OLTL Update Monday 7/11/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/11/05


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Buchanan mansion:

Duke and Kevin sit in the front room. Duke goes over some stock reports while Kevin tries to keep his mind off of things by going over some other reports. Duke realizes that Kevin is still worried about Natalie. Duke tells his father that he thinks he needs to talk out his worries with someone who can give him a different perspective. Kevin asks if Duke thinks that person is him. Duke tells him that he was thinking of Kelly. Duke gets a call from Adriana and is a little upset to learn that she is walking in the park alone when the killer just kidnapped two women. Adriana just finished her kick-boxing class and isn't worried at all. She thinks it is such a beautiful day that he should come and meet her in the park. Duke tells her that he will be right there. After the call, Kevin tells his son that he should go meet her in the park. Duke decides his father is right but wants to make it clear that he thinks that Kevin should call Kelly. Kevin tells him that Kelly is moving on with Spencer, and he isn't sure he has the right to deny her of that. Duke tells his father to just call Kelly. Kevin isn't sure he should be listening to someone who beat the bad guys with a bra and a mousetrap, and he asks his son how he got his hands on a bra anyway. Duke takes that cue to leave and hurries out the door. Kevin stares at the phone for a bit before taking his son's advice and trying to call Kelly. She isn't answering her phone, though, and Kevin gives up.

Asa is surprised to find Blair waiting for him in the foyer. He comments that Nigel must be right, hell really has frozen over. Blair is in no mood for Asa's snide remarks and gets right to the point. She reminds him that the reason he isn't in jail is that they had an agreement. She kept her end of the deal by not pressing charges against him for kidnapping her, and she is there now to make sure that he is keeping his end of the deal. Asa assures her that he is still looking for Margaret. He reports that Margaret is somewhere in Mexico. He wants to know what she wants him to do with Margaret when he finds her. Does she want Margaret to just disappear, or does she want her turned over to the police? Blair is shocked yet intrigued by what Asa is saying. She can't believe that Asa would actually kill Margaret just because she told him to. She tells him that she can't do that because it would make her no better than Margaret. Asa accuses her of getting soft in her old age. Blair doesn't like him thinking that she is turning soft. She tells him to do whatever he needs to do to hold up his end of the deal. Asa tells her that they never had this conversation. Blair reminds him again that she will see him rotting in jail if he doesn't do what he has promised. Asa tells her that a deal is a deal just as Kevin walks out of the front room. Kevin knows that these two hooking up can't be a good thing and asks which one is the devil and which one just sold a soul. Asa tries to tell Kevin that Blair only came by to apologize for making up the trumped-up kidnapping charges and walks off. Kevin doesn't buy that at all and asks Blair for the truth. Blair tries to leave without telling Kevin anything, but Kevin stops her and says he needs a favor from her. He wants her help in getting him and Kelly back together. Blair plays with Kevin a little bit and wonders why she should help him when Kelly is obviously enjoying the attentions of a tall, handsome doctor. Kevin pleads his case, telling Blair that he really wants Kelly back. Blair guesses that she could help, seeing as how Kevin saved Todd's life, but she continues to make Kevin beg, enjoying every minute of it. Once Kevin gets himself really worked up trying to convince her, Blair laughs and tells him to chill out. Kevin is very happy to learn that Kelly is still 50-50 between Kevin and Spencer. He just has to figure out how to make himself look better.

Ultra Violet (I think)

Kelly is impressed that Spencer has reserved a quiet corner table for them. Spencer tells her that it is the least he could do after having to cancel their last date for a silly board meeting. Kelly is surprised to see that Spencer is still in Llanview, because she thought he was only going to be in town for a short time. Spencer tells her that his plans changed after he met her. Kelly asks if he is really staying because of her just as her cell phone starts to ring. She takes it out and sees that it is Kevin calling. Spencer tells her to go ahead and take the call, but she tells him that it isn't important and puts the phone back in her purse. Spencer tells her that he had planned to come to town just long enough to raise some money for his projects and then move on to another hospital, but Kelly made him realize that he was missing passion in his life, and that there are more important things in life than fund raisers and awards--things like family. When Spencer mentions family, Kelly becomes a bit uncomfortable. She covers it well and admits to him that sometimes people get so wrapped up in life that they forget what is really important. Kelly admits that she feels like she is starting life over now, too. Spencer picks up his glass and the two toast to new beginnings. The two of them laugh over some stories that Spencer tells her about the medical profession and they enjoy each other's company. When Spencer comments on how pretty her laughter is, she jokes with him about not accepting any more compliments from him. Spencer jokes back that it is her turn to compliment him. She tells him that he is intelligent, funny, and not hard to look at. She wonders why he isn't married. She is surprised to learn that he used to be married to Paige and asks why he didn't mention it before. He tells her that he and Paige are still friends and that Paige had asked him not to talk about it until she'd had time to tell Bo. He is happy for her that she has found someone else. Kelly is intrigued to hear that he works so well with his ex. Spencer reminds her that she works with Kevin and asks her to be truthful with him about her feelings for Kevin. Kelly admits that she still has feelings for Kevin and that she is confused about those feelings. She sits next to him and tells him that she does enjoy spending time with him and wants to spend more time with him, but she has to be honest with him about her feelings for Kevin. Spencer tells her that he can help her resolve her feelings about Kevin, just before kissing her.

Some unknown place:

The killer wears black gloves as he cuts out letters from magazines. He carefully glues them on the front of an envelope and spells out Evangeline's name. He folds a note and slips it in the envelope. On the back flap of the envelope, he carefully draws a small coffin with the initials "K C" inside the coffin.

The police station:

Bo is on the phone demanding results from the lab while John studies a map of Llanview. When Bo finishes his call, John tells him that he agrees with Bo about there being two killers. It is the only thing that makes sense. Marcie comes in with Rex in tow, asking why they called her there. She wonders if this means they have found Natalie and asks if Natalie is okay. Bo asks why Rex is there. Rex tells him that he has come because he wants to help find his sister. Bo sees that Rex is wound up and tells him that he can stay as long as he keeps his mouth shut and sits in the corner quietly. Rex takes what he can get and goes to the chair in the corner to listen quietly. John asks Marcie if the Killing Club ever used two killers in any of their scenarios. Marcie is shaken when she remembers that the scenario with the cheerleaders was the first time that they did use two killers. Rex can't believe that Marcie is just now remembering this. Bo shoots him a warning look and Rex sits down again. Marcie tells them that they didn't kill both cheerleaders; one of them was supposed to get away so she could warn the others. John asks her what happened to the other cheerleader. Marcie starts to get really flustered as she tries to remember. Everything is jumbled in her mind. John tries to get her to calm down and just try to piece things together. Rex gets impatient and yells at her again. Bo gives Rex one last warning and Rex reluctantly sits down again. Marcie remembers that they were all getting frustrated because the murders were getting to easy to figure out, so they decided to put a second killer in to mix things up a little. She thinks there was some kind of twist, but she is so worked up now that she can't remember. Rex can't stand it anymore and yells at her again. He wants to know what those freaks are doing to his sister. Bo grabs him and rushes him out of the office while John tries to calm Marcie down enough that she can think again. Outside the office, Rex is pretty worked up, too, and Bo reminds him that Marcie is on their side and he needs to just let them help her remember. Rex warns that Bo had better find his sister before he storms out of the station. Bo goes back into the office as Marcie is telling John that it was the plan that one of the cheerleaders was to get away. Bo and John both ask what was supposed to happen to the other cheerleader. All Marcie can remember was that they always wanted the punishment to fit the crime. She also remembers that this scenario was the turning point in the game. Before this one, they always made it look like an accident so that the police wouldn't pursue it as a homicide. Bo and John go over a couple of names from the original Killing Club list with Marcie of people they haven't been able to find yet. Marcie tells them that one of the names wouldn't be the killer because he was never really into it much and quit pretty early on. The other name is a perfect fit because he was goth and really didn't fit into the group, as he was too much into weapons and stuff. There is a problem with this guy, too, though: he is already dead.

The park:

Adriana finishes her call to Duke and puts her phone back in her purse. Someone puts a hand on her shoulder and she freaks out, turning with a back-kick to the face and a punch to the groin for the man who was going to attack her. She is horrified to find Rex rolling in pain on the ground. She apologizes and explains that Duke just has her so jumpy with all his talk of the killer. She helps Rex up and apologizes again. She asks if there has been any news of Natalie being found yet. Rex admits that there hasn't been. Adriana tells him that she is sure that Natalie will be fine. She tells him about her and Duke's adventures with Carlo and his goons. If she and Duke can make it out okay, she is sure that Natalie will too. Rex doesn't believe her at first, but he is impressed with her story. He asks what they teach in the convent. Adriana tells him that they teach a lot, but they don't teach survival. That is something one has to learn on the streets, and from what she knows of Natalie, Natalie is a survivor, too. Rex is somewhat comforted by her words. She offers him a dollar bill in return for the dollar that he gave her for luck when she first came to town. He is touched and asks if it did actually bring her luck. Adriana tells him that it did. Rex confesses that the only reason he was nice to her when she came to town was that she was rich. He is surprised to find out that she knew that. Duke arrives, and Adriana explains that Rex was keeping her company until he got there. Duke asks about Natalie. Rex tells him that he has a feeling that Natalie will be okay. He tells Duke not to piss Adriana off before taking off. Adriana explains by telling Duke what happened. Duke apologizes for being late. Adriana is just happy that he is there now. They sit on the bench together, and Adriana is right where she wants to be: soaking up the sun with her head on Duke's shoulder. She admits that she is feeling frustrated because there is nothing they can do to help find Natalie. Duke tells her not to worry; the entire police station is looking for Natalie, and Viki has the best of the medical world on her side. Adriana asks who is taking care of him. Duke tells her that she is all that he needs. They continue to enjoy the beautiful day.

Evangeline's office:

Michael comes in to find Vangie leaving a message for Antonio, telling him to call her. He wants to see how she is doing. She tells him that she just stopped shaking an hour ago, but she is managing. He notices that she is throwing herself back into her work. She tells him that is how she is dealing with things. He tells her that she can only do that for so long before things will start to back up on her. She asks if that is his professional opinion. She becomes a little offended when he tells her that he knows this from watching his brother. She tells him that she is nothing like John. She tells him that he is confusing her with John's other muse, Natalie. When she realizes how bitchy that sounded, she is shocked at herself. She had promised Natalie that they would both escape together or they wouldn't escape at all. Now she is here taking shots at Natalie. Michael understands and is relieved that she is dealing with normal feelings after everything that she has been through. Evangeline assures him that she is feeling all of it. She is feeling fear that the killer will come back, relief that she survived, and anger that the one person she needs to lean on isn't there for her when she needs him. Michael holds her to comfort her for a few seconds. She tells him that she does fine for a while, then she breaks down for a few minutes, and then she is fine again. Michael thinks she is amazing. Evangeline agrees with him, she is--just not amazing enough. She admits that it is taking every ounce of strength she has not to give in to the hate she feels towards the son-of-a-bitch who took her and Natalie. Michael thinks she is holding up really well. He knows that it always takes him a couple of hours to pull himself back together when he has had an argument with Marcie. Vangie jokes that she will remember that the next time she is in the ER. She assures him that she is just good at covering things up. She tells him about seeing John earlier and that John kissed her. She explains that she stopped the kiss because she realized that it will take years for John to work through all his stuff, and she may still end up with nothing. Michael sadly agrees with her. She tells him that she needs to get back to work. Michael wants her to know that even if she isn't with John, he is still her friend. She thanks him and gives him a goodbye hug. After Michael leaves, she tries to shake off the emotional state that she is in so that she can get back to work, but it isn't easy. She turns on the radio and hears the announcer make a dedication to a couple that is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. This is not what she needs to hear right now. She grabs the radio and throws it against the wall in frustration. As she looks at the broken pieces on the floor, she realizes that someone is slowly slipping an envelope under her door. She freezes in fear and watches until the envelope stops moving. She is terrified of the envelope when she sees that it has her name spelled out in cut-out letters from magazines. She knows that she should just call the police, but she can't keep herself from picking it up and seeing what is in it. She slowly walks around the desk and carefully picks it up. She is shaking so hard that she can barely open it. She can't believe that the killer was actually there.

A little later, John shows up with a couple of officers to find out what has happened. Evangeline can't believe that she was alone in the office with the killer right outside. As one of the officers dusts the door for prints, Evangeline explains to John how she slipped away from the man whom he had watching her. She gets a bit defensive and John asks how the radio ended up on the floor. Evangeline tells him that she did that and it had nothing to do with the envelope. The officer reports that there are no prints on the door. John asks if Evangeline is ready to go to the station to make a statement. She tells him that she is. John arranges for one of the officers to take her to the station. He stays behind to do a bit more investigating.


Rex sits at the bar, downing shots and holding a glass of ice water against his groin, trying to deal with the pain of Adriana's punch. Michael sees him and asks if there is news of Natalie. Rex wants to know why Michael cares. Michael tells him that Natalie is a friend of his. He sees that Rex has had a bit too much to drink and orders some coffee for him. Rex is in no mood to be around Michael when it is all his fault that Natalie is missing. Michael doesn't understand what Rex means. Rex tells him that Natalie is missing because his psycho girlfriend wrote a how-to book, and his cop brother pissed the guy off. This is all John's fault. He tells Michael to get out of his face. Michael tells him that John will not let Natalie get hurt. It is clear that Rex is worried about his sister. He orders a round of drinks for the two of them.

Back at the police station:

Bo gets off the phone and reports to Marcie and Evangeline that they didn't know the other guy from the Killing Club had died because he was out of the country when he died. Marcie tells Bo that there is no way she can remember everything that was in the journals, but the other club members might remember more than she does. Bo tells her that they are all being questioned in the field right now. He tells the two of them that he is headed to Evangeline's office to supervise the investigation. He doesn't want to miss anything. He heads out and Marcie worries aloud about when this will all stop. Evangeline tells her that it will stop when they catch the guy and she hopes they find out something from the envelope that was delivered to her office. John comes in the back door of the office and tells them that there were no prints on the envelope, either. He shows it to Marcie and asks if the letter means anything to her. Marcie reads the note, which says ?"And everyone will know she's gone, but no one will know she's still there or that she can hear them cheer." She has no idea what it means, though. John and Natalie are frustrated and jumpy. Marcie notices the drawing of the coffin and becomes very alarmed. John asks her what it means. She tells him that the Killing Club only used that symbol when they were sure that a plan was going to be successful. John asks if that means that the killer is going to make his move soon. Marcie tells him that isn't what it means, it means that the plan was successful--Natalie is already dead!

Evangeline's office:

Bo is going over the office with a fine-toothed comb and asks an officer to get him a list of every person who has a key to the building. Another officer brings a janitor in and tells Bo that he has an eye-witness. Bo asks if the man saw who slid the envelope under the door. The janitor tells him that he did see who it was.

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