OLTL Update Friday 7/8/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/8/05


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Roxy comes storming into the police station with Rex not far behind, running in after her. She yells at Bo, asking where her baby is. Rex tells Bo that he tried talking to her but wasn't able to. Viki then shows up, and Roxy asks if she knew about Natalie being kidnapped. She says yes, and Roxy gets even more upset. Viki tells her that she's sorry no one told her. Roxy tells her that it wasn't her job, lightly pushing Rex and Bo by telling them it's their job, and they should have told her. Bo says sorry and that there's no excuse as to why they didn't tell her. She thinks Bo doesn't have the time for her because he doesn't think of her as Natalie's mom, but she is as much a mom to Natalie as Viki is. He says he understands she's upset because she feels like she was kept out of the loop. She says she was born that way, being kept out of the loop. She starts crying and says that she may not have been much of a mom when raising Natalie, but she did her best. Viki does her best to comfort her, saying that Natalie does think of Roxy as a very important part of her life and that Natalie loves her very much. She also puts a hand on her shoulder. During the whole time, Rex looks upset that he upset his mom by not telling her about Natalie. Bo has a concerned look on his face as they have this conversation about Natalie. He tells Rex to take Roxy home, but she says no and that she's not going anywhere with him. She tells Rex she's going to stay mad at him for a couple more hours, and if he's lucky she'll forgive him when he calls her.

John is at the Love Center, looking at where Natalie had almost been burned alive. Evangeline shows up and he asks her if she's okay. She says she's fine and comments on his hand still being bandaged up. He says he's fine, and she says she knows that he has a high tolerance for pain. He has a hurt look on his face when she says that. She asks if Natalie has been found, and he says no. She says he must be worried that there's been no word on Natalie, and he says yes. She says that he clearly made his choice that night when he saved Natalie first, and he denies it. He says it wasn't the choice that was put right before him that hurt him, it was the fact that she was involved in it, that her being associated with him put her in danger. But Evangeline doesn't believe him. She says, after a bit more talk about that night, that she shouldn't even be there and that she is leaving. He tells her he wants to walk her out, and she says he doesn't have to since, after all, she has a patrol car following her every move. He says he knows, but he wants to walk her out anyway. They get outside and Evangeline tells John to go back to work or something. Again, she tells him that he obviously cares more for Natalie, and he says that's not true. He says something more and she says, " Prove it." He kisses her. She pushes him away and they argue more about Natalie and about their reason for breaking up in the first place, which is that he can't tell her how he feels. Then she mentions that the timing seemed off when she and Natalie were trying to escape because they had heard footsteps above them, but when Natalie put her head out the window, the killer was there. She says it seemed to her like there were two killers, and she says she's sorry she hadn't said so before.

Kelly, David and Dorian meet the wedding planner for David and Dorian's wedding at Capricorn, and she barely says hi to Kelly when being introduced to her. David sees Spencer there and isn't very happy. David makes a joke when she mentions lighting, saying something about a floor show. She doesn't laugh and doesn't seem very impressed with him. She says that time is everything if they're going to have a wedding in six weeks. Spencer walks up to the table and gets introduced to the wedding planner, who seems interested in him and very impressed when he says he had been to one of the weddings that she had been a planner for. Kelly says she feels like a fifth wheel and comments to Spencer about getting a drink. They go over to the bar in Capricorn and talk business. He compliments her on her work, and she says she's not used to getting attention when it comes to her work. He tells her that she's hanging out with the wrong people. She says that she let her personal life get in the way of her work for a while, and he says he knows she's been through a lot and mentions what she could do to have a baby. She asks him how he knew she couldn't have a baby, and he says Kevin told him. Meanwhile, David asks Dorian to forget about Spencer and says he doesn't want to talk about his past. She says she looked into Spencer's past and he seemed like a very educated and hard-working man. He gets mad and says he remembers her promising to back off until the wedding. She says she doesn't remember making the promise. Adriana then shows up, and Dorian is happy to see her.

Adriana and Duke are at his dad's place, talking about Asa. He says that he talked to Asa and that Asa wasn't trying to kill her, he was trying to kill Blair. He says that Asa had been trying to get Carlo back to Llanview to get him in jail. He also tells her about what happened with Natalie and Evangeline. She says she's sorry about Natalie. Adriana talks to her mom on the phone and hangs up to tell Duke her mom is meeting with a wedding planner. She says she's going to go surprise her mom at Capricorn and asks him to come along. He says no because he's going to wait for his dad to come home, but he says that he'll meet her later at Capricorn. Kevin comes home when Adriana and Duke are kissing goodbye. Duke asks how Viki is, and Kevin says she's fine. They talk about her health for a bit. Then they talk about what happened with Asa, and Kevin tells Duke he wishes that he hadn't done what he did. But he tells Duke he's very proud of him and how he handled everything with Asa. Duke tells him he should have seen how Adriana handled everything and that she was great throughout the whole thing. Kevin says he saw how close they were when he walked in. Duke then tells him that he promised Adriana to show up at Capricorn and thinks they should go together so that Kevin support him and back him up when it comes to Dorian. When they get there, Dorian gives Kevin a look, and he tells her not to even start with him.

Kelly asks to speak to Kevin alone, and David leaves the table. She tells him to give her one good reason she shouldn't kick him for telling Spencer that she wasn't able to get pregnant, and he says he's sorry, it just slipped out when they were talking the other night. She tells him it's over, and she means really over this time. She walks up to Spencer, who asks her on a date, and she accepts.

Tess gets stopped by the guy she stole the car from, and he pushes a button on his keychain that stops the car. He orders her out and she gets a ride from someone, telling him to follow the car ahead of them. She ends up at a fancy place and gets really excited. The car that she had stolen wasn't even his, he had borrowed it. She doesn't find this out, however. She goes inside, and when he asks her what she's doing there she says she's always looking for a good time. He walks away from her. She walks around, taking in the sights around her and getting even more excited. She walks by a couple and a guy handing out glasses of champagne. She grabs a glass and thanks him. As she's standing around, a guy comes up to her and introduces himself as Bruce. He says that he's never seen her before, and she tells him the story about a hot guy turning her down for a lunch date and her then taking the guy's car. He says he can't imagine that and tells her he'd like her to stay, saying she's the guest of honor. She talks to the guy again who had turned her down, and he asks her why she hasn't left. She tells him Bruce said he wanted her to stay. The man seems upset.

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