OLTL Update Friday 7/15/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/15/05


By Sarah
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Tess tells Nash to tell her what he wants her to be, because he obviously wants a piece of her. He says he just ran to catch up to her because she left her sunglasses behind. She says goodbye and starts to walk away. He stops her by asking her why, if she has so much to do, she was lying on the bench. She says maybe it was the stuff that had been slipped into her drink. He asks about Jessica.

Matthew and Bo walk through the police station and into his office. Matthew says he had hoped to see Natalie, also saying that his camp counselor had been reading the paper and had seen on the cover about the Killing Club guy taking her.

Evangeline and Nora go to the park, and Nora says she had been afraid that she would never see her again. Then she brings up John choosing Natalie over her, and Evangeline says that's exactly what happened and that John had only a split second to decide whom to rescue first.

John is practicing his shooting. As he sets the gun down and takes off the safety glasses and headphones, Antonio shows up, saying he had better find Natalie first. Antonio looks at his hand and comments on it, saying it looks bad. John says he needed to make sure he could shoot the gun still. Antonio offers to help on the case, and John says he'll take all the help he can get.

Bo asks an officer if they had gotten any handprints off of Natalie's cell phone and is told no. When Bo comes back into his office, Matthew asks if that was about Natalie and then says he looks worried. Bo says he is. Matthew asks if Natalie could be dead and is told by his dad that he's doing everything he can to make sure that's not the case. Bo says Natalie is a fighter and should be able to make it through this.

Nora says, as a friend, that Evangeline shouldn't worry about John anymore, because he doesn't deserve her concern after what he's put her through. Evangeline tells her that the other night John fell asleep before his head even hit the pillow and gets asked if she's sleeping with him again. She says no, she only brought John home so that he wouldn't kill himself driving there. They get into a conversation about listening to common sense, but then still going back to their exes when they need them. Evangeline tells Nora she did nothing wrong and that Daniel was evil.

John is on the phone, with Antonio standing around waiting for him to get off. He's trying to get an officer to talk to a judge about something.. When he gets off the phone he starts to load up his gun, and Antonio says he'll do it, also saying he'll talk to his guys to see of they know of anything that maybe the killer forgot to cover up.

Some girl at Capricorn is talking to a guy about a job and is asked to start right away.

Tess asks Nash what's up. He says it doesn't add up--she's obviously from money, but she's broke and is stealing cars and wallets. She says she's complicated and unpredictable. He thinks she may be running away from something or someone. He grabs her wrist and asks if everything is a joke to her, looking at the bracelet on her wrist and reciting the inscription on it. She asks how he knew about that, and he says she was in his apartment naked. She says she thought he hadn't looked. They sit on the curb, and he asks if she's really Jessica and about Antonio.

Nora says to Evangeline that she's given John every opportunity to prove to her that he can be the man she needs him to be, and at every opportunity he's proven he can't be. She asks her if that's the kind of guy she wants to accept, like her accepting Daniel for the kind of man he is. She says not to compare John to Daniel.

John asks where Jessica is and Antonio says he's not sure, and he needed to let her do her thing. He then says he'll talk to him later, and John goes back to shooting practice.

Tess says the only thing she knows about the bracelet is that it's gold. Then she says she has a headache and if she doesn't eat soon she'll pass out. He says he won't abandon someone whom he knows can't take care of herself. She asks him what he wants from her, because it's obviously not sex. She says she doesn't need his help, and he says he'll call someone for her who can take her off his hands.

Bo tells Matthew he's sorry for everything he's been through, and Matthew says he misses Jen and he wishes she would have spent more time with him. Bo says he wishes the same, and Matthew tells him about a kid at camp last year who had a brother who got sick and died. He says he feels lucky he still has him and his mom, but he'd feel luckier if Natalie came home.

John brings Hayes into the station, interrupting a conversation Bo and an officer are having and telling Hayes to shut his hole. John says Hayes was loitering outside, and when he rolled him he found a gun. Bo looks at Hayes.

Nora tells Evangeline about the HIV test she took that was negative, saying it was no big deal. Evangeline is relieved to hear she is okay.

Antonio walks into Capricorn and the girl who got the job greets him, saying she'll get him a table by the bar. Then she gets introduced to Antonio and finds out he's the boss. Her name is Layla. She goes to wait on a table and smiles at Antonio. Later on she finds out that he's taken, but his girlfriend is out of town.

Tess tells Nash to leave her alone and he walks away. He shows up again a bit later with food, saying he had to make sure she had something to eat. She asks him what he looks for in a girl. The last thing he says, about wanting a girl who could take care of herself, makes her upset, and she whistles for a taxi.

John asks Hayes where he was tonight, but Hayes says he's answered enough questions, because Bo asked him plenty the other night. When Bo comes back with the gun, saying Hayes got it that morning, John asks him why a guy like him needs a gun. He says to protect himself from guys like him, and like the killer who's out there.

Nora and Evangeline show up at the station, and Matthew runs out of his dad's office to hug his mom. He says they had left camp early because of a cool storm. In his dad's office, Bo gives him money to get a cupcake and later tells Nora that Matthew knew the two of them were fighting. She opens her gift from him: a dream catcher.

Bo and John get into a conversation about the judge, who is sick of hearing from Hayes's attorney, asking John to leave the case voluntarily.

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