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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/28/05


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The nun of St. Anne’s gives Jessica the medication that was prescribed to help her sleep. The nun tells her that Dr. Jamison had notified them of her alter ego and that Todd Manning was the only person allowed to sign her out. Jessica tells the nun that no matter how much Tess pretends to be her, she can’t let her out, because she will hurt the ones she loves.

Antonio visits Viki in the hospital. Viki insists that she wants to go home if the doctors will allow her to. Viki also tells him that she will be home by the time Jessica comes home. Antonio is surprised, and he wants to know where Jessica has gone. Viki tells him wherever she was going. Viki is beside herself because Antonio hadn’t known about Jessica leaving town.

John confronts Rex about this whole hoax about Natalie being abducted. Rex confesses that this wasn’t Natalie’s idea, it was his, and he had torn the page out of the Killing Club book. Rex also tells him that he had done this to get him there with Natalie. John is angry, and he pulls all the police officers to go back to the Palace to keep an eye on things. Rex apologizes again as John and the officers leave.

Nora states that the Woman of the Year award goes to Evangeline Williamson. Everyone claps their hands for her, but she doesn’t appear. Everyone looks for her. Nora apologizes and says that it must have been something she had said that sent her running. Everyone laughs. Nora leaves the podium but finds Evangeline gone. She goes to Kevin’s table and asks him if he has any idea where his date is. Kevin tells her that the last time he had seen her, she was waiting just offstage. Nora goes to check the restroom just as Michael arrives.

Marcie and Michael talk, and Marcie tells him that no one seems to know where Evangeline is. Marcie mentions the Killing Club murderer, and she hopes that he hasn’t done anything to Evangeline.

Kevin goes backstage to where Evangeline was supposed to be waiting, but instead of finding Evangeline, he finds a picture of Natalie and picks up something off the floor.

Todd tells Blair that she wouldn’t talk on the way home, so she can talk now. Ginger comes out and remarks that they are back. Blair thanks her for taking care of the children. Ginger tells them that she had a message on the answering machine thanking her for helping out today. She goes on upstairs. Blair tries to change the subject, but Todd informs her that they have more important things to talk about. Blair again tries to make the excuse that she is tired and she is going to bed. Todd confronts her again about Asa and why she is letting him off the hook.

Bo and Nora discuss Blair and her letting Asa off the hook. Bo thanks Nora for what she has done. Nora explains to Bo about Evangeline’s sudden disappearance. Bo asks Nora if John knows about Evangeline’s disappearance. Nora lets it out that David and Spencer are brothers. Bo looks over at David, Spencer, Kelly, and Dorian, and remarks that that explains a lot of things.

Dorian brags that she also had been nominated for Woman of the Year a couple of times. Kelly points out to her that if she had spent a little more time on community service and less time taking care of her Cramer girls, then she would have won. Dorian also points out that she had been chief of staff at the hospital. She asks Spencer if he would put in a good word for her at the hospital. David coughs as he walks over to the bar. Spencer joins him. Dorian tells Kelly if she lets this one get away, then she will never forgive her. David orders Spencer to keep his paws off his intended, as well as her niece, Kelly.

Kevin comes up to join Bo and Nora. He asks if she had found her in the ladies’ room. Nora replies that she did not. Kevin shows Bo what he had found backstage where Evangeline had been. Mrs. Williamson comes up and asks who the woman is in the picture. Nora tells her to let Evangeline tell her. Nora looks through the open curtain. Kevin assures them that he will keep looking for her.

Kelly leaves the gathering just as John comes rushes in. Mrs. Williamson informs John that Evangeline has disappeared, and no one can find her.

Evangeline is shown in some sort of building filled with hay and old crates. She is still unconscious.

Marcie and Michael discuss Evangeline and her disappearance. Marcie feels as though this has something to do with the Killing Club murderer. Michael tries to assure her that this has nothing to do with her book. They sit down in a booth. They discuss some passages in her book and how they don’t relate to Evangeline’s disappearance. They both wonder what could have happened to Evangeline.

Mrs. Williamson confronts John about what had happened between him and Evangeline tonight. John tries to explain to her that Evangeline had been here to accept her award, and he had been called away on a case. John assures her that he will find her.

John goes to talk to Nora. He questions Nora about the last time she had talked to Evangeline. Nora tells him that she had hoped that Evangeline was with him. Bo asks him if he had heard from her. John tells him no. Nora is frantic and wants to know what had happened to her. John asks Nora if Evangeline was upset about anything. Bo then shows John the picture of Natalie that Kevin had found. John explains to her that he had received it in an envelope, along with a page from the Killing Club book. He also explains to them that it was just a hoax cooked up by Rex and Natalie.

Roxie is drinking heavily, and she stumbles around looking for the ladies’ room. She stubs her toe on something, and when she bends to pick it up, it is Evangeline’s purse. Her cell phone rings. John comes out and demands to know where she had found it. Roxie goes in search of another drink and stumbles into Bo. Bo questions John about the purse that she had found, asking if it was Evangeline’s. John tells Bo that Evangeline wouldn’t have left without her purse. Bo tells him that he is going to get more men over there. John is upset that Rex and Natalie had to pull that stupid stunt. John checks his messages.

Rex is at the docks and he tries to call Natalie, but with no luck. He leaves her a message.

R.J. and Jackie walk up to the dock’s railing. R.J. doesn’t want to be seen talking to him. Jackie states that they are old friends. R.J. is afraid that he will lose his granddaughter. Rex listens to their whole conversation.

Viki explains to Antonio that Jessica had left to deal with her problems.. Antonio asks her if she had any idea where she had gone. Viki tells him that she had gone away to get better for herself, and for Antonio. Viki assures him that Jessica loves him. Antonio tells Viki that he wouldn’t have let Jessica leave and asks why she did it.

Jessica is asleep on her bed in St. Anne’s. Someone takes the pillow out from under Jessica’s head and tries to smother her. Jessica fights off the attack, and when she opens her eyes, she sees Tess. Jessica states that this can’t be happening. Tess assures her that this is a dream. Tess tells her that it is time for some pillow talk. Tess also states that she can make the dream come true.

Tess and Jessica have a talk. They discuss Viki, and Tess’s plans for Antonio. Jessica accuses Tess of being predictable. Jessica reminds Tess of all the things that she had done. Jessica questions Tess about what had been so terrible in her life that she had to create her to come to her rescue. Tess just looks at her.

Todd and Blair discuss Asa and her letting Asa off the hook. Blair tries to lie to him and make him believe that it was Carlo who had had her admitted to Wingdale. Todd doesn’t believe her and demands the truth. Blair admits that she had lied to him and she had made a deal with Asa.

Kevin asks the man at the desk if he had seen Evangeline, and he shows him a picture. Kelly comes up and questions him about Evangeline. Kevin tells her that Evangeline had vanished into thin air. They discuss Evangeline and Spencer. Kevin admits that he is worried about her.

John and Bo meet up, and John tells him that he has the place sealed off and no one can leave. John checks his messages again.

Roxie gets on the microphone at the podium and thanks everyone for giving her the Woman of the Year cup. She points out all the things that she has done. Nora tries to take the cup away from her, but Roxie refuses to give it up. Roxie tells them that Evangeline is out partying.

John tries to use his phone again. He sees Hayes come in, and he confronts him. Hayes assures him that he had been there all night, and he has witnesses.

Evangeline comes to in a place that she doesn’t recognize. She sits up and looks around.

R.J. and Jackie discuss their plans for getting the club back. Jackie has another plan in mind. They discuss Antonio not playing fair. They shake hands.

Antonio apologizes for upsetting Viki. They discuss Jessica leaving, and her hurting them. Antonio wants to know if Jessica had said anything about how long she would be gone. Antonio insists that someone must know where Jessica had gone.

Todd questions Blair as to how she had made a deal with Asa. She tells him that they didn’t have a choice. Blair promises to tell him, but first he must promise that he won’t try to kill Asa.

Tess remarks, "So you want to know what happened that caused you to create me?" Jessica tries to get Tess to tell her what had happened. Tess tries to strike up a deal with Jessica, but Jessica refuses. Tess attempts to kill Jessica, but Jessica wakes up just in time. Tess emerges and refuses to stay in that place.

Rex remembers his conversation with Natalie about his plan to get John. Rex is concerned about Natalie’s whereabouts.

Marcie feels better after her talk with Michael, and they discuss Evangeline’s disappearance. They discuss John and Evangeline. They go out on the terrace.

Kevin and Kelly decide to unite in their search for Evangeline. They discuss Spencer.

Spencer talks to Bo and tells him that he hasn’t seen Evangeline in a while. Spencer decides to extend his stay in Llanview. Dorian nominates him as David’s best man. A policeman pulls Bo away. He informs Bo that no one has seen Evangeline since earlier that evening.

John questions Hayes and Roxie about Evangeline. Roxie tells John that she had seen Evangeline leaving with some man. Roxie assures him he shouldn't worry about Evangeline, because she would be just fine.

Evangeline is scared and alone, and she doesn’t know where she is. Evangeline remembers being abducted. She sees a man lying down on the other side of the room.

Blair makes Todd promise, and then she tells Todd of her deal with Asa.

Viki tells Antonio that Todd knows where Jessica is.

Tess tries to escape from St. Anne’s. A nun checks on her, and she makes the excuse that she wants a glass of water. She steals the nun’s cell phone and calls Ginger to have her break her out of St. Anne’s. The nun comes back in and tells her that she had lost her cell phone. Tess pretends that she lost it behind the door and gives it back to her. Tess says help is on the way.

Spencer, Kelly, and Kevin discuss Evangeline. David and Dorian join them. She tries to match up Kelly with Spencer by insisting that they spend some time alone together.

Rex wants to talk to Bo, but Bo reminds him of the hoax that he and Natalie had staged for John. Rex tells Bo that Natalie hadn’t shown up, and she is really missing.

John questions Roxie about her seeing someone carrying Evangeline to a car and not saying anything. Nora questions her about the man and the car. John calls in a kidnapping. Mrs. Williamson overhears and gets upset.

Evangeline gets up, staggering. She looks down and sees a copy of the Killing Club. She goes over to the victim on the floor and sees that it is Natalie.

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