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Todd and Blair are still in bed after a fantastic night of lovemaking. Blair starts to mention Asa and Margaret and how they had been through, but Todd tells her to hush. Blair tells him that the only person that she wants to talk to is room service. She turns over to call room service. Todd moves over closer to her and tells her how much he loves her. Blair turns back over and tells him to show her how much he loves her.

Antonio calls Jessica to make sure she is all right. She assures him that she is always better when he is around. She smiles and tells him that she is better now that she has a plan for getting better, and she wants to get started. He informs her that he will leave his cell phone and tells her to call him as soon as she is done. Jessica tells him that she loves him. Antonio returns the sentiment. They hang up, and Jessica heads for Dr. Jamison’s office.

Dr. Jamison’s Office

Jessica goes into Dr. Jamison’s office. He asks her how she is. She tells him that she is fine, but she has a request. She asks him if he will hypnotize her.

Palace Hotel

Dr. Truman enjoys a glass of fine wine. David slips into the chair opposite him. David informs him that he has something he wants to show him. Spencer wonders what David could possibly have that he would be interested in. David places a briefcase on the table. David opens the briefcase, and it is filled with money.

Police Station

Natalie kicks the filing cabinet to get it open. Rex comes up and sees what she is doing. Rex makes the comment that that will teach him. Natalie gives him an angry look, and Rex mentions McBain. Natalie angrily informs him that she hates guys.

John’s Office

Evangeline confronts John as to what he had said to Natalie. John acts as though he has no idea what she is talking about. Evangeline tells him not to act like he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She informs him not to go there. He asks her what she thinks he had said. Evangeline tells him that he had told Natalie he loved her. John just looks at her. John asks her to slow down and back up a minute. He informs her that this sounds like an inquisition. Evangeline asks him if he can tell her that he loves her. John again just looks at her. She informs him that if he can’t tell her, then she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

Bo arrives at Nora’s house with Matthew. Matthew tells him that he smells cookies. Bo tells him so does he. Nora comes out of the kitchen and tells them that she had made the cookies, but she didn’t know how they would taste. He runs into her arms, and they hug. Nora tells him that she so missed him.

Dr. Jamison discusses hypnosis with Jessica. Jessica informs him that she had found out some confusing and disturbing things about herself. Dr. Jamison wants to know what she found out. Jessica tells him that she has another personality, and her name is Tess, and they have to stop her before she completely destroys her.

Palace Hotel

Antonio meets with a gentleman. Antonio comments on him reading the article on the front page of the newspaper, which is about him. The man informs him that the article had caught his eye. The headline reads: “MOB TIED.”

Spencer comments on the briefcase, telling him that it is really impressive. David informs him that there is $10,000 inside, enough money for him to skip town. Spencer again comments on the briefcase. Spencer laughs. David wants to know what he thinks is so funny. Spencer informs him that he is what is so funny, if he thinks that he could pay him to leave town. David slams down the lid on the briefcase. Spencer tells him to take his briefcase, and his money, and shove it. He informs him that he is not going anywhere.

Police Station

Rex tells Natalie to sit down. He wants to know what is bothering her. Natalie grabs him by the arm and pulls him to sit down on a bench. She tells him that he was right about one thing: John was worried about her. Natalie also informs him that John had crossed the line, and had actually told her that he loved her. Rex doesn’t know how to take what she has just told him. Natalie also informs him that she had gone and made a fool of herself and asked him to go shoot a game of pool. Rex states, "And he didn’t want to be hustled." Natalie informs him that John was so cold to her. She also had thought that she would apologize to him, but who walked in but Evangeline. She wonders what she and John could be doing in his office. She angrily walks off.

John and Evangeline discuss what she thought he had said to Natalie. John tries to assure her that he had made a declaration of love to no one. Evangeline tells him that she is so tired of wondering and worrying about this, and then every time she looks around there is Natalie. She informs him that she doesn’t want to live her life speculating. John insists that he is not having an affair. Evangeline, sadly, tells him that he is not emotionally committing to her. John asks her what kind of commitment she would want from him. Evangeline informs him, one, that she would like to know that their relationship was going somewhere. Evangeline asks him if he can look at her right now and tell her that he loves her.

Todd and Blair share some intimate time together. He comes out of the bathroom already dressed. Blair asks him about the checkout time. Todd tells her that he has work to do. She pulls him back down onto the bed, and they kiss. Blair tells him that she will take a shower, and she will meet him downstairs in the restaurant. Todd leaves. Blair smiles to herself.

Dr. Jamison wants Jessica to tell him about Tess. Jessica informs him that Tess had been sleeping around, and that she could have caught a disease from the men that she has been sleeping with. Jessica is worried that she could be pregnant with some stranger's baby. Jessica also tells him that she had met Tess and had had a conversation with her. Jessica informs him that she is getting easier to fight. Dr. Jamison wants to know how that is. Jessica tells him that she had been checking around and finding out information on her. She explains to him about the things that Tess had been doing and the people she had been meeting that Jessica doesn’t even know. Jessica tells him that she has been hearing things Tess has been saying about her and Antonio, and she can’t even deny saying those things. Jessica humbly asks him for his help in stopping Tess before she does any more damage. Jessica mentions hypnosis to him, but he informs her that it is too risky.

The man discusses with Antonio the article in the newspaper. Antonio informs him that he wants him to help him take down R.J. Gannon, no matter what the cost.

Spencer informs David that he is not leaving town. Spencer also mentions Dorian. David grabs him by the shirt. Spencer warns him that he had shoved him once today, and he had better not do it again or he would cut his hands off, and he had the scalpel to do it. Paige comes up and tells them that they are clearly looking for trouble.

Bo, Nora, and Matthew share some of the cookies. They discuss his staying at Viki's, but Matthew tells them that it wasn’t home. Nora assures him that both she and his father thought it would be better if he stayed over at Viki’s for a few days. Bo gets up to leave. Matthew asks them if they hate each other.

Bo assures him that no, he doesn’t hate his mother, and asks why he would think something like that. Matthew reminds him of the big fight that he and Nora had gotten into about Daniel Colson. Matthew tells them that Viki and Natalie had gotten awfully quiet around him when news about Daniel Colson had come up. He also tells them that he had seen a couple of news reports about Daniel Colson. They discuss Daniel, and their fighting. Matthew tells them that just because they say it is going to be better doesn’t mean it really is. Matthew gets up and leaves them. Nora accuses Bo of not only ruining her life, but also ruining Matthew’s. She vows to try to hide her feelings towards him in front of Matthew. Bo leaves.

Paige tells Spencer that she doesn’t know what he came there for, but they both were playing with fire. Paige leaves. David asks Spencer why he is trying to alienate the only two people that he knows in town. Spencer vows to get to know the people in town a whole lot better. Spencer gets up and starts to leave, but he runs into Todd. They shake hands. Spencer asks him how his son is doing. Todd tells him fine. Spencer leaves. Todd walks over to David and asks him if he knows that guy. David doesn’t answer him.

Jack and Antonio discuss R.J. Jack informs him that he doesn’t bring down old friends. He gets up to leave. Antonio reminds him that back when he was a cop he had let him slide by on quite a few raps. Antonio informs him that he owes him and says he has no other choice -- he is calling in a favor. Jack tells him that that sounds like a threat.

Rex puts ideas into Natalie’s head to bust into John’s office and keep John and Evangeline from doing anything. Natalie insists that John wouldn’t do that knowing she was out there. Natalie reminds him again of John telling her that he loved her. Natalie questions him as to what he is thinking. They both consider the possibility that Evangeline could have found out that John had told her that he loved her. They both wonder who could have told Evangeline about what John had said.

Evangeline has tears in her eyes when John can’t tell her that he loves her. They discuss their feelings for each other. John denies being in love with Natalie. Evangeline assures him that this goes way beyond Natalie. They still discuss their feelings for each other. John asks her what she honestly wants. Evangeline informs him that she came there to end it.

John and Evangeline discuss their relationship. John asks her if she would believe him if he told her that he loved her right now. She informs him, "Not for a second."

Jessica questions Dr. Jamison as to why he won’t hypnotize her. Dr. Jamison reminds her of the consequences that it might lead to. Jessica informs him that she doesn’t care, she wants him to meet Tess. They discuss the possibility of her having an alter personality just like her mother. Jessica talks to him about Tess. She tries to persuade him to help her.

Antonio denies it being a threat and says that it is just a suggestion. Antonio reminds him of all the times that he has helped him. They discuss R.J.

Todd questions David about Spencer. David lies and tells him that he just met him and had been discussing sports with him. David picks up his briefcase off the table and leaves. Todd looks across the room and sees Antonio talking to a man. Antonio mentions Capricorn.

Blair comes out of the hotel room to get the newspaper just as Spencer gets off the elevator. They share some small talk. He tells her she is beautiful. She thanks him for saving Jack. She hugs him. David sees the hug.

David leaves. Blair talks to Spencer about Jack. They thank each other again. She tells him to have a nice day and goes back into her hotel room. David comes up and confronts him as to what he thinks he is up to.

Jack and Antonio still discuss R.J. and bringing him down. Antonio tries to convince him to help him and tells him to think about it. Jack tells him he will be in touch.

Antonio confronts Todd about the article in the newspaper. Antonio threatens him if this article hurts either Jessica or Jaime.

Dr. Jamison agrees to the hypnosis as long as she knows the risks. They begin the hypnosis.

Nora sits at the desk. Matthew comes downstairs. He tells her that he had missed his room and things. Nora talks to him about the happenings of the last few days. He offers his help. They discuss Daniel. Matthew blames himself for Daniel, and for Jen getting killed.

Rex helps Natalie with the filing. Bo comes in and thinks that something is wrong. Natalie assures him that everything is fine. Natalie tells him that someone is waiting for him in his office.

Bo finds Paige in his office. He wants to know if anything is wrong. Paige informs him that she just wanted to touch base with him. Paige tells him that she cares for him, and she is there for him. They kiss.

John and Evangeline discuss ending their relationship. She tells him that it is not working. John tells her that he doesn’t want it to be over. John assures her that he tried. John blames himself. Evangeline tells him it’s over.

Dr. Jamison hypnotizes Jessica and Tess. Tess comes out. Dr. Jamison questions her as to what had happened that made Jessica create her.

Antonio and Todd discuss Jessica and Jaime. They discuss the article in the newspaper. They discuss his meeting with Jack.

Spencer and David argue. David says, "What are you going to do, kill me?" Spencer leaves.

Bo sits down with Paige in his lap. Paige tells him that he is the one for her. Bo tells him that he feels incredible.

Evangeline and John talk. They share some special moments. John apologizes for hurting her. They both cry over the breakup. Evangeline leaves. Natalie sees her leave. John yells for them to hold his calls. Natalie is happy over the breakup.

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