OLTL Update Tuesday 7/5/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/5/05


By Mary
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Dorian sits on the veranda in a lawn chair. She is sipping a drink and counting the stars. David comes up but he is reluctant to join her. He finally says hi. Dorian speaks in turn. David inquires as to what she is doing. Dorian tells him she is counting the stars. David comes up and sits down beside her. He offers his help in counting, and he divides up the stars. Dorian questions him as to why he had left the Palace so quickly. David tells her that Craze had called. Dorian tells him that Kelly had told her he was running an errand for Adriana. David informs her that he was running the errand for Adriana when the office had called. Dorian calls him a liar. David informs her that he wouldn’t lie to her deliberately. Dorian says that's enough. She demands to know what he is hiding from her about Spencer..

Spencer brings Kelly home from the Palace. She thanks him and tells him that she had a nice time. Spencer says that he hopes she isn’t calling it a night. She steps aside and lets him in. Spencer suggests that they have a drink and spend some time alone together. He begins to kiss her when Kevin interrupts. Kelly is annoyed and asks him what he is doing there and if he was following them.

Viki asks the officer about the girls. He informs her that one of them had been found. Viki questions him again. The officer informs her again that only one girl had been found.

Paramedic No. 1 tells the other paramedic that he will call the hospital while an I.V. is started.

John tells Bo that Natalie was just lying right over there, and he demands to know what had happened to her. John gets on the walkie-talkie and tells the other police officers that he wants the place locked down because they have one victim missing, and her name is Natalie Vega. Viki comes up and is hysterical when she finds out that Natalie is missing. Bo reminds Viki that he had told her to stay outside. Viki demands to know from John where Natalie is.

Kevin informs Kelly that he was not following them. He also tells her that he had been distracted and that he had been at the police station checking to see if they had any news about Natalie. Kelly apologizes and asks him if there had been any word, and Kevin replies that there hasn't. Kevin then brings up that Asa had been there. This surprises Kelly, that Asa would actually come back to town after what he had done to Blair. Spencer gets the idea that this is family business and decides to leave. Kevin tells him that he appreciates it. Spencer tells Kelly that he will talk to her later. She watches him as he leaves. When she goes back inside, she reprimands Kevin for being so rude to Spencer. Kevin points out that Spencer doesn’t care anything about their family, he only wants to score some points with her.

Outside, Spencer finds it very interesting that Asa is back in town.

David and Dorian discuss Spencer being his brother and how he is keeping something from her about his brother. He brings up how she had kept it from him that Adriana was her daughter. Dorian then states that once she had brought Adriana home, she had explained everything to him. David gets upset, and he gets up and walks over to the pool and stands there looking up at the stars. She sets down her drink, gets up, goes over, and puts her arms around David’s waist. She asks him if he knows what she missed the most when they had broken up. David starts to joke, but Dorian tickles him and informs him that she was trying to be serious. David turns around and asks her what had she missed. She goes on to tell him that she had missed them lying in bed after they had made love and talking about all the things that had happened to them, such as them forging Viki’s signature on the check. Dorian also points out that he had never kept anything from her until his brother had come to town. David agrees and tells her that she deserves to know the truth.

Marcie waits at the police station for John and Bo. In her hand she has a letter from the killer, inside a plastic bag. She gets up and heads to the receptionist's desk. She hands it to the woman and tells her to see that John gets it. The woman tells her that John and Bo had wanted her to stay there. Marcie, frustrated, tells her that she will be there for them.

Mrs. Williamson rushes into the hospital and meets up with Michael. She begins to question Michael about Evangeline and where she is. Michael tries to assure her that Evangeline has been found and was conscious, and the paramedics were bringing her into the hospital. Mrs. Williamson begins to pray for Evangeline’s safety.

Viki demands to know from John where Natalie is. John tells her that he can’t tell her anything. He looks over at Evangeline, and then asks to be excused. An officer comes in and tells John that they had found something he should look at.

Bo takes Viki and tries to assure her that they will find Natalie. He also tries to get her to go home. She insists that she wants to stay there. Bo tells her that she won’t be of any help to anyone if she lands up in the hospital. John comes back in and tells them that he thinks he may know where the killer had taken Natalie.

Kevin and Kelly discuss Natalie and where she could be. They discuss Asa and his being back in town. They also discuss Asa's claims that Carlo had been behind all of this, including Blair’s kidnapping. Kevin also tells her that Carlo had kidnapped Duke and Adriana and was planning on killing them if Asa didn’t agree to his terms. Kevin then tells her that somehow Duke and Adriana had escaped their captors, and they were safe now. Kelly wants to call Dorian, but Kevin insists that she doesn’t. They are both reminded of the hurt that they had faced when they had lost Ace.

David begins to tell Dorian about his childhood and his father. David also tells her that his father’s name was Truman. Dorian is surprised that their father’s name was Truman. David informs her that he had changed his last name when he was eighteen.

The paramedics bring Evangeline in. Michael instantly puts her into a room to examine her. Mrs. Williamson thanks the Lord for keeping Evangeline safe.

John shows Bo something that he had found, and he thinks that it belongs to Natalie. They are going to dust it for fingerprints. Bo wants to take Viki home. Viki begs John to please find Natalie. The officer takes Viki out. Bo suggests dusting the shoe and asks that he let him know what they find. John promises Bo that he will find Natalie. Bo leaves. John looks at his hand, and then back at the burnt timbers. He tosses the bag to an officer and instructs him to take it to CSU.

Dorian starts repeating things over and over again. David informs her that he had changed his name twenty years ago when he had dropped that life. Dorian insists that he had never dropped the life. She insists that he is definitely a con man. He insists to her that when he found her again, he had changed his way of life. He also says that if she still wants to bail on their marriage... He gets up from the pool and leaves her sitting there.

Viki insists that she is feeling better, and she pleads with Bo to let her go back. Bo instructs her to go into the house and says he is going to stay there tonight, just to make sure that she is all right. They hear a noise. Bo instructs her to go into the house, and he will check it out.. He aims his gun toward the bushes and tells whomever it is to show himself. Spencer comes out with his hands up. Bo asks him what he is doing there. They hear a noise inside the house, and Bo says, "Viki?" They both go rushing into the house.

Kevin discusses with Kelly the time J. R. Chandler had taken little Ace, and how he had told Viki he was going to her cabin when in actuality he was leaving town. He also tells her that if he hadn’t run into Todd, he doesn’t know where he would have ended up. They reminisce about when their marriage was falling apart, and how they had both learned something. He holds Kelly’s hand and tells her that he wants to be with her tonight.

Michael shows Mrs. Williamson into Evangeline’s room. He instructs them that they can talk for a while, but Evangeline needs to put her oxygen back on as soon as possible. He leaves the room. Mrs. Williamson sits down beside her. Evangeline tells her that if it hadn’t been for John, she wouldn’t be here right now. Evangeline recounts to her mother the events of the previous night and everything that had happened. She also tells her that when John had arrived there, he had saved Natalie first. Mrs. Williamson is surprised that he had saved Natalie first.

John is outside at the patrol car. An officer comes up and gives him the results of the tests, which prove that it was Natalie’s hair on the shoe. Marcie comes rushing up, and an officer tries to stop her. John tells the officer to let her through. Marcie wants to know about Evangeline and Natalie. John tells her that Evangeline will be just fine, but the killer got away with Natalie. John insists to her that she tell him where the killer could have taken Natalie.

Dorian has a tablet in her hand, and she says to herself that it just might work.

Kevin pleads with Kelly not to pull away from him. He also tells her that she is the love of his life. Tears fall from her eyes. They kiss. He tells her that he wants to come home to her. She pulls away from him.

Viki wants to clean up the broken glass. Bo insists that he will do it. Spencer tries to get her to remain calm. Bo questions him as to why he was there. Spencer tells him that he had had a date with Kelly, and he must have gotten turned around when he was going back to his car.

Marcie and John discuss the Killing Club journal. They also discuss where the killer was going. John tells her that he is going after people close to him. John insists that Marcie go and get him the Killing Club journal. Marcie tells him that she will go and get it right now.

John arrives at the hospital and sees Michael. Michael wants to examine his hand, but John refuses. They discuss Evangeline and how she is.

Evangeline and her mother discuss John caring for her, and her mother comes to the realization that John had made his choice when he had rescued Natalie first.

Kevin and Kelly discuss their feelings for each other. Kelly points out that she wants them back together for the right reason. Kevin gets up to leave. Kelly brings up Spencer and him starting to kiss her. Kevin accuses her of wanting him to kiss her.

Spencer gives Viki a sedative to make her sleep. He tells her to remain calm. He also tells her to call him if she needs him. She thanks him. He leaves.

Bo has a brief conversation with Viki before he leaves also.

Outside, Bo commends Spencer on how he had behaved with Viki. Bo questions him about everything else in his life.

David comes back outside, waving a white flag. He asks Dorian if she is mad, and she tells him no. They make up. She gets down on one knee and tells him that she had set a wedding date: August 19th. They kiss and make love.

Kevin and Kelly discuss her and Spencer's relationship. He asks her what she wants. He leaves.

After their lovemaking, Dorian is cold and wants to go inside. Dorian decides to call the girls to tell them the news. David hands her her bag and then leaves. Dorian calls Angelo and says he wants him to investigate Spencer Truman.

Bo and Spencer discuss his marriage to Paige. They discuss him being David’s brother. They discuss Viki and Natalie, and how good he was with her. They say good night. Spencer leaves.

Viki prays for Jessica and Natalie. She looks at a picture album with Megan’s and Ben’s pictures. She talks to Ben as if he were right there with her.

John and Michael discuss Natalie, and where the killer had taken her..

Mrs. Williamson and Evangeline discuss Natalie, and how John had made his choice. John comes in to visit Evangeline.

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