OLTL Update Tuesday 7/12/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/12/05


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Tess is still in East Hampton. She is playing with oxygen tubing. Nash comes up and begins to talk to her. Tess remarks that she knew that he couldn’t stay away from her. He demands that she give him the wallet that she stole from him.


Antonio is on the phone, and he leaves Jessica a message. Before he hangs up he tells her to come home soon and that he loves her. When he hangs up, he says to himself that that was real smooth. He is visited by Jackie. Jackie finds it odd that Antonio is sitting in R.J.’s chair. Jackie informs him that he has a feeling that he is going to be seeing a lot more of his daughter.

Lindsay is in her art studio. She tries to hang a picture. She hears a noise and, thinking that it is R.J., she asks him if he has seen this. When she turns around, she sees that it is Nora. Lindsay apologizes and tells her that they are closed. Nora remarks that she wants to talk to her in private. Nora tells her that she thinks that she should get an HIV test. Lindsay looks at her in puzzlement.

Marcie rushes out of Bo’s office. John and Evangeline follow. John tells her that she just looked at the letters on the envelope and immediately made the assumption that Natalie is dead. Marcie insists that they aren’t just any letters. Marcie insists that they are the same two letters that the Killing Club used to show that someone was dead. John insists that Natalie is not dead, and that is the end of the discussion.

They show scenery of what looks like a football field. The killer is busy shoveling dirt at what looks like a grave.

Bo questions a guard in Evangeline’s office. He asks the man if he had seen anyone slip the letter under Evangeline’s door. The man insists that he didn’t see anyone. Bo advises him that if he made a mistake, then not admitting it would be making an even bigger one. Bo talks to him calmly, and he advises him that if he knows anything he needs to tell him so he can help save a young woman’s life from a killer. Bo asks him again if he had seen anyone slip a note under Evangeline’s door. The man tells Bo that he did see a man put the note under the door. Bo asks him if he can describe the man. The guard tells him that he thinks he can.

Marcie tells John that it isn’t like she wants Natalie to be dead. John insists that the killer is playing games with them. He also states that just because the killer made a diagram on the envelope doesn't mean that Natalie is dead. John still insists that the killer is playing games with them and they are going to have to work harder to find Natalie. John tries to get Marcie to remember where the cheerleaders were taken. Marcie still can’t remember. She insists that she hadn’t written the stories, she only recorded them. He apologizes to her. He picks up the envelope and shows it to her again. He asks her again what it means. She still insists that she doesn’t know. John instructs an officer to get him all the numbers of the surviving Killing Club members. John goes into Bo’s office.

Evangeline tells Marcie that John is under a lot of pressure. Marcie asks why she can’t remember what happens next. Marcie goes over what the note says again. A telephone rings, and they realize that it is Natalie’s. Evangeline answers it. She tells the person that Natalie is not there, and she doesn’t know when she will be back. Evangeline looks at John through the window in Bo’s office. He, in turn, looks at her.

Tess enjoys the party beside the pool. Tess and Nash argue, as usual. He has to get to an important business meeting, and he demands to have his wallet. Tess insists on knowing what the big deal is. She tells him to excuse her. Nash grabs her by the arm. Another man interrupts and asks if there is a problem.

John comes out of Bo’s office and asks about Scott Randall, and he finds out from Marcie that he had joined the Peace Corps. Evangeline remarks that if there are no more questions for her then she would like to go home. John insists that she stay there, and he doesn’t want any arguments. A man comes up and interrupts them. He introduces himself as Grant Davis, and he offers his assistance. John resists the offer, but after some further conversation he agrees and leads the way into Bo’s office.

Evangeline comments on the interesting conversation, and Marcie remarks that maybe he can help. They discuss the case being important to John and that they had broken up over Natalie. Marcie also tells Evangeline how John had reacted the night that she had disappeared from the Woman of the Year banquet, saying that John had almost flipped. She describes John as someone looking for a woman that he really cared about.

Grant and John discuss serial killers being different from other killers. They discuss the killer’s profile and his age group. John tells him that if he can’t be sure of Natalie’s whereabouts, then they don’t have anything to talk about.

Lindsay and Nora discuss the HIV test. Lindsay confides in her that she and Daniel were never intimate. Lindsay also asks her if Daniel is HIV-positive. Nora informs her that his attorneys won’t allow him to take an HIV test. Lindsay asks if Nora has had a test. Nora tells her that her test had come back negative, but she has to have another test in a few months just to make sure. Lindsay assures her that she had always been so jealous of her because she had always gotten everything that she had wanted. Lindsay mentions that she had lost her daughter while Nora’s daughter was still alive. Nora starts to leave, but R.J. arrives and asks how she is doing,and, unexpectedly, Nora faints in his arms.

Jackie informs Antonio that R.J. is having financial difficulties, and he may just lose Ultraviolet. Jackie informs him that he has a meeting with R.J. later that day, and he will let Antonio know what happens. Jackie leaves. Antonio sits down in a booth, pulls out his wallet, and looks at a picture of Jessica and Jaime. He remembers some special times that he had spent with Jessica and Jaime. Carlotta comes in and interrupts him. Antonio wants to know what she is doing there. Carlotta informs him that she is there to visit her busy son. Carlotta is under the impression that Antonio is cooking there, but Antonio informs her that he is the new owner and he had bought the place legitimately from R.J. Carlotta mentions that she had stopped by Viki’s and left her a note telling her that she was praying for Natalie’s safe return. Antonio tells her that Jessica had left town because of personal problems.

Tess gets a drink from the bartender and assures Bruce that everything is fine, and tells him that this is a fun party. Nash and Bruce have a brief conversation. She hugs Nash and tells Bruce of Nash’s popularity. They leave Bruce. They have a conversation about a woman at the party who is a nurse. Tess shows him his wallet and informs him that she knows quite a bit about him. She walks away. Nash insists that Tess give him back his wallet. Tess holds it away from him as she tells him some things that she had found out about him from the wallet. He insists that she give him the wallet, but she hides it in her bosom.

Bo continues to question the guard about the man who had slid the note under Evangeline’s door. The guard can’t seem to tell him anything else. Bo thanks him for his time and cooperation. An officer comes up and asks him if he had found out anything. Bo informs him that he had given him a partial description of the man. Bo gives the officer a list of things that he wants him to find out about the people that work in the building. After he leaves Bo thinks that there must be a clue somewhere.

Grant and John discuss Natalie being alive. They discuss how the killer is trying to get to John. Grant says that he will go through the rest of the evidence and get back to him. They go back into the squad room, where an officer brings in Hayes. John wants to know what is going on. The officer informs him that a guest at the Angel Square Hotel was complaining of him loitering. Hayes points out that he was waiting for Marcie. John wants to know why he was waiting for Marcie. John wants to know when the complaint was called in. The officer informs him it happened at 5:30. Evangeline tugs on John’s arm and informs him that that was about the time that the note slid under her door. Hayes asks them what note. A cell phone rings, and when John looks to see who it is he sees that the call is coming from Natalie’s cell phone. He answers it and says, "Natalie?"

Tess asks Nash how bad he wants his wallet. He toys with her by placing his hand on her waist. With his other hand he reaches inside her dress and retrieves his wallet. He pretends he is going to kiss her, but instead he walks off and leaves her standing alone. She watches after him.

Antonio and Carlotta discuss Jessica and how he is worried about her. Antonio decides to give her space and let her come back to him in her own time. Antonio insists that they are going to be a family again. They discuss Jaime. They discuss R.J. being a dangerous man and how Antonio should be careful about what he does regarding him.

Nora comes to. Lindsay offers to call 911, but Nora insists that she is fine. Nora makes the excuse that she hasn’t eaten all day. Lindsay offers to get her some water. Nora insists that she is fine. Lindsay goes for the water as R.J. helps her up. Lindsay returns with the water, and Nora drinks almost half of it. She insists that she feels better. Nora thanks them and leaves.

Lindsay wonders what is wrong with Nora. They discuss what Nora has been through. Lindsay reminds R.J. of what she had gone through when Jen died and how he had helped her, and she says that he had saved her life. They kiss. R.J. asks her for a favor. He wants to use her place for a business meeting that night. She agrees but wants to know what is going on.

John is still on the phone trying to talk to Natalie, but with no luck. Bo comes in, and John fills him in that that was the killer on Natalie’s cell phone, and he had played a recording of cheerleaders like at a football game. Marcie suddenly remembers that the killer had taken the cheerleader to a football field and buried her alive. Evangeline rushes up and tells them to try Kennel Creek first, because it is near her condo. John instructs them to keep Hayes there. John rushes out to find the killer.

The killer finishes covering up something that looks like a grave.

Nash and Bruce talk. Nash is approached by some girls. Tess watches Nash as he goes swimming. He gives his wallet to one of the girls to hold for him.

Bo questions Hayes about the murder investigation. He releases Hayes and calls Evangeline into his office. Hayes talks to Marcie and gives her a letter. He invites her to join him for a celebration. Marcie refuses the invitation.

Bo questions Evangeline about the man in the building. Evangeline doesn’t remember anyone like that. He asks her how she is, and she is still shaken by the events and the idea that the killer was that close to her again.


John arrives at the football field, and after looking around he spies something that looks like a grave. He yells for help and says he thinks he has found something. He begins to shovel away the dirt with his hands.

Tess pulls off her clothes in front of the whole crowd. She climbs the ladder to the diving board. Nash comes up behind her and calls her an exhibitionist. She replies, "When you got it, flaunt it." He pushes her into the pool. She yells that she hates him. He tells her that she is going to hate him even more as he points out that she has no bikini bottom on. She looks startled.

Carlotta stands up to say good-bye. Carlotta starts to leave as Nora comes in. Nora gives Antonio some pictures of Jessica and Jaime that Matthew had taken at a birthday party. Antonio offers her a drink but Nora refuses. They discuss R.J. having money problems. Nora promises to look into it.

R.J. refuses to tell Lindsay too much about his business dealings. Jackie comes in, and R.J. tells her to wait in the back room for him. R.J. and Jackie discuss his connections playing by their own rules.

Bo talks to Marcie and tells her that she can go home. Marcie doesn’t want to go home, she still wants to help. She tells him of the dinner that she had been invited to with some other mystery writers.

John is digging in the grave with his hands, trying to find Natalie. He finds the cell phone but continues on digging.

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