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One Life to Live Update Friday 6/10/05



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John sadly looks out the window. Natalie knocks on the door and comes in with a file. She hands it to him, and he thanks her as he sits down at the desk. She continues to look at him, and he asks her if there is anything else. Natalie tells him that she had seen Evangeline leave, and she looked upset. She wondered what had happened between them. He just looks at her without answering.

Evangeline walks to the park. She sits down on a bench. There are tears in her eyes. Michael, out for a job, sees her and speaks to her, asking her what is up. She informs him that she and John have just broken up.

Kevin and Kelly are in his office at Buchanan Enterprises. They discuss the missing Buchanans and Adriana. They decide to leave that to the police. Kevin reminds her of something that had happened to them while they were living in Texas. They both laugh. They are interrupted by Spencer. He asks Kelly if she is ready for their date. Kevin turns around and just looks at him.

Palace Hotel dining room

Blair and Todd kiss. She tells him how much she has missed this. Todd apologizes for it taking him so long. Blair assures him that they are together now. The waiter interrupts them and wants to show them to a table. Blair spots a newspaper on the table and sees the headline. She confronts Todd as to why Antonio is on the front page of the Sun. She also asks him when Antonio got on his hit list. Todd takes the paper from her and looks at it. She takes the paper back away from him and informs him that she knows him, and she knows that this is personal. Todd mentions Jessica’s name. Blair insists that Antonio loves Jessica. Todd informs her that Jessica is all mixed up because of Antonio. Viki comes up behind him and asks him, "What about Jessica?"

Dr. Jamison tells Tess to answer him. Trying to change the subject, Tess admires his tie. Dr. Jamison jerks the tie out of her hand. He questions Tess as to how long she has been with Jessica. Tess informs him, "Long enough to be tired of her whining." Dr. Jamison also asks her if there was a childhood trauma that caused Jessica to create Tess. Tess informs him that he can bet his bottom dollar that there was.

Dr. Jamison asks Tess if she would like to talk about it. She informs him that once he finds out the secret, he will wipe her off the face of the earth. Dr. Jamison tells her that she is a strong woman. She tries to come on to him. She tries to unbuckle his belt, but he catches her hands and pushes them away. He asks her if she is trying to proposition him. He also informs her that he wants to talk about her. They discuss Jessica and the secret that made her create Tess. They discuss Viki. Dr. Jamison asks Tess if she blames Viki for this childhood trauma. Tess informs him that Viki couldn’t mother her if she tried. Dr. Jamison asks her if she blames Viki for her existence. Tess gets angry and informs him that she blames him for trying to convince Jessica that she can beat her. Tess insists to him that it is not going to happen.

Viki and Todd discuss Jessica. Viki demands to know what is wrong with Jessica. Todd denies anything being wrong with her. Viki questions Todd as to what is up with Jessica. She asks Blair if she knows anything. Blair tells her that she doesn’t know anything about it, and this is the first that she has heard about it. Blair questions Todd as to what is going on. He tells her that he had seen Jessica the other day, and Antonio was hassling her. They discuss Antonio and his losing custody of Jaime. Todd asks Viki if it is all right with her that Antonio dumps his personal garbage on Jessica. Viki confronts him about the article in the newspaper being unwarranted. Viki informs him that if he is so interested in his family, then maybe he could find another article for his morning edition. Blair asks Viki if she is all right. She tells her that she is fine and that she had been feeling a little bit cooped up at home. Blair invites her to join them for dinner. Viki declines the invitation, stating that she was going to go see Kevin at work.

Spencer comes into the office. Kevin confronts Spencer and Kelly about having dinner. Kelly reminds him that she had told him they were having dinner. Spencer invites Kevin to join them. Kevin declines the invitation, stating that he has work to do. Kevin orders them to go wine and dine for the company. Kevin tells Spencer to keep Kelly away from the tequila. They laugh and then they leave.

Blair informs Todd that she wishes they could have the room for another night. Todd asks her why doesn’t she call Ginger. Blair asks him if he is serious. They discuss Ginger and how the kids love her. She tells him to call Ginger.

Margaret comes into the nursery. She picks up the photo album and sits down in the rocking chair. She thumbs through the pictures. She drinks some of the milk.

John remembers his conversation with Evangeline and their breaking up. John tells Natalie that Evangeline is fine. Natalie insists that she looked awfully upset. Natalie asks him about the Killing Club case. John shouts at her that he can’t do this right now. Natalie says okay and tells him not to work to hard, and she leaves.

Michael calls John stupid and tells Evangeline that she is the best thing that had ever happened to John. They discuss the breakup. Evangeline insists that she is the one who had ended it. Michael wants to know why. Evangeline tells him that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. Michael asks her where she wanted the relationship to go. Michael insists that this has something to do with Natalie. Evangeline questions him as to why he says that.

Blair tells Todd that this seems so right. She discusses having fun and not wanting it to have to end. She insists that he call Ginger.

Blair goes back into the restaurant, and David comes up behind her. David insists that they need to talk. Blair tells him no. He asks her if she had a date with Spencer. She tells him no, her date is with Todd. David questions her as to why she was seen hugging Spencer in her housecoat outside her hotel room. Blair is surprised that he had seen that. Blair insists that she was only hugging him as a thank-you for saving Jack’s life. Blair asks him what it is to him. David insists that one way or another Spencer was going to ruin her life. Blair questions him as to how he knows. David sees Spencer and Kelly come into the restaurant. Blair turns around and sees them.

Tess tries to leave the office. Dr. Jamison tells her that she can’t leave. Dr. Jamison tells her that Jessica is in a hypnotic state, and he is calling the shots today. She tries to persist. He informs her that when he claps his hands then Jessica will emerge. Tess opens the door. Dr. Jamison claps his hands, and Tess pretends that Jessica has once again emerged. Tess pretends that she is Jessica. Dr. Jamison explains to her about how strong Tess is, and that she had mentioned a secret. Jessica informs him that they have to find out what she wants. He encourages her to go home and get some rest, and they will talk again tomorrow. Jessica (Tess) leaves the office. Tess is relieved to have fooled him and made her escape from his office.

Tess calls Ginger, and they make plans for the evening at Xanadu. Tess thanks Jessica for letting her come out to play, but she won’t return the favor.

Kevin asks Viki how she is. She inquires about Kelly. Kevin informs her that she is having dinner with Dr. Truman. They discuss the corporate sponsorship for his medical research project. They discuss his being jealous of Dr. Spencer. Kevin admits that he is a little.

Blair and David discuss Spencer, and Blair comes to the conclusion tht David had scammed him, and he was here to seek revenge. Kelly and Spencer come up to visit David and Blair. Blair tells them that David says he knows Spencer very well. Spencer smiles, but David is solemn.

Todd calls Ginger and asks her if she can take care of Starr and Jack again tonight. Ginger is sorry, but she tells him that she has already made plans with her friend, Tess.

Michael and Evangeline discuss why Michael would say that they had broken up over Natalie. Michael remembers a conversation that he had had with Natalie. They discuss Natalie. Michael tells her that he is sorry.

Todd and Ginger discuss Tess and whether Todd knows her. Todd tells her to have a good time tonight.

David tells Blair and Kelly that he and David go back a ways. Todd comes up and joins them. He tells Blair that he needs to talk to her. He tells her that he has an emergency at the paper. She informs him that she will pick up the kids, because she wants to check on Viki anyway, and she will meet him at home. They kiss. He starts to leave, but Blair stops him. Todd insists that this is only the beginning. He leaves. Blair rejoins David, Kelly, and Spencer. She asks them what she has missed. Kelly tells her that she still doesn’t know how they know each other. Blair questions David as to how many years he and Spencer have known each other.

Natalie has been listening to Michael and Evangeline’s conversation. She leaves. Michael tells Evangeline that John is an idiot. He also tells her not to stay out here too long. He tells her that he will see her later. He leaves her alone. Evangeline remembers all the times that she and John have had together.

John looks at a picture of him and Evangeline. Michael comes in. He asks John what is wrong with him.

Natalie comes hurrying into the Angel Square Hotel. She tells Roxie that John and Evangeline have broken up. Roxie is happy because she thinks that Natalie is so in. Roxie informs her that John will be needing a place to hang his night stick.

John and Michael discuss Evangeline. Michael asks what had happened. John tells him that Evangeline had given him an ultimatum. John explains that she had wanted to hear him say that he loved her, but the couldn’t say it. They discuss his actions. Michael confronts him about him saying the words to Natalie. John wants to know how he knows about that. Michael tells him that Natalie had told him about it. John insists that Natalie had blown that all out of proportion. They discuss Natalie and Evangeline, and their feelings. John doesn’t know what to do about it.

Kevin and Viki discuss Kelly going out with Spencer. They discuss the things that Kelly had done to him. They discuss his actions also. They discuss her and Clint. Kevin wants to get back to work. Viki offers her opinion. She leaves.

David stalls on telling them how he knows Spencer. They discuss how he had met Kelly. Spencer invites Blair to join them for dinner. Blair declines the invitation, saying that she has to pick up the children.

Tess arrives at Xanadu. She hugs Ginger. They swallow some drinks and go over to the bar. Tess talks to Charlie.

Evangeline looks at a picture of John.

Roxie gives Natalie the key to John’s room. Natalie is reluctant to take it. John comes in. Natalie asks him what he is doing there. John reminds her that he lives there. John asks her if she has a minute, because he needs to talk to her up in his room.

Spencer is confronted again by David. They discuss his going after both Blair and Kelly. David asks him if that is any way to treat your little brother.

Margaret has a talk with her baby and says that he is going to look just like his father. She makes a call.

Ginger’s cell phone rings, and she leaves. Tess talks to Charlie as she swallows a drink. Todd approaches her. He asks her who she is and what she did with Jessica.

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