OLTL Update Friday 6/24/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/24/05


By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

At St. Ann's, Jessica gets herself checked in. She tells the nun she's talking to about her other side, and the nun tells her she knows about Tess already because it's in her file. Then Jessica tells her about Antonio and his daughter, and that they hope to have a life together. She tells the story about the ring on the chain, and that when they're ready for that life she'll put the ring on her finger. She gets told that she can't have it on because one of the rules is that you can't wear any jewelry, with the exception of a wedding ring. Jessica begs to keep it on, saying that it's her only way to feel close to Antonio right now. The nun finally says she guesses she can make an exception this once.

Todd is at Llanfair and is on his way out the door with some of Jessica's things when Natalie shows up behind him and asks what he's doing with Jessica's stuff. He says she needs to go out of town right now, doctor's orders. Natalie tries to keep him from taking Jessica's things, and he tries to explain to her even further that Jessica needs to get away right now. Natalie doesn't understand, seeing as how their mother is in the hospital right now.. Todd leaves with the things, and Rex shows up.

Rex tells Natalie he has a plan to get John's attention and shows her an envelope with cut-out letters to spell his name out. She tells him she doesn't want to do anything drastic to get his attention, she would rather he just decided he wanted her. Rex tries to talk her into it, reminding her again that the only time John used the word "love" was when she was nearly killed, and he had a flashback to that time. He shows her the contents of the letter: a picture of Natalie and a page from The Killing Club. He says all she has to do is get the letter to John and then wait for him to show up at the pier. When he does, she can convince him that she escaped the killer. Natalie tells Rex no once again. He leaves, and she fights with the idea he came up with.

Carlo pushes Blair inside her apartment, and she's hoping this is just her imagination. He says it's real, and she struggles to get out of his grasp. He says he won't hurt her and, taking out a gun, says it won't hurt a bit if she doesn't move. Bo and a couple of policemen show up, telling Carlo to drop the gun. Blair begs Bo to help her. Carlo tells him that he should be the one to drop his gun if he doesn't want Blair dead, and then he starts to push her out the door. Bo tells him he's got nowhere to go just as Todd shows up (but he doesn't make himself noticeable). When Carlo starts to leave with Blair, Todd attacks Carlo and pushes him to the floor. Bo points his gun at Carlo again and arrests him. They go to the police station, and Blair mentions that Carlo had told her he would be very well compensated. Carlo admits he was being paid to kill her, and she thinks Margaret was the one to do that. He says he doesn't know a Margaret, and even if he did, he wouldn't tell her where Margaret was. Todd asks who was paying him to kill Blair, if it wasn't Margaret. He says it's Asa Buchanan. Bo then gets a call saying that Asa was spotted and is on his way back to Llanview. Bo leaves for the airport.

Asa and Renee are on the plane on the way home, and she is asking him what he's planning to do to Blair. She figures out that he was paying Carlo to kill Blair. He tries to deny it, and even tries denying that he's seen Carlo recently. She says that's ridiculous because she's seen and talked to Carlo. When they get to the airport, Bo and a policeman are there. Asa says it's nice to see him and tells Renee to get out the bottle of champagne he had brought back from Argentina. Bo says that he hates to do this and tells Asa that he's under arrest.

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