OLTL Update Monday 6/20/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/20/05


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Jessica, Antonio, and Ginger have a confrontation. Antonio calls the woman Ginger knows as Tess "Jessica." Ginger questions Antonio as to why he had just called her Jessica. Antonio asks them if they know each other. Ginger states, "Not as good as I thought we did." Jessica tells him to wait outside for her just a second. Antonio wants to know why he should do that. Antonio then questions Jessica as to what is going on. Ginger tells them that that is what she would like to know.

David comes into the living room with a huge submarine sandwich and some chips. He is on the phone trying to find out some information on his brother, Spencer. Spencer approaches Paige at the hospital and asks her if she has any plans with Bo and Matthew. Paige informs him that she does and asks him to excuse her. Spencer then asks her if she had any regrets about the fact that they hadn’t had any children.

Nora informs Bo that Paige and Spencer Truman were once married. Bo doesn’t want to believe her. Bo questions her as to where she had gotten an idea like that. Nora informs him that she had heard it from David. Bo wants to blame this all on the fact that Nora blames him for everything that had happened with Daniel, and he thinks that this is why she is telling him this now. Nora tries to tell him that Daniel didn’t have anything to do with this. Bo informs her that if Paige had been married to Spencer, she would have told him.

John, at the gym, angrily punches on a punching bag. He takes a break, and next to him he sees a man teaching his son how to punch the punching bag. He is approached by Mr. Rourke, the owner. They talk about John’s being there on Father’s Day. They talk a little bit more, and then Mr. Rourke leaves. John goes back to punching his bag.

Evangeline and Natalie argue over John, as usual. Natalie informs her that she had blown her chance with John. Evangeline also informs her that John hadn’t committed to her either. They discuss Evangeline’s break-up with John. Evangeline insists that she had left with her dignity, more than she could say for her.

Jessica tells Ginger that she must have her confused with someone else. Jessica says, "Excuse us," and she and Antonio walk off. Jessica talks about Ginger saying that they were best friends. Antonio reminds her of what was going on when he walked in.

Rex walks into the bar. He sees Marcie and tries to avoid her. She gets up and confronts him about Natalie dating Ron only to make John jealous. They discuss Michael’s involvement in all of this, saying that he and Natalie hate each other. Hayes comes up and interrupts them. Hayes asks her if there will be a sequel to her book, or if she has run out of ideas on how to kill people. Rex grabs him by his shirt collar and pushes him up against some bar stools.

Spencer and Paige discuss Spencer being in town. Paige tries to encourage him to leave town. She reminds him of his practice and says that he needs to get back to it. Paige tries to get him to leave town, and her and David, in peace. Spencer reminds her of her career at Llanview Hospital. Paige walks off. Spencer smiles to himself.

Bo denies accusing Nora of lying about Paige being married to Spencer. She tells him that if she wanted revenge on him then she would go out into the squad room and announce it before everyone. Nora’s vision is blurred, and she about passes out. Bo hurries around the desk and catches her before she falls.

John continues to punch the bag furiously. Instantly, the room grows dark, and he is back in his own home. He is just a child, sitting on the basement steps and watching his father punch a punching bag. He gives John pointers on punching the bag. His father pretends to fall and pass out. John rushes to his side to see if he is all right. His father comes to, and they roll over. Back in reality, John goes back to punching the bag.

Natalie informs Evangeline that she and John share a bond that no one will ever be able to break. Evangeline lays a guilt trip on Natalie and says that she plays a victim to keep John’s attention centered on her. Evangeline brings up Natalie’s family. Natalie calls Evangeline a snob and asks if that was the reason she had walked away from John-- she thought that he wasn’t good enough for her. Evangeline starts to leave, but then comes back and explains her relationship with John. Evangeline reminds her of the escapade that she had pulled in the woods. Natalie starts to slap her, but Evangeline catches her hand in mid-air.

Hayes and Rex have a run-in. Hayes wonders why Marcie would waste her time on a low-life like him. Rex orders him to get out of there. Hayes leaves. Marcie thanks him. Rex questions her as to how she had gotten mixed up with Hayes anyway. Marcie informs him that he had promised her a great career. Rex tells her that he has to get some air. Marcie thanks him again. Marcie sits back down at the table. Rex calls Michael at the hospital and tells him that he had run into Hayes and Marcie at the Palace, and he had started in on her again, throwing the murders in her face. Michael tells him that he will be right there. Michael asks Paige if he could take his dinner break now. After looking at her watch, she tells him yes, they have it covered. Michael leaves. Spencer approaches Paige again to try to talk to her, but Paige tells him to leave her alone. She walks off. The nurse behind the desk tells Spencer that he has a phone call. Spencer takes the call. He finds out from the caller that David is checking up on him. After he hangs up, Spencer says to himself that David is keeping him on his toes.

David again tries to gather information on Spencer. He tries to talk to someone who had worked with Spencer. He gets cut off. When he tries to get reconnected, Dorian is on the line. She asks him if he is working on trying to get his passport. He confirms that he is. She tells him that she is coming home. Before David can find out when she will be home, he is cut off again.

Bo sits Nora down in a chair and asks her if she is all right. She makes up some excuse. Before they can talk further, an officer comes in and tells Bo that he had better get out there.

Bo goes into the squad room. He wants to know what is going on. Evangeline says she was just leaving. Natalie tells him that Evangeline had insulted her, and it had gotten the better of her. Bo instructs her to sit down. Nora comes out of the office. She tells Bo that they are leaving. Bo informs her that they aren’t done. Nora tells him to take it up with Paige. Nora and Evangeline leave.

Antonio denies thinking that Jessica was lying. Antonio reminds her that every time he wants her to open up, she gets on the offensive. Antonio gets a phone call from R.J. reminding him of his visit with his daughter. Antonio assures him that he will be there. Antonio informs Jessica that it was R.J. reminding him of his visit. Jessica insists that he go. Antonio tells her that this conversation isn’t over. He leaves.

Jessica talks to Ginger. Ginger is upset that she had pretended that she didn’t know her. Jessica informs Ginger that Jessica and Tess are the same person. Ginger can’t believe what she is hearing. Jessica tries to get her to stay, but Ginger informs her that she needs a shrink. Jessica takes hold of her arm, but Ginger insists that she let go. Ginger leaves.

Jessica gets a call on her cell phone, and it is her dad.

Marcie sits at the bar. Michael comes in. Marcie wants to know what he is doing there. Michael tells her that Rex had called him. Michael thanks him for his help. Marcie tells him that her father and brother were coming by for a little Father’s Day dinner, and she invites him to join them. Michael declines the invitation, telling her that he has something else to do. Marcie thanks him for coming by. He kisses her on the cheek. He leaves, and he meets Nora and Evangeline as they are coming in.

Evangeline is upset over her conversation with Natalie, and Natalie’s insinuations about her and John’s relationship. Rex listens to their conversation.

John grabs a towel and sits down. He remembers when his father was shot and taken to the hospital. The room grows dark, and John is joined by the ghost of his father. He reminds John that the way he is remembering him on Father’s Day is by thinking of his death. He tells John that he hadn’t learned anything from him.

David comes from the kitchen with a armful of food. There is a knock on the door, and he is joined by Spencer and another man, a photographer. Spencer comments on the surroundings as being magnificent. He instructs the photographer to take pictures of David’s good side. David orders them out. Spencer confronts him about the article he is writing for “Craze.”

Paige comes to visit Bo. They discuss Spencer and Bo having to find out about him from his ex-wife.

Marcie gives her father a Father’s Day gift. He wishes that all his children could have been there. Eric comes up and tells him that he hopes he means that.

Antonio spends some quality time with Jaime. The baby-sitter comes up, apologizes, and tells Antonio that she has to take Jaime back to her grandfather now. Antonio tells Jaime that he loves her. Jaime tells him that she loves him. They leave.

Jessica talks to Clint but has one of her annoying headaches. She looks around to see if anyone is watching. She tells him that she is worried about her mother. She tells him that she misses him and loves him. They hang up. Jessica looks around as if confused.

Bo questions Paige as to why she hadn’t told him. They discuss Spencer. Bo wonders what kind of future they will have if Paige can’t open up to him about her past.

David orders the photographer out. They discuss Dorian. David admits that he loves Dorian. Spencer tells him that he is just like their father in every way, and their father would be proud.

Natalie kicks the filing cabinet drawer shut. Rex comes in and calls her Rocky Balboa. Rex informs her that he had heard what had happened. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it. They discuss Evangeline being on the offensive and how she would probably go running back to John.

Evangeline and Nora eat lunch together. Evangeline is too happy with herself. Nora reminds her of her being voted Woman of the Year. They discuss John, and their relationship. Evangeline admits that she loves John.

John has a talk with his father. His father encourages him to move on. They discuss the Killing Club, and the man who had shot him. His father encourages him to find out what matters the most to him before it is too late. The lights come back on, and John is alone with the punching bag. Michael comes up and pats him on the shoulder. John turns around and starts to slug him. Michael tells him to take it easy. Michael remembers watching their father teaching John how to box in the basement of their house. Michael has memories of his father. They discuss Evangeline and Natalie. Michael reminds John that he doesn’t even know who he is mad at anymore.

Natalie and Rex discuss Evangeline and how she is probably with John right now, telling him about their run-in. Rex offers to help Natalie get John back.

Paige tells Bo about her marriage to Spencer. Bo doesn’t understand why Paige wouldn’t tell him about this. Paige doesn’t want this to ruin things for them.

Marcie is happy to see her brother, and his friend. Their father welcomes him back into the family, along with his friend. They hug. He welcomes James. Marcie is happy.

David and Spencer talk about their father. They discuss the importance of family. Spencer thinks that since he is in Llanview, things are about to change.

Antonio meets Jessica at the hospital. They discuss her father. Antonio wants her to open up to him. Jessica informs him that before she can tell him about what is happening to her, she needs to understand why it is happening to her. They hug. Jessica hears a voice in her head telling her that she will never know.

Mr. Walsh proposes a toast to his family. Ron holds Marcie's hand and tells her that it is good to see her smile. Marcie tells him that she wishes that she could hold onto this moment forever. Hayes watches them.

Nora proposes a toast to a good friend. Nora tells her that she is going to accentuate the positive. The waiter approaches. Nora has blurred vision when she starts to sign the check.

Bo and Paige discuss the mistakes he had made in his past. Paige tells him that she had tried to forget ever having been Paige Truman.

Spencer and David discuss the importance of family. Spencer insists that he is staying in Llanview.

Michael and John discuss Evangeline. Michael tries to get John to let it all go and come back amongst the living.

Rex talks to Natalie about John. Rex wants to know when the only time was that John had used the "L" word in front of her. Natalie tells him that it was when she was almost killed. Rex insists that he can change all that if she will hear him out.

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