OLTL Update Wednesday 7/20/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/20/05


By Suzanne
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Tess and Nash kiss each other madly, even though they don't really like each other.  They are undressing and about to have sex, but Tess stops.  Nash is frustrated and accuses her of being a tease.  She says it doesn't feel right because it would ruin their friendship.  Nash is surprised to hear her say that.  They talk about their "alternative friendship" and then Nash admits that he hopes to hit the big time soon with his investments.  She admires him for his ambition.  Before bedtime, Nash shows her what he likes to do.  He takes her to the window and they look at the stars.  He talks about the Andromeda galaxy and what it symbolizes to him.  Tess seems entranced by what he's saying (plus they are sitting very close).  Later, she says she is going to hit some after-hours clubs, but he informs her that they won't open until midnight, and they won't be open during the week, anyway.  She obviously has no money, so he offers her a place to stay. However, he says she must sleep on the floor while he takes the bed.  They argue about it for a minute, but Nash wins.  Later, he gets up and picks up a sleeping Tess.  He puts her in the bed and he takes the floor.

Layla and Antonio are still at Ultra-Violet.  She wants to keep partying, but he thinks they should leave.  She begs him to stay for one more drink.  She sees that he won't budge, so she agrees to leave.  Just then, Evangeline phones Antonio to let him know that they can't come back to her place because the Killing Club killer has broken in.  Antonio questions Evangeline briefly for the details.  She tells him that the killer left behind something.  After Antonio fills Layla in, he insists that she stay at his place.  Layla admires Antonio's place and how cool it looks.  She notices a picture of Jamie and asks where her mother is.  Antonio tells her it's a long story and makes sure she knows not to pursue it.  She picks up a picture of him and Jessica, asking if that story is off-limits, too.  He asks her whether she has a boyfriend, and she replies that she doesn't.  He asks her why she left L.A.  She describes the shallow people in L.A. and how she despises the whole scene there.  He laughs at her nicknames and descriptions of people.  Clearly he is charmed by her.  Antonio wonders if there is more to the story of why she left, but she suddenly claims she is tired.  He tells her that he'll take the couch and she can have the bed.  She starts to demur, but he insists that the couch is plenty comfortable.  While Antonio goes to the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth, Layla tells Jessica's picture that she made a big mistake running out on this guy.

Antonio gives Layla an extra shirt of his to sleep in.  He remembers (I think) Jessica telling him that she just needs this time to get healthy again.  Later, Layla gets up in the middle of the night and peeks in the fridge.  Antonio wakes up because he has those cop instincts.  Antonio is wearing only pajama bottoms and she is wearing only a shirt and underwear.  He gets some Chinese leftovers out for them to share.  Antonio asks her about acting, so she tells him all about how she feels about it (it's a part of her).  She tells him about a bad experience she had in L.A. at an audition.  He asks her to tell him the monologue she learned for that, so she does.  It is a moving story about a girl who talks about her mother.

At the police station, Evangeline tries to make John feel better about the lock of red hair that the killer left for him. She thinks that Natalie is still alive.  John bitterly wonders what he should do next and whether the kill will send him other body parts.  He has another cop run a DNA test to make sure this is Natalie's hair.  Another cop informs him that they just picked up Scott Randall, another student that was in Marcie's original club.  He asks Evangeline to sit in on the interrogation, in case she recognizes him.  She protests that she didn't see or hear him well enough to identify him, but John convinces her to try anyway.  John thanks her for helping out; she chides him for blaming himself for what happened.

Scott Randall is brought in for questioning.  John is surprised to learn that he is a priest, but he questions him anyway, just like anyone else.  Father Randall is aware of what's been going on.  John asks him if he had anything to do with the killings.  Randall says he can give John an alibi for every one of the killings.  John asks Evangeline if she recognizes him, but she says that the guy kidnapped them was shorter.  Randall agrees to give him the alibis anyway and says he wants this killer caught, too.  He worries about how Marcie has been handling this, but John cuts him off, asking more questions.  He seems reluctant to talk about that time, but John tells him that it will help if he just answers the questions.  He talks about how they were all losers and outcasts, but then their club got cool so even they were excluding people from it.  He tells John that Marcie kept a "losers log" of people they rejected.  John makes a comment about how it wasn't very nice.  The priest agrees but says that kids can be cruel.  They were just happy to be the ones on top for a change.  John has him stick around so he can get the information.  Evangeline wonders if one of the KC rejects is the killer.

 Marcie is very drunk.  She just puked on the shoes of the assistant D.A., Hugh, who is trying to get her to leave and go home so she can sober up.  She makes fun of his name and wonders if he's coming on to her.  He assures her that she's in no shape for that and he wouldn't take advantage.  She keeps making fun of his name as he escorts her out of the place.

Michael hangs out with Roxy at her hotel.  She thanks him for keeping her company while she worries about Natalie.  They share some food and joke around.  Hugh brings Marcie in.  She can barely stand up, so she hangs all over him as he tries to get her up the stairs to her room.  Michael sees them and wonders what is going on.  Marcie tells Hugh to ignore Michael because he dumped her.  Michael denies that, saying that Marcie dumped him, but tells Hugh that it's none of his business.  Michael doesn't seem to realize at first that Marcie is drunk, so they argue for a minute.  Michael gets concerned about Marcie and figures out the shape she's in.  He accuses Hugh of trying to take advantage of her.  Hugh denies it and tries to explain what happened.  Hugh says awkwardly that he's trying to put Marcie to bed.  Michael, angry, says if anyone is putting her to bed, it's him.  Marcie gets angry and tells him off, saying that he lost that right when he broke up with her.  Michael is still concerned, so Hugh gives Roxy his card and introduces himself to them as the assistant district attorney.  Roxy laughs at his name, Hugh Hughes, too.  She thinks it sounds fishy.  He says that if he'd made one up, he would have picked a better name.  Michael frets and fumes downstairs while Hugh puts Marcie to bed.  Roxy tries to get him to cool off, but as usual she makes it worse. 

John phones to ask Marcie about the KC loser's log, but she is already in bed and passed out. Hugh answers and tells John the situation.  John is annoyed that Marcie is not available but asks Hugh to have her call him first thing tomorrow.  Evangeline is surprised to hear that Marcie is too drunk to talk.  John thinks Evangeline should get some rest, but he doesn't want her to go back to her apartment.  She insists on staying to help.

The Killing Club killer taunts Natalie with a knife.  She's tied to a chair and gagged.  He cuts off her gag and tries to give her food, but she spits it out, saying she wouldn't eat anything he gave her.  .He says that's fine, she won't need to eat because of what he has in store for her.  Later, he reveals himself to the audience to be Marcie's book agent, Hayes Barber.

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