OLTL Update Wednesday 6/22/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/22/05


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Asa asks Carlo if he is going to take him up on his offer, and kill Blair Cramer.

Blair comes downstairs. She asks Todd if he is ready to go. Todd makes an excuse that he has some work to do there, and he will meet her at the hospital later. He tells her to tell Viki hello. Blair wants to know what he is working on. He lies and tells her that he is working on an article for the paper. She tells him that she will meet him at the hospital. She leaves. Todd calls Ginger and tells her to come over. When she arrives, she wants to know if he wants her to babysit. Todd tells her no, he wants to talk to her about Tess and Jessica.

Rex and Antonio are down at the docks. They discuss R.J. and his downfall. Rex promises that he will keep an eye on him. Antonio tells him that he is going to trust him to help him to get his daughter back.

Jessica is fussing over Viki, trying to make her comfortable. Viki assures her that she is fine. Natalie remembers her conversation with Rex, and him trying to help her to get John. Viki draws her back to reality and wonders what is on her mind. Natalie says to them both, "If you want something really badly, what do you do?"

Evangeline comes out of the bedroom, modeling a new dress for her mother. Mrs. Williamson thinks the dress is way too skimpy, and the wrong color. Evangeline makes a fuss. Mrs. Williamson asks her why she asked, then, if she didn’t want her opinion. The doorbell rings, and it is John. John comments on the dress that Evangeline is wearing. Evangeline thanks him. Mrs. Williamson tells John that this is the wrong time. John congratulates her again on being named Woman of the Year. He also tells her that he won’t be able to be there. Mrs. Williamson tells John that Evangeline has a date with Kevin Buchanan. Evangeline tries to get her mother to go and get her a can of hairspray so that she can talk to John alone. Mrs. Williamson resists, but finally agrees.

Antonio and Rex discuss R.J. and bringing him down so Antonio can get his daughter back. They discuss Viki, and how she is. They discuss Jessica and Natalie, and what it would have been like for Viki if she had lost them. Rex blames himself for Jen getting killed, and he is plagued by the what-ifs. Antonio leaves.

Jessica tells Viki that Natalie wants John McBain. Viki gives her the advice to just think about what she is doing. Natalie makes excuses and leaves.

Jessica apologizes again to Viki. Viki tells her that she has nothing to be sorry about and that she doesn’t remember anything that had happened. But in the back of Viki’s mind she remembers everything that had happened leading up to the heart attack. Jessica panics, thinking that Viki is having another heart attack.

Ginger and Todd discuss Tess and Jessica being the same person.

Jessica asks Viki if she is all right. Viki assures her that she is fine.. Antonio comes into the room to see what is wrong.

Duke and Adriana tie up the two men and gag them. Duke spies a form of transportation a ways off. Adriana has her doubts about riding a horse. Duke pulls her in the direction of the horse.

Asa reminds Carlo of the 30 million that he owes him, and what he will do to him if he doesn’t agree to his terms. Carlo finally agrees to kill Blair Cramer himself.

Rex gets a call from Natalie, who wants him to meet her. He agrees.

Viki assures Jessica and Antonio that she is fine and says it must just be the medication. She asks Jessica for a glass of water. Jessica leaves. As she comes out of the room, she meets Blair. Blair asks her how Viki is. Jessica assures her that Viki is fine now, but something had happened that had scared her. Jessica tells her that she is going to get her mother a glass of water.

Antonio questions Viki as to why she had sent Jessica out of the room. Viki tells him that she remembers things that had happened right before her heart attack, and the hurtful things that she had said to her. Antonio tells her that that doesn’t sound like Jessica. Viki assures him that that wasn’t Jessica.

Todd assures Ginger that he wants her to remain friends with Tess and to keep an eye on her. Ginger tells him that she doesn’t think that that is such a good idea. Todd explains to Ginger about what goes on when Jessica turns into Tess. Todd wants Ginger to keep an eye on Tess. Ginger will not agree to help him.

Viki discusses with Antonio the way Jessica had been acting around her. Viki requests that Antonio help Jessica through whatever this is that is troubling her.

Jessica comes back with the water. Blair questions her as to what had happened with Viki. Jessica explains to her how Viki had acted. Jessica asks Blair if she is all right. Blair tells her that she just hates hospitals, they remind her of when Asa had her put in the sanitarium. Blair gives Jessica a stuffed animal from Jack and Starr to give to Viki. Blair leaves.

Viki explains to Antonio that Jessica is battling something, and she won’t let her help her or tell her anything about what is going on with her. She requests Antonio's help in trying to find out what is bothering Jessica. Jessica opens the door and just stands there looking at them.

Rex has ordered a cafe latte. He makes a fuss about there being fat on the top of it. He notices the girl’s name and cools down, telling her it is perfect. He walks away. He looks at the ticket. Natalie comes in and thanks him for meeting her. She wonders what is troubling him. He mumbles that he likes foam instead of froth. Natalie informs him that she had changed her mind, and she wasn’t going to go along with his plan. Rex informs her that she is making a big mistake.

John and Evangeline discuss the Woman of the Year banquet. She thanks him for stopping by. She also tells him that she wanted to give him something before he left. She holds up the strand of pearls.

Todd still tries to get Ginger to keep an eye on Tess. They discuss Tess getting herself into trouble. Todd holds up some money to Ginger and tells her that it would mean a lot to him. Blair comes in and asks what would mean a lot to him.

Duke and Adriana have stopped riding the horse a while. Adriana tells him that she was holding onto him so tight that she could hear his heart beat.. They unhitch the horse and continue on their way.

Asa and Carlo are still discussing the 30 million when Renee comes back. After a little small talk, Carlo tries to get Renee to leave Asa and run away with him. Asa orders him to leave. Carlo tells him to consider the job done. After he leaves, Renee questions Asa as to what this business deal is that he has with Carlo Hesser. Asa tells her that they can go home to Llanview. Renee reminds him that once he sets foot in Llanview he will be arrested, and Blair will testify against him in court. Asa informs her that Blair will not be testifying against him in court.

Blair questions Todd as to what is going on with Ginger. He lies to her and tells her that he is giving her a bonus for being such a good babysitter. Ginger leaves. Blair asks him if Ginger could babysit for them tonight. Todd questions her as to why. Blair reminds him about the Woman of the Year ceremony. Todd informs her no. Blair mentions getting Jessica. Todd informs her that he doesn’t want Jessica anywhere near their children.

Antonio and Jessica come out of Viki’s room. They discuss Viki being just fine. Antonio questions her as to what is going on with her.

John insists that the pearls were a gift, and he wants her to keep them. Evangeline gives them back to him anyway. Mrs. Williamson comes back. John leaves.

Rex tells Natalie that she is making a mistake. They discuss John needing her. John comes into the bar.

Blair questions Todd as to what is going on with him that he doesn't want Jessica to babysit for them. They discuss Margaret. Blair wants to know what is bothering him. Todd tells Blair that Jessica has DID.

Antonio questions Jessica as to what is going on with her. Jessica hears a voice in her head and it is Tess, who threatens Antonio’s life.

Natalie talks to John. They smile. He drops the pearls out of his pocket..

Mrs. Williamson questions Evangeline as to how it had gone with John. Evangeline tells her that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Evangeline goes back into the bedroom with the hairspray and tells her mother that the subject is closed.

Duke and Adriana make camp. He hugs her. They kiss.

Renee questions Asa as to what he has done. Asa tells her that Blair will not be testifying. Asa changes the subject and brings up Duke's whereabouts. Renee informs him that Duke can take care of himself. They discuss Blair not testifying against Asa.

Blair and Todd discuss Jessica having a split personality. They discuss Tess. Blair asks him if she could be harmful to the kids. Todd tells her what she had said to Viki. Todd mentions talking to a psychiatrist. They discuss whether Antonio knows.

Antonio and Jessica discuss what is happening. Antonio demands to know what is going on with her. Jessica wants to deal with this on her own. Jessica tells him to go to his meeting and says that she knows what she has to do.

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