OLTL Update Friday 6/17/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/17/05


By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Kelly helps Lindsay with the silent auction that is being held to benefit childhood leukemia research. Lindsay tells her she's doing it for Jen and that Jen would be proud. She walks away then, and Spencer strikes up a conversation with Kelly. Lindsay tells R.J. that she was thinking of putting up a memorial for Jen in the photo gallery. After that, they get into a conversation about Capricorn, and she asks if he needs to borrow money. He says no and that he's taking care of it. She says she worries about what it is he's doing and that she doesn't want whatever it is to be something that could put him behind bars.

Jessica and Antonio meet at Capricorn and he tells her he owns it now. She asks why and he says he'll do anything to get Jamie back, even if it means running R.J. into the ground. They hug, and Tess tells Jessica to tell him about her and ruin his day. All through Jessica's conversation with Antonio Tess bugs her, and, noticing a weird expression on her face, Antonio asks her if she's okay. She says she's fine and he tells her he'll always be there for her. Then his phone rings, and he says he'll be right back. When he does come back, he tells her to tell him what's going on with her. When he gets another phone call, Tess comes out and leaves. She goes to a coffee shop where she runs into Ginger. They talk about Jessica. A bit later, Antonio shows up, and when he calls Tess "Jessica" Ginger gets confused.

Paige calls the police station to talk to Bo, but Natalie tells her that he's in a meeting. They hang up and David shows up. Paige tells him that Bo can never find out what ended her marriage to Spencer. They go to the silent auction together and see Spencer, who is telling a group of people that he feels so welcome he may stay in town a bit longer.

John comes into the station and so does Evangeline. He doesn't see her, though, because his back is turned to her. When he turns around and sees her, he congratulates her on the Woman of the Year award. She says thanks and then walks away. John goes into his office and starts going through old newspaper clippings of his dad.

Michael shows up at the station and tells Natalie to back off of John. Then Matthew shows up and he tells Natalie that his mom and dad wanted him there for a surprise. She says she would love to stay and hear about it but she has to get back to work, telling him to talk to Michael. Matthew tells him the surprise has something to do with Fathers' Day, and Michael tells him that his father died when he was young.

Evangeline walks into Bo's office, where he and Nora are talking, and tells them that Sam Rappaport is still on record as Matthew's biological father. Matthew walks in not long after and is asked if he wants to be called Matthew Buchanan from now on. He says yes and hugs his dad, then says he wants to tell Natalie and takes off to find her. They go in front of a judge later to see if they can change Matthew's last name, and the judge says it's okay. When it's over and Matthew leaves, Nora and Bo return to his office where she tells him that Spencer is Paige's ex-husband.

At the auction, Kelly and Kevin are talking about Spencer possibly being interested in her. She says he did ask her out and that she had told him yes. She doesn't feel comfortable talking about Spencer with him, though, and says so. She starts to walk away, but he takes her by the arm and kisses her. Then he says goodbye, leaving her standing there speechless.

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