OLTL Update Wednesday 6/15/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/15/05


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Llanview Police Station

Bo comes into the squad room. He tells the officer sitting at the desk that Daniel Colson was being transferred today, and so far the media hadn’t caught wind of it. Bo starts to head for his office when he sees Nora come in. He tells her that he is surprised to see her back. Nora informs him that she works there. Bo mentions that he thought she would take more time off. Nora tells him that she couldn’t be late for her new job. Bo questions her as to her new job. Nora tells him that she had been appointed District Attorney in Daniel’s place, and that he would be reporting to her. Bo is surprised.

Palace Hotel

R.J. meets with a man about his business dealings. R.J. reminds him that he had already told him that he was near bankruptcy. The man informs R.J. that someone had made an all-cash offer to buy Capricorn. He also informs R.J. that they are drawing up papers as they speak to transfer ownership. R.J. demands to know who was buying his club out from under him.

Llanview Hospital

Antonio comes in. Rex is there to confront him as to whether his tip had paid off concerning R.J.’s cash flow. Rex informs him that the whole family is in there with Viki.

Paige tells Natalie and Kevin that they have taken Viki off the ventilator, but they have her heavily sedated in order to keep her as calm as possible. Natalie asks her if Viki had had a heart attack. Paige informs them that Viki’s heart had stopped beating, but the paramedics had gotten it to beating again. She tells them that the resuscitation takes something out of a patient. She explains to them about what is wrong with Viki’s heart and says they will try to treat it with medication, and if that doesn’t work then they will have to go to more drastic measures.

Kelly brings Blair a cup of coffee. Blair won’t accept the cup of coffee. She explains to Kelly that she hates hospitals. They discuss Todd, and Blair thought he would tear the hospital apart, he was so upset. Kelly asks where is Todd. She tells her that he is out looking for Jessica and no one knows where to find her.


Jessica is asleep with her head over on the table. Todd comes in and sees her asleep. He sits down opposite her. He bangs the bottle against the table to wake her up. He orders her to wake up. He grabs her by the hair of the head. Jessica asks him what he is doing. He informs her that if Viki dies, it will be her fault.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer dictates a chart. David comes in, and Spencer speaks to him. David comments on his office. Spencer mentions the espresso machine and that he was soon going to have to get back to his practice. David demands to know when he is leaving. Blair comes in and interrupts them, and asks David what he is doing there. Spencer asks her if she was looking for him. Blair informs him no, that she was just looking for an aspirin. Blair informs them that Todd’s sister is in I.C.U. Todd is surprised and wants to know what is wrong with her. Blair informs them that she had had a heart attack. Spencer tells them that he had been a consultant on the case. Blair wonders if he has another miracle up his sleeve. Spencer assures her that she has one of the best cardiologists working on her case. David leaves. Spencer closes the door behind him. David peeps through the window in the side of the door.

Kevin wants to know what Paige means by "more drastic action." Paige talks to them about a procedure called TLR, but she mentions that it is in the developmental stages. Natalie informs her that they were not going to use their mother as a guinea pig. Paige tells them that she hopes the drugs do their job.

Todd questions Jessica about whether she remembers what had happened last night. Jessica demands to know what is wrong with Viki. Todd informs her that Viki had had a heart attack and had collapsed. Jessica wants to know if she will be all right. Todd tells her that he doesn’t know. Jessica tells him that she had to get to the hospital. Jessica questions him about him saying that if Viki died it would be her fault. Todd asks her what she did last night. Jessica, walking across the floor and looking at all the things thrown about, tells Todd that she had an appointment with her doctor. Todd asks her if she wants him to fill in the blanks for her. Todd mentions Tess and says he knows that she has DID. Jessica is confused. Todd comments on Tess’s character. Jessica tells him that she had gone to Dr. Jamison so he could hypnotize her and bring Tess out to talk to her. Jessica wants to know what she did. Todd informs her that she had gone to a party at Xanadu. Todd fills her in as to all she had done the night before. Jessica wants to leave before she hurts someone else. Todd stops her. Jessica wants to know if Viki is alive. She picks up Antonio’s ring off the table, and Todd tells her to change her clothes. He informs her that Tess had won that round, but they wouldn’t let Viki know about it.

Lindsay comes into the police station and confronts the officer about Colson being granted a change of venue. She informs him angrily that if the jury acquits him, then she will kill him herself. The officer brings Daniel in.

Bo and Nora discuss her job promotion. Bo believes that she should have taken some more time off. She assures him that she is fine. They discuss their relationship outside of the office, and Nora informs him that they could set some ground rules when they are at the office. They discuss her feelings about all that has happened. Nora asks him if, were it someone else in this position, he would be so interested. Bo informs her no. Nora insists that she is fine, that she has to be.

R.J. again demands to know who is trying to buy his club out from under him, and then he says he wants his offer withdrawn. R.J. demands to know the name. The man warns R.J. as to what might happen. R.J. calls Rex and tells him to meet him at the Palace.

Rex tells Antonio about the phone call, and Antonio insists that he go and see what R.J. wants. Rex tells Natalie that he is leaving. He asks her if she is all right. Natalie tells him yes. Antonio questions Natalie as to how Viki is. Natalie tells him that they won’t tell them anything. Natalie thanks him for coming. Natalie wonders where Jessica is.

Todd and Jessica are at the hospital. Jessica asks Todd what she will tell the people when they ask where she has been. They discuss Viki and her condition. Todd suggests that she see a specialist about her condition. Antonio comes up and wants to know where Jessica has been. Todd tells him that she had been working on a story. Jessica wants to know how her mother is. Antonio informs her that her condition is critical. Jessica rushes off. Antonio starts to follow her, but Todd stops him. Todd orders Antonio to leave Jessica alone.

Kevin and Kelly inform the others that Viki’s condition is serious. Jessica comes up and wants to know exactly what is wrong.

Viki wakes up, groggy. The doctor tells her, "Welcome back." Viki wants to know what had happened. The doctor informs her that she is in Llanview Hospital and that she had had a coronary episode, or a heart attack, and they were running some tests to see what had brought it on. Viki says, "Jessica."

Lindsay talks to Daniel. Bo and Nora come out of Bo's office and listen to the conversation. Lindsay tries to make Bo promise that he will put Daniel away for killing her little girl. Bo tells her that he will try to give the D.A. enough evidence that Daniel will never get out of prison. Nora asks to talk to Daniel. Decker gets up from the desk and takes Daniel into Bo’s office.

Nora tells Daniel that she can’t prosecute him or testify against him. She makes him admit to her that he is guilty. She makes him confess to what he had done so that she, Riley, and Jen can rest in peace. Daniel confesses that he is guilty of ruining her, Riley, and Mark’s lives, and that he had killed Jen. Bo comes in and asks them if everything is all right. Nora has tears in her eyes. Bo takes Daniel out of the office.

Kevin sits alone. Kelly comes up and sits down beside him. She tells him that Viki’s doctors want someone to go to LlanFair and pick up all of Viki’s medications. Kelly agrees to go and check on the medications. Kelly asks him how he is doing. Kevin tells her that he wishes Duke were there. Kevin tells her about the meetings at B.E. Kelly offers to sit in for him. Kevin declines the invitation. Kevin brings up Spencer Truman. Kelly asks him if he is upset about her dating Spencer. Kevin denies being upset about that. They discuss moving on and dating other people. Kelly asks him if he is seeing anyone. He tells her that all he can think about right now is whether or not his mother is going to make it through the next couple of hours. Kelly admits that she is worried too. Kevin leans forward. Kelly tells Kevin that she had never seen him pray. Kevin informs her that she doesn’t know him as well as she thought she did.

Paige gets off the elevator. Paige and David discuss Spencer and whether David had found out why he was in town. David tells her no. Paige wants to blame it on coincidence. David informs her that Spencer wants something there, and whatever Spencer wants, he gets.

Spencer lays a cold towel on Blair’s head. Spencer offers to prescribe her something, but he advises her to go home and go to bed, and stay away from things that cause her stress.

Jessica, Antonio, and Natalie discuss what she had been doing all night. She lies and tells them that she had been working on a story. She tells them that she is going to get some water, and she leaves. Antonio asks Natalie if Jessica seems all right to her. Natalie confesses to him that she had been preoccupied with her own life and hadn’t been paying much attention. Natalie asks him if she is getting help.

Jessica comes up beside Todd and tells him that she had to tell Antonio what was going on. They discuss Tess, and what she had told him about Antonio causing her problems. The doctor comes out and tells Jessica that Viki wants to see her. Reluctantly, Jessica goes into Viki’s room. Viki questions Jessica as to what had happened.

R.J. tells Rex that he wants a favor of him. Rex wants to know what he wants. R.J. tells him that he wants to know who wants Capricorn badly enough to pay cash for it. R.J. tells him that once he finds out who it is, then he will deal with them.

Blair and Spencer come out of his office. She tells him that she is expecting quite a bill from him. He flirts with her and tells her that her smile is enough. She informs him that she is going to find Todd. Spencer goes back into his office. David confronts her about the medicine that Spencer had used for her headache. He warns Blair to stay away from Spencer. Blair tells him that she wants him to prove it to her about Spencer. They argue over Spencer and his motives for his kindness.

Spencer calls Kelly on her cell phone while she is at Viki’s. He commends her on her work and invites her to lunch. He tells her to come by his office.

Jessica and Viki discuss what had happened the night before. Jessica apologizes. Viki tries to tell her that this was not her fault.

Daniel waits in the squad room. Bo comes out of his office and tells Decker that they are waiting for Daniel downstairs. Daniel tells Nora that he has a watch there that he wants her to give to his son, and that there is something there for her. Bo and the officer take Daniel away.

Nora admits to Lindsay that Daniel had confessed to her. Lindsay asks her if this means he will go to prison. Nora tells her that she doesn’t know. They hug. Lindsay tells her that everything in her life has changed. Lindsay tells her that she can’t hate her the way she did. Lindsay leaves.

Viki and Jessica discuss her and Todd fighting. Jessica tries to assure her that she can handle it. Jessica once again apologizes to her. The nurse comes in and tells Jessica that her mother needs her rest.

Rex calls Antonio and tells him about R.J.’s plan, saying that he wants his help. Antonio and Jessica discuss Viki. Antonio leaves.

Nora looks through the envelope that Daniel had left for her. Nora leaves the ring lying on the bench and walks out.

Kevin approaches Spencer and asks him what he is doing. Spencer fills him in that he had been asked to consult on his mother’s case. He offers Kevin some books to look at on his mother’s condition.

Jessica prays for Viki to get better. She begs the Lord not to let her mother die. Natalie comes in. She asks her what she is sorry about. She questions Jessica as to what she had done.

David is at the bar when Paige comes in. He offers to buy her a drink. She informs him that she is just there to get something to eat. They discuss Bo. They discuss Spencer being his brother, who was once married to Paige. Nora listens to their conversation.

R.J. calls Lindsay and leaves her a message that someone had bought Capricorn. He tells Lindsay to call him. Antonio comes up behind him and informs him that he is the new owner of Capricorn.

Spencer gives Kevin the books. Kevin thanks him for taking an interest in his mother’s case. Kelly knocks on the door and asks Spencer if he is ready for lunch. They leave.

Jessica lies to Natalie and tells her that she should have checked her messages. Natalie suggests that Jessica marry Antonio, because love can solve problems. They discuss Christian and his love for her. They discuss Ben’s love for Viki. Natalie suggests that they just love Viki, and it will make her better.

Bo fills Kevin in that he and Joey are ready to board a plane to come there, but they think that that would only make Viki worse.

Natalie and Jessica ask the nurse if they can see Viki. In a dream, Viki remembers the things that Jessica had said to her the night before. She goes into cardiac arrest. She flatlines.

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