OLTL Update Monday 7/18/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/18/05


By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

Antonio is at Capricorn talking to Angela when Layla comes up to them, saying everyone wants to see what the new owner has been doing to the place. He says he hopes it keeps up and introduces Layla to Angela. Antonio asks Angela to take the drinks out of Layla's hands because she needs a break and tells Layla she can go home and rest. She says she'd like to stick around.

Rex is on the phone at Ultraviolet, saying if there's any word on Natalie that he wants to know about it, and then he hangs up. He sees Hayes come in and looks annoyed. He tells Hayes to get out and that he's not welcome there. He also says he's giving him three seconds to leave. Before he can finish his sentence about what he'll do to him if he doesn't leave, Marcie comes up to them and tells Rex to leave Hayes alone. He's surprised that she's there with him.

At the police station, Hugh comes up to Nora and asks if he can take off, and she says she doesn't mind and she appreciates that he's stepped up to help her. A girl comes in asking if he's ready to go, and Nora asks him if she was on the cover of a magazine. He and the girl leave. Evangeline comes in and asks Nora if Bo is there, saying the killer left a note in her home. She shows the note to her, and it says the killer wants her to meet with him.

In his office, Bo says that the mayor strongly suggested that John leave the case. John says the guy is an idiot, and Bo says he can't keep going the way he has been. Bo tells him he's on his side and doesn't want to see him leave the case. John says that if Bo doesn't put an end to this they'll never see Natalie alive again, just as Evangeline and Nora walk in.

Roxy is sitting around thinking when Michael walks in and says her name. She freaks out and asks why he's yelling at her. She asks about Natalie, and he says he hasn't heard anything. She sits down on the couch and shows him a couple of baby pictures of Natalie. He asks if that's a beer in Natalie's hand, and Roxy says she thought it was funny at the time.

Marcie tells Rex she hopes that the other mystery writers can help her come up with a way to catch the killer. Hayes walks away. She tells Rex that Hayes has had an alibi for every night, even the night of the kidnappings. She says he's not charming, but she doesn't think he's the killer. When she meets the other authors one of them tells her everything must be difficult for her, considering her book came to life, and she says yes. They tell her they won't help her. Marcie hides out for a minute to calm herself down. When she heads back to the table, she hears the authors talking about her behind her back. She walks away and orders a drink.

Evangeline tells John and Bo about the killer contacting her and Nora gives the note to Bo, who shows it to John. John wants to go to Capricorn to meet the killer, and he gets his gun ready.

Hugh and the girl are trying to get a booth, and Rex says they're welcome to hang out at the bar. She says they made a reservation, and he tells her there's nothing he can do. They go to the bar and order drinks. R.J. comes in and tells Rex he needs to go over the books with him. Rex says, "Not right now." He also says he has everything under control.

Layla is on the phone. She hangs up, and Antonio asks her if she wants to be an actress. She answers that she is one. He asks her why she moved to Llanview, and she says she wants to build her resumé before going back to L.A. to become a mega-movie star.

Bo tells John to bring back-up with him and to do everything by the book, which John says he'll do. He gets a few officers to go with him, and Evangeline tells him she wants to go, too. He says it's too dangerous, but she talks him into it. He wants her to stay in the car, though.

R.J. tells Rex he'll be the judge on how things are going. Rex says that if he loses Ultraviolet he will have no one to blame but himself, and R.J. asks if Rex knows something that he doesn't know.

Marcie downs her drink in one shot and makes a face. She turns around to see Hayes and the other authors still talking about her behind her back. When Hayes sees her, he asks her how long she has been standing there and tells her to join them. Hugh comes up to them and defends her. She smiles..

Roxy is crying her eyes out with her head in Michael's lap. After a few seconds she stands up, saying she needs to be positive, because Natalie is a fighter and is going to give the killer crap. Michael says Natalie is the toughest girl he's ever met and he believes in her.

Bo and Nora get into a conversation about the investigation and they agree that John is the right guy to handle it. She says she'll work on the case as long as she has to, even if it means working with him. They agree then that Matthew brings out the best of both of them.

At Capricorn, John and a few officers are behind the restaurant, moving slowly and quietly. Then John tells someone to stand up and put their hands in the air. Evangeline helps the person up, saying it is her sister.

Roxy thinks Michael has a crush on Natalie, saying Natalie has herself a doctor. He says it's nothing like that. She says maybe she can get a free boob job and laughs, telling him she's joking. She says she thinks she was pushing Natalie towards the wrong McBane, and he says she's going to listen to him. He tells her to look him in the eye and says he thinks Natalie is a wonderful girl, but he's still in love with Marcie.

Hugh keeps standing up for Marcie to Hayes and the other authors. Mr. Sears tells him to write his own mystery and says he's had enough of celebrating. He and the others leave, with Hayes walking them out.

Bo and Nora are talking about John, saying the case is personal. She says she knows that he knows John will be able to handle everything, or he wouldn't have sent him out to Capricorn. As she says this, the mayor shows up. He says he had wanted McBane off the case, and Bo says he's prepared for the repercussions.

The officers leave and Layla is told about the note. She says the letter wasn't from the killer, but from her. She says she feels bad and never even thought that Evangeline would take it that it was from the killer; she promises she didn't mean to scare her. Antonio comes out and asks what's going on. John pulls him aside to let him know what happened, and Layla says to Evangeline that she came to be with her sis. They get into an argument about where she'll live.

Rex walks by Marcie and she puts an arm around his shoulder, asking him what's going on. He tells her his business is ready to bail on him, and she says she thinks he should have the rest of her drink. He takes the drink away and is told that Hayes left, and Marcie makes a joke about it. When Rex starts to walk away, she takes her drink back.

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