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One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/21/05


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 Dorian is at home on her cell phone, talking to Blair. She says it's sunny out with not a cloud in the sky. Blair tells her she can't hang out because she has errands to run. Dorian says that with the kids at camp and Todd away, she needs to take care of herself. She talks Blair into coming over. When they hang up, Dorian calls Spencer, asking him to come over. He says he's swamped with work, and she tells him Blair will be there. He says he'll see if he can shift some appointments. David comes outside as she hangs up and asks whom they're expecting.

At home, Marcie's alarm goes off. She gets out of bed and is dizzy. She sits back down and takes a second before trying to stand up again. She takes a sip of water and checks her answering machine. She listens to the message from John. As she's listening to it, she sees a note on her night table and reads it. Looking confused, she lays back down.

At the police station, Hugh walks into John's office, where Evangeline has slept. She is laying on the couch when he comes in, and she sits up. John comes in and Hugh tells him that he got a postponement on a trial, so now John won't have to testify. Hugh says he figures he's busy enough with the Killing Club case. Hugh then leaves the office. Evangeline is embarrassed about Hugh seeing her like that on the couch. She asks John why he didn't wake her up, and he says she seemed peaceful. He asks her how she is, and she says she's fine. Then she says she had talked to Layla, who was on her way to Capricorn with Antonio. Evangeline gives John back his coat. John suggests she stay with him.

Hayes says that as the vice president of the Killing Club, he is calling this meeting to order. Natalie is in the room, tied to a chair with a gag in her mouth. She's trying to get out of the chair.

David asks if it was Blair on the phone. She says Spencer is coming over, as well, to talk hospital business. David is not in a good mood. Dorian wants to get her job back, but she also admits she's not happy about David insulting Spencer and not telling her why. David asks what about Kelly, and she shows up, wondering what they are talking about.

Kevin is at work and so is Duke. Kevin asks Duke about Kelly, who had called to say she would be late. Kevin then comments on Duke being there a while and Adriana walks in, asking if he can take the day off. Then she asks if she's early, telling Kevin that Duke is taking her riding. Duke says she must have left before she got his message. Duke says he has a conference to go to. She says she understands, and he promises her that, after a couple of hours, he'll be all hers.

Rex is at Ultraviolet on his cell, giving someone a description of Natalie. He hangs up and Michael comes up to him, asking about Natalie. Rex says he's been calling hospitals all over the state. Then he asks Michael if he should be doing some doctor thing. Michael says he's lucky one of those doctor things isn't treating Marcie for alcohol poisoning. Rex says as far as he knew she only had a couple of drinks, and he's guessing she can't hold her liquor.

At the police station, Marcie sees Hugh. He says hi, and she asks if she knows him. He says he's the guy from last night, and she remembers the note he left her about calling John. He tells her not to worry about the shoes and she gets confused. He's glad she's okay and he walks away, saying maybe they'll see each other again.

Evangeline says her sister is staying with her, and John says that Layla should go home. She says she can't stay with him, but he thinks it's the only way to protect her. She says she's taking every precaution and being very careful. She says thanks for the offer, and Marcie comes in. Evangeline leaves and John tells Marcie he talked to her old friend Scott. He says there's a slim chance Scott is the killer. He wants her to go through the list of the losers who didn't get into the club. She goes through her yearbook, and John gives the yearbook to an officer, telling him to check out the two people who are marked in red. She says she's not sure about those two and tells John about a boy who transferred out, saying that there's no picture of him in the yearbook. She says it was weird the way he disected frogs. She says she can't remember his name, and he calls someone to try and get the yearbook from the class before Marcie's. He wants info about the guy, but she says her head hurts. He pours her a cup of coffee and tells her he had talked to Michael. She doesn't remember seeing Michael the other night.

Rex tells Michael that the guy who took Marcie home was just trying to be nice. Hugh comes in then, and Michael sees him. He tells Hugh he's sorry for the other night and says thanks for bringing Marcie home. He gets a page just as Hugh walks away. Hugh goes up to Nora, who seems to not be doing so well. She tells him to sit down.

Adriana comes into Ultraviolet, and Rex says, "Hi, princess." She starts to remind him not to call her that, but he finishes her sentence for her. She says being called "Duchess" is even worse. He asks where her boyfriend is, and she says it seems like there's competition these days for his attention. Rex calls him an idiot. He asks who the girl is.

Kevin tells Duke that he's done great work and asks why Kelly called in late. Duke says she said she has nothing to do until after lunch. Duke asks if he's worried about Kelly and Spencer. Kevin says he doesn't want to talk about it.

Dorian is surprised to see Kelly. Kelly says she was jogging and figured she would jump in the pool before going to work. She asks what she walked in on. Dorian tells Kelly she would like her to help pick out the caterer for the wedding, saying it was David's idea. She says of course she'll help, just as Spencer shows up. Kelly tells Spencer she's going for a swim and asks if he's going to stay a while. He says he expects he will, and she takes off her clothes, revealing her bikini. She jumps into the pool just as Blair shows up. She's surprised to see Spencer there. She takes off her dress, revealing her bikini, and Spencer stares at her. Blair then says she needs sunscreen, and she and Dorian go to grab some. David asks Spencer whom he's going to go for first. Spencer says Blair is beautiful when David keeps on him about Kelly and Blair. David threatens him just before Dorian and Blair get back, and Dorian says there's plenty of guest suits if Spencer wants to take a swim. David is mad, and he and Dorian argue a bit. Spencer helps Blair put on sunscreen.

Rex asks Adriana what her dreams are, and she says she'd like to travel. She also says she'd like to speak seven different languages and design clothes. He picks up a peice of paper and says she has talent. She says it's just scribbling, and they stare at each other.

Nora and Hugh are sitting at a table when Evangeline comes up to them. Hugh leaves and Nora asks if she's okay. Evangeline says she has a stiff neck from sleeping in John's office and tells Nora not to start.

In the other yearbook, they find a picture of the boy Marcie told John about. His name is Ivan. He wants to get a photo enhancement of the boy's picture. John looks up Ivan on the computer, later telling Marcie to get some food.

Someone loads up a gun while Hayes is still speaking. He says Natalie's fate has been decided. She will be the means to their final triumph, and then she will die. Hayes tells the other person to keep an eye on her and that he will take care of the unfinished business.

Nora and Evangeline talk about the fact that she will not be moving in with John, and Nora is happy to hear that. When they get up to leave, Nora has to sit back down because she is dizzy. She tells Evangeline, who tells her she needs to see a doctor. She says she has to take care of things at the hospital anyway, and she will see one. But she gets a call from John when she's there, and she cancels out on seeing one.

Marcie is having some breakfast when Hugh comes up to her, and they talk about the night before. She says she doesn't remember much, just that other authors were talking about her behind her back. She does start remembering, however, and leaves, embarrased about throwing up on his shoes. She comes back later with new shoes for him.

Blair and Kelly argue about Spencer after he's left. Blair says it seems things are going kind of fast with the two of them, and Kelly thinks that Blair is jealous of her. She asks if it isn't enough that she has Todd and the kids. She leaves, and Blair and David agree that Todd would be better for Kelly than Spencer would. Dorian thinks they've gone crazy, considering they both hate Kevin.

Adriana tells Rex she shouldn't be going on and on about her problems when he has enough of his own. He says it's good for him to talk to others because it helps him to forget about Natalie. She asks what time it is and then says she thinks she's given Duke enough time to crunch numbers. Rex gives her his card with his number on it, saying she can give him a call any time she wants to talk. He tells her never to give up on her dream. When she goes back to the office, Duke tells her he's really busy and that he's sorry. The phone rings, and he tells her it'll be a minute. As soon as he hangs up and looks up, Adriana is gone. She's outside of the office, looking at Rex's card.

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