OLTL Update Wednesday 7/13/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/13/05


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Nash has Tess’s bikini bottom in his hands. She asks him to give it back to her. He refuses, reminding her that she had stolen his car as well as his wallet. He informs her that he will keep her bikini bottom then they can call it even.

Todd plays with his tie while waiting for Blair. She comes out, and he tells her that she is beautiful. She reminds him that she has lost count of how many times he has told her that she is beautiful. They kiss. She thanks him for having New Year's Eve in July. They decide to go for a stroll down by the lake.

Dorian and Spencer come in. She thanks him for inviting her to dinner. He explains to her that his surgery had been cancelled, and this way he could have a decent dinner. Spencer remarks that this gives them the chance to get better acquainted. Dorian points out, "And without David." Spencer remarks that just because he and David don’t get along isn’t a sign that they can’t. Dorian instructs him to get a table, and she will go and freshen up. David comes up behind him and gives him a shove.

Bo is in his office at the police station. Evangeline wonders if Bo has heard from John about Natalie. Marcie remarks that she can’t stand this waiting. Viki rushes in and hurries into Bo’s office. Viki tells Bo that she had gotten a phone call from the maniac who has Natalie.

John continues to dig. He finds a plastic bag with a page from the Killing Club.

Blair and Todd come back from their walk along the lake. She comments on the moonlight and how beautiful it was. Blair tells him that she loves everything about him. They kiss again. Dorian comes up and tells them to get a room. Dorian comments on how beautiful Blair looks and that she likes the dress. She also comments that Todd looks well groomed. Dorian wants to know what is going on that they are dressed up in their finest.

David and Spencer exchange punches. David orders him to leave Dorian out of this. Spencer asks him if he is that insecure in his relationship with Dorian. David again tells him that whatever he came here for, he's to leave Dorian out of it. Spencer reminds him that without Dorian, he is the only family that David has.

John sits back and looks at the note on the outside of the plastic bag. John reads the passage from the Killing Club.

Michael comes up and, pointing at the hole, asks what all of this is. John tells him that that was his warning.

Tess tries to get her bikini bottom back from Nash. He holds it up and asks her what they are called. She explains that they are called panties. She begs him to give them back to her. He asks the crowd what they think about him giving them back to her. The ones voting for him to keep them win out. She calls him mean. He tells her that it is wrong to steal. Tess asks him if he is going to punish her. He says no and throws the panties in the water beside her. He gets up and leaves. She picks up the panties and starts to put them back on. He hugs two girls and walks off.

Dorian has a discussion with Todd and Blair. She asks Todd if he has any resolutions that he needs to keep. Blair changes the subject and asks if she has any plans for dinner, and she asks where David is. Dorian tells them to enjoy their celebration, and then she leaves.

Todd remarks that she is a breath of fresh air. Todd also remarks that he is going to check out the terrace. Blair stops him before he can leave and asks him if he will be involved in trouble. Todd remarks that he should be put on a leash. Blair tells him that she wants to love him for the rest of her life. They kiss again.

David orders Spencer to stay away from Dorian because she is off-limits to him. He also tells him that Dorian is not part of his family. Spencer asks him what he will do to him. David tells him seriously that he will be a dead man. Dorian comes up and wants to know what is going on, and why he is threatening his brother.

John gets up and explains to Michael that that was a page from the Killing Club journal. Michael looks at it. John shows him the cell phone that belonged to Natalie. Michael asks him what that means. John points out that the man wants him dead. Michael also states that the killer is trying to get to John through Natalie and Evangeline. Michael looks down in the hole and asks John what he was digging for. John tells him, "Natalie."

Marcie tells Evangeline that she is worried about what Viki is telling Bo. Marcie explains to her that she had seen Viki at the Love Center, and she wasn’t too happy with her. Marcie tells her that Viki blames her for what has happened to Natalie. Evangeline explains that Viki is upset, and they had all said things in the last few days that they didn’t really mean.

Bo explains to Viki that John had also gotten a call from Natalie’s cell phone. Viki tells him that when the phone had rung, she had looked at it and thought that it was Natalie calling to say that she was all right. Viki begins to cry as she explains that it was this awful man’s voice on the other end. Bo holds her as she cries.

Tess gets out of the water. She grabs her dress and wraps it around her waist. Bruce brings her a drink, and she thanks him. They discuss Nash leaving and whether she was upset to see him go. She explains to him that Nash was a creep, and he was always ruining her fun. He gives her instructions as to where she can change her clothes. She leaves. He slips something into her drink. Nash watches.

Tess arrives back. Nash watches her. She arrives back at the table, picks up her drink and drinks it. Nash rushes up but it is too late. Tess questions Bruce about him telling her that Nash had left. Tess tells him that she is not going anywhere. Nash tells her to ask her host. They just look at one another.

David tells Dorian that he had gotten her note. Dorian accuses him of not trusting her. David pulls Dorian over in front of him. Dorian accuses him of going over the deep end. Spencer asks Dorian if she would mind if he settled this with his brother alone. Dorian leaves. Spencer asks him if he remembers the first ambulance that he had put him in. They, in the midst of their conversation, blackmail each other. David reminds him how he does his patients, as well as the women in his life. David continues his slurs about Spencer’s life being a big zero. David tells him that he is going home to a home full of women who love him. David leaves. Spencer turns around and sees Blair.

Bo and Viki come out of his office. Evangeline asks her if she is all right. Viki tells her no. Viki tells them that the man who has Natalie had called her, and Bo was trying to trace the call to see where it was coming from. Marcie tells Viki that she is there to help the police all she can to catch this killer. Viki thanks her. John comes in. Evangeline immediately wants to know if he had found Natalie. John holds up a plastic bag and tells them that it was all he found. Bo comes out and tells John to bring it into his office, and he will fill him in.

Bo goes over the phone records and the calls that had been made from the football field. John shows him the page from the Killing Club journal. Marcie comes in and wants to see the page to see if she remembers anything else. John explains to her that when he had gotten to the football field he had seen a freshly dug grave. Viki begins to faint from the news. Marcie hurries out and gets Michael to come in.

Spencer looks at Blair and imagines that Blair approaches him and they dance. Spencer comes back to reality, and Blair sees him. They approach each other. Blair asks him if he has seen Todd because she seems to have misplaced him. Dorian watches Blair and Spencer. David comes up beside Dorian as she watches Spencer and Blair. Todd comes up and sees Spencer wipe a tear from under Blair’s eye.

Michael takes Viki’s blood pressure. Marcie brings her a cup of tea. Michael goes to call Dr. Miller. John apologizes for upsetting her. Viki asks if John thinks that the killer has already done something to Natalie. John tells her no, because the killer needs her for leverage. John asks her about the man’s voice. Bo tells John to go home and get some sleep. Evangeline offers to drive her home. Viki tells Marcie to sit down.

Bruce and Tess begin to leave, but Nash stops them. Bruce threatens to call security. Bruce tells him to back off. Nash tells him to get his slimy mitts off her. Bruce leaves. Tess begins to feel funny. Nash catches her before she falls .

Evangeline takes John home. He says he would offer her something, but he hasn’t been to the store. She pours him a drink of brandy that will help him to sleep. Evangeline brings him his drink, but he is already asleep.

Blair asks him what he is doing. Spencer tells her it was an eyelash. Todd comes up and kisses her right in front of him. He tells Spencer that Blair is taken. They leave.

David informs Dorian that Spencer is not having dinner with his fianceť. David tells her that they are going home.

Nash orders Tess to wake up. He sits down beside her. He talks to her, and then he leaves her passed out.

Bo talks to Viki, and he instructs her to go home. He threatens to call Clint. Marcie offers to take her home. Michael offers to follow them home. Bo talks to Michael. They discuss the page that John had found and the killer going after John.

Evangeline covers John up. He has a dream of looking for Natalie and finding a grave. He digs in the grave.

David orders Dorian to stay away from Spencer. David wants to know if they are going home. Dorian wants to know what he has against Spencer. David kisses her. Dorian tells him to get the car. Dorian talks to Spencer, and she offers her apologies. They discuss Blair being beautiful. Spencer watches Todd and Blair dance. Todd tells her that he is going out of town for a couple of days to check on Jessica.

Bruce tells everyone that the party is over. He looks at Tess. Nash tells him that he doesn’t waste much time. Nash picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. He pushes Bruce into the pool.

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