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One Life to Live Update Monday 6/27/05


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John looks again at the envelope with his name on the front of it. He looks around to see if anyone had left the letter. Rex, who stands behind him, watches closely.

Dorian suggests to Kelly that she introduce her to her date. David smiles at the suggestion and makes a comment that introductions are overrated. He also suggests that he spend some time with his fiancee. Spencer and Dorian admit that they have already met. Kelly makes the necessary introductions.. David makes up some phony medical crisis just in order to get Spencer away from Dorian. They walk over to the side. Dorian and Kelly discuss Spencer and his being a good-looking doctor, and, best of all, he isn’t a Buchanan. Dorian wants to know all about him. Kelly explains that she is helping him to fund a medical research project.

Blair questions Carlo about Asa wanting him to kill her. Todd wants to know where Asa is. Asa, Renee, and Bo come into the squad room. Blair becomes hysterical and tries to get to Asa, accusing him of keeping her away from her children. A police officer has to hold her back. Blair breaks loose, and Bo stops her. Asa looks confused as to why Blair is acting this way.

Duke and Adriana are still being held captive by Carlo’s men. Duke demands to talk to Asa. They discuss Carlo’s involvement in all of this. One of the men pulls the trigger of his gun.

John again looks at the letter.

Mrs. Williamson questions Evangeline as to why John is there and whether he was deliberately trying to ruin her evening. Evangeline suggests that they go and find some hors d'oeuvres.

John again looks at the letter. He opens it and reads it. Then he looks inside the envelope and finds the picture of Natalie.

Lindsay joins Marcie at the bar. She orders a drink and thanks Marcie for all the kind words that she had said about Jen. Lindsay remarks that she will never forget Jen. Marcie agrees that neither will she. Lindsay remembers what a forgiving heart Jen had. They discuss forgiving Daniel Colson. Marcie brings up how Hudson’s and Julie’s parents could never forgive her for writing the book that had caused their deaths. Lindsay encourages her to stop blaming herself for their deaths. Lindsay tries to make her promise that she will forgive Daniel if she can forgive herself. They hug. Lindsay leaves to go back to the reception. When Marcie gets up to leave she is confronted by Hayes. He remarks on the kind words that she had said about Jen and asks if it could be that she has another book in the works. Marcie is upset by Hayes’s words.

John talks on the phone. He wants every available man at the docks because they have a possible hostage crisis. John tells the listener that he will call him back on the road. John leaves, but not before dropping the picture of Natalie. He passes Rex on his way out. Rex says to himself that Natalie has him on the line now, and all she has to do is just reel him in.

Mrs. Williamson is relieved that John has left. Mrs. Williamson points out that John is just an obstruction for her.

Kelly suggests that Dorian not ruin things now, since she was just getting back with David. They also discuss how good-looking Spencer is, and how any woman would want to be draped on his arm.

Spencer asks David if he had told Dorian that his brother was in town. David insists that if he tells Dorian who he is, then he will have to explain everything else. Before David can say anything else, Dorian and Kelly rejoin them, and Dorian asks David why he had to drag Kelly’s date away. Dorian insists that, after all, they know each other.

Bo has to keep Blair away from Asa. Blair insists that she is going to kill him. Bo tells the police officers to keep her close to her husband, and keep her calm. Todd asks who is going to keep him calm. Bo insists that he is going to find out what is going on here. As Bo turns to face Asa, Nora comes in and speaks to Asa. Todd confronts Asa and asks if it was nonsense when he had Blair put in a sanitarium and when he hired Carlo to kill her. Bo asks Carlo if Asa had hired him to kill Blair. Carlo confirms that that is what happened. Nora wants to know why Asa would want Blair killed. Asa says he wouldn't have any reason to kill her, but Blair says it's so she won’t testify against him in court. Bo questions Carlo as to why he would agree to such a thing. Carlo tells him that he was repaying a debt that he owed to Asa. Asa denies having seen Carlo in years. Bo turns to Renee and asks her what she knows about all this. Renee agrees to tell him what she knows.

The henchmen for Carlo tells Duke and Adriana that if they try something funny, they will live to regret it. After they leave, Duke and Adriana jump up and wonder what is going on. Duke tells her that Asa and Carlo must be up to something, and they had gotten in the middle of it. Duke tries to assure her that she shouldn't worry. They discuss how she had stood up to those two guys.

Renee tells Bo that Carlo is lying, and he is only doing this to see Asa go to prison. They discuss Blair’s kidnapping and her being admitted to the sanitarium by her father. Asa denies kidnapping Blair. Bo wants to talk to the doctor and nurse. Bo vows to get to the bottom of this.

David admits that he had known Spencer a long time ago. Kelly suggests to Spencer that he get her something to drink. They leave. They discuss Spencer and his involvement with Kelly.

Kelly and Spencer propose a toast. At a nearby table, Kevin tells Evangeline how beautiful she is tonight. Evangeline excuses herself. Mrs. Williamson asks Kevin if he has any children. Kevin replies that he has one, a son, who helps him at Buchanan Enterprises.

Evangeline goes over her notes for her speech. She looks down and sees a picture of Natalie. She remembers John being there and dropping the picture.

Lindsay joins Rex at his table, and she tells him that she is glad that he could have been there for Marcie’s speech. Rex tells her that he, Marcie, and her were the only ones who had cared about Jen. Lindsay assures him that he will meet someone else and fall in love. Rex excuses himself, saying that he has to make a call. He calls Natalie and leaves her a message.

John and the other police officers arrive at the docks. They look around.. He reads the letter again. John picks up some evidence off the railing and hands it to the police officer. He pulls off his coat and tells the police officer that it is Natalie. He also tells the police officer that he is going in. He dives off the landing.

Bo comes out of his office. Blair assures both Asa and Carlo that they are going to pay. Asa denies that he has done anything. She calls Asa a liar.. The doctor and nurse arrive from the sanitarium. The doctor has all the commitment papers. Nora talks to Asa, saying that these are not just parking tickets. The doctor confirms that Asa is not the man who had Blair committed to Wingdale. They again blame it on Carlo.

Marcie confronts Hayes and asks if she is the only one he likes to suck blood from. Marcie calls him a pig. They discuss her book. Hayes suggests a sequel to her book. Marcie walks off.

Mrs. Williamson points out that Kevin and Evangeline have similar interests. Evangeline rejoins them. Mrs. Williamson asks about Kevin’s mother and whether she lives in Llanview. They discuss Viki having a heart attack. Kevin excuses himself. Mrs. Williamson remarks on how handsome Kevin is. Evangeline points out that she is still upset over the breakup with John, and anyway, Kevin is still in love with his ex-wife.

Kevin watches Spencer and Kelly talking. They discuss her work at Llanview University and where she has been living. Before they can talk any further, Dorian interrupts. They sit down at the table. Dorian questions her as to what she isn’t telling her about Spencer.

David questions Spencer as to when he is leaving town. Spencer assures him that he is quite happy, and he has no plans to leave. David assures him that he has paid enough for what happened. Spencer questions him as to why he is so worried about people finding out about them. David begs him not to tell anyone that they are brothers. When David says that, everyone looks at them.

The police officers help John out of the water. John requests a helicopter. He tells them to fan out and keep looking. Rex comes up about this time and pushes John into a stack full of crates, holding a gun in his face.. John demands to know what he is doing there. John yells at Rex. Rex says he saw him run out of the Palace. John questions him as to where Natalie is..

Dorian confronts David about his remark that Spencer is his brother. David denies it. Kelly also confronts him, saying that all of Llanview had heard him say that Spencer was his brother. Kelly wants to know why he hadn’t said something about this before now. They discuss David’s family.. Spencer suggests that David explain. Dorian and David go to the bar to let David explain. They leave. Kelly confronts Spencer about the news and wants him to explain.

Duke picks up something off the floor. Duke finds a mouse trap. He instructs Adriana to take off her bra. Adriana looks at him, puzzled.

The doctor from Wingdale positively identifies Carlo as the man who had brought Blair to Wingdale. Carlo denies doing any such thing. Blair insists that he saw Asa. Bo thanks the doctor and nurse. Asa lies about the whole situation. Nora demands Asa’s immediate release. Carlo insists that he gets a phone call.

Todd insists that he will take care of Asa.

Asa tells Renee that he knew that he could count on her. Renee leaves.

Carlo calls his henchmen. He tells them if they don’t hear from him in 24 hours, kill Duke and Adriana.

The guards take Carlo away to lock-up. Todd tells Blair to stay there, and he goes in the direction of where they are taking Carlo.

Asa and Blair look at each other. Blair gets up. Blair insists that she will find the one person that he had paid off at that hospital, and then she will crucify him. Asa tells her that it will go on and on unless they can make a deal.

Blair refuses to make a deal with Asa. Asa brings up Margaret Cochoran. Blair assures him that Todd will handle Margaret. Asa tells her that if she will drop the charges against him, then he will take care of Margaret, and she will never have to see her again.

Dorian and David discuss David’s family. They discuss Spencer. Dorian admits that she would like to get to know Spencer better.

Kelly and Spencer discuss him never being jealous of David. Spencer tells her that he had no idea that David was living there.

Nora joins Evangeline, Mrs. Williamson, and Kevin. Evangeline introduces Nora to her mother. Marcie comes up and tells them that they are about ready to begin. Kevin wishes her good luck. Kevin tells Nora that David and Spencer are brothers. Nora and Evangeline go backstage. They discuss John for a few minutes. They hug, and then Nora leaves.

Rex admits that he had followed John. John questions him about Natalie’s whereabouts.

Todd and Bo listen to Blair and Asa. Blair agrees to Asa’s demands. Bo and Asa discuss family. Todd promises to make Asa pay. Blair changes her statement and says it is Carlo. They decide to go home.

Todd visits Carlo and asks what had happened to him that led to him being in jail for the rest of his life. Carlo shows him an ace.

Duke and Adriana set a trap for the henchmen. They hug. Adriana thinks that he is amazing.

Nora makes the presentation and speech about Evangeline's achievements.

Rex admits that it was all just a hoax at first, but now something really had happened to Natalie.

Nora is making a speech about Evangeline when Evangeline is attacked from behind. Evangeline tries to struggle, but the stalker renders her helpless.

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