OLTL Update Wednesday 6/29/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/29/05


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Kevin brings Viki home from the hospital and instructs her to sit down. He offers to turn on the television set for her. Viki notices that something is worrying him, and she confronts him about it. He sits down on the stool in front of her and explains how when Nora had introduced her as the Woman of the Year, they realized Evangeline had disappeared into thin air. Viki asks him if he has any idea what happened to her. Kevin tells her no. They discuss John McBain and how he had looked, and how you deal with someone you once loved. Kelly comes in carrying a vase of flowers.

Ginger visits Jessica, a.k.a. Tess, at St. Anne’s. The nun shows her into the waiting area and instructs her to wait just a moment. Jessica joins her, as Tess, and informs her that she couldn’t get in last night because visiting hours were over. Ginger asks her what this place is. Jessica tells her that it is sort of a hospital. Ginger says, "All right, you phoned me last night, now what is going on?"

Bo is in his office at the police department. There is a loud knocking on the door. Nora comes in. Bo asks her what he can do for her. Nora demands to know what he has been doing to find Evangeline Williamson since she disappeared last night.

John instructs a police officer to check with the other employees at the Palace. The officers instruct him to get a shower and a shave, because he needs it. He informs them that he is fine. John wants all the information that they can find about the car that Evangeline was put into. Rex opens the door and comes in, asking John if he has a minute. John tells him that he doesn’t have time right now. Rex asks him what he is doing to find Natalie.

Evangeline cradles Natalie’s head in her lap. She begs Natalie to wake up so she will know that she is all right. Natalie begins to come to. Evangeline says, "Thank God." Natalie looks up and sees Evangeline. Evangeline asks her if she is all right. Natalie and Evangeline both wonder what they are doing there.

Kevin and Kelly both make a fuss over Viki and order her to take it easy. He plumps up her pillow and gives her a blanket. Viki tries to get them to stop making such a fuss over her, but they refuse to listen to her. Kelly points out to her that she had instructed the staff to come and get her if she needed anything. Viki comments that it is nice to see them together and getting along so well. Dorian comes in and starts to welcome Viki home, but she sees Kelly with Kevin and remarks that she should not have gone to Paris.

Ginger confronts Jessica and asks who she is claiming to be today, saying she knows that Jessica and Tess are one in the same. Ginger remembers something that Todd had told her. Jessica wants to know what Todd had said to her. Ginger wants to know which one she is today, Tess or Jessica. Jessica lies and tells her that she is Tess, and that Ginger is a lifesaver.

Bo asks Nora if she is looking for a fight. They discuss the leads he has in finding Evangeline. Nora tells him if he has any leads in finding Evangeline, then she needs to know what they are. Bo informs her that if she has a problem with him doing his job then she should take it up with the mayor. He also tells her to go back to her office, and when he has any information he will notify her. He gets up and leaves his office. She follows him and reminds him that Evangeline is her friend. Nora states that for all they know right now, Evangeline could be dead. Mrs. Williamson comes in and begs Nora not to say that. Mrs. Williamson introduces herself to Bo as Evangeline's mother.

Natalie gets up. Evangeline questions her as to what she remembers about last night. Evangeline tells her that she remembers being backstage at the awards ceremony, waiting to be presented with her award, and then she woke up here with a pounding headache. Natalie tells her that she knows what she means. Evangeline asks her what she remembers. Natalie tells her that she was at the car at Llanfair. Evangeline wonders who could have done this, and she comes to the conclusion that it must have been someone who knew that she was with John.

John informs Rex that if he hadn’t supplied him bogus information about Natalie then he would have been at the Palace, and Evangeline wouldn’t be missing right now. Rex points out that Natalie is in trouble right now because of him.

Natalie and Evangeline discuss whom the killer could be and that John didn’t know that Evangeline was even a target. Evangeline makes the assumption that the kidnapper is using them to get to John.

Dorian reminds Kelly of her date with Spencer Truman the night before and asks if now she is back with Kevin. Kelly smiles at Kevin and says, "See what I mean?" about how them being in the same room together is enough to make everyone think that they are getting back together. Kelly points out to Dorian that she is there to take care of Viki, since she is just out of the hospital. Dorian tells them that she is there to see how she is doing, too. Viki thanks her for stopping by. Viki comments on the excellent staff that they have at Llanview Hospital. Viki points out to her that she is too busy watching Kevin and Kelly to take care of anyone else. Dorian points out that something has changed between them, and that Kelly is blushing like a schoolgirl. Kelly denies it and wants to change the subject. Kevin points out that something has changed between them but questions whether they have the guts to do anything about it.

Jessica (pretending to be Tess) tells Ginger that she put herself in there. Ginger wants to know why would she do a thing like that. Tess apologizes to her for calling her. Tess laughs. They discuss Jessica’s family. Ginger demands that she drop the act and tell her what is really going on.

Bo assures Mrs. Williamson that he has every available man out there looking for Evangeline. Bo tries to assure her that there must be some logical explanation for Evangeline not being there at her awards ceremony. Mrs. Williamson doesn’t buy his explanation. Nora tries to calm her down and urges her to sit and let her get her a cup of coffee. Mrs. Williamson wants to know why they are just standing there while Evangeline is missing.

Natalie comes to the conclusion that this must be the doing of the killer. Natalie wants to know what they are going to do. Evangeline is glad that they are there together. Natalie again asks her what she remembers. Natalie asks her if she had accepted her award. They discuss how both the families must be freaking out wondering where they are. Natalie mentions the letter. Evangeline questions her about it. Natalie tells her that she doesn’t want to know. Natalie explains to her about Rex’s idea to send John a fake letter telling him that Natalie is in danger. Evangeline says that John had the letter, and the picture of her. Evangeline points out to her that while John was out looking for Natalie, it left it wide open for the killer to go after her.

Kelly makes her exit. She promises to come by later and check on Viki. Dorian tells her that they are not through. Kelly tells her bye. Dorian moves in on Kevin about all the things that she thinks he has done to her girls, vowing that he won’t get away with it. Kevin tells Dorian that you can’t force people to do what you want them to do. Kevin leaves. Viki orders Dorian to sit down. They discuss Natalie and Jessica. Viki tells her that Natalie is at work, and Jessica has gone away for a while.

Jessica demands to know why Ginger doesn’t think that she is Tess. Ginger starts to leave, but Jessica tries to get her to stay so she can explain. Jessica tries to explain that she had wanted out, but she had changed her mind and decided to stay. She pleads for Ginger to understand. Ginger informs her that she is sick and says she is getting out of there. Jessica admits to her that she is not Tess, she is Jessica. She asks her if she had heard about DID. Ginger looks at her with puzzlement. Jessica explains to her that both she and Tess need help. Jessica introduces herself as Jessica Buchanan.

Rex tries to explain to John about writing the letter, but John doesn’t want to listen. Rex blames John for all of this. John is puzzled that Rex thinks that this is his fault. Rex points out to him that both Evangeline and Natalie are missing in action. Before they can talk further, they hear a scream. They rush to see what has happened.

Mrs. Williamson is blaming them all for Evangeline being in the hands of the killer. When John comes into the squad room, Mrs. Williamson lashes out at him and tells him that Evangeline shouldn’t have been with him in the first place. Nora tries to calm her down. Hayes comes into the squad room and asks Bo if the murderer had struck again.

Evangeline blames Rex for this whole mess with the letter. She points out that they are both sitting ducks. Natalie apologizes for putting them in this situation. Evangeline also points out that John will probably walk into this mess not knowing what to expect. Natalie tells her that this is her fault.

Mrs. Williamson blames everyone for Evangeline being in the hands of the killer. She demands to know what John is going to do about it. Nora tries to calm her down by taking her into Bo’s office. Hayes asks Bo again about the Killing Club murderer. John takes Hayes into his office to talk to him.

Bo and Rex discuss Natalie and her safety. They also discuss Evangeline and decide that if she is safe, then Natalie probably is too. Bo admits that he doesn’t think that Natalie is safe at all.

Natalie starts to pound on the door and yells for help. Evangeline tells her that it is no use, no one will hear. Natalie begins to panic, but Evangeline tries to calm her down. Evangeline tells her not to make her slap her. They both begin to laugh. They decide to work together to get out of this mess.

Ginger and Jessica discuss Todd knowing where she is and her multiple personalities. Jessica asks her to be her friend, just as she is Tess’s friend. Ginger refuses to be her friend. They also discuss how Tess had helped Ginger out of a very tricky situation.

Kevin rushes into the gate house and yells for Kelly. When she comes downstairs, he tells her that he wants to finish what they had started last night. Kelly doesn’t want to go into this. Kevin wants her to admit that she wanted to be with him. Kelly admits that she did, but only for a moment. Kevin tells her that he doesn’t believe her. He puts his arm around her waist and starts to nuzzle her neck.

Viki asks Dorian how come she is the one with heart trouble, when Dorian is the one who is always meddling in someone else’s business. They discuss Kelly and Kevin, and keeping them apart. Dorian confides in her that David and Spencer are brothers. Viki says it is none of her business. Dorian starts to leave but then brings up Adriana and Duke. Viki pays her a compliment. They discuss Jessica and Antonio.

Ginger and Jessica discuss Tess and the things that she does. Ginger tells her that she is off her rocker. Jessica asks for her help, but Ginger refuses and leaves.

Hayes tells John that he is getting tired of all the questions and insinuations. They discuss whether his alibi for last night checked out.

Natalie apologizes. She and Evangeline discuss the situation they are in. Natalie blames herself for her and John breaking up.

Jessica hears Tess’s voice inside her head. Jessica demands that she leave her alone.

Dorian and Viki discuss Jessica and that she is just fine. They discuss Adriana and how very smart, strong and independent she is, just like her mother. Dorian accepts the compliment. Dorian brings up Kevin and Kelly again.

Kevin and Kelly kiss.

Mrs. Williamson and Nora come out of Bo’s office, and Mrs. Williamson tells her that she is going to search for her daughter. Nora blames Bo for all of this. Bo informs her that he is doing everything he can do to find Evangeline and Natalie. Bo tells her that if she says another word, he is going to have her tossed out of there. Nora looks around and then leaves. Rex just stands there.

John talks to Hayes. They discuss Evangeline being put into a car just like his. Hayes offers his help. John tells him that they are done and orders him out.

Evangeline and Natalie discuss John and why he and Evangeline had broken up. They decide that they are in this together, and Natalie isn’t going anywhere without her.

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