OLTL Update Thursday 6/16/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/16/05


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Marcie and Michael go through her yearbook to try and figure out who may be the Killing Club murderer. He tells her he wants to see more pictures of her and she says no. Then they get into a conversation about Natalie and her brother, and Ronnie shows up and hears her saying that Natalie was using him to make John jealous. Michael leaves, and Ronnie and Marcie get into a little argument. He says, "What goes around comes around."

John is downstairs target-practicing when Bo comes down. They talk about suspects for the Killing Club investigation and also about what happened with Daniel. Then he goes back to target-practicing, and Bo joins him. When they finish their shooting, they talk about Gabrielle and Caitlin. Michael shows up after Bo leaves and he and John get into it, arguing about what John should do about Evangeline. John tells him to go to hell.

Now that Antonio owns Capricorn, R.J. isn't too happy with him. They get into an argument about it and then Evangeline shows up with papers for Antonio. It's for R.J. to sign over Capricorn to him, but he makes a call to someone after Antonio leaves that seems suspicious. Evangeline later tries to talk Antonio out of what he is trying to do with R.J., but she isn't convincing enough. Afterwards, she runs into Nora and they have a heart-to-heart about men.

Nora overhears David and Paige talking about her ex-husband, but she doesn't hear who Paige's ex-husband is. Paige leaves after a confrontation with Nora, not giving anything away about who her ex-husband is. Kelly and Spencer show up, and Kelly introduces Nora to him. Nora then asks if he knows Paige, and Kelly says the two knew each other a long time ago.

Jessica is blaming herself for Viki ending up in the hospital. They all find out that Viki could die if more medication doesn't help, but they learn that there is a procedure that can be done, one that hasn't ever really been used before. Kevin and Todd agree that it should be done if it's the only thing that can save her.

When Jessica and Todd are alone, he tells her to not tell Antonio about Tess, and they argue about what kind of a guy Antonio is. Later on, Tess tries to come out but Jessica fights her off. Then she and everyone else find out that Viki made it through the procedure, and she gets a call a while later from Ginger, who says she is ready to party. Jessica hangs up on her just as Natalie comes up to her and asks her if she's okay. She says she's fine, just worried about their mom. She calls Antonio to update him about how Viki is and they agree to meet at Capricorn.

Michael shows up at the hospital and sits next to Natalie, telling her he's glad her mom is doing okay. She says she has to call John, and Michael tells her that John is miserable without Evangeline. She says she'll have to make him feel better.

Ginger is talking on her cell phone and Starr asks who she is talking to. Ginger lies and says she had been talking to a guy she was supposed to meet, but Starr doesn't believe her. Ginger then says that the guy's parents were going out of town and he was going to have a party. Starr gets really excited. Later on, they get all dressed up, turn music on, and dance around the house. Ginger has a digital video camera in one hand, taping Starr as they dance.

Kelly and Spencer have lunch while talking business. Then they get into a conversation about her and Kevin. He says it is great that she and Kevin could still be friends after their divorce. Then he asks her if she's seeing anyone, and she says no. She asks him if he is, and he says no.

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