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Palace Hotel

David and Spencer reminisce about their childhood. David tells Spencer that one of his earliest childhood memories of him was that he was a con artist. Spencer reminds him that he would go around the house with a cap that reminded him of Liberace. David again asks him what he is doing in Llanview. Spencer tells him that he sounds like a broken record. David wants to know who he is after. Spencer reminds him that he has some research to do. David says, "It is Kelly." David mentions Dorian. Spencer asks him who Dorian is. Spencer looks in the hotel and sees Bo and Paige come in.

Nora and Matthew bring all of Daniel’s things downstairs. They wave at it and say, "Bye, Mr. Colson!" Nora tells him that she is sorry that she had brought Mr. Colson into that house. Matthew reminds her of something that his soccer coach had told him. He tells her when you make a mistake, shake it off and keep on going. Matthew informs her that that is what she needs to do. She thanks him for the advice, but she wants to sit on the bench a little while longer. There is a knock on the door. Nora makes the remark that that is someone who wants her to get back in the game. Matthew informs her that he will take care of it as he goes to answer the door. It is Evangeline. Matthew is reluctant to let her in. Nora comes to the door and invites her in. Matthew tells her that if she needs him he will be next door. Matthew leaves.

Evangeline comments on the security system. Nora mentions the things on the floor. Evangeline starts to mention Daniel, but Nora informs her that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Nora asks her what is up with her. Evangeline tells her that her life is falling apart. She tells her that she loves John, but she has broken it off with him.

John and Natalie walk to his room. Natalie mentions to him that she has already heard that he and Evangeline have broken up. Natalie admits to him that she had waited for this. John tells her that he has been regretting something that he had said to her, and he wants to clear it up right now.

Ginger is on the phone. She apologizes to the woman she is talking to.

Todd tells Tess to answer him. Tess (pretending to be Jessica) asks him what he is talking about. Tess acts ignorant when Todd mentions DID. Tess asks him if he thinks that she has an alter ego.

Blair tells Viki that she hopes she doesn’t mind her bringing the children over, but that was the only way that she could get to see her. Viki tells her that she is delighted. Viki tells her about Matthew being over there for a couple of days and how it reminded her of when her children were little and were home all the time. They discuss putting Margaret behind them and getting on with their lives. Blair confesses to her that she and Todd had their wedding night last night at the Palace. Viki is delighted, saying she had noticed the change in Blair, that she seemed more like herself. Viki asks her about Todd and where he is. Blair makes an excuse for him, as usual.

Ginger tells the woman on the phone that it was only one night. Ginger assures her that the next time she called she would be on her game, with no distractions. She tells her not to worry, she can do this.

Todd admits to Tess that she is good. Todd talks with her about multiple personalities, admitting that he had faked a few. He assures her that this is a multiple personality, and he wants to know why. Tess admits to Todd that she is Jessica’s better half, and she introduces herself as Tess.

Nora pours herself and Evangeline drinks. She wants to know more as to why she had broken up with John. Nora brings up Natalie’s name. Evangeline tells her to go to the head of the class. Nora swallows the drink all at once and pours herself another. Evangeline tells her to slow down. She points out that she had just broken up with the man she loved, and her best friend was going to have a nervous breakdown. Evangeline discusses John not being able to use the “L” word with her, but Natalie had broken through somehow, and he had told her how he feels about her. Nora asks her how John does feel about her. Evangeline explains that John had told Natalie that he loved her.

John explains to Natalie that when he saw someone shoot at her, he couldn’t take losing someone else. He admits that he would miss her, and her smile. He admits, though, that when he had told her he loved her, he didn’t mean it. Natalie questions him as to what he did mean. John tells her sadly that he doesn’t love her.

Spencer walks back into the dining room to watch Bo and Paige being seated at a table. Paige looks up and sees Spencer. David peeps first over one of Spencer’s shoulders, and then over the other, and then he asks what this is all about. They discuss Paige and whether she is the reason that he is in town. They sit down at a table. David asks if he is in trouble and wants to get in good with the cops. David questions him about Blair, Dorian, and getting at Kevin through Kelly. He promises him that he will find out why he is in town. Kelly comes up and asks what this is all about. Kelly asks David why he is so angry with Spencer. Paige looks at Spencer.

Bo comments on quietness being the signal of a peaceful life. Bo talks to Paige about being alone with her, but her mind is on Spencer as she watches him get up from the table. Bo holds her hand across the table. Her attention comes back to Bo. They discuss Daniel being a killer and a liar. Bo is thankful that she is open and honest. Bo sees her watching another table, and he turns around to see what she is looking at. He tells her that he had seen that man today at the hospital, and he asks her if she knows him.

Nora questions Evangeline about John using the “L” word to Natalie. Nora asks her if she was in the room when John told Natalie that he loved her. Nora smiles. Evangeline tells her that she hadn’t heard it first-hand, but had heard it from Michael. They discuss their relationship. Nora feels sorry for Evangeline. They discuss Daniel, and also John, and him showing her his feelings. They discuss John’s feelings. Nora asks her if she really believes that John loves Natalie, when he had shown her in a million ways how he felt about her.

Natalie tells John that he can’t mean it that he doesn’t love her. Natalie says that, well, maybe he thinks that Evangeline is a strong woman. She also informs him that Evangeline can’t burn him with her problems because she doesn’t have any problems. She reminds him of Evangeline’s perfect little upbringing and asks if he thinks that would rub off on him. Natalie informs him that Evangeline just doesn’t understand, but they were different because they knew where they came from. Natalie orders him to stop trying to back away from it, because he knows that he loves her.

Bo and Paige discuss Spencer, and Bo asks her if she works with him. Paige tells him no, she doesn’t work with him. She informs him that his name is Spencer Truman. Bo assumes that she doesn’t hold him in any regard at all. Paige changes the subject to them and how they spend so little time together. Bo suggests that they leave.

Spencer asks David if he is going to answer Kelly. David lies and tells her that he had just told Spencer that he had better not try anything with her. Kelly confronts him and asks if he is taking over for Dorian in the protection area. Spencer watches Paige and Bo. David looks over at them, too. Kelly asks him if he minds. David is anxious and says okay. David leaves.

They sit down at the table. Kelly tells Spencer that David seemed like her brother. Kelly notices him watching Bo. Kelly asks him if he knows him. Spencer lies and tells her that he thought that he recognized him from the newspaper. Kelly offers to introduce him to Bo.

Viki and Blair discuss Spencer Truman. Blair pats her on the shoulder and asks her how she's doing. Viki says, "Who, me?" Blair tells her that she just doesn’t seem like herself. Blair asks her again if she is okay. Viki admits that she is low on energy at times. They smile. Viki blames it on a virus. She admits that her children stress her because they try to shield her from their problems. Blair insists that they love her. Viki insists that she wants to be there for them. Blair asks her if she could handle anything that her children had to tell her.

Todd and Tess talk. They discuss alter egos. She insists that everybody needs to get out and escape. She asks him if he ever had any times like that. She asks him to let her have this secret. Ginger comes up and tells them that she is heading out. Tess doesn’t want her to leave, but Ginger insists. Ginger discusses her getting all the guys. Tess reminds him of his past.

Kelly offers to introduce Spencer to Bo. Spencer asks about Paige, and if she is married to Bo. Kelly mentions inviting them to join them for coffee, but Spencer insists that they had a hard enough time getting rid of David, and he wants her all to himself. Kelly agrees.

Paige discusses Spencer and says no, he doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable. She suggests going back to Bo’s place so she can concentrate on him. Bo agrees.

Evangeline and Nora discuss John. Evangeline remembers all the good times that they had shared together. They discuss Natalie and her involvement in all of this. Nora insists that Evangeline doesn’t know all the facts. She breaks down and begins to cry. Evangeline tries to comfort her, but Nora pushes her away. Nora points out that Bo, as well as Matthew, had tried to warn her about Daniel, but she wouldn’t listen. Nora insists that John loves her. Evangeline points out that it may be John is incapable of loving anyone.

John and Natalie discuss the happenings of the last couple of days and how Natalie had blown it all out of proportion. He also points out that Evangeline had found out about it. He orders her to stop talking about Evangeline, saying she has no idea what went on between them. John wonders how he can make Evangeline believe in him again. Natalie asks him if he wants Evangeline back. He tells her he does. She asks him if he is in love with Evangeline. John doesn’t answer.

Tess and Todd discuss Jessica. They discuss Antonio and Jessica's relationship with him. They discuss Viki, and that she should know. Tess gets a headache, and Jessica comes out. Todd offers to take her home. Jessica begs him not to tell Viki.

Viki appreciates Todd taking care of Jessica, but Viki feels that it is her job. They discuss Jessica and her protecting her.

Evangeline and Nora discuss John and Daniel. Nora encourages her to fight for John. She orders Evangeline to go to John and make up with him. Evangeline tells Nora that she loves her. They hug. Evangeline leaves to go find John.

Natalie asks John again if he loves Evangeline. John informs her that it is none of her business. John tells her to leave. Natalie points out to him that he wanted to talk to her. John insists that the only reason he wanted to talk to her was to clear things up with her about what he had said. He tells her that he is tired of the word, that it didn’t have any meaning for him. She reminds him of what he had said to her. He tells her he didn’t mean it. Natalie tells him that she finally gets it now.

Spencer and Kelly get up to leave. Kelly talks to David. They discuss Kevin. She insists that they were talking business. She leaves. David looks at Spencer, and he waves.

Bo kisses Paige, and she leaves. David meets Paige and tells her that they need to talk. They decide to go to the bar in the other room.

Bo introduces himself to Spencer. He questions Spencer as to what their involvement is, and why Paige is afraid of him.

John apologizes to Natalie for hurting her. He pushes back her hair so he can see her face. They hug. Evangeline walks in on them.

Ginger brings Blair flowers. She offers to help babysit for them. Blair goes to put the flowers in water. Ginger remembers the conversation with the woman on the phone.

Jessica begs Todd not to tell Viki where she was. Viki comes downstairs and wants to know what they are talking abut.

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