OLTL Update Tuesday 6/14/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/14/05


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John and Natalie hug. Evangeline walks in. John and Natalie pull apart. Evangeline tells them that they really should shut the door and that she is not going to cry over them anymore. Evangeline also informs John that he had only waited two and a half hours before he had called Natalie. John tries to tell her that that is not what had happened. Evangeline assures him that she is not going to hang on anymore. Evangeline points out that Natalie had been throwing herself at him. Natalie starts to point out that she hadn’t been throwing herself at John, but Evangeline tells her to shut up. Evangeline wonders if anything John ever told her was the truth.

Bo and Spencer discuss Paige, and her looking over at him all night. Bo asks Spencer if he and Paige know each other. Spencer admits that they do, but from a long time ago.

Paige tells David that she doesn’t want Bo to see them talking. Kelly comes up and joins them, and she tells David that she didn’t know that he and Paige knew each other. David remarks that it’s how you define "know each other." David denies any scheming going on. Kelly questions him as to what the big secret is.

Kevin is at Capricorn, and he is having a few drinks. R.J. confronts him about his drinking. R.J. questions him about Kelly. Kevin informs him that she is out on a date. Kevin insists that she can go out with whomever she wants to, they are no longer married. R.J. says if that is the case, then why did he look like he wanted to climb inside his beer bottle. R.J. looks away, and he sees Antonio walk in.

Antonio is on his cell phone with Jackie. He tells him that he is at Capricorn, and he will see him in about twenty minutes. R.J. confronts him and tells him that if he is there to pick up Jaime, then he is a day early. R.J. accuses him of being there to antagonize him. Antonio denies the remark and tells him that he is just there to sample the night life.

Viki asks Jessica and Todd if any one of them wants to tell her what is going on. Jessica tells them that she is going to bed. Todd grabs her by the arm. Todd smiles and says that he had a feeling that it was her. Tess points her finger at Todd and orders him to keep his face out of her business. Viki asks them what is going on here.

R.J. tells one of his security people to keep an eye on Vega. Antonio approaches the bar, and he looks around. Kevin has his head down on the bar. A man approaches R.J. and tells him that the deal had fallen through.

Antonio questions Kevin as to where Jessica is. Kevin says he doesn’t know. Antonio mentions Duke and asks if he has heard anything from him. Antonio tells him that he only knows that Adriana was trying to track him down.

Adriana and Duke run away from Hesser’s henchman. They hide in a shed. Adriana wonders if the men are still behind them. Adriana mistakes what Asa had said about wanting the Cramer girl dead, and she thinks that he means her. Duke isn’t so sure that Asa meant her. Adriana reminds him that the men are chasing them because they had heard something that they weren’t supposed to. Duke apologizes to her. Adriana also apologizes. Duke assures her that he will keep her safe. Adriana confronts him again about his grandfather wanting to have her killed. They discuss Asa having Blair put away to keep her away from her children. She wonders what Asa will have done to her.

Viki insists that someone tell her what is going on. Tess remarks, "Todd, look at what you’ve done. Don’t you remember about Mom’s blood pressure?" Todd just smiles. Viki orders Todd to stop talking to Jessica like that. Todd starts to say that he wouldn’t talk to Jessica, but his sentence is cut short by Viki telling him to stop. Tess also tells him to stop. She tries to get him to let it rest for the night. She starts upstairs, but Todd again grabs her. Viki again insists that they stop. Viki begs Tess to tell her what is going on. Todd tells Jessica to tell her.

John tells Evangeline to look at him. John tries to talk to her and tell her what is going on, but she will not listen to him. Evangeline reminds him that she has been there for him, but every time Natalie sniffles he runs to her rescue. Evangeline reminds him that she is his girlfriend. Natalie contradicts her and says ex-girlfriend. John orders Natalie to leave Evangeline alone. John tells Natalie that he blames himself for this, but she doesn’t deserve this. John apologizes to Natalie that he can’t be her soul mate. John also apologizes to Evangeline that he can’t give her everything that is inside, because she deserves that. Evangeline tells John to enlighten her, but John refuses. Evangeline lays his key down on the table, tells him good=bye, and leaves.

Bo questions Spencer as to how he knows Paige. Spencer tells him the name of the hospital where they were colleagues. Spencer explains to him that they were up for the same job, and he got the promotion.

Kelly still questions Paige and David about the secret. David denies there being a secret. Paige picks up the menu and looks at it. Paige changes the subject to Dorian, saying she had worked with her at the hospital and she was just asking how she was. David gets a phone call and leaves the bar.

Paige asks Kelly how she is doing. They discuss Dr. Truman. Kelly asks her about the hospital gossip and what everyone is saying about him.

Viki asks Tess if this has something to do with Antonio. Todd orders her to tell her. Viki encourages her to tell her what is going on. Tess gets a headache and walks away from her. Todd tells Jessica that it is time to 'fess up and to tell Viki the truth. Jessica orders him to shut up. Viki yells at them to tell her what is going on. Tess tells him to shut his mouth. Jessica informs Viki that these past few months and all the medicine have all been her fault.

Adriana is afraid that someone is trying to kill her. Duke tells her that this doesn’t make sense. Duke tells her about Carlo and his being a really bad guy, and says that he had made life terrible for members of his family. They discuss Carlo and his trying to kill her. Duke kisses her and promises her that no one will hurt her.

Paige tells Kelly about Spencer Truman. They discuss their past together, and how he had gotten the promotion that she deserved. Paige warns Kelly about Spencer and advises her to proceed with caution.

Bo questions Spencer about being the new guy in town. Bo tells him about Paige being edgy about him being in town. Bo informs him that he couldn’t help but become curious. Spencer understands about his being a cop, and he can’t change any more than Spencer can change being a doctor.

Natalie tries to talk to John about Evangeline. John tells him that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Natalie informs him that she knows how he feels about her.

R.J. confronts the man about his deal falling through. The man explains to him that they were careful whom they let borrow money, especially with an ex-convict. He orders the man to get him the money. He sees Jackie come in. He gets up and goes to join him. Antonio watches R.J.’s every move.

Antonio and Kevin discuss Duke and his whereabouts. They discuss Dorian and getting her involved. They discuss Dorian keeping close tabs on Adriana. Antonio decides to call Carlotta to see if she has heard anything from Adriana. He leaves. Kevin watches the couple next to him.

Evangeline joins him. She orders a martini, "dry, with three olives, and make it dirty."

Tess tells Viki that it is all her fault. Todd orders her to hush. Viki begins to have chest pains. Tess again orders him to stay out of her face. While Todd and Tess are arguing, Viki has a heart attack and falls to the floor. Todd rushes to her side. Todd checks to see if she is breathing. Jessica leaves the house. Todd calls for an ambulance.

Kevin introduces himself to Evangeline. Kevin buys her a drink, and they share small talk.

Antonio makes a call, and speaks mostly in Spanish. He watches R.J. and Jackie leave.

Kevin tells Evangeline that he is sorry about her and John. Evangeline discusses Natalie. Kevin informs her that it is a family trait that when they can’t have something, that makes them want it that much more. Evangeline tells him that Natalie has got him now. Kevin asks her if she is done with John. Evangeline tells him to stick a fork in her. Kevin smiles and tells her that sounds good to him. She points out some of her characteristics. Kevin tells her not to forget beautiful. Evangeline thanks him for the compliment. Evangeline tells him about meeting Spencer Truman. Kevin informs her that he is out with Kelly. Evangeline orders two more drinks.

Kelly and David discuss Paige, and them working together in Jersey. David wants to concentrate on the future. David declares that he is a new David, one that doesn’t gossip. Kelly tells him that she had gotten a page from the hospital.

Paige comes back into the dining room when she sees Bo with Spencer. She tells him that she had gotten a page from the hospital and has to leave. Paige tells him that she shouldn’t be long, if he wants to come by later. Bo kisses her and decides to walk her out. Spencer tells her that it was nice seeing her again. They leave.

The paramedics arrive to get Viki. They instruct Todd to stay back. They begin to work on her to get her heart started.

Duke brings in firewood. He locks the door securely behind him. Adriana is still afraid that they will be found and killed. Duke tries to reassure her that he won’t let anything happen to her. Duke apologizes for dragging her into this mess. Adriana tries to tell him that she is right where she wants to be. They discuss Asa and his involvement in all of this. They hear a noise on the outside, but after looking out the window they find they are being spied on by a raccoon. They kiss.

The paramedics take Viki out of the house on a stretcher. Todd calls Natalie, who is still with John. After the call, Natalie gives John one more look and leaves.

Kevin is with Evangeline at Capricorn when he gets the call. He drops his drink on the floor and rushes out. Evangeline is puzzled.

Bo is in the Palace dining room when he gets the call about Viki. He starts to leave and meets up with Kelly. He fills her in on what is going on, and they leave together. Spencer watches them leave.

The paramedics bring Viki into the hospital. Paige awaits their arrival and guides them into an emergency room. Paige examines Viki as Todd looks on through the window. He is joined by Kevin, Natalie, Bo, and Kelly. Kevin tells Todd that he had just been with Viki earlier on that night, and she was fine. He wants to know how this happened.

David talks to Dorian, and he informs her that he is going to apply for his emergency passport in the morning. He assures her that her girls are all fine. After he hangs up, he calls himself a liar.

Duke and Adriana have settled down for the night. He tries to assure Adriana that he will take care of her. When he doesn’t hear a response, he looks and finds that she is asleep. He assures her that he will get her out of there.

Jackie tries to make a deal with R.J. as an alternative to his money problems. Antonio listens to their deal. He is approached by a security officer for R.J. She tells him that he doesn’t have a reason to be out there. Antonio agrees and tells her that he has all he needs.

Evangeline leaves Capricorn. She has memories of walking in on John and Natalie. Antonio approaches her and tells her that R.J. is having money problems, and he may resort to going back to his old ways to handle them. He tells her that he gave R.J. a nudge in the wrong direction. She mentions law school. Antonio tells her that his first priority is getting his daughter back.

John drinks by himself. He takes a lid off a box and looks at old newspaper clippings about the death of his father. He throws the bottle against the wall, and it bursts all over the floor.

Paige notifies the family of Viki’s grave condition. Bo decides to call Clint.

Paige has a talk with Spencer about Viki. They discuss her setting her sights on Bo. Spencer mentions to her that they were once married.

Natalie talks to Kevin about Viki and the family going through this once before. They all want to know where Jessica is. Kelly tells them that she tried to call her, but she must have her phone turned off.

Tess pushes all the things off her table. She pops the cork on a bottle of wine. She feels the chain around her neck, and she pulls it off and lays it on the table. She climbs onto the table and stretches out. She sings, "Mom had a heart attack, I’m not taking Antonio back, Kevin and Natalie, they all fall down!"

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