OLTL Update Thursday 7/7/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/7/05


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Rex is on his cell phone trying to get Bo on to talk to him, but he is told Bo is too busy to talk. He gets mad and hangs up, slamming his phone down on the bar as Lindsay comes in. She can see that he's not very happy and does her best to comfort him. He tells her about the idea he had for Natalie to get John's attention and says he feels like everything he's done in the past is coming down on him hard. She asks him if he wants to hear what she sees in him, and he says, "I think I know what that is." She says no, that she sees someone who's caring and sweet, someone who looked out for and loved Jen very much. She says she doesn't see anything of the old Rex in him, and she hugs him. When she leaves, he looks very thoughtful.

Marcie is at the Love Center, deep in thought, when Viki shows up. Viki asks her if, since she's the one who put things in motion, she can change what's been done. Marcie tells her that she feels badly and that she wishes she had never written the book. Viki tells her she read the book and saw nothing about two girls getting kidnapped and burned at the stake.. Marcie says that it wasn't from the book, it was something the original Killing Club had come up with and it had been written down in a journal. Viki yells at her, asking her if she feels guilty for writing the book, and Marcie says yes. Marcie tells her she isn't going to say she's sorry because she knows it's not what she wants to hear. She also says that she wants Natalie to be safe just as much as Viki does. John shows up towards the end of the argument, and Viki tells him she's really worried about Natalie, but she knows he'll find her and bring her home because he cares about her. He says he really does, and Viki leaves. John asks Marcie what she's doing there, and she says she was trying to get into the killer's head to figure out why this is happening. She asks him what he's there for, and he says the same thing, that he's trying to get into the killer's head. When he gets up off his knees to leave, he tells her that she shouldn't be there alone and escorts her out.

Todd goes to Capricorn and sits down at a table with a cup of coffee in his hand. Antonio is there going over some papers, and he tells Todd that they're closed. Todd says that he has something, but he's not sure he'll give it to the person he was told to give it to. Antonio says of course not, because he doesn't usually do what he's asked or told to do. Todd thinks about the note Jessica had asked him to give to Antonio and decides not to give it to him, so he gets up. Antonio asks what he's there for or if he's not going to say what he came there for. He then tells Todd he'd like to know what he knows about Jessica and puts his hand on his shoulder to keep him from going. Todd gives him a nasty look and Antonio backs off. Todd finally mentions that he has a letter for him from Jessica, saying he guesses he doesn't want it. After a minute of arguing, he decides to give him the note, except he doesn't give it to him; instead he reads it to him. The note tells Antonio that Jessica is fine and just needs some space, and it also says she doesn't want him to look for her. Viki shows up after the note has been read to Antonio and asks if it's from Jessica. Both Todd and Antonio tell her that, from the note, it seems like Jessica is doing well, but she tells Todd she doesn't want him to protect her and she wants to know everything. He doesn't tell her what he knows, though.

Tess goes on a carriage ride and asks the driver if he can go faster. He asks her where she wants to go, and she says somewhere really beautiful. When the ride ends, she asks how much she owes him, and he says $75.00. She goes into her wallet and gives him five dollars, saying it's all that she has. He tells her she's cheap and takes off. She sees a really nice car and a good-looking guy and decides to make a move on him. A girl comes up to her as she's waiting for the guy to finish up with the valet and tells Tess she's really lucky to have a guy that good-looking. Tess agrees and adds that the car is great too. The girl leaves, and as the guy starts to walk by Tess, she tells him she likes his car. Then she tells him she has an interesting proposition for him. He asks what it is, and she asks him to buy her lunch. He asks her why he should do that, and she says because she's cute and likes his car. He says no, and she says that a guy like him with a car as nice as that should be able to pay for a girl's lunch. He turns her down flat, and she walks away. She asks the valet for the key to her husband's car, because after how he treated her she wasn't going to go in and try to impress his dinner associates. She flirts with him and gives him money when he tells her she needs to have a card and if she doesn't have it, she needs to get it from her husband. She gives up finally and takes the key from the lock box while he's parking cars, and she takes off with the car.

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