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One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/14/05


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Rex is at the quarry, standing around and looking sad. He takes his shirt off like he's going to go for a swim. He hears a couple of voices and turns around to see John. He asks John if they're dragging the bottom. John says yes, and Rex asks what or whom they are looking for. He asks if they're looking for Natalie. John says nothing.

Kevin picks up a copy of The Sun and is looking at the cover when Kelly comes up to him and asks if there's been any word on Natalie. He says no. She asks how his mom is doing, and he says she's resting. He tells her that his mom's blood pressure had gone up and the doctors told her to stay in bed a few days. Kelly says to tell his mom to let her know if there's anything she can do. He asks her to have breakfast with him but she says no, she's meeting Spencer at the hospital. Dorian overhears that and it makes her happy. Kelly tells her not to make a big deal of things as Kevin walks away. Dorian tells her that if she keeps wasting her time with Kevin, she could lose her chance with Spencer.

Blair, Jack, and Starr are sitting on a park bench when Blair sees Spencer running through the park. She says hello and he stops running, having a flashback to the night before when he saw her in that dress. When she offers him the rest of her doughnut, he tells her not to tempt him while he's in the middle of a run. He asks Jack how he's doing, and he says he's great. Spencer looks at the scar and says it's healing nicely. Blair thanks him again for saving Jack, and he says it's why he became a doctor. Starr asks how many miles he's run and he says he doesn't usually keep track. Spencer asks where Todd is and if he's at work. Blair says he's out of town.

In New York City, Tess wakes up. She's not sure of where she is and starts wandering around. Nash comes in with coffee while she's walking around the room and she has a flashback to the other day when he pushed her off the diving board. She gets mad. He says he's not sure how she likes her coffee, but judging from the look she has she doesn't need the sugar-free stuff. She asks if it's his apartment, and he says yes. She says she doesn't remember, and he says she was out cold. Then she says she only sleeps with whom she wants to, when she wants to, where she wants to. She asks him if he raped her.

Dorian tells Kelly how Spencer reacted when he saw Blair the other night, and Kelly asks whom she's rooting for. Dorian says that as much as she would like to see Blair give Todd the boot, she's rooting for her.. She also says she doesn't want Kelly to ruin things for her and Spencer. Kelly warns her to be careful with Adriana because if she gets on her about Duke, she could end up pushing her away. Adriana overhears this and says she wants to get this over with, her mom tearing into her about Duke.

Kevin is on the phone about a file and Duke shows up. Duke goes through a pile on the table after sitting down and asks if it's the file he was looking for as he hangs up the phone. He says he doesn't know what he would do without him. Duke asks if there's been any news on Natalie, and Kevin says he's worried they won't find Natalie alive.

Rex says Natalie isn't dead and at the bottom of some stupid quarry as he puts his shirt back on. John tells him to butt out, and Rex says Natalie is his sister. John says he should have thought about that before coming up with fake rescue plots. Rex tells him he was trying to do something for the both of them. John says if it hadn't been for him he could have caught the killer. Rex says he messed up, but he was only trying to help. John says he doesn't need help. Rex reminds him that he needed him for the Cramer case, and John says that was Bo, and that helping out obviously got to his head. John also says that he put Natalie in danger and that if anything happens to his sister, her blood is on his hands. Rex gets mad at that comment and punches him.

Spencer is blowing bubbles with Jack and Starr. He tells Blair that if he were Todd, he would never leave such a beautiful woman at home. She says that's very sweet and he says it seems they have a perfect relationship. She tells him they've had their share of disagreements. Starr says, "Mom, like World War II was a disagreement." Blair asks him if he plans to keep on seeing Kelly, and he tells her he would never hurt Kelly.

At the hospital, Kelly asks the receptionist to tell Spencer Truman that she is there, and she is told he's not in. She asks when he's going to get in and is told he had said he would be late.

Kevin tells Duke to see if there's an update on Natalie, and Duke looks over at Adriana, who is telling her mom about the trap Duke had made with her bra, a bullet, and a mousetrap. She says it didn't work, but they still got the drop on the captors and tied them up. He comes up to them and asks if they're having a nice chat. Dorian remembers what Kelly told her about Adriana. Duke says he can't take all the credit for getting away, and Adriana tells her mom she can say what she wants, but this guy is her hero. Duke says it was teamwork that got them out of there, and Adriana asks her mom what she's thinking about. Her mom says it sounds like they had a marvelous adventure. They look surprised. Adriana says that was weird, and now she has this pressure built up inside of her. Duke kisses her to try and help her out. Then she says she's going to the quarry for a bit, and he says he'll meet her there.

John shakes his bandaged hand and gets up. He asks Rex if that made him feel better, and Rex backs up, ready to throw another punch. He says no and gets asked why he did it. He says because of what John said about Natalie. John says he shouldn't have said it, and Rex says sometimes he does stupid stuff, but he isn't a stupid guy. He says he shouldn't have done that and he's sorry. John asks him if he should knock him out or lock him up. Rex says neither and that he should be given a break, and John asks for a good reason why. He says he didn't have a father while he was growing up to show him to throw a ball or be a man. He says he had to figure it out himself, and so he made mistakes, and still does. John says to thank Natalie when they find her because most brothers wouldn't get a break, and he walks away.

Dorian shows up at the park and they talk about Spencer. She gets asked what she's up to, and she says she isn't up to anything--yet. She leaves, and Blair tells Jack she's going to teach him a board game and hands him the spinner for it. Starr asks when Dad will get him, and she says she doesn't know.

At the hospital, Spencer shows up and three doctors come up to him and start asking him questions, with Kelly watching him and the doctors as he answers what he can. Then two doctors are talking about Spencer behind his back while Kelly tells him that what just happened seemed like a press conference to her, like he was a celebrity. He tells her to go to his office and he'll be there in a minute. One of the two doctors has walked away. The other is now behind him, and Spencer tells the doctor that if he's going to make comments about him, to say them to his face. Kevin overhears him threatening the doctor and Spencer turns around to see him. He asks Kevin if there's been any news on his sister and how his mother is doing. John shows up to get his hand bandaged up again.

Tess and Nash argue about him possibly raping her. He says if he wanted to have sex with someone he wouldn't have to drug her. She asks who drugged her, then, and he says the host of the party that she hadn't wanted to leave. She tells him she has things to do and goes into the bathroom to get dressed after telling him her name. Before she leaves, she says she'll pay him back for stealing his wallet and car. She leaves, forgetting her sunglasses. He sits down and sees the sunglasses, running out the door to give them to her. He finds her laying on a bench talking to herself and gives her back the sunglasses. He asks her to tell him about herself and asks who Jessica is.

At the quarry, Adriana sees Rex lying there and strokes his cheek. He says, "Jen," and, not opening his eyes, kisses her. She asks what he's doing, and he says sorry and that he must have been dreaming. She forgives him, and they get into a conversation about not belonging. He tells her that after helping with the Cramer case, and now with Natalie missing, he's being left out. He tells her she wouldn't know how he felt, and she says, "Try me." He says he doesn't expect to be welcomed into the Buchanan family, but he is Natalie's brother. She tells him she isn't as close to her mom as she'd like to be and doesn't think they'll ever be close. He says he knows that he should feel lucky he wasn't raised by Roxy, and she says she knows. He tells her she wins, and maybe she does understand. Duke shows up and asks what they're doing. After agreeing not to tell Duke about the kiss, Rex says he was dreaming and she was thinking. Duke and Adriana leave after telling him they hope he finds Natalie. She looks back at him as she and Duke leave.

John goes to see Viki to see how she's doing. She says she's sorry she's not properly dressed, but she's supposed to rest. He tells her they haven't found Natalie, and she tells him that she's worried about Jessica, too. She says that her health problems seem to have to do with stress about Jessica and Natalie. He tells her he blames himself for what happened with Natalie, and she tells him not to and that she knows what Natalie would say to him: don't give up hope. He goes to the station and into the basement to practice shooting. His hand starts bleeding again.

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