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One Life to Live Update Monday 7/4/05


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Viki confronts Todd about what is going on with Jessica. Todd is reluctant to tell her because he doesn?'t know whether or not she can handle it. He reminds her that she has just gotten out of the hospital, and she needs to rest and be free of stress. Viki insists that she can handle whatever is going on with Jessica. Todd finally agrees to tell her.

Tess is still trying to get Jessica to give in and let her come out and play. Jessica is reluctant to give in. Tess says, "All right," and starts to leave, but Jessica decides that she wants to know the secret, and she gives in to Tess?'s demands.

Marcie is still at the police station. She is worried over the safety of Natalie and Evangeline. Michael comes in, and she fills him in on all that has been going on with John and on the killer finding some pages of her Killing Club journals from high school. She also informs him of what they had planned to do to the cheerleaders: burn them at the stake.

The killer has Natalie and Evangeline tied up at the Love Center. Both Natalie and Evangeline are struggling to get loose. The killer spreads gasoline on timbers that he has at the bottom of the stakes.

John arrives at the Love Center and finds the doors padlocked. He orders the officers to get him something to pry open the doors.

Asa, Kevin, and Bo discuss Carlo taking Duke and Adriana hostage, and they think he will have them killed if Asa doesn?'t meet their demands. Bo questions Asa as to what Carlo wants before he will release Duke and Adriana.

Duke and Adriana are still being held captive by Carlo?'s henchmen. They want to set another booby trap for the henchmen, but Adriana tells him that she doesn?'t have another bra for him to use. Duke apologizes for getting her into this mess. Adriana assures him that she is right where she wants to be--with him. She also tells him that this is all his fault.

Bo and Asa discuss what Carlo wants in exchange for the release of Duke and Adriana. Bo tells them he will be right back. He leaves. Kevin has a talk with Asa about getting Duke involved in this .

Michael and Marcie discuss her plan for killing the cheerleaders, and how revolting Michael thinks it is. Bo comes up, and Marcie fills him in on what John is doing and where he is.

John tells the other officers how to seal off the building, and he asks for some bolt cutters to cut the lock off the door. He is frantic with worry.

The killer walks over to Natalie and lights the timber that is at the base of the stake. She tries to get free, but with no luck. He then goes over to Evangeline.

Viki insists to Todd that he is lying. Todd is hurt that she doesn?'t believe him. They discuss Jessica and what she is hiding from her mother. She urges him to tell her what is going on. Viki reminds him of how he must have felt when he knew Starr was missing, and she says that is how she feels now. She again urges him to tell her about Jessica. Viki informs him that she is stronger than he thinks.

Jessica tells Tess that she wants to know the secret. Tess instructs her to sit down and relax. She also instructs Jessica to think back to her childhood. Jessica closes her eyes and begins to think back, but then it happens--Tess emerges. She makes fun of Jessica for being gullible enough to fall for this. Tess tries to find a way to escape from the sanitarium. In another room she sees a nun sitting at a desk. She goes up to the desk and, seeing a pile of folders on its edge, knocks them off. She apologizes to the nun for being so clumsy and bends to pick up the folders. When she gives them back to the nun, she sees the keys. She very quietly and quickly steals them. She is heading for the door when Addie stops her and asks her where she is going with the nun?'s keys.

Kevin wonders if he should call Dorian and fill her in about what is going on. Asa talks him out of it, saying that he doesn't need her involved in this. Kevin wonders what Carlo?'s demands are for the release of Duke and Adriana. Bo comes in, bringing Carlo with him. He sits Carlo down in a chair. Kevin grabs him by the shirt, lifts him up out of the chair, and slams him up against the wall. He threatens that if Carlo has Duke and Adriana killed, then he will kill him. Bo and Asa deny seeing Kevin threaten Carlo. Carlo wants to make a deal with the police. Bo tells him that he doesn't make deals.

Marcie and Michael discuss John and that he is doing everything he can to find Natalie and Evangeline. They also discuss Natalie and Evangeline, and how frightened they must be. Michael tries to assure her that John will find them.

The killer is still with Natalie and Evangeline. He goes over to Evangeline and pours gasoline on the timbers at the base of the stake.

John gets the bolt cutters and cuts the lock off the door. With his gun in his hand, he goes inside the building.

Adriana and Duke pretend to get into a heated argument. The two henchmen come in. Adriana begs them to get her out of there and away from Duke. She hides behind one of the henchmen, and she grabs his gun as Duke grabs the other man'?s gun. Adriana and Duke tie them up. The two men protest.

Carlo demands immunity from the kidnapping charges involving Blair Cramer. He also makes his other demands known. Bo again tells him that he doesn?'t make any deals. Asa steps forward and tells Bo to give him what he wants.

Bo and Kevin discuss Natalie and Evangeline and that John is searching for them. Kevin mentions calling Viki and filling her in about what is going on.

Todd begins to explain to Viki about Jessica being in therapy with a psychiatrist and being hypnotized. The phone rings before Todd can continue. Viki is stunned when she learns that it is Bo, and he fills her in on Natalie's situation. Viki is upset and wants to go to the Love Center. Todd talks her out of it by telling her that she doesn't need to go there, she needs to leave it to the police. She sits down on the couch, pretending to go along with what Todd is saying. She requests that he fix her a cup of tea. When he leaves to fix the tea, she searches for the car keys and slips out.

John finally manages to get the door open with the crowbar. He enters the building. With his gun in his hand, he looks around. He sees one door, but it is locked on the outside with an iron rod. He sees another door. The killer hears the noise outside. John breaks into the room. He sees both Evangeline and Natalie tied up to stakes with timbers burning at the bottom.

Michael and Marcie discuss John and why he isn't calling. They discuss Natalie and how strong-willed she seems, even though underneath she is scared. Marcie is surprised at how Michael is talking about Natalie. Michael gets a beep and has to leave. He tells Marcie to call him if she hears anything. He leaves.

John looks first at Natalie, and then at Evangeline. Natalie is passed out. John rushes off.

Tess gives the keys back to the nun. Addie confronts her about how she knows her as Jessica. Tess is annoyed at Addie. Addie immediately shows Tess her memory book. She shows Tess a picture of Blair, and then one of Starr. She also shows Tess a copy of Starr's report card. Tess becomes really interested when she sees the report card. She comes up with a plan.

Duke and Adriana have the men tied up. The men inform them that they will be sorry when Carlo finds out. Duke gets the cell phone out of one of the men'?s pocket and makes a call.

Asa comes out of Bo?'s office with his confession and hands it to Carlo. Carlo insists that he wants to read it first. Kevin thanks Asa for what he is doing. Carlo comes up and demands that Asa sign the confession. Asa gets a call from Duke. Asa is sarcastic in his remarks, until he finds out who it is. Asa is glad that it is Duke. Duke informs him that they are safe and tells him not to sign anything for Carlo. Asa is relieved.

After Bo talks to Marcie and tells her to answer the phone if he gets any calls, he and the police leave. They arrive at the Love Center. Bo is brought up to date as to what is going on. Viki arrives at about this time. Bo orders Viki to stay there while he and the police officers rush into the building. Viki begins to pray for Natalie?'s safe return.

John rushes over to Natalie and, pushing the burning crate out of the way, he unties her and takes her away from the flames. He lays her down on the floor. He then rushes to Evangeline, jumping over the flames to rescue her. Bo orders the other officers to get fire extinguishers.

Asa talks to Duke on the phone and then hands it to Kevin. Kevin is relieved to hear from Duke. Duke and Adriana are relieved that they have the upper hand on the henchmen.

Asa tears up the confession right in front of Carlo. Carlo is dismayed that he has been tricked.

Kevin talks to Duke about him and Adriana. They are all relieved.

Asa informs Carlo that no one will ever get the upper hand on the Buchanan?s. Asa walks off while Carlo plots revenge on Asa.

Todd brings the tea to Viki but finds she is gone. He receives a phone call from the nun at St. Anne?'s. The nun tells him that she saw he had signed Jessica out. Todd informs her that no, he hadn't been the one to sign her out. Todd hangs up and rushes out.

John saves Evangeline. He picks her up and carries her to safety. Bo comes in and wants to know where Natalie is. They are frustrated that the killer has taken her again.

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