OLTL Update Friday 7/1/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/1/05


By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

Jessica is sitting on the floor crying because Tess keeps coming back into her head and talking to her. She tells Tess to leave her alone, but it's just not happening. Tess keeps talking away. A few minutes later, Todd shows up and she runs into his arms to hug him. He hugs her back. They sit down and he asks her if she's taking any pills. She says they're giving her sleeping pills, but she doesn't want to sleep because she's afraid Tess will take over. He then asks when she's going to talk to her new psychiatrist. She doesn't say anything, and he says she needs to see him so that she can get some kind of pills that will get her out of there. She tells him she wants to see Antonio because she feels badly about not telling him anything, and maybe he can help her after all. Todd says he thinks she's playing right into Tess's hands. She tries to get him to let her use his cell to at least call Antonio, but he says no. She decides to write a note and begs Todd to give it to Antonio so that he at least knows she's okay.

Viki calls Jessica on her cell and leaves a message, telling her she hopes she's okay and asking that she call her. As she hangs up, Kevin walks in, and Viki asks him whom he had been talking to outside. He says David, and she asks if he was pumping David for info on Spencer. He says yes, and Viki starts one of those "Are you still in love with Kelly?" conversations. He says he's not in love with Kelly, but Spencer seems like one of those with an agenda, and there's something not right with him. Rex then enters and says he's sorry for just walking in, but the cook-butler thingy said it was okay to come in. Then he says he knows he's a total moron and that it's all his fault, but he's doing everything he can to help the police find Natalie. Viki and Kevin ask him what he's talking about, and Rex says that the Killing Club killer might have Natalie. Viki asks Kevin to bring her to the station, but he says no, instead he'll go and get information on what's going on and he'll call her. Rex keeps telling Viki he knows it's his fault, and she says she has no idea what he's talking about. He tells her about the note he had come up with for Natalie to send to John, making him think she's in trouble to get him to come to her rescue. He says that the killer had picked the note up and used it so that he could get John to leave while he kidnapped Evangeline. Viki asks what possessed him to do that. He asks her if she knows what it's like to lose someone and says that since Jen died he's been trying to be a nice guy by coming up with stupid ideas to help people. She says that this isn't his smartest move, and he tells her he can't lose Natalie, too. Viki tells him that Natalie is smart and she should be okay, and then she says she has always wondered about Natalie's life before she came to Llanview. He tells her that Natalie used to tell him a bedtime story where she thought she was a princess, and she also had thought she had been stolen away from a castle. He tells her he thought Natalie had always been looking for her. He also says he guesses Natalie wasn't far off when she thought she'd been stolen away from a castle, and Natalie deserves to have a mother like her. Before Rex leaves, he tells Viki he'll call her if he hears anything.

The Killing Club murderer comes into the room he has locked Natalie and Evangeline in. Evangeline picks up a board and threatens to kill him. Natalie also picks one up and throws it at him, missing him. Evangeline throws hers after he shows them an axe, and he cuts it up with the axe as it nearly hits him. He then throws a bag at them and tells them to take their clothes off and put on what's in the bag. Later on, in what looks like it might be a school, Natalie and Evangeline are tied up with tape on their mouths.

Kevin shows up at the station and asks Marcie where Bo is. Marcie says he and John are looking for Natalie and Evangeline, and they might know where the girls are. Along with John and Bo, Kevin thinks the killer has a tie to Marcie and wonders how the killer got the photocopy of what the original Killing Club had come up with. She wonders, too, and she keeps on trying to remember what's supposed to happen next. But as hard she tried to remember before and after John and Bo had left, she just can't. She also wonders how the killer knew where she was staying.

John and Bo arrive at the place Natalie and Evangeline had been held in and find it empty except for Evangeline's dress. They also find a letter from the killer that says, "Ask Marcie about B.B." They go back to the station and John questions Marcie. She says, after thinking about it, that it might stand for some sort of sport.

Duke and Adriana try to get away from the guys working for Carlo using a trap that Duke had set up with a mouse trap, a bra, and a rock. They get out, and while Adriana runs Duke tries to get out of the grasp one of the guys has on him, but he can't. The other captor catches up to her and throws her back inside. She tells the guys she's Adriana Santi, and if her family finds her, they will be in trouble.

Asa goes to the jail to see Carlo, who says he has hostages. Carlo also mentions Adriana's name, and Bo doesn't believe him. He tells Carlo that Duke had come to Argentina by himself, and Carlo tells him he is out of the loop. He calls the number Carlo gives him and talks to Duke, who says they're okay. Asa asks him if Adriana is with him, and he says yes. When he tells Asa that they are still in Argentina, one of the guys hits him.. Asa goes upstairs and tells Kevin and Bo that Carlo's men have Duke and Adriana and are holding them hostage.

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