OLTL Update Thursday 6/30/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/30/05


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Rex goes to the police station because he wants to know what is being done to find Natalie. He walks in Bo's office to find out. Bo is on the phone, and Rex interrupts and asks about Natalie. Bo tells him to shut up and sit down. When Bo gets off the phone, he tells Rex that he can't tell him anything because he's not a cop. Rex says he wants to help and that if it wasn't for him, they wouldn't have caught Daniel. Bo tells him the only thing he can do to help is to stay out of the way. He goes through Natalie's desk after telling John and Bo he is going to because he wants to grab her things to keep them safe. Then he goes to Marcie for help, hoping that she has answers. He gets upset because she keeps telling him that there was no double kidnapping in the book, so Natalie's disappearance had nothing to do with it. She says that Natalie had probably gotten drunk and taken some random guy home. He gets upset and tells her that he isn't going to lose Natalie as well as Jen, and there would be no one to rescue her if something happened to Natalie. Marcie then gets a letter which turns out to be from the killer. She tells Rex that she was right, but he was right too; it had nothing, and yet something, to do with the book. She takes it to the station to show John and Bo. It's a photocopy of what the original Killing Club had come up with in high school. It isn't the whole thing, though, and she can't remember what was supposed to happen next.

Evangeline and Natalie are trying to get out of the room they are stuck in. Natalie sees a window and thinks it's a good idea to try and get out that way. Evangeline tells her she can stand on her shoulders to get out and find help, but Natalie says no. She doesn't want to leave Evangeline alone with the killer, so they use haystacks and pallets to make some sort of ladder to climb up to the window. At first, once they have it set up, Natalie decides it might not be the best solution because they could break their necks. But Evangeline tells her it's the only way and starts to climb up herself. Natalie then tells her she will go up, and she does. With the bottom of one of Evangeline's dress shoes, she pries the boards off the window and breaks the glass. She starts to climb out, but the killer grabs her by the hands. Natalie can't get free of his grasp, and Evangeline finally takes her other dress shoe and throws it at him. Natalie falls and thinks she's twisted an ankle. A few minutes later, the killer walks in the room.

After getting a call from Spencer, Dorian walks in on Kevin and Kelly while they're at the top of the steps making out, half-dressed. They walk down the stairs and get the rest of their clothes back on with Dorian yelling at Kelly about hooking back up with Kevin. She asks how Kelly could get back together with him after all that he had done to her in the last year. Kelly yells back, saying she is trying to be a more forgiving person. Kevin and Dorian then start yelling at each other, and he says that he and Kelly do regret a lot of the things they had done in the past year and they're trying to work through it. Finally, Kelly yells at both of them and tells them that when she knows what she wants, she'll let them know. Kelly goes to the country club and finds out that Dorian was trying to get her there anyway to have a drink with Spencer. She tells him later that she wants to take it a day at a time with him.

David and Spencer come up with a story because Dorian and Kelly had heard David telling Spencer he couldn't blackmail him anymore. They say he had supposedly dressed up like someone from Kiss. When Dorian asks if it was the guy with the tongue, David sticks his tongue out.

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