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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/6/05


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Kelly comes to visit Blair. She apologizes for just dropping by. Blair questions her as to what is going on. Kelly confides that she is beginning to have feelings. Blair misunderstands and thinks that she means for Kevin, but Kelly informs her that she is beginning to have feelings for Spencer. Blair is surprised.

Spencer looks at newspaper articles that have been written about Kevin and Kelly and them losing their baby. He goes out into the hall and talks to Leslie. He instructs her to pull the file on Kelly Buchanan.

Mrs. Williamson visits Evangeline in the hospital. John comes in to visit also. Mrs. Williamson asks John to leave. Evangeline tries to stop her, but Mrs. Williamson informs her that she doesn’t have to be polite to him, not after what he had done. John tells her that he cares about her daughter. Mrs. Williamson asks him if he was caring for Evangeline when he rescued Natalie Vega before her. Evangeline tells her mother that she needs to talk to John. Mrs. Williamson tells her that she will be just outside the door if she needs her. Evangeline asks him if he has found Natalie. John tells her no. He sits down beside her bed and tells her that he is sorry that he has to do this. John asks her if she could give him a description of the man or if the man had said anything to her. Evangeline looks at him and tells him her first. She informs him that he had looked between her and Natalie. She also tells him that she wasn’t the only one who had noticed it; the killer had noticed it too, and he had made John make a decision between the two of them.

The nun at St. Anne’s informs Todd that no one had questioned Jessica leaving, but that's because they had had his authorization to release her. Todd denies signing Jessica out. The nun shows him the sign-out sheet with his signature on it. Todd tells her that he had not signed her out. Todd informs her that Tess had signed it, and now she was out there somewhere, and he didn’t know what she might do to herself or someone else.

Tess enters a bar. She walks up and orders a Jessica-type drink. She orders a Cosmo and tells him to go easy on the straight stuff. She has a talk with Jessica before she gulps the drink down all at once.

Dorian and David drink a toast to their wedding day, August 19th. She doesn’t know how she will put together a proper wedding in that length of time. David stops her from backing out again. Dorian tells him that she is not going to put off for another minute becoming Mrs. David Vicars again. She casually mentions how he had chosen a new name to go by instead of Truman. She asks him if there are any more Trumans out there. David makes a joke and tells her that there was Harry S. Truman. David informs her that Spencer is his only kin. Dorian mentions that his side will be awfully bare at the wedding, but she wants to lend him some of her family, namely Kelly. Kevin interrupts. Dorian points out that they are celebrating their upcoming nuptials. David tells her that this will only take a minute.

David and Kevin discuss Kelly’s involvement with Spencer and how he was supposed to be notified when he came buzzing around Kelly. Kevin points out that Spencer is more bad news than he is. Kevin points out that he and Kelly don’t need any interference. David, in a whisper, tells him that he has the perfect plan.

Michael introduces himself to Spencer and tells him that he had heard that he was going to be staying a while at their hospital, and he was just wondering... But Spencer interrupts him and tells him to put it on his desk. Spencer leaves Michael alone.

John informs Evangeline that the killer had made this personal. John also tells her that the killer is trying to get inside his head. Evangeline says, "Good luck with that." John tries to hold her hand, but she pulls away. Evangeline tells him that she doesn’t fault him--he had to save Natalie first or she would have died. John lays a tape recorder on the bed, and he asks her what the first thing was that she remembered when she woke up. Evangeline gets frustrated at him and tells him that she was trying to thank him for saving her life, but all he wants to do is question her. Evangeline asks him if he has anything he wants to say to her. John tells her yes, but he has to do his job first. Evangeline says, "So you can find Natalie." John nods his head. Evangeline agrees that she wants to help him find Natalie. She begins to tell him what she remembers.

Tess looks at the picture of Natalie. The bartender brings her another drink. He tells her that he hopes that they keep the trouble in Llanview. Tess agrees.

Todd leaves Jessica/Tess a message on her cell phone. The nun suggests that they call the police, but Todd refuses. He tells the nun about a killer holding Viki’s other daughter hostage, saying this would kill her. Todd threatens the nun that if anything happens to his niece... Addie comes up and speaks to Todd. Addie wants to know what he is doing there so late. They discuss Jessica. Addie tells him that she knows how to find Jessica.

Addie and Todd discuss Jessica and how she wasn’t particularly interested in the scrapbook that she had been showing her, but she had stolen Starr’s report card with his signature on it. Addie tells him that the nun had taught her a memory game to play. She goes on to tell Todd what Jessica was wearing.

Tess changes clothes and puts the other clothes down in a shopping bag. She gives the bag to a waiter and tells him to burn them. He asks her if she is sure. She tells him that they aren’t her style. She goes back to the bar, where she is joined by a man. They began to talk, and he starts questioning her as to where she lives. Another man comes up to the bar and orders some martinis, and then he leaves. The man beside her strikes up a conversation again. He asks her where she has been all his life.

Kelly and Blair discuss Spencer and whether he had ever kissed her. Kelly informs her that Kevin had walked in, and also that Spencer is David’s brother. Blair is surprised, and she suggests to Kelly that she shouldn’t let Kevin have his way.

David and Kevin discuss Spencer and his staying in town. David suggests that they offer him money so he can start a practice in another town.

Dorian and Spencer talk. Dorian tells him to keep his schedule open so he can attend their wedding on August 19th. Spencer tells her that he will surely keep his schedule open so he can attend. David rejoins them and informs Spencer that he wants to spend a little time with his fianceť, alone. Spencer offers David his congratulations.

Dorian admits that she would like to get to know Spencer better. She questions him about his childhood. He asks her if she loves him. He tells her that if she loves him, she shouldn't bring up his childhood again.

Spencer sits down at a table. Kevin joins him. They immediately begin to discuss Kelly, and Spencer spending time with her.

Blair and Kelly discuss Kevin and Spencer, and which one she likes the best. Kelly admits that she gets all fluttery when she is around Spencer.. Blair tells her that she has already made up her mind.

Todd makes a phone call. He tells the PI to find Jessica/Tess. Todd tells Addie goodbye, and then he tells her that wherever Jessica is, she will be needing money and a place to sleep.

The man offers to buy Tess a drink. Tess tells him that she always buys her own drinks. When she checks her wallet she finds only a few dollars in it. Instead she gives the bartender a credit card, which he promptly returns to her.

Mrs. Williamson and Michael discuss Evangeline and John. She is upset that John is in with Evangeline. Michael tries to offer her some encouragement.

Evangeline finishes telling John what had happened. She tells him that Natalie had never given up hope that he would find them. John informs her that she didn’t need a man to take her where she was going. Evangeline admits that when she saw him walk in, she did need a man. Evangeline looks at John’s hand. She suggests that he let Michael look at it. He refuses. Evangeline points out that he wants to suffer as some form of penance for the guilt that he feels. They discuss how him saving Natalie first is what had saved her life, and otherwise she would have been in the same situation as Natalie. She informs him that he saved Natalie first because she needed saving. John points out that he hadn’t saved her this time.

Tess questions the bartender as to what is wrong with her card. The man offers to pay for the drinks. His cell phone rings, and he tells her that he has to take the call. She walks over to a booth. She has a talk with Jessica in her mirror.

David and Dorian discuss his childhood. Dorian promises to back off, but not until after their wedding.

Spencer and Kevin discuss Kelly’s vulnerability and how she had been hurt the past year. Kevin wants Spencer to back off and leave Kelly alone.. They discuss Kelly losing their child. Spencer confronts Kevin and tells him to admit that he wants Kelly back. Spencer gets up and tells Kevin, "May the best man win."

David and Dorian discuss Kevin not wanting Kelly to see Spencer. Dorian comes up with the idea that they could have a double wedding with Kelly and Spencer.

Blair and Kelly say goodbye. Blair thanks her for stopping by. Kelly leaves. Blair calls Todd.

Blair asks Todd when he will be coming home. She suggests that they do something impulsive. Todd fills her in on what had been happening to Jessica.. Blair suggests that he call Viki. Todd tells her that Viki couldn’t handle it. She then mentions Antonio. Todd tells her that Antonio is the cause of her problems. They hang up.

The man joins Tess at her table. They discuss him not going home to his wife that night. He suggests leaving, but before they can he passes out. She steals money out of his wallet and leaves him passed out at the table.

Kelly visits Addie. Addie notices she has a special glow about her. She confronts Kelly about whether there is a new man in her life. Kelly admits that there is. They discuss Todd also being there that night.

David suggests that, since they are all out of champagne, they take their celebration elsewhere. They get up from the table and kiss. Dorian calls Angela to see if she has any information on Spencer Truman.

David tells Spencer that when he receives an invitation to their wedding, he's to throw it out. Spencer tells him that he will stand up for him just like he always has. Spencer looks at the file on Kelly Buchanan.

Evangeline tells John that that is all the information she can give him. Evangeline tells him that she hopes he finds what he is looking for. John says he hopes the same for her.

Mrs. Williamson goes into Evangeline’s room and finds her crying. She tries to comfort her daughter.

John tells Michael to give Evangeline everything that she needs. Michael insists on looking at John’s hand. Michael tells him to wait. He gets a call from Marcie, who tells him that she can’t find the journal from the Killing Club. John is upset.

The killer has the Killing Club journal. He thumbs through the pages, and when he finds the right section he places a bookmark in it.

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