OLTL Update Tuesday 7/19/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/19/05


By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

At Capricorn, Antonio walks up to Dr. Jamison to say hi and is introduced to Melissa, who is with Dr. Jamison. Antonio asks him if he's talked to Jessica lately, and he says no, but he is proud of Jessica and thinks that she is very brave.

Nash is at his apartment looking at the bracelet that had fallen off of Tess's wrist when the doorbell rings. He opens the door, and a bunch of people come in with pizzas and drinks in their hands. Tess walks in, and Nash is surprised.

The killer is outside of Evangeline's apartment. He tries to open the door, but it is locked. He hears voices and hides behind a few plants.. Evangeline and Layla are bringing up her things. They get inside and Evangeline turns on her alarm system, closing the door. Layla points to a room and asks if it's the bedroom. Evangeline says Layla doesn't get to sleep in there because it's her room and says she can sleep on the couch. Layla looks upset but says she won't go to a hotel. She sees a picture of John and Evangeline and asks about it.

At the police station, John is looking for something when he's told a girl is there to speak to him because she might have seen Natalie.

One of the guys at Nash's place asks to borrow the bedroom. Nash tells him the living room is the bedroom. The guy and his girl try to talk to him, but he tells them to leave. They do leave, and he asks Tess who all the people are; she tells him who two of them are. She says she figured he liked to party and decided to bring everyone there for a party. She says no one is destroying anything, but then something breaks and Nash gets mad.

Adriana is laying down in the sun as Duke gets out of the pool, and she asks if it was a good swim. He says the one thing he doesn't like about working where he does is wearing business clothes in this heat. She says she doesn't think she could work in that kind of office. They talk about his dad a bit, and she says his dad is proud of him. She guesses some people can change, and he asks her what's wrong. She says she's thinking about Rex, and he asks her when she started thinking of him.

At Ultraviolet, Rex asks Hugh and Jett if he can get them more drinks. She says no, she has to work soon. She tells him she's a model, and he says that's why she looks familiar--she was on the cover of Craze last month. She asks him who he is and he introduces himself. Then he turns to Hugh, asking if he was the assistant DA. Rex asks her to tell him something about modeling, and she does, as Hugh looks over at Marcie. He turns back to Rex and Jett before walking up to Marcie. He asks Marcie if she's all right, and she says she's fine. He tells her she should slow down on the drinks, and she says it's none of his business how much she drinks.

An older woman comes in to talk to John, saying she knows him from the news and she thinks he's an honest man. She says it was awful, what happened with Colson. When asked about Natalie, she says her living room overlooks the Love Center and that she was standing by her window at the time of the fire. He asks her what made her look out the window and if she heard something. She says it was like Armageddon out there, also saying she saw a young man come out of a side door half-supporting a young woman who looked drunk or drugged or sick. The young man had forced the woman into his car. John shows the woman a picture of Natalie, and she says the girl's hair was covering her face the whole time, but she's sure it was her.. She says it happened at 8:00, and John and the officer thank her. She leaves.

Evangeline says she doesn't want to talk about John, and Layla says okay but then says their mom told her John had hurt her. Evangeline says their mom doesn't know what she's talking about and that she had ended the relationship. Evangeline asks her what they should have for a late dinner, and Layla says she wants to check out Ultraviolet. Evangeline doesn't want to, but Layla talks her into it and they leave.

Adriana sticks a foot in the pool and says she doesn't know Rex well, but he seems kind of lost. She tells Duke she feels sorry for Rex because he's lost a girlfriend and Natalie. She says she's worried about him, and Duke suggests going to Ultraviolet so that she can check on him. She says it's a good idea and tells him he's the best. They kiss.

Jett tells Rex she seems to have lost her date. He looks over at Marcie and Hugh, saying he doesn't think she has anything to worry about. Hugh asks Marcie, after they've been formally introduced, if he can now have any concern about how much she drinks. She tells him he seems really nice, but he has no idea what her life has been like. He asks how "not so good" it was, and she says his date must be really boring. He says yes, but that's not why he walked away from her. She tells him about her best friend being murdered by a gay guy and about someone copying her book.

John tells the officer to check out the woman's story, telling him that when he was in the FBI they got their one-in-a-million shot when they found a kid who had been missing a while. He sits down as the officer leaves to check it out, and his cell rings. It's Rex, and John says he doesn't want to be bothered. Rex says too bad, because he'll be bothering him and everyone else until he finds something out about Natalie. John tells him there's nothing he can do by staying by the phone, and he hangs up.

Dr. Jamison tells Antonio he didn't convice Jessica to do anything. Antonio says he knows nothing of what she did, and Dr. Jamison says he can't tell him anything. He says the last he knew, Jessica was in safe hands. He then ends the conversation and sits down. Antonio is unhappy.

Nash picks up the peices of what was broken, saying he got it at a flea market. She says she'll pay him back. He asks why she came, and she says she kind of missed him.

The killer comes out of hiding and breaks into Evangeline's apartment. He trashes the place. An officer tells John about a possible break-in, and when he finds out it's Evangeline's apartment he says he's going over.

Layla and Evangeline get to Ultraviolet and go over to the bar. Layla sees Rex and says "What a cutie." She wants to dance with him, but Evangeline says there's no way she's getting involved with Rex Balsom.. Layla likes his name and says it's sexy. Evangeline looks over at Hugh and Marcie and says he's cute. Layla says it looks like he's got his hands full. Then Evangeline sees Antonio at the doorway and says he's a good guy for her.

Nash asks Tess what she wants and she says fun, asking if he likes to have fun. Something else breaks and she says she'll handle it. She turns the music off and tells everyone the party is over and to get out. They leave and he shows her the bracelet, asking again about Jessica and Antonio. She tells him about Jessica, finally saying that she and Jessica are twins, but Jessica is dead. He hugs her. When she pulls away from him, they end up kissing.

Evangeline asks Antonio to dance with Layla to keep her out of the clutches of Rex. They go onto the dance floor, but she knows Evangeline put him up to it. While they're dancing, Evangeline gets a call about a break-in at her apartment and she leaves to check it out.

When Evangeline gets home, John sees a figure in the doorway and says, "Freeze," pointing his gun at her. The officer who went with him brings out a letter that's for John. He reads it and it says, "You want her, but I've got her." There is also a strand of Natalie's hair in the envelope.

Adriana and Duke show up at Ultraviolet and she asks Rex if he's okay. He says he's fine, and she asks him about Natalie. He says he's heard nothing, and Duke says if he hears anything on the Buchanan end, he'll let him know. He gets a call on his cell and walks away to take the call. Adriana tells Rex that if he ever needs to talk, he can call her. They have a few moments before and after Duke comes back to them where they are silent, kind of staring at each other. Duke asks what's going on.

Hugh tells Marcie she's had enough and that he's called a taxi. She says she needs to do something first. She gets dizzy and bends over, throwing up on his shoes, which he says were $200.00. She says she's sorry.

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