OLTL Update Friday 7/22/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/22/05


By Sarah
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Kelly is in the shower, with Kevin outside of the shower watching her. He opens the shower door and Kelly accidentally sprays soap in his eyes.

In New York City, Tess is asleep. Nash comes in and wakes her up. She asks how she got in the bed, and he tells her she looked uncomfortable on the floor in the night, so he took her place on the floor. He takes some money out of a paper bag and throws it at her. She's happy.

At the police station, there is a problem with the computer and John isn't very happy. Bo comes in and John tells him they could be looking the killer in the eye in a couple of hours.

Hayes has a flashback to when he revealed himself as the killer. He tells Marcie that if John really knows who the killer is, they have a big problem.

John shows Bo a picture and Bo asks if this is the killer. John says it's who the guy used to be and that the guy has been MIA since high school; the last anyone saw of him was outside of a clinic that specializes in reconstructive surgery. John says maybe they've looked the killer in the face and just not known it was him.

Marcie is upset because Hayes doesn't want the killer to be found if it means the book won't make any more money. Hayes wants to know why, if John knows who the killer is, she is referring to the guy as a killer. Rex overhears and wants to know who the killer is and if they've found Natalie. Marcie goes off on Rex, telling him the only thing he wants is to be the hero. Rex blames Marcie for Natalie's disappearance, and she brings up the mistake he made with the note. They argue about it, and Hayes says he didn't realize the two didn't like each other and looks happy.

Nash tells Tess the money was a gift for his friends who had gotten married and had said they didn't know what was better, between the money and the sex. Tess says it's the sex that's better. He says he's sorry for waking her up but he had to tell somebody about the money. He says he went to an ATM, saw his balance, and flipped out. He tells her he's feeling generous and that he'll put down the security deposit to get her an apartment. She wants to know why she can't just stay there, and he asks if she wants to live with him. She says no, she just needs a place to stay for three weeks, tops.

Kelly asks Kevin what he's doing there, and he says he's going blind. She says she needs to wash his eyes out and pulls him into the shower with her with his clothes on. He washes his eyes out with cold water, but not before getting hot water in them. He turns the water off. She asks him what he's doing in her shower and he's really nervous. He doesn't answer the question and asks her if she's sorry that he showed up, because he's not sorry he is there. He takes his suit off and she tells him he's put her in an awkward position. He says he was trying to be spontaneous. He also says he's sorry that he was stupid enough to surprise her in the shower, and she asks if his eyes are still burning. He learns that she's using his shampoo and is surprised because she never did before.

Nash asks Tess why she never told him she's broke. She thinks he thinks of her as a charity case and asks him if he has a job. He says he's a day trader. She tells him she's a writer and is working on a fiction book, which she is doing research for. She tells him nobody asked him to shower her with cash. He walks away and she uses the phone.

Bo brings in a paper with the access codes to the clinic's database and John types them into the computer. Bo wonders how a kid like this came up with the money to reconstruct his face. There are "before" pictures, but no "after" shots. Bo tells John to keep trying and says he'll try contacting the family.

Marcie asks Rex if he can stop acting like an idiot. He says she's the one who came up with the Killing Club. She says it's unfair to blame her. She asks him what his fantasy was and if it was graduating. He says he knows he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, and she says, "Coming from your lips, not mine." He starts to walk away, but she says she's not finished with him. Hayes uses his cell phone and tells the person on the other end that an opportunity fell into his lap, as he looks over at Rex and Marcie.

Tess goes to a restaurant and asks for Richard, the guy she had talked to on the phone earlier. He sees her and, calling her Jessica, says he's happy to hear from her.. She tells him she wants to get a chunk of her portfolio. She says she'll be living in New York for a while and she has some operating expenses. She asks what the problem is, and he says it's not her money.

John is still trying to find a new picture of Ivan. Just as he starts to get something, he gets mad and slams a hand on his desk.

Kevin says he came over to talk to her but she was in the shower. He says he was going to wait, but then he saw her through the glass, looking beautiful. He says he saw her and missed her, and he wants her. He says he'll go, but he had to tell her how he felt. She tells him to take off his clothes and she rips his shirt off. They get in the shower, turning the hot water on.

Richard tells Jessica it's a trust that her parents set up for her. She says she's legal now that she's twenty-one. He says she won't get the bulk of her estate until she's thirty. She's not very happy. His cell phone rings and he says he needs to take the call. Nash shows up and she asks him what he's doing there. He tells her he wants to apologize for being hard on her. He then says that when he's with her, he can't focus on what he's supposed to be doing. She asks him what's up, and he says he worries about her and thinks about her. Richard comes up to them and, calling her Jessica, asks if she's ready to go sit at their table. She introduces Nash to Richard and another call comes in on Richard's cell. He walks away and Nash is confused as to why Richard called her Jessica. She says that when it comes to people, he's not very good with remembering names. Richard comes back a bit later, saying he needs to leave. Nash invites Tess to have lunch with him, and he orders them wine. He gives a speech, saying that all he can do now is daydream about her instead of worry about the things he was, and she scares him because he could give up everything for her, and he's never done that for anybody. He then gets up to leave, saying that after making that speech, he can't stay. The woman behind Tess tells her not to let this guy get away.

John tells Bo that the computer crashed and he might have lost everything. Bo asks him how long it'll take to get back online, and John says it's supposedly coming up right now. Bo asks him if he's coming up with anything and then says the killer can't hide Natalie forever, but he can't see her being let go, either. John says if the killer does anything to Natalie, he'll kill him.

Rex tells Hayes to stop whining, and if they need someone to suck the life out of the room they'll call him. He then tells Hayes that he makes him sick. Hayes says the last person who said that to him wound up dead, and Marcie goes off on Hayes, saying she used to think she hated him but now she just feels sorry for him, and she calls him pathetic. Rex wants to take out his frustration on Hayes. Hayes says if he touches him one more time, he'll be in jail by dinner time. Rex tells Marcie that she and Hayes probably sit at home begging for Natalie to turn up dead, and she slaps him.

Kelly asks Kevin if they know what they're doing, and he tells her that if not, they're faking it very well. Kelly says she might clear her schedule. He suggests turning their cell phones off.

Rex apologizes to Marcie for what he said. He says it's been a rough couple of months, with what happened to Jen and what's happening to Natalie now. He says he knows he's freaking out, and she says he's scared. He walks away and she says she's scared too. Rex goes outside and sees Hayes. He calls Hayes a freak, and Hayes smothers him.

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