelly inquires of Kevin what is going to happen next.

LlanView Hospital

Spencer and Michael get off the elevator. They discuss a case that they are working on. They discuss Dr. Moran thinking that he is God. Spencer informs Michael that he has a fascination with neurosurgery, and he tells Michael that he is going to observe on this one and asks Michael to join him. Michael is thrilled that Spencer has asked him, and he asks if it will be all right. Spencer informs him that he will make sure that it is all right. Michael mentions to him that all the time he has been here he had barely noticed him, and now he wants him to observe with him, and he wants to know what has changed.

John sits at the computer and looks at the picture of Ivan Potter, but he can’t figure out who he could be after his plastic surgery. Bo mentions to him that he needs to take a break. John brings up the subject of Natalie. Bo reminds him that Natalie is his niece and he wants to find her as badly as anyone, but John’s staring at the computer screen isn’t going to help find her. Bo orders John to take a break.

Marcie enjoys a club soda. Hugh comes in and joins her. He wants to know if she is already drinking. She assures him that it is only club soda. He thanks her for the new shoes that she had gotten him. She asks him if they fit okay. He assures her that they are comfortable, and cool. He also tells her that she can throw up on his shoes anytime. She pays her bill and starts to leave, but he stops her and wants to know what is bothering her. She assures him that he doesn’t want to hear about her problems. He assures her that he does. She explains to him about Rex Balsam and says that most of the time that they can’t stand each other, but they care about the same people.

Hayes tries to smother Rex, but Rex manages to get his watch out of his pocket and drops it onto the floor. Hayes continues to smother him until he is unconscious. Hayes calls someone and tells him or her to come and help him take care of Rex, adding that then he will go after Marcie.

Kelly and Kevin continue to cuddle together in bed. Kelly tells him that she still sleeps on her side of the bed, and sometimes she thinks that he is still there. They both reminisce about the things that they miss about each other. Kelly then asks him why is he there with her today.

Spencer tells Michael that it can’t look like he is playing favorites. He also tells Michael that work has to come first. Lindsay comes up and asks Michael if he has seen her friend, Candace Johnson. Lindsay explains that she had gotten a call from Candace’s son, and he had told her that she wouldn’t make it through the day if she didn’t get a liver transplant. Spencer interrupts and reminds her who he is. He asks her how has she been doing. Lindsay changes the subject back to her friend and the liver transplant. Spencer promises her that he will get her friend a liver. Lindsay thanks him as he leaves. Spencer reminds Michael that he will see him in the O.R. Lindsay asks Michael if Spencer can really get her friend a liver. Michael assures Lindsay that Spencer can do anything that he sets his mind to.

Hugh and Marcie discuss Rex Balsam and his reputation. Marcie tells him about Jen and her being the love of Rex’s life. Marcie also reminds him about Rex’s sister, Natalie, being kidnapped. Hugh encourages her to call him if she is worried about him. Marcie wonders why, after everything that had happened the night before, he is being so good to her.

Layna comes into the bar. She immediately joins Evangeline and apologizes for being late. Evangeline confesses that she is glad that she came along.. Evangeline presents her with a one-way ticket back to L.A. Layna looks at her as if she doesn’t know what to think. Layna tells her that L.A. is the last place she wants to be in right now, and she is there to be with her sister. Layna reminds her of her childhood and how she was always compared to Evangeline. Evangeline tells her to shut up. Evangeline reminds her that she has a serial killer after her, and she doesn’t want her to become a target, too.

John throws darts at a dart board. An officer comes up and gives him some documents that he had requested. John begins to thumb through the file, and then he shows it to Bo. John gets back on the computer and again looks at the picture of Ivan. Another picture comes up, and John looks at the picture and remarks that it was just as he had thought. He shows it to Bo.

Spencer and Michael come into the operating room. Spencer asks the doctor if he minds if they observe. Spencer tries to give the doctor performing the surgery some advice, but the doctor refuses to accept his advice. They begin to perform CPR on the patient. Michael asks if there is anything that they can do. Spencer tells him what the doctor had said--that it was his patient.

Marcie tells Hugh that she is suspicious of everything nowadays. Hugh tells her to call Rex. Hugh asks her to lunch, and Marcie agrees. Hayes joins her and reminds her that he needs her to sign some release forms. Marcie will not agree to sign the papers, telling him that she is about to have lunch with Hugh. Hayes apologizes for what had happened last night and tries to persuade her that she is just as good as the other writers. Marcie informs him that it really doesn’t matter to her anymore. Hugh pulls her chair out for her as she sits down. Hayes is upset.

Evangeline reminds Layla again that she has a serial killer after her and that her life is in danger. All Layla can hear is that Evangeline wants to get rid of her anytime she comes around. Evangeline tries to talk some sense into her and tries to convince her to leave town. Layla agrees to leave, but only if Evangeline comes with her.

John makes the match between Ivan Potter’s and Hayes Barber’s prints. John wants to get right on it, but Bo stalls him. Bo makes the suggestion that his mother-in-law open the Palace, saying she wouldn’t mind his police officers having a look around. John tells Bo that they are going to get Hayes, and that will take them one step closer to finding Natalie.

Hayes looks at his phone and then puts it into his pocket. He approaches Marcie again. He tells her that if she doesn’t sign the papers she will be eliminated from the competition. Marcie tells him that she doesn’t have the papers, they are in her room. Hugh suggests that they take a rain check on lunch. Hayes reminds her of all her other readers. Marcie finally agrees to go and sign the papers. Hugh gets up and leaves. Hayes tells Marcie that he will go with her, just so she won’t change her mind. He also tells her to let him say a word to Miss Williamson, mentioning that he had met her at the Woman of the Year banquet.

Hayes approaches Evangeline and introduces himself. He says he met her at the Woman of the Year banquet and tells her how worried everyone was about her, saying it was a shame that John couldn’t have found her sooner. Layla remarks that she had to be reminded. Evangeline is confused by his words.

Hayes rejoins Marcie. Marcie leaves, but Hayes takes one more look at Evangeline before he leaves.

Kevin and Kelly are still in bed talking. They kiss. Kevin confides in her that Blair had called him and told him that he was going to lose Kelly to Spencer.

The nurses in the operating room continue CPR. The doctor asks for Michael’s assistance. Spencer comes up and starts to talk to the doctor performing the surgery.

Layla and Evangeline relive some occurrences that had happened when Evangeline had graduated from high school. Layla tries to convince her to leave town with her so she will be safe. Evangeline refuses to leave. Layla also refuses to leave if Evangeline won’t come with her. Evangeline reminds her of the things that had happened the night when she was kidnapped. Evangeline also tells her that she is frightened at every sound, and that she can’t go back to her office because the killer had slipped a note under her office door. Evangeline tries to tell her that she can’t have her there.

John talks to an officer about checking at the airlines for Hayes Barber in case he had decided to leave town. John then comes to the conclusion that Hayes must have done this to throw them off so they wouldn’t know what he was doing. They also discuss Hayes having an accomplice. Bo decides to talk to the mayor so he will stay out of their way in their investigation.

Hayes and Marcie arrive back at her apartment. She begins to look for the papers. He starts to talk about revenge. She mentions that she doesn’t go in for revenge. Hayes remarks that she never did like him, and she wouldn’t let him into the Killing Club. Marcie looks at him in puzzlement. Hayes and Marcie discuss her book. He then shocks her by telling her who he really is, and what he is doing there.

The doctors continue to work on the patient, trying to revive him. The surgeon orders Spencer out of his operating room. Spencer reminds him of what the patient wanted. Spencer also tries to get the doctor to let the patient die. The doctor finally agrees to let the patient die. Michael tells Spencer that he did the right thing.

Kelly and Kevin argue over what Blair had told him to do. Kelly accuses him of making love to her only to stake his claim on her so Spencer couldn’t take her away from him.

John instructs a police officer to check all the airports for Hayes, but they have no luck in finding him. He also instructs the officer to put a cop on Evangeline as a bodyguard. John calls Evangeline and asks her if she is all right. Evangeline tells him that she is fine and that she is with her sister. John questions her about Hayes. Evangeline tells him that he was there, but he had left with Marcie.

Marcie and Hayes discuss where Natalie is. Hayes picks up the book. Hayes reminds her of the Killing Club from high school and how she hadn’t let him join. She tells him how sick he is. Hayes tells her that he just wanted her to be his friend. Marcie reminds him of how he had picked on her about her looks. Marcie can’t believe that he had planned all this. Marcie’s cell phone rings. Hayes tells her that if she answers it, he will kill Natalie.

Spencer tells Lindsay that he has found a liver for her friend. Lindsay is very relieved. Spencer tells her that he will be performing the surgery himself. He instructs her to go and spend some time with her friend.

Lindsay tells Michael how remarkable Spencer is and then goes to visit her friend. Michael asks Spencer if he can observe the surgery. Spencer tells him that that will be impossible, since he will be assisting.

Evangeline thanks John for his concern. Layla tells Evangeline that it is amazing that she can be so calm when she talks to John. Layla tells her that she can be crying one minute, and then the next she will be all together when she talks to John. Evangeline accuses her of living in a fantasy.. Layla acuses her of patronizing her. Evangeline apologizes. Layla promises her that she will not let anyone mess with her sister, and that includes John McBain.

John leaves Marcie a message again.

Bo comes in, and John tells him that Marcie isn’t answering and he thinks Hayes has her. They decide to take back-up and go to Marcie’s apartment.

Hayes tells her that she had made the right decision in not answering the phone. Hayes tells her about him liking to inflict pain on people. He goes over to the desk, picks up her cell phone, and puts it in his pocket. Marcie asks him what she can do to save Natalie. Hayes is surprised that Marcie would want to save Natalie after Michael becoming interested in her. He feels that Marcie should want to get rid of Natalie for trying to take Michael. Hayes forces her to make a decision: either she comes with him willingly, or some more people will die. Hayes won’t make her any promises as to who will die and who won’t.

Spencer calls Kelly and breaks their date. He tells her about the surgery that he will be performing. He asks for a rain check. She agrees.

Kevin and Kelly once again argue over Spencer, and he accuses her of only using Spencer to make him jealous. Kevin leaves.

John and Bo arrive at Marcie’s apartment but find Marcie gone.

Marcie and Hayes arrive at their destination. He tells the other Killing Club members that the Killing Club is together again.

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