OLTL Update Thursday 6/23/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/23/05


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Duke and Adriana are once again hiding out. They are kissing when the door to the place they are in slams open and Carlo's henchmen come in. They grab Adriana and tell Duke that if he moves, she will be dead. While the henchmen are playing some sort of a game later, Duke tells Adriana he is sorry, and she tells him it isn't his fault, she came because she wanted to be with him.

On the plane, Renee and Asa are arguing. She is trying to get him to tell her what he is up to. He had mentioned that once he goes back to Llanview there is no way that Blair will take the stand against him. Asa's phone rings, and it's Duke telling him to leave Argentina without him because he's having too much fun.

Jessica goes to see Viki and tells her she needs to go away for a while. She doesn't mention that she has DID, just that there are things she needs to take care of. Her mom tells her she remembers about the fight Jessica had with Todd and also tells Jessica not to blame herself for the heart attack she had. Jessica then tells Viki to not blame herself for her leaving. Both of them crying, they hug and say bye after Jessica tells her she's going to do this with Todd's help, and that she'll call. She does get Todd's help, and he brings her to a place where she's going to get help. She'll be staying where there's a lock on the door to her room so that Tess can't get out. She doesn't want Tess to hurt anyone else.

Blair, Kelly, Starr, and Jack go to see Addie. Starr gives Addie a present and so does Jack, who then asks to feed the ducks. Blair says in a bit, but Starr says she saw someone from school and that she will take Jack outside. Blair asks whom from school, and she says it's just a guy. She gets told to keep an eye on her brother, and they leave the room so that Kelly, Addie, and Blair can talk. Addie brings up Margaret and Blair snaps at her, telling her to stop talking about Margaret. She apologizes and promises Addie that Margaret won't hurt her. Blair tells Addie that Kelly has a date with Spencer Truman, and Addie asks if he's handsome. Kelly says she guesses, and Blair says that he's good-looking and charming. Addie and Blair wonder out loud if Kelly is trying to make Kevin jealous, knowing that he is going to the Woman of The Year ceremony with Evangeline. Kelly leaves to find the children then.

When Blair gets home, she gets scared when she looks at the alarm system. She tells the guard to get up there and tries to use the phone, which is unplugged. She opens the door to see the guard, only it turns out it's not the guard--it's Carlo.

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